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An iconic SUV from Toyota Company, the Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV model, exceptionally well-known for its reliable performance. Known as one of the biggest SUVs ever produced under the Toyota brand, this model has become a consumer favourite given the popularity of adventure driving in the UAE. The cars are renowned for their spacious cabin, cargo space, powerful off-road performance, soundless drive, technically-advanced integration, and safety.

This article discusses Toyota sequoia car insurance plans offered by the top UAE insurance companies, as well as some significant specifications and features of the vehicle. Check out the article to learn more about Toyota Sequoia insurance.

Toyota Sequoia Car Insurance Quotes

Platinum 5.7L

Features of Toyota Sequoia

Mentioned below are some of the most striking features of the Toyota Sequoia. We have traced the features of the car over three different generations to give you a better understanding of the evolution that this car went through. Let’s cover the features:

First Generation Toyota Sequoia

Safety Features

Exterior Features

Interior Features

Air-bag frontal for driver and passengers

A truck-like grille enhanced by a silver chrome slat in the middle

Room for eight people on three-seat rows


Full-size roof rails

Luxurious cabin

Traction control

Featured fixed side steps

Leather-clad interior

Fog lamps

The rear doors feature a raked-forward C-pillar, followed by a glass panel and blackened D-pillars, creating an illusion glass back and floating roof.

Mounted ceiling for passengers

Side-impact safety with door beams

The sunroof on the top trim level

3-point seat belts for all seats including front seat


Second Generation Toyota Sequoia

Safety features

Exterior Features

Interior Features

Vehicle stability control

Retractable side view mirrors with and auto-dimming

Seating for up to eight members

Anti-lock braking system

Built-in turn signal lamps

Luxury off-road skilfulness

Traction control

Platinum grade mirrors

Comfort and room in all three seating rows

Smart stop technology

Reverse-linked tilt functions

Rear view camera for proper parking assistance

Brake assist

Wide-opening rear doors

Driver-selectable settings for Comfort, Normal, and Sport driving modes

Electronic brake force distribution

Child seat installation

6.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen display

Pre-collision warning system with pedestrian detection

Extra-large bottle or cup holders

Independent rear suspension

Third-Generation Toyota Sequoia

Safety features

Exterior Features

Interior Features

Active traction control

Aluminium exterior protecting the vehicle's underbelly

Free phone controls

Direct tire pressure monitoring system

Enlarged wheel fenders And quarter panels

Optitron gauges

Engine immobiliser with alarm

14-inch touch screen on the upper side of the centre stack

Seating capacity for 8 people including the driver

Tri-zone automatic climate control with separate rear-seat controls

A hybrid system that sends power to the rear wheels

Perforated leather seats

LED headlights with daytime running and fog lights

Specifications of Toyota Sequoia

First Generation Toyota Sequoia Specifications

Start of production


End of production


Body Type


Modification engine

4.7 V8 32V (243 Hp)/

5.7i V8 32V (381 Hp) AWD


Sequoia I

Seats and doors


Fuel type

Petrol (Gasoline)

Maximum speed


Fuel Consumption

Urban- 23 litre/100km

Extra Urban- 13.3 litre/100km

Second Generation Toyota Sequoia Specifications

Start of production


End of production


Body Type


Modification engine

5.7L V8 (381 Hp) 4WD/

4.6 V8 VVT-i (310 Hp) ECT-i


Sequoia II

Seats and doors

Seven seats and five doors

Fuel type

Petrol (Gasoline)


0-100km/h in 6.70 seconds

Fuel Consumption

Urban- 18.1 litre/100km

Combined- 13.1 litre/100km

Third Generation Toyota Sequoia specifications

Variants available

Sequoia III (XK80)

Start of production

June 2022

End of production


Modification engine

3.5 V6 i-FORCE MAX (437 Hp) Hybrid 4WD ECT-i/ 3.5 V6 i-FORCE MAX (437 Hp) Hybrid ECT-i

Seats and doors

7-8 chairs and five doors

Fuel type

Petrol (Gasoline)

Engine oil capacity


Coolant capacity


Engine aspiration


Number of cylinders

6, V-cylinders

Fuel system

Direct injection / Multi-point indirect injection

insurer your car

Top Toyota Sequoia Car Insurance Plans in UAE

There is two primary car insurance available in the UAE- comprehensive and third-party liability.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans - In a comprehensive Toyota Sequoia car insurance plan, the insured party is protected against both own damages and third-party liabilities. As a result, the comprehensive policy covers the damages incurred by own car and another party involved in an accident where you, the policyholder, were at fault. Apart from the injuries and damages, the benefits of a comprehensive policy extend to situations such as:

  • Fire and theft
  • Natural disasters
  • Civil disturbances
  • Fallen objects
  • Vandalism

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance Plans - Every car owner must at least have a third-party insurance policy, as mandated by UAE road and traffic authorities. It protects the insured against damage incurred by a third party's vehicle, personal property, and bodily injury in an accident where the insured person is at fault. There is no coverage provided to the insured’s own vehicle under this type of Toyota Sequoia insurance policy.

Top 5 Toyota Sequoia Insurance Plan in the UAE

Given below are the top 5 Toyota Sequoia insurance plans available in the UAE:


Plan Name

Third-Party Liability Coverage

New India Assurance

Comprehensive (Garage)

AED 2 million

Salama Insurance

Comprehensive (Garage)

AED 3.5 million

Alliance Insurance

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 2 million

Aman Insurance

Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

AED 2 million


Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

AED 2 million

Inclusions of Toyota Sequoia Insurance Policy

Some significant inclusions of Toyota Sequoia insurance policies are as follows-

Toyota Sequoia Comprehensive Car Insurance Inclusions

Toyota Sequoia Third-Party Car Insurance Inclusions

Vehicular damages cover for insured’s vehicle and third-party vehicle

Third-party damages up to the specific limit

Bodily injuries incurred by third-party people and the policyholder

Ambulance service cover

Windscreen damage cover

Personal accident cover

Ambulance service cover

Fire and theft cover

Natural perils cover

Lock replacement benefit

New car replacement for brand new vehicles

Damages caused due to valet parking

Off-road cover

Child car seat replacement

Car registration service

Agency repairs

insurer your car

Exclusions of Toyota Sequoia Car Insurance Policy

Some significant exclusions of Toyota Sequoia insurance policy are given below:

Toyota Sequoia Comprehensive Car Insurance Exclusions

Toyota Sequoia Third-Party Car Insurance Exclusions

International driving license discount

Damages and losses of insured’s vehicle

Involuntary loss of employment insurance

Bodily injuries or death of an insured

Airport pick-up and drop-up service

Consequential damages caused due to previously unrepaired damages

Voluntary neglect of the owner leading to damages

Natural wear and tear of the car

Damages caused when using a personal car for commercial purposes and vice versa.

Damages caused when driving under the influence of intoxicating substances


Damages caused when involved in an illegal activity


Add-Ons for Comprehensive Toyota Sequoia Insurance Plans

  • Natural calamity cover
  • Personal accident cover for drivers and passengers
  • Roadside accident cover that includes:
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Battery service
  • Off-road recovery
  • Towing service
  • Fuel delivery service
  • Flat tyre service
  • Lockout service
  • Off-road cover for 4x4 cars
  • Oman extension

How to Renew Toyota Sequoia Car Insurance?

In UAE, car owners are supposed to renew their car insurance policy every twelve months. One-month-long grace period is offered for renewal on account of the lapse in car insurance renewal over the years noticed by the transport authorities of the UAE. This grace period allows the car owner to renew car insurance without incurring fines.

You can easily renew your plan using the official website of Log in using your user credentials and open your profile. Locate the plan that you wish to renew and begin the process. Choose the plan you wish to renew with from the available relevant Toyota Sequoia insurance plans. You may also continue with your old plan if you wish to do so. Get the add-ons you like and upload the renewal documents. Pay the premium and finish the process.

If you are a new customer on our website, head to the official car insurance page and fill out the lead form available. Make sure that you provide all the correct information about your Toyota Sequoia to get properly curated plans. Choose the plan you like the best after comparison and fill out the application form. Upload the required documents and pay the premium to seal the deal.

You may also be able to renew your Toyota Sequoia insurance from the website of your new provider or the website of the new provider you wish to go with this year. You also have the option to renew your plans offline at one of the branch offices of your chosen provider.

Details Required for Renewing Toyota Sequoia Car Insurance

  1. Personal information of the applicant
  2. Make, model and variant of car
  3. Registration card of the vehicle (Mulkiya)
  4. Policy number of previous insurance
  5. Inspection certificate of the car, if required by the insurer
  6. No Claim Bonus certificate, if applicable

How to Claim Insurance for Toyota Sequoia?

Filing a claim against your Toyota Sequoia insurance is not just about filling out the claim form. There is a series of important steps to be followed for successful claim submission. The applicant has to submit the duly signed claim form, attach the required documents provide evidence to the insurance provider and more.

The complete procedure for submitting a claim against Toyota Sequoia insurance is as follows:

  1. Notify the police and the insurance provider of the accident. Also, prepare and provide the timeline of events to fast-track the claim procedure.
  2. Register an official complaint with the police and get a copy of the report for your claim submission process.
  3. Initiate the claim with the insurance provider and get a claim form from the official website of the provider.
  4. Fill out the form and provide all the required documents.
  5. The insurance company will provide a list of authorised agencies and network garages where the repairs can be carried out.
  6. Visit an agency or a network garage from the list approved by your vehicle.
  7. The supervisor of the agency will give an expense report for the damage repair for your car to the company.
  8. The vehicle's repairs can be processed without delay once approval is given.
  9. Pay the deductible amount (if applicable), and the insurance company will pay the rest of the coverage amount due for repairs.

How to Buy Toyota Sequoia Car Insurance?

The easiest way to purchase your Toyota Sequoia insurance is via the official platform of A customer-centric organisation, we strive to make the best insurance policies easily available to everyone in a few clicks only. You can easily find quotes from the top insurance companies at the most reasonable rates. You can easily compare the relevant plans for your Toyota Sequoia to choose the one that aligns with your insurance requirements and budget the best.

Following are some reasons why you should purchase Toyota Sequoia car insurance from the policy

  • Accurate Price Quotes- You get accurate car insurance quotes at affordable rates ideally curated for your Toyota Sequoia perfectly.
  • Elimination of Agent- Since you have direct access to all suitable insurance plans available in the UAE market, there is no need for an agent. You can directly buy the policy from the website and get immediate coverage.
  • Prompt Customer Support- Our customer support is available 24x7 to assist the customers. In case of any queries related to your car insurance policy, you can reach out to us at 042472904 or write at
  • Consultation with Financial Experts- If you face difficulties in comprehending car insurance jargon or need help with making effective financial decisions, you can get a consultation from our in-house insurance experts.
  • Transparency- Everything from policy inclusions to exclusions and terms of the plan is properly available for the customers to examine before purchasing the plan.

Given below are a few frequently asked questions about Toyota Sequoia insurance in the UAE. Keep on reading to know more.


Q1. What are the things to avoid while submitting a Toyota Sequoia car insurance claim?

Ans: Following is the list of things to avoid while submitting a claim against Toyota Sequoia insurance:

  • Don't drive away from the place of the accident.
  • Before initiating the claim, assess the inclusions and exclusions of your car insurance policy to avoid rejection or denials.
  • Avoid making false allegations.
  • Consult or read the policy terms before settling the claim.

Q2. What documents are required to buy Toyota Sequoia car insurance?

Ans: The documents required to purchase a Toyota Sequoia car insurance policy are:

  • Valid UAE driving license
  • Registration card or Mulkiya of the vehicle
  • Previous insurance claim copies, if any
  • No claim bonus certificate, if applicable
  • RTA certificate of transfer (for second-hand cars)
  • Emirates ID, Passport and Visa for identification purposes

Q3. Which factors affect the Toyota Sequoia car insurance premiums?

Ans: Toyota Sequoia car insurance premiums are highly affected by the customer's profile and vehicle details. Furthermore, it also depends on the plans you choose. The comprehensiveness of your plan will also impact the price.

Q4. When should we renew Toyota Sequoia car insurance?

Ans: In UAE, car insurance is valid for twelve months. One month grace period is given to every policyholder for seamless insurance renewals. Thus, Toyota Sequoia car insurance must be renewed every thirteen months before the grace period ends.

Q5. When to buy Toyota Sequoia third-party car insurance?

Ans: Third-party liabilities insurance covers the damages and injuries caused to the third-party vehicle and people in an accident where the policyholder is at fault. You may find it suitable to get a third-party-only insurance plan if your car is quite old and does not require comprehensive coverage anymore.

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