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Dubai Health Authority or DHA is a government entity that oversees healthcare projects and operations in the UAE. It was established in June 2007 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president, prime minister and ruler of Dubai. Dubai Health Authority was established in place of the Department of Health and Medical Services. The previous governing authority only focused on healthcare services. Dubai Health Authority was established with a broader perspective in mind. In addition to handling the delivery of medical services, DHA also supervises the growth of other sectors like medical tourism and professional licensing of healthcare professionals. In a general sense, DHA takes care of three areas – the healthcare sector, corporate development and shared support services. 

Regulatory Services Offered by Dubai Health Authority 

The regulatory services are offered for healthcare professionals specifically. There are a total of 39 services offered which range from medical license upgrades to registrations, sick leaves issuance, license cancellations, etc. A few services can be utilised by customers as well, for example, insurance complaint requests. Other services are meant for government employees, for example, the ENAYA insurance application. 

DHA Speciality Centers

  • Dubai Genetics Center: A community serving research facility, Dubai Genetics Center is solely dedicated to developing new findings in the field of genetics and evolution. The Genomics unit, metabolic genetics unit, molecular generics unit, and cytogenetics unit are the four subunits of the Dubai genetics centre. 
  • Dubai Thalassemia Center: The centre was founded in 19995 in the light of much-needed space to serve and care for thalassemia patients in the UAE. The centre offers a variety of services are offered here including daycare for thalassemia patients, endocrinology services, obstetrics services, gynaecology services, etc.  
  • Dubai Cord Blood & Research Center: This is a one-of-a-kind research facility in the UAE that focuses on the collection and storage of stem cells. The umbilical cord of your baby can be stored and preserved here. You can store it privately or donate it for research and utilisation to the research facility. Umbilical cords are rich in stem cells. Stem cells can be redesigned to transform into new cells and replace damaged cells. 
  • Dubai Blood Donation Center: Dubai blood donation centre is accredited by AABB (American Association of Blood Bank). It is responsible for collecting over 50% of the total blood collected in the whole of UAE. The supply is maintained to all hospitals, private and DHA associated. Three kinds of donation services are available here – whole blood donation, double red blood cells and platelets donation. 
  • Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility Centre: Minister of Finance proposed the establishment of the Dubai Fertility Center to help couples who face troubles in conceiving. It was founded in the year 1991. Popularly referred to as Dubai fertility centre, DGFC offers globally recognised fertility services to not UAE residents and citizens but also foreign couples visiting the country. Now DGFC works as an independent unit into Dubai Health Care City. Services offered by DGFC includes fertilisation procedures and services, genetic lab service and fertility preservation service.
  • Dubai Diabetes Center: Established in 2009, Dubai Diabetes Center was founded to improve the lives of people with diabetes in the UAE. You can expect to receive world-class care for diabetes here surrounded by a talented team of dieticians, endocrinologists, nurses, physiologists, podiatrists and mental health counsellors. A paediatric facility has just been added to the collection of services here. It is designed to take care of children with diabetes in a friendlier and adequate manner. Dubai has the highest number of diabetes cases in the world making the Dubai Diabetes Center a rather important existence. 
  • Seniors’ Happiness Centre: Formerly known as Community Center of Elderly, the Senior’s Happiness Center was founded in the year 1993. Comprehensive medical and nursing facilities are offered to the elderly here – 24x7. This includes medical, social, cultural, re-habitational as well as recreational services. It also cares for the elderly who do not have first-degree relatives. 
  • Dubai Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center: This is the first rehab centre in the Middle East to have been accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. It offers all kinds of outpatient rehabilitation services to kids, adults and adolescents. A maintenance program for chronic illnesses is also offered here. 
  • Dubai Complementary Medicine Center: The mission of this facility is to offer world-class integrative medicine. It combines conventional and complementary medicines and attempts to prevent, diagnose as well as treat all potential diseases that can be. 

Dubai Medical Fitness Centre

Dubai medical fitness services are provided to the residents and ex-pats who are already in Dubai or planning to move. It offers a variety of services which are all related to the medical health of the people arriving and working in the emirates. From glass industries to healthcare workers, agriculture industries and RTA driving licensing tests, every organisation in Dubai has to get their employees tested for good health by DHA medical fitness centres. Dubai medical fitness offers a variety of services like diagnostic tests and lab tests to both individuals and companies. The medical fitness certificates are offered after a successful screening. You can register for any available service on the DHA website. In addition to basic medical screening services, Dubai medical fitness portal also offers services like embalming services. 

DHA Medical Fitness Centre Tests and Services

Given below are all medical services that DHA Medical Fitness centres offer:

  • Embalming services: You can use this service to preserve the deceased if they happen to meet their demise when in the UAE. A no objection letter can also be obtained to take the deceased out of the UAE and transferred them to another country. This service is available for residents, ex-pats, visitors as well as GCC citizens. AED 1020 is the fee for the embalming of the deceased. AED 1840 is the funding fee for the company in charge of the body and AED 220 are the ambulance expenses. 
  • Medical Fitness Tests: As per Law (7) issued in the year 2008, every resident of Dubai must have a clearance medical certificate to renew their visa. This certificate must reflect that the resident is free of any communicable diseases. This service can be utilised by any ex-pat and resident of the emirate. All you need is the registration form, emirates ID and passport-sized photograph for it. The report takes 24 hours to arrive. Smart Salem centre can also be used to get a medical certificate. It is a virtual registration space for Dubai medical fitness tests. the test reports can also be issued for house help. 
  • Occupational Medical Screening or Tawajod: As the name suggests, this particular service is offered to companies in the UAE. Companies can book this service to get medical certificates for their staff. The fee of the service would depend on the number of employees in the company as well as the type of organisation. Smart Salem can be used to get an appointment for occupational medical screening. 

Salem Online Registration 

Salem or Smart Salem is the medical centre that Dubai Health Authority runs. It is a paperless registration centre for Dubai medical fitness services. DHA runs it with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. Salem smart centre employs human beings as well as robots. Salem provides services like VISA stamping in addition to generic medical certification services of Dubai Health Authority. Salem is continuously working towards achieving the goal of 100% AI servicing in the UAE healthcare sector. 

Medical Services Offered by DHA

A total of 165 medical services are offered by DHA. These services include all kinds of preventive and healthcare services. One can easily utilise any medical service by registering and booking them on the DHA portal. Documents required for each DHA medical service may differ. So makes sure to check the eligibility criteria and procedure of utilising the service when you book it. 

What is the DHA MRN Number?

DHA MRN number or medical record number is a unique identification number that can be used by healthcare facilities to access your medical information. The MRN number from DHA is an individual identity of the residents and citizens of the UAE. You will need a valid emirates ID to generate this number and get yourself registered. Once you get your member’s registration number from DHA, your medical providers can upload and access your complete medical history on a single platform. 

DHA Vaccination Services

You can avail a total of 6 DHA vaccination service packages. These packages may include other medical services as well, depending on the type. Given below are descriptions of the same:

Covid-19 Home Vaccination

Covid-19 home DHA vaccination services are available to be utilised by all senior citizens of the UAE. Go to DHA and register to get your DHA MRN number. Once you have your DHA MRN number, you can go to the DHA vaccination portal and book yourself a home vaccination service. Once you have your appointment date, authorised personnel will come to your home and vaccinate you. Keep your emirates ID ready for DHA vaccination. This is free of cost service which is made available for UAE citizens only. Senior citizens and people of determination can take DHA vaccination using this service. 

Family Medicine Services 

This is a comprehensive medicine package that offers complete preventive and rehabilitative services. DHA vaccination is also a part of this package. You can also get information about traveller vaccination with this package if you are planning to go outside of the UAE for work or vacation. Preventive vaccination is also available in this package for the included members in the package. You will need your emirates ID, health care, and health insurance card to get this service from DHA. You can either directly go for as a walk-in candidate or take an appointment for the same. Live DHA chat, personally going to the centre or the SALAM system can be used to make these appointments. The fee of this DHA medical service is AED 112.5. An additional fee will be charged as per the services you have chosen. 

Infectious Diseases Services

In addition to providing necessary care for people with infectious diseases, this DHA medical service also offers necessary DHA vaccination for infectious diseases. The provided vaccines include Covi-19 vaccines, flu vaccines, Tdap vaccines, chickenpox vaccine, Hepatitis B, HPV vaccine, Hepatitis A, Pneumoccocal, MMR, Shingles vaccine, and Meningococcal. In addition to these DHA vaccines, you can also get AIDS care, testing packages for infectious diseases, for example, Covid-19 testing. You will need your Emirates ID, passport insurance card, health card, and your referral request. 

Travelers Clinic

In addition to assessment for your travel plans and counselling, this DHA medical service also provides all necessary vaccination as per the place you are planning to go to. These DHA vaccination services are designed to reduce the risk of infectious diseases. You will need your health card, insurance card, any form of personal identity and emirates ID. Walk-ins and appointments both are welcome for this particular DHA medical service. Live chat, DHA toll-free number and DHA app and website can be used to get an appointment. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Services 

Dubai Health Authority also offers Covid-19 vaccination for all UAE residents and citizens older than 12 years of age. UAE residents with valid resident visas and emirates ID can avail of this service. Log in to the Dubai Health Authority website and create your DHA MRN number. Once you have your DHA MRN number, take an appointment for your vaccination. Appointments can be taken using the DHA toll-free number, DHA live chat, DHA smartphone application and DHA WhatsApp services. Once your appointment is booked, you can go get vaccinated in any of the nearby DHA medical centres. You will need your valid Emirates ID, copy of passport and resident visa to book this DHA vaccination service. 

Child Health Vaccination

This particular DHA medical service is designed for children aged up to 5 years. In addition to DHA vaccination, you can also get screening services and doctor advice. You will need the child’s health card, insurance card, vaccination record and emirates ID. Take an appointment from the DHA SALAMA centre. You can also book DHA vaccination services from call centres, live DHA chat or by visiting one of the DHA medical centres personally. Doctor referral may be needed in case of non-essential vaccination. 

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Administrative Services from DHA 

Dubai Health Authority also offers several administrative services. This includes services like birth certificate requests, booking and managing medical appointments, summer training programs, medical audits for special parking and SANAD cards, issuance of death certificates, overseas treatment requests, etc. The administrative services of the Dubai Health Authority are available for both healthcare workers and the general public. Every small and big administrative request can be processed via the Dubai Health authority online portal itself. Simply visit the admin services page, select the service you need. 

Dubai Health Strategy by DHA

Care Model Innovation: Designed to promote innovation in Dubai and ensure that every resident gets high-quality healthcare in the emirate. 

Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle: Hope to promote a healthier lifestyle on both individual and community levels. 

  • Public Health and Safety: In addition to defining better public health guidelines and creating better public health services, this part of the strategy also aims to bring changes on the environmental front. Because healthy surroundings mean healthy public on many levels. 
  • Primary Care: This step is to bring primary healthcare closer to all residents and citizens in the UAE, no matter how vulnerable they are. It also tries to promote the primary healthcare system as the entry point for all high-level healthcare services in the UAE. 
  • Oral and Dental Care: As the title suggests, this step is to promote better dental health and arrange quality dental treatment services for all. 
  • Chronic Disease Management: This particular step is one of the major ones in the Dubai Healthy Authority strategy. It aims to develop and improve special centres that offer care and treatment for chronic diseases. It also aims to help the patient in managing their chronic illness on individual levels and lead a healthy life without a lot of medical intervention. 
  • Mental Health: One of the most important steps in Dubai health strategy by DHA, the mental health initiative is dedicated to creating safe, open spheres where people can receive proper mental healthcare help. 
  • Centres of Excellence: COEs are designed to tackle critical illnesses like cardiovascular diseases. They provide patients with the medical assistance they require and conduct research for better treatment options. 
  • Medical Tourism: Aims to develop Dubai as a popular healthcare tourism spot. 
  • Excellence and Quality: Aim to improve and make Dubai healthcare services excellent in all manners. 
  • Governance program to better regulate healthcare services in Dubai 
  • Workforce and Medical Education to attract and retain more healthcare workers in Dubai. 
  • Medical Informatics and Technology to introduce more advanced AI technologies in the healthcare sector. 
  • Health Insurance and Financing to oversee implementation of healthcare laws of Dubai as set by Dubai Health Authority. 

DHA Sheryan Account Login

Dubai Health Authority Shreyan system is an online system that is used as a licensing system for healthcare professionals. Given below are the steps that you need to follow to register for a Sheryan account:

  • To log in to your DHA Sheryan account, visit the DHA portal and tap on ‘log in’. 
  • If you already have a Sheryan account, you can simply log in using your username and password. 
  • If you do not have an account, you can register yourself as well. Tap on the ‘register now’ button and head to the registration form. 
  • Fill in the required details and create your DHA Sheryan account.
  • Click on register and your account will be created. 
  • Once you have logged in to your DHA Sheryan account, choose ‘individual home’ as your default setting. 
  • You will get access to all DHA licensing services on your ‘individual home’ page. 
  • You can apply for your medical licensing from this page here. Application status can be reviewed in the ‘my applications’ tab. 

DHA Primary Health Centres

Dubai Health Authority has taken public health consideration to a much higher level with the establishment of DHA primary health centres. These primary care centres are also often referred to as DHA medical clinics. There are a total of 13 primary health centres maintained by the Dubai Health Authority. Given below are the complete details of all DHA primary health centres. 

Center's Name 

Operating Time

Operation Days

Al Barsha Health Center 24 Hours 7 days a week
Nad Al Hamar Health Center 24 Hours 7 days a week
Al Safa Health Center 08:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday-Thursday
Al Badaa Health Center 24 Hours 7 days a week
Al Mankhool Health Center 08:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday-Thursday
Al Lussily Health Center 08:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday - Thursday
03:00 PM to 08:00 PM Friday
  10:00 AM to 08:00 PM Saturday
Al Khawaneej Health Center 24 Hours 7days a week
Al Towar Health Center 08:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday-Thursday
Nad Al Sheba Health Center 08:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday-Thursday
Al Mamzar Health Center 07:30 am to 9:30 pm Sunday-Thursday
Al Mizhar Health Center 08:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday - Thursday
Abu Hail Health Clinic 9:00 am to 8:00pm  
Za'abeel Health Center 08:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday-Thursday

Dubai Medical Tourism Club

Dubai medical tourism club is a part of the Dubai Health Strategy plan by DHA. It aims to attract more and more visitors as well as healthcare workers in the UAE. This is a club that allows visitors to book healthcare facilities in the UAE, visit and try them. Healthcare providers in the UAE have to meet a certain criterion before they can be a part of this group and make their services available to tourists. The club allows international tourists to access all kinds of medical and cosmetic procedures in the UAE. Other portals you can one can use to book Dubai medical tourism services are the Dubai Healthcare Experience website and Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism portal. 

Nabidh – HIE Platform from DHA 

A new initiative by Dubai Health Authority, Nabidh platform allows you to keep all your medical records in the UAE on a single platform and share them with different healthcare providers and doctors. A medical record number or MRN number DHA is generated when you register with Dubai Health Authority using the website or the application. DHA MRN number can be used by healthcare providers to access all your medical records in one go. This helps in keeping a better, more re4lastic track of patients’ medical history and offer them the required healthcare. Only DHA authorised medical centres and hospitals can access your medical information using your DHA MRN number though. 

DHA Established Health Insurance Guidelines

Dubai Health Authority is also responsible to establish basic guidelines for health insurance requirements in Dubai as per the ISHAD program. All residents of the UAE are required to have a proper health insurance plan in Dubai. There are guidelines established by DHA defining the minimum level of health insurance that shall be made available to all residents and citizens of Dubai. This minimal health insurance plan is known as the Essential Benefits Plan or EBP. The minimum sum assured of EBP held by a resident shall be AED 150,000. This also applies to group health insurance plans offered by employers. The essential benefits plan covers all emergency medical services, hospitalisation benefits, pre-and post-hospitalisation benefits and a few other added services. 

Dubai Health Authority Number & Contact Information

Several portals and platforms can be used to contact Dubai Health Authority. The contact platforms can be used to book appointments for DHA medical services, register for DHA admin services, send queries, etc. Given below is the complete contact information of the Dubai Health Authority:

  • DHA toll-free number: 800342
  • DHA number for international calls: + 971-42198888
  • DHA email:
  • DHA Address: Dubai Health Authority Building, Al Maktoum Bridge Street, Bur Dubai Area 4545, UAE

Dubai Health Authority FAQs

Q1: What is DHA? 

Ans: DHA or Dubai health authority is a government organisation that handles the healthcare sector of Dubai as well as a few other sectors. 

Q2: When can I visit the DHA office?

Ans: You can visit Dubai Health Authority from Sunday to Thursday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

Q3: What is the DHA toll-free number for UAE?

Ans: Dubai Health Authority toll-free number is 800342. You can use it from anywhere within the UAE. 

Q4: How many primary health centres does DHA have?

Ans: There are a total of 13 primary health centres that the Dubai Health Authority oversee. 

Q5: How do I get a health card from DHA?

Ans: You can get your health card number from any of the authorised DHA primary health centres. Once you have your health card number or patient id, visit any of the DHA hospitals or primary health centres and get your health card. 

Q6: Can non-residents get a DHA health card as well? 

Ans: No non-residents of the UAE cannot get a health card from Dubai Health Authority. 

Q7: What is the validity of my health card? 

Ans: A Health card is valid for one year. 

Q8: Where can I find travellers clinics associated with Dubai Health Authority? 

Ans: DHA primary health clinics - Al Barsha Health Clinic and Nad Al Hamar Health Clinic have a separately dedicated travellers clinic in them. You can get travel-related health advice, medicines, medical check-ups and vaccination here. 

Q9: Which primary health clinics from DHA contain 24-hour emergency care units?

Ans: Al Barsha Health Clinic and Nad Al Hamar Health Clinic have a 24-hour emergency unit. 

Q10: What is the cost of a DHA medical fitness test?

Ans: DHA medical fitness test are:

  • Normal test with reports in 7-10 working days – AED 270.
  • Express 48 tests with reports in 2-3 working days – AED 380
  • Express 24 tests with reports in 1-2 working days – AED 480
  • Express 4 tests with reports in 4 hours – AED 700

Q11: Which medical tests do I have to take when getting my driving license in the UAE?

Ans: HBA1C tests and physical examinations are done when you are applying to get your driving license. 

Q12: What is Tawajood?

Ans: Tawajood is a DHA medical testing service offered to expatriates working in corporate firms of Dubai and corporate groups. This service can be utilised as a group when working expatriates have to renew their work visas. 

Q13: What is Al Lussily contact number for Dubai?

Ans: You can connect to Al Lussily using the number - (04) 5022519. 

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