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Travel is one of the ultimate gateways for experiencing a change from your busy and tight schedules. Whether it is a solo trip or a vacation with your friends and family, travelling has proven to be an excellent stress-buster. However, a journey can often turn into an unpleasant experience in case of any unexpected events or mishaps. Besides affecting you personally, such adversity can put a financial burden on you as well. 

Consequently, it is always recommended to keep yourself on the safe side by availing of insurance for your entire journey. While a travel insurance policy cannot alleviate the emotional distress, it can certainly help in compensating for your financial loss. However, to achieve that aim, one has to be aware of how to make a travel insurance claim.

In this article, we have briefly explained how to get reimbursement for a travel insurance claim. Continue reading below to get a thorough understanding of travel insurance and how to make a claim for it.

What is a Travel Insurance Policy?

Insurance companies across the globe offer travel insurance to individuals to secure their trips. Uncertainties, possible while travelling, can eventually affect you financially. In such circumstances, having travel insurance proves immensely beneficial. You can immediately connect with your insurance provider after the event and make a travel insurance claim on the spot.

Why Do You Need to Have Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance policy comprises plenty of benefits that support you financially when an adverse event occurs during your travels. With this type of policy, you can have coverage for loss of baggage, passport, accidents, deaths, ticket cancellation or delay, medical services, and many more. Discussed below are the major ones in detail:

Tickets Cancellation or Delay: An individual can suffer a massive loss when a flight booking gets cancelled due to some reason. In some situations, the respective airline refunds a certain amount of money although the refund value can be less. Claiming your insurance, on the other hand, can get the entire amount reimbursed.

Loss of Baggage or Passport: Although your essentials may prove difficult to be recovered, a travel insurance policy can help you with funds to obtain temporary documents or in the form of compensation.

Medical Benefits: One of the primary benefits of buying travel insurance in UAE is that it supports you financially in case of an accident or death. As medical expenses can be enormous, especially when you are in a different place or country, insuring yourself with such a policy can be extremely beneficial. 

Buy a Travel Insurance Policy in the UAE

With several insurance companies in the UAE providing various travel insurance plans, you can opt for any one and even customise it as per your requirements. You will find several travel insurance policies according to the tenure of your journey or number of trips, i.e., single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance. Further subcategories exist for travel insurance in terms of price, coverage, and more.

You can easily obtain travel insurance in UAE online. Visit the website of your preferred provider or check out the ‘travel insurance’ section on our website. With, you will get to compare the best travel insurance plans in the country and buy one in just a few clicks.

Ways to Get Reimbursement for a Travel Insurance Claim

You can easily contact your insurance provider through their website, mobile application (if any), or customer care to make a claim. Once connected, inform the provider about the scenario under which you are making the claim. Provide the requested details related to your policy, the emergency situation, etc., and provide the relevant documents. You will be easily guided through further steps to avail of the same.

However, while the process is fairly straightforward, there might be some conditions involved regarding claims. To ensure utmost clarity, keep the following points in mind:

  • Conduct thorough research on the travel insurance policy that you opt for. Verify the scope of the coverage of your selected plan and examine the complete document.
  • As insurance companies are particular about the conditions where they provide coverage, you must always check the terms and conditions of your selected insurance provider and the plan before proceeding.
  • Each bit of information about your claim is crucial even when you face cancellation of your trip. For instance, if a medical emergency is a reason for cancellation, it is essential to explain the exact medical issue. Depending on your health condition, the travel insurance company will make the final decision.
  • Ensure that your travel bookings are non-refundable, as travel insurance generally doesn’t cover refundable travel expenses. For instance, if you require reimbursement for your cancelled flight or hotel booking, the insurance company will be liable to provide the amount that cannot be reimbursed by the airline or hotel.
  • Keep a note of all the travel cancellation policies before buying one. If your hotel bookings or airlines have the provision of cancelling and refunding the full amount 24 hours before the trip, you might not need a costly travel insurance policy to secure your trip.
  • Immediately start your travel insurance claim process once a negative event takes place. For this, you must first ensure the availability of all the essential documents to avoid further hassles. Visit your insurance provider’s website and fill in the travel insurance claim form and complete your paperwork. If you are unable to find the travel insurance claim form, you can contact one of the representatives of the company and follow all the instructions.

Why Travel Insurance Claims Get Delayed?

  • Mismatch in the Documentation: There is a possibility that you might have submitted a few documents that do not match with the ones you submitted while purchasing the travel insurance policy.
  • Offline Submission of Documents: Submitting your travel insurance claim via mail box or fax generally takes more time.
  • There are some Essential Documents Missing: Some of the documents required for smooth claim settlement might be missing. For instance, proper documents to prove your loss might be missing.
  • Opting for a Cheque Paper for Receiving the Claim Amount: There are different ways of claiming your insurance. If you choose to receive the amount via cheque, then it will take time to receive the amount in-hand. Whereas, if you opt for an online method, the amount will be instantly credited to you.
  • Technical Glitches in the Insurance Provider Website or Email Platform: Another probable reason for a delayed travel insurance claim is possible issues with the website of your insurance company. You might also face problems with sending the email to the company. Such occurrences can surely slow down the entire procedure.
  • Claiming a Coverage that is not Included in your Plan: Check for the coverage you are claiming for. It is because you might not have included the same in your travel insurance plan at the time of buying it. If a service is not included in the list, then you cannot claim it.

How to Properly Submit a Travel Insurance Claim? 

Panicking during a misadventure is pretty common. You tend to get confused as to what to do. At that moment, the wise decision would be to initiate your travel insurance claim process immediately with all the documents to support your claim. To do so, you must follow the prescribed method. Here’s a list of a few guidelines that’ll help you submit a travel insurance claim-

  • The first step is to promptly inform your travel insurance provider about the mishap by calling them on the toll-free number or emailing them.
  • You can either reach out to them by viewing their contact information on the official website or in the travel insurance policy document.
  • Once you are able to connect with one of the insurance representatives, follow the procedure to claim your insurance and complete your claim registration.
  • Visit the official website of your insurance provider and then download the claim form.
  • Fill in the form and submit it to the insurance provider along with other essential documents.
  • Further, one of the insurance service authorities will examine all the submitted documents and validate whether to approve of or reject your travel insurance claim.
  • After your claim is accepted by the insurance provider, the following process starts.

A Few Travel Insurance Claim Tips to Remember

Although the steps for claiming a travel insurance policy involve only a few simple steps, there may be a chance that you will not be able to execute the required action during the time of any mishap. So, to ensure a hassle-free and easy process, you must always remember some travel insurance claim tips. Go through the points listed below: 

  • Read all the terms and conditions of the selected travel insurance policy before you proceed to buy it.
  • Verify under which circumstances your insurance policy will be valid. In short, make sure to check the inclusions and exclusions of your travel insurance plan.
  • If a situation involves theft or loss of personal belongings, immediately report it to the nearest police station, hotel, and local residents. Also, ensure you get a written report from the police station.
  • It is always a good idea to include your insurance provider's contact number in your emergency contact list. It is because when you cannot make a call to them, for instance, due to loss of signal, you can at least contact the company when it is listed under the emergency list.
  • Keep all the travel insurance policy documents handy so that you do not face any hindrances while claiming the policy. It is also advised to claim the same quickly. The faster the claim process is; the sooner the process starts.

So, these were the most crucial travel insurance claim tips that must be initiated promptly when claiming your insurance policy.

Key Takeaways

Individuals often panic during a mishap and get confused about how to avail of the purchased travel insurance. However, by following these travel insurance claim tips, you can ensure a smooth process for performing the travel insurance claim procedure with ease. 

For more information related to travel insurance, you can check out ‘travel insurance’ or connect with the experts on

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