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The all-new Toyota Camry, launched in 2022, has the roomy seats one might look for in a midsize car. The upgraded safety features and user-friendly system of the car further enhance the comfort provided to the users. Besides the 4 cylinders of its petrol engine, its overall 2498 cc engine is strong enough to rev your ride each time. While the mileage given by the car differs as per the model, Toyota Camry can be considered an ideal choice for you if you are fascinated by sedan body cars. All such features are backed by easy and satisfactory vehicle servicing and the customer management of the company, which have further helped it excel in the market.

However, even with such an excellent collection of benefits and features, the cost of repairing the car in case of damages may prove expensive for the user. Thus, having the car financially secured by Toyota Camry insurance becomes of paramount importance. 

To know more about having Toyota Camry insurance in UAE and the associated benefits and prices, continue reading the article below.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Toyota Camry S 2.5L, 2020 model.

Features of Toyota Camry Car Insurance

Toyota Car Insurance provides a number of features to make your task of car management easier. Let's have a look at its striking features -

  • Overnight Repair Services 

Taking your vehicle back and forth from home to the garage can prove challenging, especially if the process is required to be done at odd hours. To simplify the task for you, the leading insurance providers in the UAE collect your Toyota Camry from your doorstep and deliver it back after the repair is done. 

  • Cashless Garages

Counted among the most useful features offered, you can get your Toyota Camry repaired at your preferred network garage whenever required without worrying about immediate payments or the requirement of carrying cash. With cashless garages, the insurance provider will settle the bills with the garage without your interference. 

  • Add-Ons for Wider Coverage

You can enjoy extended benefits and cover with exciting add-ons offered by the top insurance providers in the UAE. From the options available, you can easily choose the required ones and have them added to your Toyota Camry insurance plan. 

  • Affordable Interest Rates

With low premiums and applicable interest rates protecting users from hefty payments, you can easily get your desired Toyota Camry car insurance plan at affordable rates. 

  • 24*7 Assistance

As often said, emergencies don’t arise by the clock. Consequently, you may require the assistance of your provider anytime. Such aid is provided by the leading car insurance companies in the UAE, which offer insurance-related help 24x7.

  • Hassle-Free Claims

If you possess the right documents and properly follow the procedure, you can get your claims settled without any hassle. 

  • Renewal Made Easier

Renewing the policy before expiry is essential to continue receiving the benefits of your Toyota Camry car insurance. With Policybazaar UAE as well as the top insurance providers in the country, you can easily renew your insurance policy without much effort at the end of the tenure each time.  

insurer your car

Types of Toyota Camry Car Insurance Plans

All vehicle owners in the UAE must have at least third-party liability insurance, with the same extending to Toyota Camry owners as well. Other than this, you have the option of comprehensive car insurance. Given below are the major details related to both types of plans.

  • Third-Party Insurance for Toyota Camry

In a third-party car insurance cover, the insurance provider covers the financial expenses incurred on fixing the damages caused to a third party. Thus, if the car owner causes any damage to a third-party person or property, the insurance company helps in settling the claim with financial aid for the third party. This cover is mandatory for all vehicles in the UAE. 

  • Comprehensive Insurance for Toyota Camry

In a comprehensive insurance policy, on the other side, a complete package is provided. It means that both personal damages and third-party damages are covered by the insurance company. 

Toyota Camry Car Insurance Price

Numerous companies offer Toyota Camry car insurance in UAE. Although the basic features remain the same, the price may slightly differ as per the firm and the plan selected. For instance, a comprehensive car insurance policy may charge you a slightly higher premium for providing comprehensive cover for damages incurred, when comparing the plan with a third-party liability one from the same company. 

Besides the chosen plan, even add-ons have a significant impact on the premium. If you choose to purchase add-ons along with the policy, the premium charged gets increased. An easy-to-access option to get an idea of the payable premium is to use the Toyota Camry car insurance calculator in such cases. 

Toyota Camry Car Insurance Policy Inclusion

When it comes to buying Toyota Camry insurance, policy inclusion is the first thing you should examine as it helps you decide if that particular car insurance plan is what you need for your car. Let’s go through what comprehensive Toyota Camry Insurance has in store for you. 

  • Coverage for You and Your Car

Car insurance plans are generally meant to provide protection against any damage to your car. However, most Toyota Camry Car Insurance plans in the UAE go above and beyond to cover both you and your car at uncertain events like accidents

  • Protection Beyond Accidents

With a Toyota Camry insurance plan, you will get coverage for car damages that occur due to natural calamities, fire, theft, terrorist attack, riots, and more besides the regular accident cover.

insurer your car

Toyota Camry Car Insurance Policy Exclusion

It is crucial to remember that while Toyota Camry insurance has several inclusions to enhance the financial protection of your car, there are some exclusions that you must be aware of before buying the insurance. 

The following are the major exclusions related to Toyota Camry car insurance UAE:

  • If your car gets damaged in one of these states, you won't receive the promised coverage:
    • Driving outside the UAE (unless having a specific add-on for the same)
    • Car driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Involved in illegal matters
    • Forgery of accidents to get a coverage
    • Any electrical or mechanical breakdown
    • Loss and damage due to war 
  • The costs of petrol and vehicle parts are not covered in the insurance
  • The normal wear and tear of the car due to overuse or negligence by the driver is also not covered

Toyota Camry Car Insurance Add-ons

Add-ons are essential for protecting your car against a more extensive range of unforeseen challenges and arduous situations. Here are some Toyota Camry add-ons that you may prefer for your car

  • Accessory protection 
  • Accident protection
  • Zero depreciation
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Consumable protection
  • Alternate vehicle service
  • Terrestrial addition covers for driving outside the country
  • Return to invoice 
  • Key loss protection

Eligibility Criteria for Toyota Camry Car Insurance

With minimum eligibility criteria specifications to apply for car insurance, obtaining Toyota Camry insurance is a fairly straightforward process. The requirements for applying for a Toyota Car Insurance are: 

  • The insurance seeker should a resident of the UAE
  • The age for applying is generally between 25 and 55 years
  • The candidate should a valid driving license that is in force for at least 1 or 2 years

Documents Needed for Toyota Camry Car Insurance

Document verification is an important step in the application process for car insurance. Here is the list of documents you will have to keep handy if you are looking to apply for Toyota Camry car insurance.

  • Original Emirates ID and its copy (if you are a national)
  • Original Passport along with the Resident Visa details page and its copy (if you are an ex-pat living in the UAE)
  • Valid Driving license copy 
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Proof of Address like phone bills, electricity bills, and so on
  • Proof of Age like a birth certificate 
  • Previous car insurance documents (if applicable)

insurer your car

Filing Claim for Toyota Camry Car Insurance

Understanding the procedure of filing an insurance claim for your Toyota Camry is essential to have the claim settled smoothly if required. In case of any mishap, you are required to inform your insurance provider and immediately begin the process of claim-filing to receive all the possible benefits and financial assistance and lower your economic burden. The following are the simple steps you need to follow to file a claim -

Accident Claim Filing for Toyota Camry

Before you initiate the process of filing a claim, you must call an ambulance if you are in the condition to manage so and if required. After that, you can focus on the claim process, for which you will need a copy of the police report. Thus, you should first make sure that you reach out to the police and obtain a copy of the accident report. You can then begin the claim process in the following way:

  • Inform the insurance provider soon after the incident.
  • If your car is damaged in excess, you can ask your insurance provider for towing facility to take the car to the garage.
  • After safely reaching the garage, you will need to present the car details of the third party in case it's a third party car damage. However, if it is own damage and you have comprehensive car insurance, you will be required to provide your car details as well.
  • Next, the insurance provider will thoroughly assess your vehicle and finalise an estimate. 
  • As agreed during the policy purchase, you will have to bear the cost of deductibles. The rest of the cost will be paid by the insurance company.
  • Once the formalities are over, the repairs will begin. 

Theft Claim Filing for Toyota Camry

It is essential to note that theft claims can only be filed if you have comprehensive Toyota Camry Insurance. If you have such a plan and face theft, you have to first make a call to the police and get the theft reported. Similarly, if you lost vital belongings in the car, make a list of them as well. After forming comprehensive lists regarding the theft, the remaining steps required here are as follows;

  • File a claim regarding the theft of your Toyota Camry along with submitting a copy of the police report.
  • You will also be required to submit your driving license and other documents as requested by the insurance provider. 
  • Submit the list of belongings lost with the car (if any). 
  • The case will be handled by the police and your car will be looked for. In case the police fail to find your vehicle, a letter will be issued to you.
  • This letter will have to be submitted to the insurance provider.
  • The insurance provider will assess all the details like the cost of your vehicle and belongings (if any) and inform you about the same.
  • The claim amount will be transferred to you.

Toyota Camry Car Insurance UAE Renewal

Every car insurance plan purchased is valid for a set period. In order to continue receiving the coverage and the services even after that period, you will need to renew the policy for the next term. The online process of renewing your existing Toyota Camry car insurance is quite simple and can be completed in a few steps with Policybazaar UAE, the website of your provider, or even the offline mode of visiting the branch. 

Here’s how you can complete the renewal in a few steps:

  • Online Renewal Process

    • Visit the ‘auto insurance’ or a similar category on the website and select the ‘renewal’ option.
    • Mention your car's registration number, policy number, contact number, and any other details as asked.
    • Check if you are applicable for a No Claim Bonus. This will reduce your renewal charges or provide additional benefits at the same cost.
    • Complete the payment to have your policy renewed.
  • Offline Renewal Process

    • The first step in the offline mode of renewal is to visit the nearest branch of your insurance provider to renew your Toyota Camry car insurance. 
    • Take all the necessary documents with you and get in touch with an executive at the branch.
    • You will be provided with an application form that you will need to fill out carefully.
    • Check the entered details carefully and submit the form with the required documents.
    • Verify if you are eligible for any no-claim bonus. If you are eligible, you can make significant savings on the renewal charges.
    • Make the payment and the policy will be renewed. 

Tips to Buy the Best Toyota Camry Car Insurance 

There are a few things that every Toyota Camry insurance buyer should focus on before finalising their decision regarding the plan. Such tips that can help you buy the best Toyota Camry Car Insurance in UAE are -

  • The Plan You Need

As there are generally two plans available for all the car owners in UAE, you need to choose the most suitable one for your vehicle. While a third-party plan provides coverage for the losses incurred by third-party, comprehensive car insurance tends to cover the losses incurred by you and the third party as well. Which type of insurance will you need to optimise your expenditure on premiums and the available benefits is something you must ponder on before making the purchase. 

  • Check for the Car's Evaluation

Evaluating your vehicle properly is the key to getting the right coverage. Ensure that your vehicle is properly assessed for its condition and current market price before finalising the process. 

  • Maximum Coverage

Besides the maximum coverage, you should also check out the inclusions clause as it will give you an idea of the coverage provided by the insurance provider for your Toyota Camry. Similarly, you should not skip reading the exclusions. The goal of such a thorough examination is to have a proper idea regarding the extent to which you can avail of benefits with any car insurance plan in the UAE. 

  • Add-ons the Game-Changers

Add-ons are the results of extra fees over the premiums of your Toyota Camry car insurance that give you extra coverage. Depending on the insurance provider, there are different types of Add-ons that can provide you better coverage in specific conditions and events like off-roading, risky sports, and so forth. If you already are looking for some particular add-ons, make sure you find them in the insurance provider's list. 

  • Compare Plans

Sticking to the first car insurance plan you land on might not be a wise choice, as you must compare a few plans before actually bringing one for your Toyota Camry. This can be easily accomplished at, which allows you to quickly have an insight into the features of the best car insurance plans in the UAE for comparison. Being backed by crucial research and detail, you can accordingly make your choice. 

  • Carefully Read the Final Documents

Once all the formalities are done, don’t skip the final documents. Reading all the policy-related paperwork is vital as it contains all the clauses, terms, and conditions that every car owner must know. To avoid any hassle during filing a claim, be updated on all the terms and conditions. 

How to Buy Toyota Camry Car Insurance in UAE?

Buying car insurance has become immensely simple due to the online systems adopted by leading banks and insurance companies. If you fancy buying car insurance online, PolicyBazaar UAE is the right place for you as you can do various processes like comparison and detailed inspection of car insurance plans besides buying one of your choice easily. 

You can simply follow the steps given below to buy car insurance in a snap:

  1. Visit and navigate to the ‘car insurance’ section. 
  2. In the car insurance section, you will have to enter information about your car like the model number, model variant, and year of manufacturing along with some of your details like name phone number, etc.
  3. Once you provide the requested information, you will be shown a variety of car insurances available for your car. You can compare the insurance quotes offered by different companies and make a decision for yourself.
  4. On our website, you can also estimate the premium amount for your specific car model if you provide details like the vehicle’s age, your age, and so on. 
  5. If you are inclined towards a particular company's car insurance quote, you can check the inclusions and exclusions, pay the premium, and get the insurance coverage in no time.

A similar process will be followed if you directly visit the website of a particular insurance provider of your choice. In case you opt for buying car insurance offline, simply visit the company’s office, fill in an application form, submit the required paperwork, and pay the premium. That's indeed all - you now have insurance coverage for your car!

In case you wish to know more quick details regarding the car as well as Toyota Camry insurance in the UAE, go through the following section.

Fast Facts

Q1. Will my Toyota Camry price affect the premium I need to pay for the coverage?

Ans: The cost of your Toyota Camry does affect the required premium for its insurance policy. Generally, the higher the Toyota Camry price, the higher the premium will be. 

Q2. How can I get a No Claim Bonus with my Toyota Camry car insurance?

Ans: When a Toyota Camry owner makes no claim for a particular policy year, the owner is rewarded with a no-claim bonus. It can provide 25-50% off on the renewal of the policy and other exciting benefits.

Q3. Is comprehensive car insurance better than third-party insurance?

Ans: The best policy depends on your requirements. For instance, third-party insurance can work for car owners who only drive their cars occasionally. However, for daily goers, comprehensive might prove more useful. Ultimately, one should choose a car insurance plan as per their needs.

Q4. What features should I compare before finalising my Toyota Camry car insurance?

Ans: There are several companies offering Toyota Camry car insurance but you must compare them well before purchasing. The key features you should compare are -

  • Inclusions of the policy
  • Exclusions of the policy 
  • Add-ons available 
  • The premium to be paid by you
  • The deductibles that you will have to pay
Q5. What is the benefit of the Roadside Assistance Add-On Cover?

Ans: Roadside assistance cover is an add-on that you can add to your existing Toyota Camry car insurance. In case your car breaks down when you are travelling somewhere in the car, a mechanic will be sent by the insurance company for your assistance. The mechanic will check for the problems and fix them if possible. If not, towing services will be provided so that your vehicle can be easily taken to the garage.

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