How to Change Emirates ID Information?

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Every country has its own unified identification system that acts as personal identity proof for each citizen and resident. In addition, a national identification card is compulsory to avail yourself of various government services including jobs, trade, and financial services. In the UAE, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) issues Emirates ID for every citizen and resident. As a national or working resident, you need to obtain the Emirates ID in order to validate your presence in the UAE.

Since the national identification card is crucial and is required for almost every official work, you need to keep it up to date and precisely correct to avoid any hassles. ICA makes it easy to edit and alter the information so that, you can conveniently change Emirates ID information. You simply need to visit an Emirates Happiness Centre or ICA branch with supporting documents. Go through the article below to know about various ways of Emirates ID update and the steps involved. 

What Information Can You Update in your Emirates ID?

Your Emirates ID card consists of information related to your personal and contact details. There are chances of errors in the information due to mistyping, misinformation, changes, etc. In case of any discrepancy, you need to contact the authorities immediately and get your Emirates ID corrected. Following are the things that you can get corrected in your Emirates ID by visiting a local ICA happiness centre: 

  • Name of the cardholder  
  • Photograph
  • Date of birth 
  • Place of residence 
  • Registered Mobile Number
  • Registered Email Address

How to Apply for Emirates ID Update?

Updating your Emirates ID is quite straightforward but you need to inform the authorities well in advance. The identity holders are required to intimate the Federation Authority for Identification and Citizenship at least a month in advance from the actual date of correction.  After you receive the appointment dates, you need to visit a nearby ICA branch or the Customer Happiness Center on the assigned date with supporting proof and documents. Once you have successfully reported the required correction in the Emirates ID, you need to verify the details mentioned in your current Emirates ID. 

Understanding the Type of Information Mentioned in the Emirates ID

The Emirates ID consists of various information related to your personal details including photograph, signature and biometrics. However, the data in your card can be broadly classified into two categories namely key information and non-key information. 

All the basic details such as name, nationality and date of birth fall under the key category. On the other hand, information like address, occupation, etc, are categorised under non-key information. 

In case you wish to edit the key data, you need to visit the nearest ICA branch or the Customer Happiness Center. However, for changing non-key data, you can use the e-service kiosk at the ICA branch or centre. If you use the urgent or express service, the authority issues your updated Emirates ID within 24 hrs. Urgent/express Emirates ID update service costs an additional charge of AED 150. 

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Steps for Emirates ID Update in the UAE

You can conveniently edit your Emirates ID information using e-service kiosks or by visiting the ICA branch and Customer Happiness Centre. Following are the steps involved in the Emirates ID update in the UAE: 

  • To initiate the Emirates ID update process, you need to intimate the authority for correction. 
  • After getting confirmation and appointment date, you need to visit the nearest Emirates ID centre (ICA Centre) or the Happiness Centre.
  • Subsequently, you need to fill out an application form entering the correct details and your Emirates ID number. 
  • After filling in the details, you need to submit the application form along with all the relevant documents. 
  • Later, you are required to pay the correction fee as mentioned below - 
    • AED 40 as a services fee
    • AED 150 for issuing a new Emirates ID card with updated information 
    • An additional AED 150 for using the urgent Emirates ID car update (if opted)
    • Depending on the services you are using, you need to pay anywhere between AED 190 to 340 in total. 
  • Once you have paid the fee, you need to proceed with the biometrics and photographs 
  • After all the formalities are complete, you will receive an SMS from ICA on your registered mobile number mentioning the post office details from where you can pick up your updated Emirates ID. 

Emirates ID correction process can take up to 48 hours after applying. However, if you have all the documents ready, the process is quick and hassle-free. 

Documents Required for Emirates ID Card Update

Just like when applying for a new identity card, you require a few documents while editing your Emirates ID. For changing any information, you need to produce supporting documents in the prescribed format. After verification, the ICA representative updates your details according to the requested correction. The documents required for a UAE national/resident are different from those of other GCC nationals and ex-pat residents. The following is the rundown of documents required to change Emirates ID information. 

Documents Required for UAE Nationals  

Following is the list of documents required for changing Emirates ID details for UAE nationals and residents. 

  • An Original UAE Emirates ID card 
  • Documents and proof to support the changing information in the Emirates ID 
  • A valid social insurance certificate attested by the Community Development Ministry for exemption of correction/issuance fee (for those benefiting from social insurance) 
  • A valid medical report issued by the UAE health authority to exempt elderly people and people with health issues from card issuance fees
  • If the ID cardholder is absent and another person submits an application on his/her behalf, the applicant also needs to submit an original POA

Documents Required for GCC Nationals and Ex-pats

The following is the rundown of documents needed to change Emirates ID information for GCC citizens and UAE ex-pats: 

  • Documents and proof for correcting the existing information on the Emirates ID card 
  • Documents to prove legal residency in the country 
  • An original medical report issued by the Dubai health authority or Health Ministry to exempt people of determination from paying card issuance fee
  • An original diplomatic or international organisation membership card to exempt diplomats and official individuals from the Emirates ID card issuance fee 
  • If a third party submits the edit application on the cardholder’s behalf, he/she needs to submit an original POA for that person 

How to Change Registered Mobile Number on Emirates ID Card?

While applying for a new Emirates ID card, you need to submit your mobile number. All the updates and news are intimated through SMS on your mobile number therefore it is important to update your contact details in case you have recently changed them. To make the process convenient, ICA has facilitated an online updating platform for mobile numbers. You need to log on to the official portal of ICA and visit the e-services section. Following are the steps to change the mobile number on your Emirates ID card: 

  • Fill out the Application Form - Once you have entered the e-services section, you need to initiate the mobile number change process by filling out the application with details as mentioned below: 
    • Emirates ID number 
    • Nationality 
    • Name in English
    • Passport Number 
    • Latest Date of entering the UAE border 
    • Your valid E-mail address
  • After you have entered the details, the portal will generate Arabic translations automatically. 
  • Enter New Mobile Number - Subsequently, you need to enter your new mobile number and check the box beside ‘Edit mobile number’ to confirm. In addition, ensure that you enter the correct mobile number and the country code. 
  • Review your Application - Once you have entered all the information in the system. The portal will show you the updated details. You can then review your updates and confirm if the entered details are correct. In case of any error, you make go back to step 1 and make necessary corrections. 
  • Pay for the Services - Once you have completed the correction process, you need to pay a service charge of AED 52.10 for updating your details. After final submission, the portal will redirect you to the payment site where you need to select the payment channel to complete the payment. 

After successful payment, you will receive a notification showing the status of your Emirates ID card correction.

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List of EIDA Centers in the UAE

To get the key information corrected, you need to visit the nearest ICA centre (EIDA centres). Following is the list of EIDA Centers across various Cities in the UAE. 

List of EIDA Centers in Dubai 

Name of Branch Active Hours Contact Number
Al Baraha 7.30am till 2.30pm 04 383 2189
Al Barsha 7.30am till 2pm 04 383 2222
Al Jafiliya 7.30am till 2pm 04 383 2399
Al Karama Centre 7am till 8pm 04 383 2333
Al Lusaily 8am till 2pm N/A
Al Quoz 8am till 4pm 04 383 2282
Al Rashidiya 7am till 8pm 04 284 5252
Hatta 7.30am till 2.30pm N/A
JAFZA 8am till 3pm 04 383 2225
Knowledge Village 7.30 till 2pm 04 383 2225
Muhaisnah Center 8am till 8pm 04 383 2172

List of EIDA Centers in Abu Dhabi

Name of the Branch Active Hours Contact Number
Sweihan 7am till 2.30pm 03 701 5085
Mussafah 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 5864
Madinat Zayed 2 7am till 2.30pm 02 419 7769
Khalifa Medical City 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 5895
Khalifa City 7am till 2.30pm 02 244 5555
Dalma Island 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 7757
Central Post Office 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 7718
Al Wahda Mall 7am till 8pm 02 495 5700
Al Sila 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 7732
Al Quaa 7.30am till 7.30pm 03 701 5090
Al Marfa 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 7721
Al Mafraq 7am till 2.30pm 02 419 7729
Al Jazira Club 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 5821
Al Ghayathi 7am till 2.30pm 02 495 7704
Al Ain 7am till 8pm 03 701 5000

List of EIDA Centers in Sharjah

Name of the Branch Open Hours Contact Number
Sharjah Centre 7am till 8pm 06 507 3777
Municipality Clinic 7.30am till 2.30pm 06 507 3786
Sharjah Airport 8am till 8pm 06 507 3758
Municipality Clinic 8am till 8pm 06 507 3758
Khor Fakkan 7.30am till 2pm 06 507 3761
Kalba 7.30am till to 2pm 06 507 3781
Industrial Area 7.30am till 2pm 06 507 3797
Al Madam Centre 7am till 2pm 06 507 3790
Al Hamriyah 8am till 3pm 06 507 3790
Al Ghubaiba 8am till 8pm 06 575 9195
Al Rams 7.30am till 2.30pm 07 266 2338
Al Dhaid South 7.30 am till 2.30pm 06 882 2230
Al Dhaid North 7.30 am till 2pm 06 507 3784

List of EIDA Centres in the Ajman

Name of the Branch Active Hours Contact Number
Medical Centre 7am till 2.30pm 06 748 4777
Ajman Centre 7am till 2.30pm 06 748 4777

List of EIDA Centres in Fujairah

Name of the Branch Active Hours Contact Number
Fujairah Centre 1 7am till 8pm 09 201 7000
Fujairah Centre 2 7.30am till 2pm 09 201 7090
Dibba Centre 8am till 2pm 09 201 7080
Dibba Al Hosn Centre 7.30am till 1pm 06 507 3795

List of EIDA Centres in Ras Al Khaima

Branch Name Active Hours Contact Number
RAK Centre 7am till 8pm 07 202 6000
Al Rams Center 7.30am till 2.30pm 07 266 2338

List of EIDA Centres in Umm Al Quiwain

Branch Name Active Hours Contact Number
Umm Al Quwain 7.30am to 2.30pm 06 765 5111

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I update my Emirates ID online?

Ans: Yes, you can update your contact details such as your mobile number and email address online by visiting the official website of ICA. You need to enter the e-services section and simply fill out the application form. To update your Emirates ID information such as name, date of birth and nationality, you need to visit the ICA centres or the Customer Happiness Centers in person. 

Q2: Do I need to pay charges for getting my Emirates ID updated?

Ans: Yes, for every update in your Emirates ID, you need to pay AED 40 as a service charge and AED 150 for reissuing the Identity card. 

Q3: Can I update my date of birth and name in the Emirates ID?

Ans: Yes, you can make corrections in your name and D.O.B. in case of any discrepancies. 

Q4: Do I need to submit any documents for making corrections in the Emirates ID?

Ans: Yes, you need to submit supporting documents while making corrections to your Emirates ID.

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