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Accidental Death coverage
Accidental Death coverage
Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage
Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage
Loss of Baggage coverage
Loss of Baggage coverage
Trip Cancellation Cover
Trip Cancellation Cover

What is Travel Insurance UAE ?

Travelling, whether for leisure or specific work, is mostly pleasurable. However, at times, it can turn inconvenient and you need to brace yourself up before every journey. To secure your trips, whether domestic or international, companies in the UAE easily provide travel insurance plans. And if you choose the right travel insurance UAE, it can cover your expenses arising from flight delay and cancellation, hotel booking cancellation, baggage loss (including personal liabilities), etc. 

While the list of itineraries for travelling could be long, you also need to prepare for inconveniences that may appear during your journey as it could be unpredictable. From baggage loss to accidents, you may come across numerous events that have the potential to shake you financially. 

With a proper insurance cover, it’s a different case though. Understanding the needs of travellers, several insurance providers offer travel insurance UAE to safeguard your journey for up to 90 days. Moreover, you can instantly buy a plan online nowadays without any hassles. With an extensive range of options available, you can easily choose the cheapest travel insurance based on your requirements. 

In that light, let’s go through the article below to find the best travel insurance UAE, and the various ways of getting your trips insured.

Travel Insurance UAE Insights

Particulars Specification
Travel insurance UAE Cost Starting at AED 33
Age Range Covered 30 days to 60-65 years
Covid-19 coverage

Mandatory quarantine stay expenses for 7 to 14 days, including the cost for RT-PCR tests and medicines.

Countries Covered Both Domestic and International Trip Covered
Duration of Insurance Single trip: A trip of upto 90 days or upto the return date (whichever is earlier )
Multi-trip: Valid up to 1 year with maximum coverage of up to 90 days per trip
Medical Benefits
  • Accidental Death
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Daily Cash Allowance
  • Loss of Baggage
  • Trip Cancellation Cover
  • Missed Departure or Connection Flights
  • Luxury Item Loss Cover
  • Pre-Existing Medical Disease
Covers Family Available with most plans
Claim procedure Can Claim both online and offline
Claim Settlement Preiod Varies with insurer

Travel Insurance UAE

The UAE puts emphasis on every individual travelling abroad holding valid travel insurance. Additionally, travellers visiting the UAE are required to purchase a travel insurance UAE plan that covers their trips' emergencies and medical expenses in case of accidents. 

The United Arab Emirates has an extensive travel insurance market offering a variety of plans designed as per the travellers’ changing requirements. For instance, several insurers offer multi-trip insurance for frequent travellers, with the plans being capable of being modified as per changing plans. Alternatively, you can opt for single trip insurance if your itinerary is fixed or likely to remain the same. Purchasing a travelling insurance plan in the UAE is fairly easy, and you get both online and offline options for choosing the best travel insurance in UAE as per your needs. A few vulnerabilities covered under travel insurance UAE are as follows. 

  • Travel inconveniences and accidents, 
  • Baggage loss and delays, 
  • Flight cancellations and delays,
  • Personal accidents and emergency hospitalisation,
  • Evacuations and Repatriations.

You can also opt for multiple travel insurance add-ons to customise your coverage according to your requirements.  


Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance UAE

Along with securing your trips and journeys, the plans provide a host of benefits suiting your travel security needs. So, if you are searching for a travel policy to protect your trips, you can consider the following benefits offered by Travel Insurance UAE Plans. 

Baggage Cover

Losing your luggage during a trip can be a nightmare. However, even delays in getting your baggage due to connecting flight delays may create unnecessary issues. Consequently, the travel flight insurance plan offers baggage cover that, besides securing your belongings from loss or theft, also provides you with the necessary utilities in case of arrival delays.

Medical Cover

Health care and medical treatment expenses can be astronomical at certain locations while travelling abroad. As a policyholder, you get medical expense covers like emergency medical care, hospitalisation, general treatments during sickness, ambulance service, evacuations on medical grounds, and many more. 

Trip Benefits

The travel insurance UAE plan covers your trip in a comprehensive manner by offering security against several issues that you may encounter in your journey. Your travel plan secures you against personal accidents, legal and personal liabilities, health and medical expenses, flight inconveniences abroad, etc.

Mandatory Requirements

Numerous countries across the world (including the UAE) have mandatory travel insurance requirements. Simply put, you need to purchase trip insurance before entering the country or moving abroad. However, not all countries have a mandatory requirement, and you can ensure the same before starting your trips.  

Personal Liability Cover

You may encounter legal troubles and other law proceedings during a trip abroad. A travel insurance UAE plan covers your personal and legal liabilities such as court proceedings, legal fees, etc. 

Flight Related Benefits

In some cases, your flight may get delayed or cancelled, or you may lose your baggage amidst layovers or transits. The travel insurance UAE plans secure both your belongings and flight journeys during such emergencies. While you may not control the cancellation or the delays, you can always save your expenses during these instances.

Portable Plans

To provide you with ease and convenience, travel insurance UAE can be ported from one insurer to another. However, take note that you can port annual plans only during the renewal period.  

Multi-trip Insurance

If you are a frequent flyer, single trip insurance may prove hectic every time you plan your trip. In such cases, several insurance companies in the UAE provide multi-trip travel insurance that offers annual coverage to all your trip within a year. Compared to purchasing single-trip insurance every time you plan your trip, multi-trip insurance is significantly less expensive.

Covid 19 Coverage

Most travel insurance online UAE plans provide Covid-19 coverage whether you are travelling to the UAE or moving abroad. The coverage includes quarantine expenses, the cost of RT-PCR tests and medicines, etc. However, you need to verify whether your basic plan includes the Covid-19 cover or you would need to purchase it as an add-on. Whether you have it as an add-on or in the basic plan, you start receiving the insurance benefits as soon as you are tested Covid-19 positive. 


Top Travel Insurance UAE Plans

Here is the list of Top Travel insurance UAE plans:

UAE Travel Insurance Plan Name Features Duration of the Trip Price
AIG Insurance Silver Plan
  • Emergency medical coverage amount of Upto USD 50,000
  • Covid 19 covered
  • 24 hrs worldwide assistance
90 days coverage per trip
AIG Insurance Platinum Plan
  • Emergency medical coverage amount of up to USD 500,000
  • Baggage Loss Cover of up to USD 2,500
  • Trip cancellation cover of up to 5,000
  • Covid 19 Covered
  • 24 hrs worldwide assistance
90 days coverage per trip
AXA Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Cover of USD 1,000,000
  • Personal Liability Cover of 1,000,000
  • Personal Accident cover of USD 27,500
90 days coverage per trip
Watania Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Cover of USD 500,000 
  • Personal Assistance Services
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Personal civil liability
30 days cover per trip
Alliance Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Cover
  • Personal accident Cover
  • Baggage Loss cover
  • Schengen visa requirement
90 days coverage per trip
Union Travel Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Cover of USD 1,000,000
  • Accidental Death cover of 150,000
  • Personal Belonging Cover of up to USD 7000
90 days coverage per trip

Tips for choosing the Best Travel Insurance UAE Plan

Here are some simple tips that you can follow to choose the best travel insurance UAE.

  • Consider choosing a plan with affordable premiums that also provides you with adequate benefits. 
  • Research the credibility and reliability of the travel insurance provider through customer reviews and feedback. 
  • Check for the insurers that provide a convenient purchase and claim-settlement process. 
  • Ensure that the travel insurance covers an extensive range of destinations across the globe. 
  • Go through the claim settlement ratio of the insurance provider to find out how easily and conveniently the claims are settled.
  • Take note of the duration of the trip offered in the travel plan.

How Helps to Buy Travel Insurance in UAE provides you a single platform to find, compare, and purchase various travel insurance plans in the UAE. Using its platform, you can find the cheapest travel insurance in UAE along with extensive benefits. As one of the leading insurance aggregators, works with the top insurance providers in the UAE to provide you genuine and reliable travel plans. Along with dedicated support, you will also find cordial assistance throughout the claims’ process to resolve your queries anywhere and anytime.

With so many insurance providers in the UAE, you can be assured ofa plethora of UAE travel insurance plans. They design and innovate their travel plans based on customers’ requirements, meaning that you can always find different types of plans and choose the most suitable one from them. Following are the various types of travel insurance plans available in UAE. 

1. Based on the Type of Traveller

Following are the types of Travel Insurance UAE plans based on the kind of Traveller.

  • Individual Travel Insurance: Individual plan is the most fundamental type of travel insurance that secures an individual during the course of their trip. The plan provides comprehensive security against various risks that may arise during domestic or international journeys. As a policyholder, you get travel accidents and inconveniences coverage, whichinclude medical and personal liability cover. 
  • Family Travel Insurance: As the name suggests, family travel insurance is a plan to secure your whole family under a single umbrella. All your family members, from 30 days old to 65 years old, can be included in the family travel plan. The plan provides similar coverage as an individual for each family member.  
  • Corporate Travel Insurance: Business travel insurance is specifically designed for people related to businesses and work-related travelling. Companies and businesses secure their employees who travel frequently for work through Business Travel Insurance. These plans can be considered similar to individual insurance along with additional benefits like electronic gadget cover, business liability cover, etc.  
  • Student Travel Insurance: Students between the age group of 16 to 35 years, graduating abroad can avail themselves of student travel insurance UAE plans. Along with basic covers that includes travel inconveniences and accidents, the student travel insurance consists of sponsor and study interruption cover.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:  As the name suggests, senior citizen travel insurance is specifically designed for the older age group wishing to travel abroad. The plans cover individuals over the age of 65-70 years, although several providers offer travel insurance for senior citizens up to the age of 99 years. Ultimately, the age range depends on the type of plan and the insurance provider. As a senior citizen, you first need to verify the minimum and the maximum age covered under the policy while selecting one. It may be noted that senior citizen travel plans are expensive compared to other plans. This is simply because senior citizens possess a higher risk to insurers.

2. Based on Geographical Coverage Limits

Following are the types of travel insurance UAE plans based on the geographical limits of the insurance plan.

  • Domestic Travel Insurance: Domestic travel policy secures you against travel inconveniences when you are travelling within the country or across the GCC nations. Again, the domestic plans offer coverage similar to an international travel plan except that they are confined to the political boundaries. The key benefits include trip-related benefits, medical and emergency hospitalisation expenses, baggage and flight-related benefits, etc.
  • International Travel Insurance: International travel plans are designed for individuals travelling abroad. As a policyholder, you can opt for a worldwide cover that secures you against various vulnerabilities across the globe, or you can purchase area-specific plans. Global coverage plans are more expensive than area-specific plans, so opt for specified travel insurance if you have the option. International plans include benefits such as travel health insurance, flight cancellation and curtailment, baggage and personal belonging cover, personal liabilities cover and more. 
  • Schengen Travel Insurance:  Schengen travel plans are a  type of area-specific international travel plans. These are valid across 26 Schengen countries only, and provide coverage according to the regional requirements. The security offered by Schengen travel insurance is similar to that of an international travel insurance plan. However, you get additional benefits as per the regulations of Schengen.  

3. Based on Length and Frequency of Journey

Here is the rundown of various travel insurance plans based on the length and frequency of journey

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan:  If you want coverage for only one of your trips, you can opt for single trip travel insurance. The plan secures you right from the beginning of the trip till you reach your destination. Single trip insurance comprehensively secures you from a range of travel inconveniences that include health and medical expenses. You can opt for a single trip plan for a period of 90 days. In addition, you can also customise it with other add-ons as per your trip requirements.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan: A multi-trip travel insurance plan is specially designed for frequent flyers, as all your trips within a year are covered under the single plan to provide you comprehensive benefits in your journey. This option allows you to skip the hassles of purchasing individual plans each time you travel.These plans are easy to manage, affordable, and available for both domestic and international travel. They secure each of your trips for a period of up to 90 days, with the renewal of the plan to be done on annual basis. These plans are suitable for businesses and traders who need to travel frequently.


Best Travel Insurance UAE

Here is a comprehensive list of the cheapest travel insurance online UAE :

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Price
AIG Insurance Annual Silver $ 50,000 90 days/trip
Al Hilal Travel Gold Annual $ 100,000 92 days/trip
Union Insurance Annual 1 $ 1,000,000 31 days/trip
Watania Travel Annual Program 1 $ 500,000 30 days/trip
AIG Insurance Annual Platinum $ 500,000 90 days/trip
See More Plans >>

Inclusions of Travel Insurance UAE Plans

Policy inclusions refer to the coverage extent provided by your UAE travel insurance. You should ideally consider various inclusions while choosing the best travel insurance plan to suits your needs. Following are the key inclusions of travel insurance UAE plans to help you begin.

1. Medical Coverage

Medical cover is one of the basic security that travel insurance provides in UAE. It includes various health care expenses that you may require while travelling abroad. Following are the key medical coverage of a travel medical insurance plan in UAE. 

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: The travel plans provide emergency medical expenses while you are on a journey. In case of accidents or personal injuries, the plan covers your hospitalisation and medical expenses. Some plans also include emergency dental treatment expenses. 
  • Medical Evacuation Cover: In case of medical emergencies, the plan also covers the cost of transporting you to the nearest hospital or to your home country for better treatment. The cost of an ambulance and other medical care during the evacuation are also covered under the plan.
  • Hospital Daily Cash Allowance: if you are hospitalised abroad, the travel insurance UAE plan covers the daily room, medications and diagnostics charges. You may need to pay the deductibles or get your expenses reimbursed later. However, there is an upper limit to the daily hospital allowances and, you need to verify it before purchasing a travel Insurance UAE.
  • Medical & Body Repatriation: In case the policyholder dies during a trip, the travel insurance covers the cost of bodily remains to the home country. 
  • Accident Cover: Your policy may include personal accident cover under the basic plan or, you may need to purchase it as an add on. With a personal accident cover, you get security against travel accidents that may lead to a partial or total disability, bodily injuries or death at the worst.
  • Family Compassionate Visit Cover: Several travel insurance UAE plans also offer a family compassionate visit. In case you have been admitted into the hospital the plan bears the expenses of travelling and visiting cost of one of your family members.

2. Loss of Baggage Cover 

You also get baggage cover in your travel insurance that secures your belongings against loss and theft during your journey. Inconveniences due to baggage delays during flights are also covered under the insurance plan. Following are the baggage loss cover that a travel plan provides.

  • Baggage Loss Cover: It is basic security under the travel plan that protects your luggage and belongings throughout the course of your trip. When you lose your baggage during a flight or a trip, the plan compensates for your losses as per the policy terms. There is an upper limit to the compensation that you need to enquire before pursuing your journey.
  • Personal Documents Loss: The travel plans also cover the loss of personal documents especially your passport and other identification documents. 
  • Loss of checked-in baggage: There are chances of losing your bags and belongings after checking in at the airport. The travel insurance UAE  also secure your baggage during a flight journey. There may be an upper limit to the compensation offered and again you need to verify the benefit amount from your insurer. 
  • Delay of checked-in baggage: Sometimes, your baggage arrives through a different flight due to high traffic and congestion. It may delay the arrival of your luggage. In such cases, the travel plan compensates for your additional expenses. 

3. Trip Related Cover

Your trip may involve a sudden change in the plan due to flight cancellations and delays. Eventually, causing you to additional expenses. Your UAE travel insurance plan makes up for such expenses during the trip. Following are the key trip-related cover under the travel insurance UAE plan.

  • Trip Cancellation Cover: The travel insurance UAE covers the expenses in case of flight cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Trip Curtailment Benefit: In case your flight gets delayed or rescheduled due to emergencies and unforeseen reasons, the travel insurance covers your additional expenses.
  • Personal Liability Cover: As a policyholder, you get personal liability cover during your entire trip. It includes personal accidents, legal proceedings, medical cover and more.
  • Financial Assistance: If you need emergency finances during the trip, you can request your insurer to provide financial help. 
  • Missed Departure or Connection Flights: The travel plan compensates for the flight tickets that you miss during your journey. Again, there may be an upper limit depending on your plan and the insurance provider. 
  • Highjack Cover: Although the chances are slim if you get trapped in a plane hijack, your insurance plan compensates the expenses for the entire trip.
  • Hotel Booking Cover:  During trip cancellation and curtailments, the travel plan covers the accommodation and hotel booking cost according to the policy terms and conditions.

Travel Insurance Add ons in UAE

Travel insurance UAE are quite flexible and, you can customise them through additional riders (Add-ons) based on your requirements and the location you are visiting. Purchasing an add-on increases the insurance premium. Following are the common add-on riders available with travel insurance plans in UAE.  

  • Emergency dental expenses: Several travel insurance offer dental cover under the basic protection. However, if your plan does not include a dental cover, you can opt for it as an additional rider. It compensates for the dental treatment cost. 
  • Adventure Sports Cover: This add-on secures you against various accidents during adventure sports like skiing, sky diving, scuba diving etc. 
  • Luxury Item Loss Cover: Luxury items like jewellery and antiques are not covered under the basic travel plan. However, you can get your precious belongings covered through Luxury Items Loss Add-ons by paying a nominal fee.
  • War-Prone Location Cover:  Additionally, if you visit a war prone location, you basic UAE travel insurance won’t secure you against damages and losses. If you are visiting such country, you can opt for a War Prone location cover to secure your trips. 
  • Pre-Existing Medical Disease: While the Travel Insurance UAE provides medical care, you may not get coverage for pre-existing conditions under the generic policy. If you have a pre-existing or a chronic condition, you can opt for a pre-existing medical cover along with your travel insurance plan. 
  • Electronic Gadget Cover: The travel insurance UAE do not cover electrical items and gadgets under the personal travel plan. To insure your gadgets and electronics, you need to purchase electronic gadget cover along with your travel insurance UAE plan. 

Travel Insurance Exclusions in the UAE

Although the travel plan secures your trip from a range of threats and vulnerabilities, there are several exclusions to it. A policy exclusion is a risk or an event not covered under the insurance plan. Here is the rundown of various travel insurance exclusions in UAE. 

  • Bodily injuries and illnesses due to illegal or dangerous activities. 
  • Self inflicted injuries and suicide 
  • Accidents under the influence of alcohol,
  • Injuries and damages due to substance abuse,
  • Injuries and damages due to war or war like situations,
  • Bodily damages due to radioactive and nuclear substances,

Eligibility Criteria to Buy Travel Insurance UAE

Before purchasing a travel plan, you need to satisfy a few eligibility criteria. Following are the common eligibility requirements to buy a Travel Insurance UAE. 

  • Age - Any individual above the age of 18 can purchase a Travel Insurance UAE. However, any individual above 30 days old can be included in the insurance plan. 

  • Nationality - Travel Insurance UAE are available to UAE nationals, residents and expats.

Eligibility Criteria Based on the type of Travel Insurance

Individual Travel Insurance - To purchase an individual travel insurance UAE plan, you need to be atleast 18 years old or above. 

Family Travel Insurance - A family travel insurance covers up to 4 members of the family (2 adults and 2 children). It includes family members aging between 30 days old to 60-65 years old.   
Senior Citizen Travel Insurance - These travel insurance UAE plans are available to individuals above the age of 60-65 years. 

Business Travel Insurance - A company operating legally in the UAE can buy business travel insurance for its employees. However, relevant documents are required on its end while purchasing the plan. 

Travel Insurance by Age Group
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

How to Buy Travel Insurance UAE?

Purchasing a travel insurance plan in UAE is fairly easy and involves straightforward steps. Following are the ways to buy travel insurance UAE.

Through online Application - You can easily buy a travel insurance UAE plan by visiting the insurance provider’s official website. Additionally an online purchase also offer rebates and discounts on your insurance premums. 

Through Offline Application - Alternatively, you can visit an insurance aggregator, an insurance agent, or the nearest office of a travel insurance provider. The agents and representatives will detail you about various plans and help you select the best travel insurance UAE plan.    

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance UAE Plan?

It is crucial to choose the right UAE travel insurance as per your need to get the maximum benefits. You can follow the steps below to choose the best insurance plans in the UAE. 

Research Various Plans - By visiting various online insurance aggregators, you can easily find numerous travel insurance plans available in the UAE. A proper research includes the insurance cost, benefits offered, reliability and coverage extent. 

Compare the Travel Plans - Once you have made your research, you must have the list of available travel plans. You can compare them and find the most suitable travel insurance plan as per your requirements. 

Travel Insurance Premium - When comparing various plans, you also need consider the premium cost. A cheaper travel plan may look luring but may not provide adequate coverage. Choose an insurance plan that suites your travel requirements and is also cost effective. 

Customer Feedback and Reviews - Along with quotes and cost comparison, you also need to go through the customer’s feedback and reviews to understand the reliability and credibility of the travel insurance. 

Check For Plan Flexibility - While purchasing a travel insurance, you need to look for the plan flexibility as it will provide you the convenience and freedom to modify the plan according to your needs even after you have purchased it. 

How to Calculate Travel Insurance Premium Online in UAE

To start with your process of purchasing an insurance plan, an approximate idea of the premium amount allows you to make an informed choice. You can easily calculate the travel insurance premium by using an online travel insurance premium calculator, where you need to provide a few personal details and the type of plan you are opting for. Once you have submitted your details, the portal gives you an estimated premium cost. 
Alternatively, you can also request quotes from various insurers and insurance agents. Depending on your requirements, the insurers will present you insurance quotes while also mentioning the insurance premiums. 

Travel Insurance UAE Claim Processes

In case of accidents and travel emergencies, you can contact your insurance provider and request a claim settlement to get the insurance benefits. The process is different based on the type of claim. Following are the UAE travel insurance claim processes in the UAE. 

Flight and Trip Related Claims - In case of flight cancellation and curtailment, you can contact your insurer and request for reimbursement claim. However, you need to keep all your trip bookings and flight tickets intact until the claim process get over. 

Travel Medical Claims - If you need medical care during a trip or emergency treatment, call your UAE travel insurance provider through dedicated customer support and report them the situation. The representative will inform you about the network hospital where you can visit and undertake the treatment. 

Baggage Loss and Theft - File an FIR with the police and collect the copy of the report. Subsequently, inform your insurer about the event and submit the supporting documents. You need to mention the details of all your personal belongings while filing the report. Once investigated and approved, the insurer will compensate you of your losses. 

How to Renew a Travel Insurance UAE?

You must note that only an annual multi-trip travel insurance can be renewed in the UAE. To make sure that the process of renewing your travel insurance online is convenient, follow the few simple steps as mentioned below.

  1. Log into your insurance account using your login credentials. 
  2. Navigate to the insurance renewal section, and choose the plan that you wish to renew.
  3. Check various add-onsthat you want to add or remove, 
  4. Verify all the insurance details and proceed to premium payment,
  5. After successful payment, you will receive the travel insurance certificate to your registered email address. 
Q1. Can I purchase travel insurance online in the UAE?

Ans: Yes, you can conveniently purchase a UAE travel insurance plan online by visiting the insurer’s website, or by navigating through the travel insurance section at

Q2. What is minimum age to purchase a Travel Insurance in UAE?

Ans: To purchase a UAE travel insurance plan, you need to be at least 18 years old or above.

Q3. How many family members can be covered under the family travel insurance?

Ans: In general, the family insurance covers up to 4 members of a family consisting of 2 adults and 2 children.

Q4. What is the maximum age until which I can receive a Travel Insurance in UAE?

Ans: In the UAE, the generic insurance plans cover an individual up to the age of 60-65 years. However, if you are a senior citizen above the age of 65, you can opt for senior citizen travel insurance. 

Q5. What is the maximum trip duration of insurance coverage?

Ans: Most UAE travel insurance plans offer coverage up to 90 days. If you have multi-trip insurance, you can modify or extend your travel insurance coverage.

Q6. Do I get coverage for Baggage Loss under the Travel Insurance in UAE?

Ans: Yes, UAE travel insurance provides compensation for your baggage delays or loss during the entire trip duration. Additionally, a few insurers also arrange necessary items such as toiletries and substitute clothing until you receive your baggage in case of delays.

Q7. Do I get compensation for flight cancellations and curtailments?

Ans: Yes, your insurance provider bears the cost of trip cancellation and curtailments. However, you are required to collect the booking documents and proofs. 

Q8. Do I get coverage for electronic gadgets?

Ans: No, the basic coverage does not provide coverage for electronic gadgets. However, you can opt for an electronic gadget additional rider if you need one.

Q9. Can I buy a travel insurance as an ex-pat in the UAE?

Ans: Yes, both international and domestic travel insurance plans are available to ex-pats in the UAE. You can visit the insurance providers’ official portal to purchase a travel plan.

Q10. Can I opt for are specific Travel Insurance in UAE?

Ans: Yes, several insurance providers offer travel insurance that is tailored to the location you are visiting. You can choose a suitable plan with respect to your visiting country.

Q11. How to get medical insurance for a visitor visa in the UAE?

You can purchase medical insurance for a visitor visa either online or offline. The best way to secure a travel medical insurance plan is to purchase it online via It saves you the hassle of connecting with the agent or visiting different insurance providers. You get access to the best quotes from the leading travel insurance providers in the country.

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