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A travel insurance calculator enables you to compute the premium that you would need to pay for purchasing a travel insurance plan in the UAE. As an online tool, it allows users to estimate their premium fromthe convenience of their home or office. This can prove helpful for making informed decisions as to whether a particular travel insurance plan is worth purchasing or not. 

Additionally, you can easily plan your travel budget if you use a travel insurance cost calculator to estimate your premium, enabling you to financially prioritise things that are necessary for the trip. Let’s dive deeper to know more about what exactly is a travel insurance calculator, and the factors that go into the calculation of your premium.  

Travel Insurance Cost Calculator – An Overview

A travel insurance calculator is essentially an online tool that you can use to compute the premium for the travel insurance policy of your consideration. It proves beneficial for users by helping them plan the budget of their trip, considering the several other aspects involved when planning a trip. Moreover, it can also give you a better idea as to which plan and features will work for you and your fellow travellers. 

A travel insurance premium calculator uses an automated formula to derive an estimated amount of premium that you will be required to pay. This can help you compare more plans and their features before selecting the best one. At the same time, it is crucial to understand that –

  • The predicted amount is an estimation. The actual premium will differ from the approximation as the insurance provider might include additional aspects when calculating the premium in person. 
  • The premium will vary for different insurance providers as per their limits and conditions. 
  • The details that you provide in your travel insurance premium calculator can be different for different insurance providers.

What are the Benefits of Travel Insurance Calculator?

When planning a trip, it is necessary to create a budget and a schedule to create a memorable experience. For this, you should also consider including travel insurance that covers you in case you face unfortunate circumstances. 

To calculate the cost and other aspects related to travel insurance, a travel insurance cost calculator can be helpful as it enables you to get an estimated amount you are required to pay as a premium. 

Listed below are the major benefits of travel insurance calculator –

  • Ease of Use – Travel insurance calculator eliminates the need for tedious calculations as it is easy to use. All you need to do here is provide the requested details and compute the estimated amount. 
  • Helps in Selecting the Right Plan – When you calculate your premium amount, you can extensively explore plans that offer more coverage at the estimated premium amount. Besides comparing the plan, you would also be able to look through the additional charges including add-on charges and hidden fees.
  • Helps You Plan Your Travel Budget – When you are aware of the premium for your travel insurance plan, you can also frame a budget for your trip. This means that you can set some money aside for the premium and designate the rest of the amount for your trip. 
  • Enables You to Curate a Reasonable Travel Insurance Plan – With the help of a travel insurance calculator, you can modify the coverage of the travel insurance plan and verify how it affects your premium accordingly. This can helps you get the most affordable travel insurance plan.
  • Saves Time – As mentioned earlier, travel insurance calculators can help you avoid complex calculations related to your plan. This means that you can calculate the travel insurance premium easily and save time, which can be spent more on planning your trip.

With the help of a travel insurance calculator, thus, you can focus on creating a schedule for the trip rather than worrying about purchasing a plan that has less coverage. 

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What is Travel Insurance Premium?

It is necessary to buy a travel insurance plan to get coverage against unwanted financial expenses that may occur due to an unfortunate event during the trip. Travel insurance premium here refers to the charges or fees paid to purchase your travel insurance plan. When you complete the payment of your premium, you will be covered against most adversities and unpredictable scenarios during your trip. 

Several factors are taken into consideration when calculating the travel insurance premium. Some of the major ones are discussed in the following section. 

Factors that Affect Travel Insurance Premium Calculation

The following factors have a significant influence on the calculation of travel insurance premiums –

  • Age of the Travellers – Generally, travellers over the age of 60 years are required to pay higher premiums compared to young travellers. This is because the health-related risks and associated expenses are higher with respect to the senior citizens as compared to the youth. 
  • Trip Duration –If you are going on a longer trip, you would require more coverage, which translates into higher premium amounts. With short trips, on the other hand, the premium amount is lower. 
  • Travel Destination – If you are going for an international trip, you would need to pay more premium than for a domestic trip. This is due to the fact that in an international trip, the coverage for benefits like emergency medical expenses, loss of luggage, repatriation, and others increases.
  • Frequency of Travelling – Your travel insurance premium is also affected by the number of trips you make in a year. If you go for several trips for varied reasons, you can purchase multi-trip or annual travel insurance. However, this insurance plan is usually more expensive than a single-trip travel insurance plan as it covers you all the year round for all the trips you make. 
  • Riders Included – Add-on covers or riders are simply extra covers that can broaden the scope of protection in your travel insurance. The covers that you opt for provide additional financial security against adverse situations during the trip. However, as these riders come with an additional cost that is added to your basic premium, the net premium amount increases.
  • Sum Insured – The sum insured amount that you choose has a direct influence on the travel insurance premium. The more the sum insured, the more amount you would need to pay as your travel insurance premium.

How is Travel Insurance Premium Calculated?

Your travel insurance premium is calculated based on several factors like the number of travellers that would be covered under the policy, their age, the destination, and the type of plan you choose. 

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How Does Travel Insurance Premium Calculator Work?

To calculate the travel insurance premium, you would need to provide the following details to a travel insurance cost calculator –

  • Type of travel (group or solo)
  • Reason for the trip (business, leisure, studies, and more)
  • Age
  • The sum assured
  • Duration of the trip
  • Gender
  • Travel destination

Key Takeaways

  • A travel insurance calculator is an online premium estimation tool that can be utilised to compute the amount that you would need to pay for securing a travel insurance policy. It enables you to estimate your premium without undertaking complex calculations or approaching bank personnel.
  • Using a travel insurance cost calculator, you can easily calculate the premium, plan the budget for the trip efficiently, and save time on in-person visits to the banks, all of which can assist you in purchasing an affordable yet comprehensive travel insurance plan comfortably.
  • Your travel insurance premium is the amount that you would be required to pay when you purchase a travel insurance plan. 
  • The factors that affect the calculation of travel insurance premiums are the ages of the travellers, the purpose of the visit, the travel location, duration, and the sum assured. 
  • It is crucial to note that the premium computed using the travel insurance calculator is an estimation and can vary as per the insurance company and the plan chosen. This is because there is a difference in the terms at which travel insurance is provided by the bank or provider and the ones mentioned in the calculator.

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