How to Replace a Stolen, Damaged or Lost Emirates ID?

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Given the fact that you use your Emirates ID almost everywhere in the UAE, losing, damaging or having it stolen can prove to be rather problematic. The first rule of leading a good life in the UAE is to understand the significance of UAE Emirates ID. You need it as a compulsory identification in most places and are required to have it on your person at all times. This means, in case of stolen, damaged or lost Emirates ID, you need to take immediate steps to recover it. This piece covers everything you need to do if you are to ever find yourself in such a predicament. 

Replacing Your Emirates ID – The Series of Steps to Cover

Just like any other official procedure, a small series of steps are involved in the Emirates ID replacement process. The steps are simple enough for you to complete within minutes. Below is a detailed description of every step you need to follow for Emirates ID replacement:

File a Report with Concerned Authorities

The first course of action is to file a complaint about your stolen, damaged or lost Emirates ID card with the concerned authority. You also need to submit a police report for the same. First, file a police complaint reporting the event and then submit a report with the ICA, the Federal Authority of Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security. Once you submit a report, your damaged, stolen or lost Emirates ID in Dubai will be blocked immediately to avoid any misuse. You can also get a photocopy of the blocked Emirates ID from ICA Customer Happiness Centres. This photocopy will be required when you apply for Emirates ID replacement. 

Apply for the Replacement ID

Once you are settled on reporting the lost Emirates ID, it is time to apply for your replacement ID card. Application for Emirates ID replacement can be submitted either online or offline at the ICA Customer Happiness Centres. If you want to submit the application offline, visit the nearest Customer Happiness Centre. 

For Emirates ID replacement online, go to the ICA website and locate the smart services page. Go to individual service and locate the “Issuance of New ID Card” service portal. Click on start service to begin your application. You will need to log in using your credential and begin filling out the form.

Check Your Emirates ID Card Status

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Pay Your Due Fee for the Replacement and Upload Documents

Once you are done filling out your application for lost Emirates ID online, you need to pay the fee. The fee will include AED 40 for online application charges and AED 300 for Emirates ID replacement charges. The fee for offline form submission is AED 70 + AED 300. AED 70 is an application fee and AED 300 is the fee for Emirates ID replacement. It can be paid right away when you submit the application form. You can also choose express service if you submit your application in offline form. The additional fee for express service is AED 150. You can receive your Emirates ID within 24 hours with express service. 

Get Done with Biometrics

Once you have paid the fee, your next step is to complete biometrics. The procedure will be nothing more than regular fingerprint scanning and imaging verification process. Once you are done with biometrics, your application will be processed. 

Collect the New Emirates ID

Emirates ID replacement is generally ready 48 hours after submitting the replacement application. You will receive a text message on your registered phone number once the new ID card is available for dispatch. After that, you can get in touch with the Emirates Post to check the status of delivery for your new Emirates ID. 


Q1. Do I have to submit an official police report if my emirates ID gets stolen?

Ans: Yes, a police report must be submitted if your Emirates ID gets stolen, lost or damaged in the UAE. 

Q2. Where can I apply for a new Emirates ID?

Ans: You can either apply online using the smart services offered by ICA or go to an ICA Customer Happiness Centres. A small fee is applicable for both the online and offline application process. 

Q3: What is the fee for getting a replacement Emirates ID in the UAE?

Ans: The charges of getting a replacement Emirates ID are AED 300.

Q4: Do I have to pay an application fee for Emirates ID replacement?

Ans: Yes, the application fee must be paid when you submit your request for a new Emirates ID. The online application fee is AED 40 and the offline application fee is AED 70. 

Q5: Can I get express service for my replacement Emirates ID?

Ans: Yes, express service can be arranged with an additional fee of AED 150. This service delivers your new Emirates ID within 24 hours. The express service is only available at the main ICA Customer Happiness Centre. 

Q6: Which documents are required to get a replacement Emirates ID as an adult expat in the UAE?

Ans: Applicants older than 15 years of age need to submit a photocopy of their old Emirates ID, their original passport, and a valid resident visa. If the resident is added as a dependent, they need the original passport and their birth certificate or Emirates ID and the passport ID of their father. 

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