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This 7-seater minivan offered by Toyota is among the models most preferred by buyers. While equipped with several features, a durable body and comfortable seats have been key factors in driving up the popularity of Toyota Previa. Ideal for a large family, this model of Toyota was first launched in 1990 with 4 cylinders, a 55-litre fuel tank, and manual transmission.

With such features and technicalities, driving this car is an excellent experience for most customers in the UAE and across the world. To continue having such an experience without any stress regarding finances in case the car faces major damage, one can always equip themselves with Toyota Previa Insurance.

Given below are the key aspects related to Toyota Previa Insurance in UAE related to features, benefits, eligibility conditions, and more.

*Above mentioned prices are for Toyota Previa S 2.4L, 2020 model.

Features of Toyota Previa Car Insurance

Numerous features are offered under Toyota Previa insurance, with some of the most fundamental ones being –

  • Cashless Payments at Garages

Most companies providing Toyota Previa insurance in UAE maintain a network of garages. At these garages, you need not pay in cash to get your repairs done. The insurance provider will settle the deal with the garage without involving you, thus allowing you to go cashless in the truest sense. 

  • Overnight Services for Car Repair

If you have an urgent car repair requirement even in the night, the leading Toyota Previa car insurance providers will be right by your side. They can pick up your vehicle at your doorstep, get it repaired, and drop it back at your place. 

  • Affordable Interest

The interest rates for the Toyota Previa car insurance are easy to deal with, as most providers offer insurance plans at affordable interest rates. This allows you to financially secure your car without feeling the financial burden. 

  • Add-Ons for More Coverage

Apart from the basic features offered by a car insurance policy for Toyota Previa, you can purchase add-ons if you wish to further enhance the coverage. The add-ons slightly increase your premium but provide wider coverage for your Toyota Previa. 

  • Assistance Around the Clock

With the insurance companies providing 24x7 assistance to solve your queries anytime, you can always connect with them to avail of the required services related to your Toyota car.

  • Renew in a Few Steps

Renewing a policy is essential to keep your vehicle secured. However, with most policies in the UAE being valid for one year, you will have to renew them every year before expiry. With easy-to-access websites of the top insurance providers, you can easily renew your policy. It is recommended to verify whether no claim bonus will be applicable to avail of any discounts and rewards.

  • Raise a Claim in a Few Steps

With claiming becoming quite simple, you can easily raise a claim to obtain the insurance benefits in case of any mishap via both online and offline methods.

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Types of Car Insurance Plans

Two types of car insurance are available for Toyota Previa, and you must assess your needs properly to choose the right one.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance for Toyota Previa will cover all the insurance needs of your vehicle. Besides the third-party cover, it also provides cover for damage to your vehicle. For more details, you can refer to the inclusions and exclusions of the insurance documents.

Third-Party Car Insurance

A third-party insurance plan, the most basic type of car insurance, covers the losses brought to the third-party person or property by you. In an accident, if there is any damage to the third party, the insurance provider covers the loss for them. It should be noted that it is mandatory for all the vehicles in the UAE to have at least a third-party liability car insurance and that such an insurance plan doesn’t provide cover to the policyholder or their vehicle.

Toyota Previa Car Insurance Price

Several companies offer car insurance in the UAE. However, although the basic features and cover remain similar among most leading insurance providers, the plan price may differ. Various reasons impact the price of the car insurance for Toyota Previa, with the list of affecting factors including the age of the owner, geographical location, the Toyota Previa price model, age of the car, and so on. 

Apart from this, the features offered by the company and the add-ons that you purchase (if any) also affect the price. If calculating the price of the plan with multiple variables appears tedious, you can use the Toyota Previa car insurance calculator to enter all the above-mentioned details and calculate the payable premium before finalising your deal. 

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Toyota Previa Car Insurance Policy Inclusions

As discussed previously, comprehensive coverage includes all the necessary features you need in a car insurance policy. For easy remembrance, you can check out the list of general Toyota Previa Car Insurance inclusions below:

  • Any damage to the car due to an accident by crashing into another vehicle or object 
  • Any kind of damage due to natural calamities
  • Damage due to destruction like riots and terrorist attacks
  • Damage and loss due to fire and explosion
  • Loss of car due to theft 
  • Damage and loss to the third party due to your driving 
  • Personal accident insurance coverage for the driver

Toyota Previa Car Insurance Policy Exclusion

Before you make the payment, it is vital to understand the exclusions. In cases mentioned under the exclusions category for Toyota Previa insurance, you cannot expect financial assistance. Some of the major exclusions are –

  • Damage caused due to drunk driving 
  • Damage caused while driving without a valid driving license
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown of the vehicle
  • Damage caused due to oil leakage in the vehicle
  • Cost of petrol, nuts, and bolts
  • Damaging the car while indulging in illegal or fraudulent activities
  • Damaging the car intentionally
  • Vehicle's deterioration

Toyota Previa Car Insurance Add-ons

While a comprehensive car insurance policy covers most situations, you can always enhance the coverage with add-ons or riders for additional protection. The list below includes the major Toyota Hiace insurance add-ons that you can choose from:

  • Around-the-clock emergency assistance 
  • Geographical extensive cover
  • Flat tyre cover
  • No claim bonus cover
  • Consumable cover
  • Key loss cover
  • Engine protection cover 
  • No depreciation cover


Eligibility Criteria for Toyota Previa Car Insurance

If you want to apply for Toyota Previa Insurance in UAE, you can take a note of the eligibility criteria as illustrated below:

  • The insurance seeker should have a driving license that has been in effect for at least two years
  • The applicant must be at least 25 years old and 55 years old at most
  • Residents outside the UAE are not eligible for car insurance

Documents to Keep for Toyota Previa Car Insurance

Document verification is a crucial step in any car insurance application process. Given below are the major documents you will need to submit along with your Toyota Previa Insurance application:

  • A copy of the driving license
  • A copy of vehicle registration papers
  • Document for address proof
  • Documents for age proof
  • Emirates ID
  • Copy of Passport with Visa page

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How to File Claim for Toyota Previa Car Insurance?

Toyota Previa car insurance provides you with all the needed covers you may require at a certain instance. However, to avail of the benefits, you must first successfully raise a claim. Here is the process of filing a claim in case of any mishap. 

  • Accident Claim File

Before beginning the process, it is essential to note that accident claims for own vehicle damage can only be filed if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy. However, in case it's a third-party loss, you can file it with both comprehensive and third-party car insurance plans. 

With that clear, here is the process for filing an accident claim -

  1. The first step is to call an ambulance if any involved party requires medical assistance and if you are in the condition to do so.
  2. Call the police to file a report and obtain a copy of it.
  3. Make a call to your insurance provider and ask for towing assistance if required to take the vehicles to the garage.
  4. Provide the details of your car and the third party as well as any other details requested by the insurance provider.
  5. The insurance provider will evaluate the vehicle condition, gauge the incurred loss, and inform you about the same.
  6. Once you pay the deductibles as mentioned in the policy terms, the insurance provider will transfer the remaining amount to have the repair process initiated. Once the repair work is completed, you will be handed over the vehicle.
  • Theft Claim File

With the theft of your vehicle coming under the category of own loss, a theft claim can only be filed if you have comprehensive car insurance for your Toyota Previa. If you have such a plan and have your car stolen, here is how you can file the claim –

  1. File a police complaint as soon as you realise the theft. 
  2. If you have also lost some precious belongings in the car, make a list of them and submit it to the police.
  3. Raise a claim at your insurance provider's official website or the office.
  4. A few documents will be requested by the insurance provider like car documents, driving license, a copy of the police report, and so on. Submit all of them promptly to have the process progress further.
  5. If the police fail to find your vehicle, they will issue a letter to you mentioning the same.
  6. In such a case, the insurance provider will evaluate your vehicle and the belongings lost with it and brief you about the estimated loss.
  7. The estimated amount will be disbursed to your account.

Toyota Previa Car Insurance Renewal

The renewal of your Toyota Previa insurance plan can easily be accomplished online and offline in the following ways:


It is essential to renew your car insurance before expiry to ensure uninterrupted coverage as well as the benefits provided only to loyal customers. Simply follow the steps below to have your car insurance plan renewed in a snap.

  • Log in to your account on the official website of your insurance provider and find the policy renewal section.

  • Fill in the details as requested by the provider such as your policy number, date of birth, phone number, and other details. 
  • Upload the required scanned copies of documents like passport and visa, vehicle registration documents, address proof, age proof, and driving license as per the provider’s discretion.
  • This is also the time when you can add new add-ons of your choice. As most insurance firms don’t allow the addition of add-ons during the tenure, you should especially have your preferred add-ons added to your plan at this moment. 
  • Submit the application form and the requested documents and make the payment to complete the renewal.


  • Visiting the nearest branch of your insurance provider. 
  • Obtain the application form for renewal from the company personnel.
  • Fill it out and submit it along with the documents directed by the provider.
  • Pay the first premium to have your policy renewed and functioning.

Suggestions to Buy the Best Toyota Previa Insurance

For Toyota Previa owners, here are some pro-tips for you to get your hands on the right Toyota Previa insurance in UAE. 

  • Evaluation is Mandatory

Only after your vehicle is properly evaluated can you expect a fair value for your car. Thus, it is crucial to get your car evaluated with the correct process. 

  • A Plan That's Actually Needed

With several plans across different categories to choose from, you must retain focus on your priorities and go with the one that you need. Instead of selecting the more attractive one, you should go for a plan that is adequate for your car usage. 

For instance, if you are a regular driver, your vehicle will be more prone to damage compared to vehicles rarely brought out on the road. In this case, a comprehensive car insurance plan, while costlier, will be more beneficial than a simple third-party one.

  • Required Coverage

An insurance plan that offers wider coverage will also provide more benefits. At the same time, if you have a plan with the majority of inclusions being irrelevant for your purposes, you will end up paying more without reaping any better benefits. Before you decide on a plan, draw a list of your requirements and check all the inclusions and exclusions in the plan. 

  • Add-ons

Add-ons are plan enhancers that can help you strengthen the existing Toyota Previa car insurance plan. With a slightly extra premium, you can secure wider coverage for your vehicle. However, you can purchase add-ons for most insurance plans only at the time of buying or renewing them. Consequently, it is recommended to take time and analyse your requirements before adding or removing add-ons from your plan.

  • Comparison Makes the Difference

Without comparing a few plans, it is immensely difficult to get the best one. This is the most significant benefit of buying insurance plans with, as you can easily compare numerous plans on a single online platform and understand which one suits you the best. 

How to Buy Toyota Previa Insurance in UAE?

Toyota Previa car insurance is quite easy to purchase. Here's how you can buy Toyota Previa insurance in UAE quickly –

Online Method for Purchasing Toyota Previa Insurance

  1. At, check out the ‘car insurance’ section and enter the details as asked like your car's registration year, make and model, fuel type, etc. 
  2. You will now be directed to the available options according to the provided details. Compare the best car insurance plans in the UAE for your Toyota Previa.
  3. If you wish to purchase add-ons, choose from the available options. 
  4. Once you select a particular plan, you can fill out the relevant form for it and submit it along with any specified documents like a driving licence, vehicle registration form, and so on.
  5. Read the final document and make the payment.

Note: A similar process can be done on the website of an insurance provider of your choice. 

Offline Method for Purchasing Toyota Previa Insurance

  1. For the offline method, you need to visit the office of your preferred insurance provider.
  2. To shortlist the best one for you, you can compare the car insurance plans online and then finalise the one you wish to purchase. Alternatively, you can enquire about all the plans at the branch with an executive. 
  3. Obtain the insurance form from the executive. Fill out the form and submit it along with the required documents. 
  4. Complete the payment to conclude the process.

Before you go out to secure your car with a Toyota Previa insurance plan, you can have a glimpse at some common queries related to Toyota Previa and the associated car insurance in UAE.

What People Are Asking?

Q1. My Toyota Previa has been discontinued; do I still need to insure it?

Ans: It is mandatory for all the vehicles in UAE to have a minimum of third-party car insurance. Even if your Toyota Previa is old to the point of discontinuation, you need at least third-party cover to run it legally on the road.

Q2. What is a no-claim bonus?

Ans: A no-claim bonus is a reward offered to the vehicle owner when they make no insurance claims in a policy year. The reward brings discounts at the time of renewing the Toyota Previa car insurance.

Q3. Will my Toyota Previa insurance also cover damages caused due to floods and natural disasters?

Ans: Yes, most insurance companies provide coverage for damages caused due to natural disasters and floods. However, the condition is you must not be driving your car before or after the disaster. One should thoroughly read the policy document to verify the exact conditions under which the damages would be covered.

Q4. What are some of the popular add-ons for car insurance?

Ans: The popular add-ons related to car insurance in the UAE include 

  • Agency Repair
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Road Assistance 
  • Off-Road Cover
  • Oman Extension
  • GCC Cover
  • Windscreen Cover 
  • Theft and Fire Cover 
Q5. What are the consequences of driving my Toyota Previa in the UAE without third-party liability insurance?

Ans: If you have a comprehensive insurance plan, you won’t need any third-party liability insurance plan as the former generally covers both the owner and the third-party. However, as it is mandatory to have at least a third-party car insurance in the UAE, you can face several penalties if you don’t have even a third-party insurance plan.

The penalties can include -

  • 500 Dirhams
  • Four Black Points on the driving licence
  • Confiscation of the vehicle for 7 days

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