A Travel Guide to Global Village in Dubai


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Global Village is a hybrid cultural attraction that was established in 1997. The entertainment park is an excellent destination for leisure activities such as shopping, dining, and site-seeing. Every year the tourist attraction welcomes five million guests which makes it 4th largest park with a record footfall. The main aim of the park is to unite international cultures and offer a platform that encourages budding entrepreneurs and business owners. The world entertainment park is in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai. 

Destinations and Activities to Explore in Global Village

Globetrot the World in a Day:

At Globetrot, you get to explore more than 30 pavilions that exhibit cultures of 80 nations such as India, Turkey, China, Egypt, and more. You can walk through the pavilions and appreciate the models of varied architecture of every nation. The visitors can also purchase renowned products from different countries at Global Village.

Watch Live Performances:

One of the main events to look for at the Global Village is live performances from world-famous artists. Every year, approximately 20,000 concerts, musical shows, dance shows, and street performances are hosted in the entertainment park. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum:

This is one of the most famous museums in Dubai that has distinctive and quirky exhibits. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum is recognised for its untold narratives, engaging discussions, historical antiquities, and mesmerising artwork. You can also explore exhibits such as the mirror maze that has more than 250 LED lights and mirrors. In addition, you can also watch movies in 4D moving theatre and explore Dark Gallery.

Brand-New Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone:

This Adventure Zone is created after the television series named Peter Rabbit and his Companions. You can explore attractions such as Mrs. Rabbit’s Fresh Farm Cafe and relish fresh coffee and real fruits. The Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone also offers options of activities such as jumping and climbing at the Squirrel Nut Activity Park. pottery and planting at Mr. McGregor’s garden, as well as watching the television series Peter Rabbit.

Harbour Force Show:

This is an action-filled show to give you adrenaline rush with its featured water stunts performed by seasoned artists at the harbour in the Global Village Dubai. The stunts include back-flipping bikes, double fly-board action, drifting, and jet skiing.


Circuses are full of entertainment. The circus at the Global Village is packed with unending fun and heart rushing acrobatic performances by talents. The show includes Columbian clowns and death-defying stunts by Venezuelan Daredevils. The tent can host about 500 visitors in one go.

Fantasy Island:

This is an amusement park with thrilling rides such as inflatable land, high striker, bungee jumping, demolition derby, pedalos, water roller coasters, and baby drop tower. The park has about 30 rides and an Aquadrome dancefloor and a bowling alley. 

Stalls and Fine Dining Restaurants:

Savour the delicacies from all around the world at over 200 restaurants, food stalls, and cafes based in Global Village. Some recipes to try out include kunafa, luqaimat with date syrup, and Manousheh. 

Explore Emirati Artwork:

An Art aficionado’s heaven, this area of Global Village Dubai allows you to experience the Emirati lifestyle and culture. It gives you insight about traditions and artefacts of the Middle-Eastern culture including thread weaving, braiding of fronds and perfume manufacturing. 

Firework Display:

Finish your Global Village tour with extravagant lights and fireworks. This showcase is organised twice a week and on special occasions such as UAE National Day and New Year. 

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How to Reach the Global Village Dubai?

The Global Village is located at Exit 37. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai. You can reach the tourist attraction using the following means:

  1. Metro or Cab: If you’re planning to travel by metro, take the red line to the First Gulf bank and rent a cab to Global Village from there. You will reach there in 50 minutes. 
  2. Car: You can reach Global Village Dubai by car from the airport. It’s distance from the airport is 28 km.
  3. Bus: Take a metro ride via the Red Line network and reach Rashidiya. Take a metro bus to reach the Blue Tower. Once you reach there, take a cab to reach the village. 

The valet service at the Global Village varies from AED 50 to AED 200 every day. If you are parked far from the entrance, avail of free shuttle services or Dotto trains to reach the main gate. 

It is important to note that there is no proximate metro station. You can take a bus from these stations- Rashidiya, Union, Ghubaiba, and Mall of the Emirates. 

Accommodation Options near the Global Village Dubai

If you are a traveller exploring Dubai, it is suggested that you stay at a hotel near the Global Village. Following are some accommodation options in the area:

  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club
  • Studio One Hotel
  • Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubai Land

Suitable Time for Visiting Dubai Global Village

This is a seasonal destination that is open from October to April every year. The Global Village timings are from Monday to Thursday - 4:00 pm to 12:00 am, and from Friday to Sunday - 4:00 pm to 1:00 am. On Tuesdays the Global Village Dubai is reserved especially for families and women. In case you are interested in witnessing firework displays, visit the entertainment park on Thursday and Friday. If you want to enjoy some time with your family, consider visiting the park on Mondays since it’s comparatively less crowded. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting the Global Village Dubai

Followings are some tips to remember before you consider visiting Global Village:

  1. This destination has four sections for concerts and events, carnivals, and dining.
  2. The parking lot has a capacity to accommodate more than 23,000 vehicles at once. The parking area has further two divisions- generic parking area with complimentary access and paid VIP parking lot. 
  3. The park is spread across 1,600,000 square metre. Remember to carry a village map for easy navigation. Explore the main sites and enjoy the events taking place.
  4. The entry fee is AED 15 if you buy a ticket online and AED 20 for passes purchased at the entry gates of the Global Village. 
  5. Consider buying a value-packed Wonder Pass Card that allows you to enter the major attractions like Circus, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Carnaval, and Stunt Shows.
  6. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes since you will have to walk a lot in the premises.
  7. Avoid taking your pets along with you. 
  8. Children should wear wristbands that would have contact details of parents and legal guardians. 
  9. The additional services include - free wifi, EZ taxi, porters, London bus, car wash, rental services, rickshaws, and child care. 
  10.  Follow all the COVID-19 regulations while you’re in the park. The guests should wear face masks and follow social distancing norms at all times. 
  11.  Children under the age of three, senior citizens or persons with People of Determination ID Cards can enter the park for free. 

To Conclude

Global Village Dubai is a multi-cultural destination developed in 1997. The amusement park is full of leisure activities like shopping, dining, and site-seeing. Each year the Park hosts over five million guests. The main objective of the park is to unite global cultures and offer a platform to encourage budding entrepreneurs and business owners. It is situated on Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai.

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