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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

With a focus on providing better healthcare to the nationals, the government of Dubai has combined all the government health insurance systems under a single umbrella known as Enaya Insurance. The program includes ‘Saada’ and other government insurance programs too. In an attempt to improve the standards of the healthcare system, the program aims at offering comprehensive health benefits to Dubai’s residents. Dubai Health Authority(DHA) facilitates these unified health services based on four principles of quality, effectiveness, patients’ needs and efficient health professionals. Read the following article to understand various aspects of the Enaya health program and its benefits. 

What is Enaya Health Insurance?

In order to improve the health care facilities and offer world-class benefits, Dubai Health Insurance Committee in consultation with the Dubai Government combines all the health insurance under single insurance known as the Enaya Insurance program. An important aspect of the strategy is to focus on the patients’ needs in addition to attracting and retaining a qualified health workforce. The unified health insurance system has employed two companies namely ‘Neuron’ and ‘Almadallah’ to provide these services on a large scale. Enaya Health Insurance program covers 39 different departments of the Dubai Government and over 90 thousand government employees and their family members. The insurance scheme also covers more than a thousand private-sector service providers in the Emirates of Dubai. 

Who are the Beneficiaries of Enaya Health Insurance?

Aiming to focus on individuals from all segments in the Emirates of Dubai, Enaya Health insurance extends its services to Emiratis, residents of Dubai, including the ex-pats. Residents of Dubai who are not benefited from other government health insurance are also included in this health care program. Here is a list of the beneficiaries of the Enaya Health Insurance programme.

  • Government Employees in the Emirates of Dubai and their dependent family members are covered under the programme. 
  • Dubai citizens who are not covered under any of the government health insurance are included.

The scope of coverage for the government employees whether a UAE national or a resident includes:

  • Emiratis: For UAE nationals, the family members are covered, including wives, male children until the age of 24 years, and female children until employed or married. The dependent parents are also covered under the Enaya Health Insurance Program.  
  • Residents: For UAE residents, wives and a maximum of three children under 21 years of Wife and three children under the age of 21 years are covered.

Key Features of Enaya Health Insurance Program

Enaya Health Insurance offers a variety of features, covering the citizens of Dubai against a range of health-related issues. Additionally, it also focuses on providing the highest standard medical services to individuals who are not covered in various government insurance programs. Following are the primary benefits of Enaya Health Insurance. 

  • Disease Prevention- The unified insurance program aims at preventing various diseases while working closely with the chain of hospitals and qualified health staff across the Emirates of Dubai. The prime concern of the Enaya insurance program is to provide world-class health care facilities and penetrate its services to each and every individual in Dubai. 
  • Pre-existing Conditions and Chronic Diseases - With the rising levels of health issues due to lifestyle habits, several health conditions may be detected before enrolling in the Enaya program. The unified health insurance covers the diagnosis and treatment of pre-existing conditions as well as chronic diseases. 
  • Maternity Care - One of the unique features of the Enaya program is, it takes extensive care of pregnant women and mothers. Starting from the pregnancy to the postpartum period, the program covers medical check-ups, diet supervision and regular consultations with qualified doctors. For, maternity benefits, there are no waiting periods within the Enaya Health insurance, unlike other health insurance in Dubai. 
  • Routine Check-ups and Vaccinations - The health program also provides complete coverage of period medical check-ups and vaccinations. Individuals enrolled in the Enaya Health insurance program receive proper medical attention and vaccinations as per the Dubai health regulations.

Benefits of Enaya Health Insurance

Among various benefits, the Enaya Health program ensures comprehensive medical coverage of individuals. Along with arranging qualified medical practitioners, DHA provides the following benefits through Enaya health Insurance. 

  • Patient Protection - The program strives to maintain complete protection of the patient and make the procedure convenient. To avoid any danger, several medical cases are referred to the specialists at Dubai Health Authority to get another medical review. It also reduces unnecessary referrals and complicated procedures. 
  • Worldwide Cover - The program provides extensive geographical coverage. An individual continues to receive health care services anywhere around the world, especially in Canada and USA, which are otherwise not provided in other health insurance plans. 
  • Speech and Language Therapy - It is one of the most prominent benefits of Enaya Health Insurance. An individual enrolled in the program receives up to 12 sessions every year, subject to a 20% participation rate.
  • Coverage for New Born Babies - Immediately after the birth of the baby, the maternity benefits cover the newborn until leaving the hospital. The plan may be subject to terms and conditions of maturity and addendum application within 5 working days from the birth date. Enaya program also covers congenital disorders and other diseases and is subject to a 20% participation rate.
  • Covers Medical Assistive Devices - The plan covers medical assistive and audio devices, including accessories pertaining to ortho surgeries, leg assistive devices, medical beds and surgical equipment.  
  • Immune Therapy - The program also covers Immune therapy and hearing loss and is subject to a 20% participation rate. 


To enhance the health care system and provide international standard medical benefits, DHA has unified all the health insurance under one program. Enaya Health Insurance helps the citizens of Dubai to afford a comprehensive health care facility without any hassles. Additionally, it provides maternity benefits without a waiting period and extends its services to USA and Canada. The plan also covers individuals who are not included in any other government health insurance plans.

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