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A public joint shareholding company, Oman Insurance is a life and general insurance company based in the UAE. The headquarters of Oman Insurance is located in Dubai while the company operates in all emirates, Oman and Turkey. Oman Insurance was established in the year 1975. It is one of the biggest public joint shareholder companies in the UAE. The majority of the company is held by Mashreq Bank. It works in partnership with three major players in the UAE – Bupa, Generali, and Coface. Oman Insurance offers all kinds of general and life insurance and it is known for its special healthcare plans. From benefits to the claim process, everything is smooth-sailing when it comes to Oman Insurance. Oman Insurance claim forms are required to properly submit health insurance claims. Let’s examine the complete claim process of Oman health insurance.

Download Oman Insurance Claim Form PDF

Types of Oman Health Insurance Claims

Oman health insurance claims are submitted in two ways – direct cashless claims and reimbursement claims. Direct claims allow you to settle the hospitalization and other bills directly from the insurance company. You do not have to pay out of your pocket first when you submit a direct health insurance claim. Reimbursement claims are used to cover the expenses that are exempted from direct claims. Here, you can easily get the money you spent on certain tests, treats, surgeries, and medicines reimbursed from the insurance company.

Oman Insurance Reimbursement Claims

Submitting Oman Insurance Reimbursement claims require you to submit a well-filled form along with a pre-decided set of supporting documents for your expenses. Let’s cover the steps you need to follow when filling out the Oman Insurance reimbursement form.

How to Fill Oman Insurance Reimbursement Claim Form

  • Download the Oman insurance claim form pdf for reimbursement claims from one of the authentic download links. You can use the Oman insurance claim form download link itself which is available on the official website of the insurance company.
  • Begin filling the form by entering the basic information about the insurance holder. This section will include the name of the plan holder, insurance card number, and contact information like phone number and email address.
  • Move on to the next section and enter the details of the bank account in which you want the claim settlement amount to be transferred. Make sure that you have entered the correct information here. You can also add your bank details on the OICare portal online.
  • Moving on to section 3, you need to gather a few main details about the claim that you are submitting. Specify the country of treatment, hospital, the number of invoices you will be submitting, total claim amount to be reimbursed, currency and the date of the treatment.
  • Move on to Page 3 of the claim form. This page contains a special space to add all the invoices and expenses that you want to get reimbursed. Be very thorough and do not miss even a single invoice and receipt. If you have more invoices and no space left, you can take another printout of the same page and fill it out the same way. Sing and date this (and other invoice list pages, if any) and finish the record.
  • Section 4 is to be completed by your doctor. This section will record the additional details of your treatment. The section will include, type of the treatment, the main complaint of the patient, diagnosis of the doctor, and a detailed report of the treatment received.
  • Finish the claim form by signing and adding the date in the given space of Section 5.

Documents Required to Submit Oman Insurance Reimbursement Form

  • Properly filled, signed, and stamped Oman Insurance reimbursement form.
  • All original invoices and receipts of the expenses you have filled out in the Oman Insurance reimbursement form.
  • All lab tests and diagnostic reports that you are submitting from reimbursement.
  • Hardcopy of your healthcare insurance plan and contract.
  • Doctor’s prescriptions and payment receipt for prescription medicine reimbursement.

If you are planning to submit the Oman Insurance reimbursement form offline, make a copy of all your original documents that you are submitting. If you are submitting the claim online, keep the original documents safe for at least 12 months after the claim approval. Oman Insurance may ask for them for verification any time during this period.

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How to Submit Oman Insurance Reimbursement Claim Form

You can use two methods to submit the Oman Insurance reimbursement form – online and offline. Oman Insurance reimbursement claims which are more than AED 5000 and submitted online will require you to submit original physical documents along with scanned copies.

  • Online Submission: You can use the Oman Insurance claim submission to submit your Oman reimbursement form online. Log in using your allotted credentials and raise the claim request on the portal. Upload a scanned copy of the Oman Insurance reimbursement form and the scanned supporting documents. Make the final submissions.
  • Offline Submission: You can either submit your Oman Insurance reimbursement form at a branch of Oman Insurance or courier it to the main office located in Dubai. If it is a group health insurance claim, you can submit the claim papers with your company HR representative as well. They will take the process forward from there.

Oman Insurance Direct Claims

Oman Insurance has a separate special form for direct claim applications. If you are filling out the form for another person included in the Oman health insurance plan, you will need the patient’s signature on the form before submission. Most of the sections in the direct billing form are to be filled out by the treating doctor and the administrative office at the hospital the patient is getting treated. Following are the details that you need to make sure the form contains before submission.

How to Fill Oman Insurance Claim Form for Direct Claims

  • Download the Oman Insurance claim for direct claims from the official website of Oman Insurance. Check twice to confirm that you have downloaded the correct Oman Insurance claim form pdf. Do not confuse the direct claim form with the Oman reimbursement form.
  • This form contains only five sections that are fitted on a single page. Find a hospital administrative assistant to help you with the form.
  • Section 1 – Name of the insurance provider and the insurance license code of the hospital – to be filled out by the administration of the hospital.
  • Section 2 – Details of the patient including name, insurance card number, contact information, the reason for visit, and referral source, if any – to be filled out by the administration of the hospital.
  • Section 3 – Detailed explanation of the ailment of the patient. This will include consultation dates, diagnostic of the doctor, type of ailment, etc. This section shall be filled by the doctor.
  • Section 4 – Doctor’s stamp for declaration, signature, and date.
  • Section 5 – Signature of the patient, name, and date.

How to Submit Oman Insurance Direct Claims

Oman insurance claim form for direct claims is to be submitted to the administration department of the hospital itself. The hospital will process the form, take confirmation from the company and process the claim for your direct billing. Make sure you have notified Oman Insurance about this claim that you are about to submit. Early notification will lead to quick submissions and approvals of your claim.  

Things to Keep in When Filling Oman Insurance Claim Form

  • All the claim forms for Oman Insurance are to be filled in either English or Arabic. Make sure that you do not use any other languages.
  • The documents that you submit are also supposed to be either in English or Arabic. If the documents are in any other language, get them translated from an official public translated in the UAE. Attach both the original and translated versions with your Oman Insurance Reimbursement Claim Form.
  • Make sure that claim forms are filled out in bold letters and are error-free. Even the smallest error on the form can result in claim rejection. Once rejected, the claim has to be submitted again, repeating the whole process. This will not only be time-consuming but also expensive. So, make sure that your Oman Insurance reimbursement form and direct claim form are error-free.
  • Documents that you submit require to be authentic. Do not submit copies or duplicates. If the insurance finds a discrepancy in the documents, the claim will be rejected yet again.
  • Oman Insurance reimbursement claims are required to be submitted within 120 days of receiving the treatment.
  • Every claimant must fill and submit a separate claim form for reimbursements.
  • Make sure that every expense you have listed in the form is backed by an invoice and payment receipt. Credit and debit card payments require the bank receipt as proof of payment and cash payment will need a cash memo.


Submitting the Oman reimbursement form is a very simple yet delicate process. As long as you are prepared with all the important information and steps, you will not face any difficulties in either filling or submitting the forms. Make sure you have all the required things to submit the claim including expense documents, insurance documents, and insurance cards. Be extra careful while filling the form, use a pencil first if you prefer. Submit the Oman Insurance reimbursement forms well before the deadline to make sure that you do not run into time shortage later.

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