Salama Term Insurance

Salama Term Insurance

With a stroke of an unfortunate event, the entire life may turn upside down. Why leave things on the probability of occurrence? It is important to select a suitable term plan while securing the dreams and the future of one’s family.

Having a suitable coverage helps in eliminating the risk of financial losses that may occur due to the death of the policyholder. It also helps their family in the time of adversity. This makes term insurance an important element of financial planning.

Types of Salama Term Insurance Plans in UAE

Under the term insurance category, Salama offers different term plans that are unique in their own different ways. The following are the type of policies offered.

Hemaya Plus

This is a convenient straight forward plan, which helps in eliminating the financial risks that the family of the policyholder may have to face if an unfortunate event takes place. This plan helps their family in coping up with the financial losses and securing their dreams. This term plan offers financial security to the beneficiary in a cost-effective manner.

Hemayati Plus

This hassle-free term insurance policy is the most convenient Takaful plan, which offers a high level of coverage to the loved ones of the policyholder at an economical price. This plan comes with zero medical needs and offers an affordable and comprehensive cover for selected time period. The plan involves minimum documentation and confirmed maturity.

Key Features and Benefits of Salama Term Insurance

The term insurance plans offered by Salama are loaded with a lot of features & benefits, some of which are listed below.


The currency for this term insurance can be US dollars or UAE dirhams.

Contribution Amount

The policyholder has the option of selecting to make payment of a single contribution or on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly contribution. The contribution to be paid is fixed at the beginning of the plan and remains the same during the tenure of the plan.

Less Documentation

With an easy application process and low documentation, the plans can be availed easily and hassle-free.

Individuals & Corporates

Salama Term Life Insurance coverage can be customized for both corporate as well as an individual. The plan can also be joint or single.

Terminal Illness

The term plans come with the built-in benefit for terminal illness.

Plan Tenure

The applicant has the option of selecting the plan tenure beginning from five years to 15 years.  

Salama Term Insurance Policies

The table below gives an overview of the various term plans offered by the company.

Term Plan Type


Hemaya Plus

  • Built-in Terminal illness
  • Additional Benefits including:
    • Benefit for accidental death
    • Critical illness
    • Contribution waiver
    • Benefit for family income
    • Total & Permanent Disability (accidental also offered)
  • 90 days grace period
  • Currency: US dollars & UAE dirhams
  • 30 days free look duration (starting from issue date)


Hemayati Plus

  • No medicals
  • Built-in Terminal illness
  • Maximum coverage of 500,000 dirhams
  • Global coverage
  • Confirm payout for maturity bonus

Salama Term Insurance Eligibility

Read the table to know the eligibility requirements for obtaining these term plans.

Term Plan Type


Hemaya Plus

  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 years
  • Maximum Entry Age: 74 years
  • Maximum Age during Expiry: 100 years

Hemayati Plus

  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 years
  • Maximum Entry Age: 59 years
  • Maximum Age during Expiry: 74 years

Why to Apply Online for Salama Term Insurance?

This Sharia-compliant insurance provider is a market champion in offering customized and innovative insurance solutions. The company is customer-focused and aims to offer high-quality services to them.

The insurance products of Salama are loaded with exclusive benefits and features that provide financial security to the family of the policyholder. It also lets them live their dreams, even when the policyholder is not around.

The easy online application process and minimum documentation help the applicant to obtain the term plan conveniently and hassle-free.

Claim Process of Salama Term Insurance

Making a claim with Salama is very easy. The beneficiary will have to call or write an email to the company. It will provide the beneficiary with a claim form, which is to be duly filled and submitted back. Further, Salama may ask the beneficiary to submit certificates or other claim evidence. After reviewing them, the company will process the claim.

Contact Details of Salama Term Insurance

The customers or insurance seekers can reach the company through its contact number 800 SALAMA (800725262) or through its email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

FAQs on Salama Term Insurance

Q.1. How can I make payments for my regular contributions?

Ans: You can make payments for your regular contributions either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly through bank transfer, credit card, or cheque (just for yearly payments).

Q.2. What would be the consequence of missing my regular contribution?

Ans: The good part is that these plans come with a grace period. Nevertheless, the payment for the contribution must be made within 28 days from the due date of the contribution, in order to avoid the protection benefits from getting discontinued.

Q.3. What are the minimum and the maximum entry age for Salama Term Life Insurance?

Ans: The minimum entry age is 18 years while the maximum age is 59 years (in the case of Hemayati Plus) and 74 years (in case of Hemaya Plus).

Q.4. What should be my maximum age at the time of maturity?

Ans: Your maximum age at the time of maturity should be 74 years (in the case of Hemayati Plus) and 100 years (in case of Hemaya Plus).

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