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Established in 1998, Union Insurance is a regionally-founded insurance company in UAE that offers highly competitive conventional insurance products to its customers. Union operates in UAE as well as the rest of the Middle East and provides both retail and commercial insurance solutions to individuals as well as corporates along with government entities. Union insurance functions as both a life and a general insurance company and started with a paid-up capital of AED 330 million. Complementing the robust insurance of Union Insurance is the smooth Union Insurance claim process for reimbursement claim. A very streamlined and straightforward procedure, with only a few instructions and a detailed set of steps on filling the form, you can easily initiate a reimbursement claim with a Union Insurance health care insurance plan.

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Complete Claim Process for Union Insurance Reimbursement From

Explained below is the complete claim process in brief which includes only three steps in total:

  • Step 1: Obtain and fill out the Union Insurance reimbursement claim form. The form must be completed as per the steps given below in the next section that explains how to fill out a reimbursement form for Union Insurance.
  • Step 2: Collecting and adding the documents. Once you have a duly filled form, collect all the required documents and attach them along the form to complete the set.
  • Step 3: The final step is to submit the form with all the required documents. There are multiple ways to submit the Union Insurance claim inclusive of offline and online ways. You can choose one at your convenience.

How to Fill Union Insurance claim Form

  • Begin the form filling process by downloading the Union Insurance reimbursement form from PolicyBazaar.ae or the Union Insurance claim portal on the website. Make sure that you have downloaded the correct form from a trusted source only.
  • All fields are mandatory in the form to be filled so ensure you are extremely diligent and follow every step religiously to fill out the Union Insurance reimbursement form.
  • Start by entering some basic details about you (the claimant) such as your healthcare provider, name, member’s id, phone number, etc. Make sure that the details on the insurance card are the same as those on the form.
  • The next two sections are to be filled out by your physician or treating doctor. The first section to be filled out by the doctor is about a subjective diagnosis of the condition you received the treatment for.
  • The next section will have a detailed explanation of the condition by the doctor and the detailed plan of the treatment that you received. It starts with clinical findings by the doctor, vital signs, and causes. Followed by that is the detailed assessment and diagnosis of the doctor that must include the severity of the symptoms as well.
  • The next section will include all the prescription drugs, diagnosis tests, consultation sessions, and physiotherapy sessions that you are looking to get reimbursed. Add each of the required things into the designated columns along with their cost and enter the total bill (correct by decimal) in the end.
  • Add all the details of hospitalization along with the total cost of the in-patient stay. Include this only if applicable.
  • Finish up the form with the signature, phone number, and stamp of the doctor along with your signature and the date.

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Documents Required for Union Insurance Reimbursement Form

Following is the complete and extended list of all the documents to file a reimbursement health insurance claim at Union Insurance:

  • A letter attested by the policyholder showing initiation of the claim.
  • Invoices for all lab tests and diagnostic tests along with the original reports
  • Invoices and receipts for all the payments made for prescription medicines along with the original prescription from the doctor.
  • Hospitalization discharge documents and admission documents (if applicable).
  • Bills and payments receipts of the in-patient stay (hospitalization).

A detailed report of the treatment from the treating doctor specifying it as medically necessary.

Note that all the documents and receipts that are to be submitted along the Union Insurance reimbursement form are to be in their original form. Make sure that you have made a copy of them all if you suspect that you may need them later.

Documents like emirates ID and insurance membership ID will not be submitted in their original forms so try and keep a copy of these documents ready beforehand.

How to Submit Union Insurance Reimbursement Form?

Union Insurance form can be submitted easily using the online submission process. Simply download and print the form and fill It out as explained above. Get the completed form and the said documents from the aforementioned list and scan them using your phone. Go to the claim submission portal of Union Insurance and apply for a claim submission using your emirates ID, member ID or Insurance card.

Upload all the documents along with the completed reimbursement claim form and submit the form. Now you are done with the submission procedure and can wait for approval.

You can also send the claim documents offline via mail to the head office of Union Insurance located in Dubai. Have a word with your insurance broker in case you face any trouble with offline submissions or take help from the customer help center or Union Insurance claim contact number.

Things to Keep in Mind while Submitting Union Insurance Claim

  • If you are submitting the claim form online, make sure that you keep all the original invoices and payment receipts safe with you for at least 12 months. Union Insurance may ask for those during this time for further authentication.
  • Make sure that you do not make any administrative or clerical errors in the form. Even the smallest of mistakes can result in claim rejection and you will have to make all the submissions again from the very start.
  • All the documents including receipts and invoices must be either in English or Arabic. If they are in any other languages, have them translated from an official public translator and add the translated version along with originals in the document set.
  • All-Union Insurance reimbursement claims incidents/illnesses must be brought to the notification of the company within 30 days of the incident/illnesses detected.  
  • The Union Insurance claims are generally settled within 15 days of the initiation and you can keep a track of the claim process via the online claim portal of Union Insurance.


Union Insurance claim process for reimbursement claims is quite straightforward. The online submission process is streamlined to ensure that you face no problem at all when submitting or tracking the claim. Make sure that you have the documents required ready in scanned or original form depending on how you plan to submit the claim. Union insurance claim portal also provides a checklist for you to use when confirming the type of documents that you need to keep with you and submit with the Union Insurance reimbursement form.

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