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The significance of having a proper car insurance plan for your beloved ride is no secret now. Not only is it legally mandatory to have at least a basic car insurance plan in the Emirates, but car insurance plans have also become a necessity to avoid hefty repair and maintenance charges for the vehicle. This becomes more important when expensive cars like Toyota Fortuner are in question. Toyota Fortuner car insurance plans are available in abundance in the UAE. This is why one must know all important aspects of Toyota Fortuner car insurance. This piece covers everything from costs to features, types, benefits and claim procedures of Toyota Fortuner car insurance plans.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Toyota Fortuner EXR 2.7L, 2020 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Toyota Fortuner EXR 2.7L, 2020 model.

Features of Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Toyota Fortuner car insurance policies are quite comprehensive considering the generic requirements of the vehicle. Given the SUV status of the car, many car insurance providers include off-road driving as a basic benefit in their comprehensive coverage for Toyota Fortuner cars. You can also customise your insurance plan using available add-ons to make it even better suitable for your Toyota Fortuner. 
  • Easy Claim Process: Submitting Toyota Fortuner car insurance claims is a fairly easy task. The adaptable claim process allows you to submit your requests online as well as offline. The processing is done almost immediately, and approvals are granted within a few days. Your car is ready to be picked up before you know it. 
  • Swift Renewals: Renewal of your Toyota Fortuner car insurance plans is a task that can now be done from the comfort of your home. Plans that are bought online can be renewed via online renewal portals as well. Just make sure that you have a clear idea of the plan and benefits you want to renew with before getting into the renewal process. 
  • Accessory Protection: Toyota Fortuner car insurance policies offer a comprehensive cover to protect not only your car but also the accessories in your car. The accessory cover of your Toyota Fortuner covers electric as well as non-electric car accessories. This includes damages as well as theft of car accessories. 
  • Customisable Plans: Toyota Fortuner comprehensive car insurance plans can be customised to suit requirements ideally. Select and include add-ons in your plan to tailor the coverage as per your individual needs. The add-ons you choose can also be removed when you renew the plan. You are free to drop and/or pick add-ons with your Toyota car insurance at every renewal. 
  • Personal Accident Cover: The personal accident cover of Toyota Fortuner insurance policies can be combined with personal accident insurance covers. This benefit offers coverage for accidental injuries, disabilities and death. 
  • Cost-Effective Coverage: Even when your Toyota Fortuner will cost you a huge chunk of your life’s savings, the insurance doesn’t have to cost as much. Luckily, the basic insurance premium for your Toyota Fortuner will be no more than 2.75% of the car’s ex-showroom price. This means that you can secure your SUV with minimal additional expenses. 

Types of Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance Plans

  • Third-Party Liability Car Insurance: As the term suggests, the Toyota Fortuner third-party insurance plan would only cover the third-party damages in an accident you meet with as the policyholder. These kinds of insurance plans cover everything related to third-party liabilities including vehicular damages, driver’s injuries, and legal fees, in some cases. None of the own damages of the policyholder’ vehicle is covered. Third-party liability insurance covers are also known as mandatory basic car insurance coverage.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: These Toyota Fortuner car insurance plans cover every third-party liability as well as all damages caused to your own vehicle in an accident where you are at fault. The third-party liability coverage here is the same as basic car insurance plans as mentioned above. Own damage cover will include vehicular damages, emergency treatment expense of the driver, fire and explosion damages, natural and man-made disaster cover, and theft cover. Comprehensive Toyota Fortuner insurance plans can be customised using add-ons. 

Toyota Fortuner Insurance Price 

Estimating the cost of insurance for your Toyota Fortuner is a rather simple, however somewhat lengthy, process. As per the estimation rules, the basic insurance price for cars ranging between AED 100,000 and AED 300,000 can be set at around 2.75% of the car’s ex-showroom price. The same applies here since Toyota Fortuner is priced between AED 124,900 and AED 159,900. The basic Toyota Fortuner insurance price can range between AED 3,434 and AED 4,400. Once you have your basic premium, you can further increase or decrease it depending on other factors that influence premium rates.

This can include your age, the state of the car (new or second-hand), geographical location, etc. You can also calculate the basic Toyota Fortuner insurance price using the Policybazaar UAE car insurance calculator. You will only need information like the brand, model, variant and manufacturing year of the car. The basic Toyota Fortuner insurance price will be calculated automatically after that.

Inclusions of Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance 

  • Third-party liabilities like driver’s injuries, vehicular damages, injuries sustained by the passengers and legal fees. 
  • Own vehicle damages caused in an accident where you are at fault
  • Damages sustained by own vehicle due to fire or explosions caused by self-ignition
  • Covered natural disasters or man-made disasters causing damage to the vehicle
  • Theft of the car or car accessories owned by the policyholder
  • Total loss of the car after an accident
  • Accident injury coverage for the driver, if personal accident cover is included
  • 24x7 roadside assistance cover

Exclusions of Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance 

  • Any kind of damages incurred by own car or third-party vehicles when driving under the influence of alcohol 
  • Causing damages to the own vehicle or the third-party vehicle when driving without a valid UAE driving license
  • Consequential damages incurred by your Toyota Fortuner because covered damage was not repaired in time
  • The normal wear and tear damage of the car
  • Voluntary negligence of the driver causing damages to own Toyota Fortuner
  • Any kind of damages caused by war or acts of war
  • Damages incurred due to radioactivity or nuclear explosions
  • If damages are incurred when a personal/private car was being used for commercial purposes 

Add-ons for Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance

  • Engine breakdown cover
  • Windshield protection cover
  • Key replacement cover
  • Courtesy car or replacement car cover
  • Geographical extension cover or Oman extension cover
  • Off-road driving cover
  • No depreciation cover
  • Car accessory cover for electrical and non-electrical accessories
  • Transportation allowance cover
  • Personal accident cover for passengers and driver

Eligibility Criteria for Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance 

The complete eligibility criteria for Toyota Fortuner car insurance plans are given below:

  • You must either be a UAE citizen or resident to buy a Toyota Fortuner insurance policy in the Emirates.
  • The minimum applicable age limit to buy the plan is 25 years while the maximum age is 65 years. 
  • You must hold a valid passport, resident visa, and Emirates ID to buy car insurance in the UAE if you are a resident. Emirates ID and family book may be required if you are a citizen.
  • Additionally, a valid UAE driving license is also required. If you have a license from your home country, you must either get it converted into a UAE license or get a new one made. 


Documents Required to Purchase Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance 

The complete list of required documents to buy Toyota Fortuner car insurance policies in the UAE is as follows:

  • A valid passport and residents visa for UAE residents with photocopies
  • A valid Emirates ID for both UAE residents and citizens with photocopies
  • UAE driving license 
  • Registration documents of your car
  • A certificate for GCC specifications 
  • Chassis number of the car along with manufacturing year, model and make of the car
  • LPO from the bank you are financing your Toyota Fortuner

Filing Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance Claims

There are two kinds of Toyota Fortuner car insurance claims that you can file – accidental claims and theft claims. Accidental claims also include parked car accident claims and collision claims. Theft claims are for the theft of the car as well as of the car accessories. Given below are complete lists of steps for both these kinds of claims. 

How to File Toyota Fortuner Insurance accidental claims?

  • When in an accident, first, call the emergency medical services if anyone has been injured. Tend to cure your own wounds as well. 
  • Once you have contacted the medical services, call the police as well and let them know about the accident. 
  • Submit an official report of the accident and get a copy for yourself. If you are in well-enough shape, note down the names and license plate numbers of the third-party drivers and vehicles involved in the accident. 
  • Now, call your insurance provider and tell them about the accident. The executive you speak to will initiate a claim request on your behalf for the time being. The executive will also give you a list of network garages or the allotted one where you can take your car for repairs. 
  • Now that you are done with all the initial important steps, check if you can drive your car. If not, get it towed and sent to the allotted network garage using roadside accident services provided by your insurer. 
  • Once your car is safely at the garage, get ready to fill out the claim and submit an official request. You can either complete the submission process online or have to download the claim form and submit it offline. 
  • Online or offline, once you have the claim form, fill out the requisite information and collect the necessary documentation to attach with it.
  • You will need the registration documents of the car, your driving license and the police report primarily. Additionally, you can also use witness accounts of the accident, photographs, and your own record of the event. Your provider may also ask for the name of the third-party driver and the license plate number of the third-party vehicle. 
  • Attach all the documents with the claim form and submit them to the garage. If you are submitting your claim online, scan all the documents and then upload them on the online claim portal when prompted. 
  • Your Toyota Fortuner car insurance claim will be evaluated by an inspector from the insurance company present at the garage when you submit the request offline. Claims get evaluated internally when you submit them online. The approval is sent directly to the network garage.
  • The inspection officer present at the garage will examine your documents and the damages. The cost of the repairs will be estimated by a trained technician at the garage. The total to be borne by the insurance company and the part of the total expenses to be covered as deductibles will be then calculated. 
  • The repairs will begin when you have paid the deductible. The insurance company will cover the rest of the repair costs. 
  • You can pick up your car after repairs or have it delivered home if your insurance provider offers any such service. 

How to File Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance Claims for Theft?

  • If your Toyota Fortuner or any car accessories have been stolen, immediately call the police and file a report. 
  • Call your insurance provider as well and inform them about the theft. 
  • Theft claims work a little differently than accidental claims and may take a few months to get settled. 
  • Once you have filed an official police report, the search for the vehicle will begin. 
  • In the meantime, obtain the theft claim form from the provider and submit an official claim request. You will also need documents like registration documents of the car, your driving license and the police report. If the theft claim is for the accessories, submit an itemised list of the accessories. Only the accessories owned by the policyholder that are listed as stolen in the police report will be covered by the insurance plan. 
  • Once the report has been registered, the police will search for the stolen car and/or car accessories.
  • If the car and/or the accessories are not recovered, the police will categorise them as untraceable and give you an official document stating the same. 
  • The provider will begin your claim settlement process once you submit this document. 
  • The whole process can take a month or two. First, the eligibility of the claim will be examined. Then, the company will estimate the current market price of your car. After that, the settlement amount will be evaluated as per the coverage of your plan. The settlement will be paid once all these steps are completed.
  • If your car is recovered after the Toyota Fortuner car insurance claim settlement amount has already been paid, it becomes the property of the insurance company. 

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance Calculator


How to Renew Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance?

Renewing your Toyota Fortuner car insurance plan is a matter of minutes. You can apply for a renewal from both online and offline channels. Given below is a detailed description of the steps you need to follow for renewing your Toyota Fortuner car insurance policy.

Renewing Toyota Fortuner Insurance Online 

  • To renew your Toyota Fortuner car insurance online, visit either the provider website or your aggregator website. The steps are pretty much similar for both portals.
  • Go to the car insurance segment page and log in using your customer credentials. 
  • Locate the renewal button and click on it to get to the renewal form.
  • Start filling out the required details here. Choose your car’s IDV and choose the plan.
  • Add or remove any add-ons that you require and verify all the details once. 
  • If everything is in order, upload documents and make the final payment.
  • Your policy documents will be delivered via email to your registered email address and the coverage will begin immediately. 

Renewing Toyota Fortuner Insurance Offline 

Offline renewal of Toyota Fortuner insurance plans can be done for plans that have been bought offline. Simply visit one of the branch offices or connect with your insurance agent to start the renewal process. Submit a request by filling renewal form. Choose the plan you want to renew with and pay the premium. Your updated policy documents will be delivered in a few days by your agent or via a courier service. The coverage will begin once the renewal request has been processed and approved. 

Tips to Buy the Best Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance Plan

  • Evaluate Your Requirements: Before you even begin to start looking at Toyota Fortuner car insurance plans, sit back and analyse your requirements carefully. If you are running amok without knowing what you need, you may end up buying a plan that you do not really need for your car. For example, Toyota Fortuner is an SUV that can be taken off-road for adventure driving. If you intend to take your car for adventure driving, buying an off-road cover add-on will make sense. However, buying this add-on just because you have an SUV will not make much sense. Hence, consider your usage for the car and then make a list of insurance benefits you can actually utilise at some point. Then, buy the plan that matches your requirements the best.  
  • Draw Comparisons: The first step to make sure you buy nothing but the best available Toyota Fortuner car insurance plan is to compare all available options. Choose a top few contenders first from the different or same provider and then sit back to draw a detailed comparison. Comparing different available plans would not only let you understand all the different levels of coverage you can get but also help in navigating thorough variating benefits. This way, you will be able to choose the best possible plan for your Toyota Fortuner. 
  • Research the Provider: Finding and comparing plans is not the only important thing here. You also need to make sure that you have enough reliable information about your provider. Check the previously handled claims by the provider you are planning to choose. Find their claim settlement ratio for different kinds of car insurance claims. Check the level of transparency that you will get with this insurance provider. In short, satisfy every requirement and concern before you go ahead with the purchase. 
  • Buy Insurance Online: Purchasing your Toyota Fortuner car insurance plan online has its own list of benefits. From special discounts to easy renewals, instant coverage and no middlemen involvement, there is a lot you can look forward to if you buy your car insurance policy online. Choose a trustworthy partner like Policybazaar UAE for your purchase. Take advice from finance experts available at your service and enjoy additional discounts on your purchases. 
  • Read Policy Wordings: Policy wordings of car insurance plans contain important information related to not only the coverage of the plan but also all applicable terms and conditions. Always read the policy wordings of the plan you have chosen carefully. Make sure that you understand not only the inclusions but also the exclusions of the plan. Also pay special attention to conditional coverage, if any. Note down any red flags you come across. 
  • Read Customer Reviews: Reading reviews from existing or previous customers of the provider you are going to work with can help a lot in determining the service scope offered by them. Try and find reviews about the duration of claim settlement, the difficulty level of the process, how the customer support staff is and what is the premium inflation rate like. See if other customers have been satisfied with their services and products in general. 
  • Choose Add-Ons Carefully: Note that add-ons always cost an additional premium on top of the basic premium of your Toyota Fortuner car insurance plans. Some add-ons are extensive enough to cost almost as much as the plan itself. Examples of such expensive add-ons can be off-road driving covers and engine protection covers. So, make sure that you genuinely require these add-ons before finalising your purchase. Also, keep reconsidering your add-on choices over time. You can always remove or buy new add-ons when you renew your car insurance. 

Toyota Fortuner Car Insurance FAQs 

Q. Which type of car insurance plan will be best for my Toyota Fortuner?

Ans: The best type of car insurance plan for your Toyota Fortuner is a comprehensive car insurance plan. Since the repair cost of an SUV can be high, a comprehensive plan will help in covering them along with third-party liabilities. 

Q. Which factor determines the Toyota Fortuner third-party insurance price?

Ans: Toyota Fortuner third-party insurance price is determined as per the engine capacity of the car. 

Q. Do I get the privilege of No Claim Bonus with my Toyota Fortuner insurance plans?

Ans: Yes, you will get a chance to accumulate your no claim bonus with all comprehensive Toyota Fortuner insurance plans. No claim bonus is not available with third-party liability car insurance. 

Q. Can I transfer my no claim bonus I earned with my Toyota Fortuner car insurance plan to another car insurance plan?

Ans: Yes, no claim bonus benefit can be transferred to other car insurance plans you may own in the future. However, you cannot transfer it to other policyholders. No claim bonuses are linked to the policyholders and shall not be transferred to others.

Q. Can I have more than one car insurance policy for my Toyota Fortuner?

Ans: No, you can only have one car insurance plan for your Toyota Fortuner at a time. However, you are free to switch providers or plans at every renewal. 

Q. What are the main factors that can affect my Toyota Fortuner insurance price in Dubai?

Ans: Apart from the make, model, brand and manufacturing year of the car, factors like policyholder's age, driving record, named drivers’ driving record, geographical location, claim history and condition of the car may affect Toyota Fortuner insurance price. 

Q. Will my Toyota Fortuner insurance price increase if my car is not registered in Dubai?

Ans: If you are planning to buy a Dubai-based insurance plan for your Toyota Fortuner, your car must also be registered in Dubai. If not, the price may increase or the provider may not offer you a Dubai-based plan at all. Both the scenarios depend on the policies of the provider.

Q. Can I add other drivers to my Toyota Fortuner car insurance policy?

Ans: Yes, you can add other drivers of your car as named drivers in the insurance policy. This includes family members as well as paid drivers. 

Q. Are named paid drivers covered by my Toyota Fortuner car insurance plan?

Ans: Yes, as long as the driver is included as a named driver, they will be included in the coverage. 

Q. Can I file theft claims without a police report?

Ans: No, all car insurance claims whether theft or accidental, require submission of the official police report of the incident. Claims are not entertained if a police report has not been filed in time. 

Q. How long will my Toyota Fortuner insurance plan stay valid?

Ans: All car insurance plans in the UAE stay valid for 13 months. 12 out of these 13 months is the validity duration of the plan. The remaining 1 month is the grace period allowed to renew your plan. Coverage stays active during the grace period as well. 

Q. What is the cost of Toyota Fortuner insurance per year?

Ans: The basic Toyota Fortuner insurance price in the UAE can range between AED 3,434 and AED 4,400. The said price may increase further as per the variating factors that influence car insurance premiums.

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