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Toyota Hiace, a 14-seater, single G-trim model car, comes with a protruding bonnet that helps the engines fit perfectly. This car is notably easier to drive and park in urban areas, with the turning radius significantly reduced in this sixth-generation model. The other features of the new Toyota Hiace 2022 include improved body rigidity and wider front quarter glass, with the latter proving beneficial for enhanced visibility. This car makes for an excellent option for large families or groups, with its large dimensions ensuring comfortable accommodation of up to 17 passengers while its foldable seats provide extra storage space.

The car offers two body types, i.e., Normal with Standard Roof and Longer with Higher Roof. You can also find options with respect to the engine of the car- a 3.5 L V6 Petrol engine or a 2.8 L, 4-engine turbo diesel motor. The common factor across all the models and variants, though, is the requirement for Toyota Hiace Insurance. With an easily affordable plan, you can at least secure financial aid if your vehicle is damaged.

Amidst a vast number of options that may confuse the buyers , here is a brief description of all the features and benefits of Toyota Hiace Insurance in UAE.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Toyota Rush EX 1.5L, 2020 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Toyota Rush EX 1.5L, 2020 model.

Features of Toyota Hiace Car Insurance

Having car insurance is mandated in the UAE, with a third-party liability one being required in the least. However, apart from that, if you are wondering what features you will be offered when you opt for comprehensive Toyota Hiace Car insurance, the list of all key aspects is given as follows:

  1. Cashless Benefits
    Toyota Insurance in UAE helps its policyholders receive quality service at network garages and get their vehicles repaired in no time without having concerns regarding the availability of cash.
  2. Overnight Car Repair Services
    Toyota Hiace insurance offers overnight car repair services to its policyholders along with doorstep pickup, repairing, and doorstep delivery.
  3. Lower Insurance Rates
    Toyota offers reasonable and attractive insurance rates on its policies so that you don’t feel burdened with the premium payoffs.
  4. Easy Claim Settlement
    Registering a claim is easy with Toyota insurance. All you need to do is make a claim providing supporting documents to the company, with the company settling the claim once it is done confirming the report. This feature is helpful when you face an emergency related to your car, with a less strenuous claim process diminishing your emergency-related stress.
  5. Add-ons
    Toyota Hiace Insurance offers various useful add-on covers to enhance the basic policy. Zero depreciation cover, No Claim Bonus Cover, Emergency Assistance Cover, Off-Road cover, and more are some examples of the add-ons.
  6. Full-time Assistance
    Most companies providing Toyota Hiace Insurance in UAE offer a 24x7 dedicated customer care service. You can contact it and get clarity for any query you have at any instant.
  7. Hassle-Free Renewal Process
    If you avail of a Toyota Hiace Insurance plan in the UAE, you will have a seamless policy renewal experience. The complete renewal process can be done by contacting your respective customer care service or by visiting the official website of your insurance vendor.

Types of Toyota Hiace Car Insurance Plans

Insurance companies offer two types of Toyota Hiace Car Insurance plans, between which you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirements the best.

  • Third-party Car Insurance
    Third-party car insurance provides for the damage or loss caused to any third-party vehicle by the insured vehicle. The point to remember here is that third-party car insurance does not provide any cover for the insured vehicle against damage or theft.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
    If you want financial cover for your vehicle as well, you can go for comprehensive car insurance which offers coverage for the loss or damage of both the third-party vehicle and the insured vehicle. Moreover, comprehensive plans also provide coverage for theft and damage caused due to any natural calamity. On top of the plan, if you wish to enhance the cover, you can do so with the addition of add-on covers.

Toyota Hiace Car Insurance Price

A large number of companies offer Toyota Hiace car insurance but the price of the policy plan varies as per the policy and the chosen company. The price variations are associated with variations in offered features and benefits as well.

As a general rule, a comprehensive car insurance policy is priced slightly higher as it offers financial protection against damages and theft to both the third-party vehicle and the self-insured vehicle. Similarly, if you select any add-ons for the policy or go for higher Toyota Hiace price models, the premium will increase. 

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You can utilise the Toyota Hiace car insurance calculator to get an idea of the premium payable.

Toyota Hiace Car Insurance Policy Inclusions

The major covers against specific situations generally included in Toyota Hiace Car Insurance are listed below.

  • Third-party Cover

You can get coverage for any damage to the third party or their belongings due to your fault. The UAE has a requirement that every driver should have third-party liability cover. Comprehensive plans do include such a cover besides securing your own vehicle, which leads to proper law adherence and assurance of financial aid.

  • Comprehensive Damage Cover

Toyota Hiace insurance gives you complete coverage for any damage inflicted on your car due to natural hazards, man-made destructions, fire, and more. With the provided compensation, you can easily repair or replace your car without much hassle.

  • Personal Cover

Besides providing cover for your car, several plans concerning Toyota Hiace Insurance in UAE also have cover for the driver in case they get injured in a car accident.

Toyota Hiace Car Insurance Policy Exclusions

While most scenarios and situations are covered by car insurance, a few exclusions still apply. They are as follows -

  • No coverage will be provided for damage if you were driving under the effects of drug or alcohol
  • Damage caused due to war in the country
  • If the driver is found to be driving without a valid driving license
  • Damage due to overuse of the car
  • Damage occurred when engaged in illegal acts
  • Damage due to negligence of the driver is also not covered in the car insurance

Toyota Hiace Car Insurance Add-ons

Add-ons are optional covers. You can either add them to your comprehensive cover or even skip them altogether if not required. Here is the list of Toyota Hiace Insurance add-ons that you can have for your car:

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Vehicle replacement cover
  • Engine protection cover 
  • Flat tyre assistance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Oman extension
  • Natural Calamity Cover

Eligibility Criteria for Toyota Hiace Insurance

Toyota Hiace Car Insurance has a limited set of eligibility requirements that is simple to meet. You simply have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be a resident of the UAE
  • You can apply for the car insurance if your age is between 25 to 55 years
  • You must be holding a valid driving license for at least 2 years

Documents Needed for Toyota Hiace Car Insurance

The application process for Toyota Hiace Car Insurance does not require dozens of documents, with the few ones needed to apply being:

  • Passport and visa page copy for expatriates
  • Emirates ID for nationals 
  • Vehicle registration papers
  • Valid driving license 
  • Documents stating your permanent address and age 

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Filing Claim for Toyota Hiace Car Insurance

In case your Toyota Hiace meets with an accident or theft, you will need to raise a Toyota Hiace car insurance claim with the company to get the financial support that will be required for repairing the damages or for replacement. To avail of the claim benefits, you can file the claim by following certain steps as follows:

  • Accident

In the occurrence of an accident, first, you need to call the police and inform them about the situation and call the ambulance as well if any of the involved parties are injured. Next, collect evidence by taking some pictures of the accident scene. Finally, you will have to collect the accident report from the police before filing a claim. After this last step, here is what you can do next:

  1. Call your Toyota Hiace car insurance provider and inform them about the accident. 
  2. Request the insurance provider for towing assistance if the car is damaged badly and cannot be moved to the nearest network garage.
  3. Complete the required paperwork at the garage by providing all the car documents, driving licence, and any other ones asked.
  4. All the documents and the claims will be evaluated by the insurance provider. Based on the report, the insurance company will inform you of an estimated repair cost. 
  5. Except for the deductibles, all other costs will be incurred by the insurance company.
  • Theft

To raise a claim for theft, it is necessary to have a comprehensive insurance policy. The first step is similar to the accident claim, as you will need to report to the police the theft and collect the report from them. The next step would involve contacting the insurance company about the theft and filing a claim. Besides the car, you can also make a claim for the lost items from the car. However, it may take longer to settle the claim. 

The steps of raising a claim against theft are as follows

  1. File a claim with the insurance company for the theft of your Toyota Hiace.
  2. Submit the police report and any other car or personal documents as per the company’s request.
  3. If you raise a claim for the stolen items in the car, make sure that you submit a list of the stolen belongings and any available proof as well.
  4. The police will issue a letter if they fail to trace your car or the stolen belongings. 
  5. You will need to submit this letter to the insurance company to start the procedure of claim settlement.
  6. The company will further evaluate the cost of the lost items and inform you regarding the same. The evaluated amount will be provided to you as the claim settlement amount.

Toyota Hiace Car Insurance Renewal

  • Online
  • Visit your insurance provider’s website and locate the ‘policy renewal’ segment there. 
  • Enter a few personal details like your policy number or any other requested ones there.
  • Along with this, you might be asked to upload the scanned copies of the following documents:
    • Emirates ID
    • Passport 
    • Age and address proof documents
    • Vehicle registration document
    • Driving license 
    • No claim bonus credential (If applicable)
  • Renew the policy by submitting the form and paying the premium
  • Offline

If you wish to renew it offline, get in touch with the office of the company from which you had bought the car insurance. The overall process is simple and similar to online renewal. The company personnel will ask you to fill out a form for policy renewal. Fill in the details and submit the form along with the copies of the necessary documents. Make the payment with the form submission and have your car insurance renewed quickly.

Note: Carry all the required documents to the company office if you opt for the offline mode as it can save you from repeated visits to the insurance provider’s branch.

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Tips to Buy the Best Toyota Hiace Car Insurance

While purchasing an insurance policy for Toyota Hiace Car, look for a few more details besides just the features, premiums, and benefits of the policy to make an informed decision. The details that you must consider are as follows –

  • A Plan That Meets Your Needs

With the two types of Toyota Hiace insurance policies available (third-party and comprehensive), one has to make a choice as per their requirements. While the third-party policy is a pocket-friendly option, a comprehensive policy comes with more benefits.
If you rarely take out your car, having third-party insurance would be reasonable. However, if you have to drive your car daily, opting for a comprehensive car insurance policy would prove beneficial. 

  • Coverage Limit

You should look for the inclusions and exclusions offered by your insurance policy and opt for a plan that provides maximum benefits at affordable prices. Similarly, you should examine the maximum coverage amount and select a plan with optimum maximum coverage amount, as going in the lower or upper excess can drain your finances without providing meaningful assistance for your Toyota Hiace.

  • Evaluate the Price of Your Car

The evaluation of your car by an expert is necessary to have a proper estimate of your car price as well as quote the right insurance estimate. 

  • Check for the Add-ons

Add-ons increase the coverage of your basic insurance policy at minimal added fees. If you wish to avail of such benefits, you can get the add-ons integrated into your plan without requiring you to take a new plan with more coverage options. However, you should skip add-ons if there is no requirement for them to save your funds. 

  • Compare and Contrast Policies
    Before finalising one policy, compare different insurance policies by different insurance companies. This move can save a few Dirhams and also help you find the ideal policy for your car.
  • Recheck the Terms and Conditions
    Terms and conditions are recommended to be thoroughly read before signing and paying for any Toyota Hiace insurance plan. Skipping this section may cost you later as you may not be fully aware of the policy terms. 

How to Buy Toyota Hiace Car Insurance in the UAE?

If you are looking for online means to buy your Toyota Hiace car insurance, Policybazaar UAE is here to help you do that and much more. Let's quickly go through the steps to buy a car insurance plan with us:

  • Go to 
  • Visit the car insurance section and fill in a few details to get an array of car insurance quotes for your car.
  • Compare the benefits of the different insurance quotes.
  • To have an estimate about the payable premium amount, enter vehicle details like the age of the car, previous claim details, and your personal details.
  • Once you find any car insurance policy of your liking, you can fill out the application form for it and submit the required documents. After paying the required premium, you can have your policy begin online right there. 

You can also visit the website of your select provider or visit the company’s office if you want to buy Toyota Hiace insurance offline. Fill out the application form and submit some documents for verification. At last, you will have to pay the first premium and have your car insurance activated quickly.

To find some more details regarding Toyota Hiace Insurance in UAE, you can view what people are asking related to the insurance plans in the section below.

More to Know

Q1. Does the Toyota Hiace price affect the insurance premium that has to be paid? 

Ans: Yes, when deciding the insurance premium, Toyota Hiace price is among the major factors taken into consideration. Generally, a higher premium has to be paid if the value of the car is higher.

Q2. What is the total capacity of the fuel tank of Toyota Hiace?

Ans: The total capacity of the fuel tank of Toyota Hiace is 70 litres.

Q3. How can I get the best car insurance policy for my Toyota Hiace?

Ans: To select the best car insurance for your car, you can visit On the website, you can explore the car insurance section to browse through various car insurance plans offered by the leading car insurance companies in the UAE. You can then easily make a well-informed choice by comparing the plans on all key parameters.

Q4. In order to safeguard it completely, can I purchase more than one Toyota Hiace car Insurance plan?

Ans: No, one vehicle can have only one insurance policy. However, if you want to increase the extent of your coverage, you can opt for comprehensive insurance or include add-ons in your policy.

Q5. Is a police complaint necessary to make a theft claim for my Toyota Hiace?

Ans: Yes, it is necessary to make a police complaint about the car theft and submit the report to the insurance company. If the police fail to trace your car, you will be paid out the car value gauged by the company.

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