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Kuwait or the State of Kuwait as it is known officially, is a country in the Western Asia. Situated on the northern tip of Eastern Arabia (near the Persian Gulf), it shares borders with Saudi Arabia in the south and with Iraq in the north and also shares maritime borders with Iran. It is also one of the seven Emirates.
In recent times, Kuwait has also emerged as a notable tourist destination, attracting people from all parts of the world. The city of Kuwait is a place to be at. Apart from that, there are many destinations that you can explore during your stay in this beautiful country.
So, being a UAE resident, if you are visiting Kuwait, or planning a trip, then get travel insurance for Kuwait along with other travel arrangements.

Kuwait Travel Insurance

Travelling for leisure is all about unwinding and having a good time, and if you are travelling for work, it will require you to focus. However, if you keep worrying about other stuff, like the safety of your luggage, or financial losses due to delays in transit, you are not likely to fulfil the goal of the trip.
Therefore, get travel insurance for Kuwait to diminish all these worries and ensure that you have a great time abroad.
A tailor-made Travel insurance plan like this includes general medical cover along with dedicated Covid-19 cover. It will aid in dealing with any healthcare emergencies. Moreover, the travel and baggage cover aims to curb your losses during a trip.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Kuwait?

To answer this in one line, yes, it is ideal to purchase travel insurance online for Kuwait. These dedicated policies will extend financial protection against a host of travel and medical exigencies. Following are some of the advantages of purchasing an insurance plan for a trip to Kuwait –

Coverage against medical expenses:

A travel insurance plan like this includes coverage against almost every treatment cost as specified in the policy terms. 
Additionally, travel insurance for your trip to Kuwait from UAE extends coverage for Covid-19 treatment. This plan includes expenses during the mandatory isolation of up to 14 days. Also, the RT-PCR tests and associated medical expenses are a part of this plan. 

Coverage against personal liabilities:

Suppose you face any personal liability while abroad. This will also come under the scope of a travel insurance plan. This will include hijacking, any bodily injuries, damages to your property, etc. However, any liabilities due to participation in any illegal activities will not come under the coverage of such policies.

Coverage against third-party liabilities:

If any third-party liabilities arise during the travel, then this travel insurance plan will extend necessary financial coverage.

Coverage against the loss of luggage:

A travel insurance plan like this will also provide reimbursement in case you lose your luggage. Moreover, if you misplace any vital documents, it will compensate the cost of replacing them.

Coverage for mishaps during travel:

You will also receive financial coverage against any mishap during travel. This includes any losses during transit or being stuck at an airport, or due to flight cancellations.

Following are some of the types of travel insurance plans that you can choose from while visiting Kuwait –

Single trip travel insurance:

A policy like this is only valid for a single trip. The coverage begins when you commence your trip and finishes once you come back home. Moreover, you can purchase them in the following sub-types –

Travel insurance for the family: 

This extends coverage for family members, which includes the policyholder, his/her spouse, children and parents. You can also add additional members if you want with an extra premium cost.

Travel insurance for individuals: You can also buy a travel insurance plan only for yourself.

Travel insurance for senior citizens: Travel insurance plans like these are only for individuals over the age of 60.

Travel insurance for annual multi-trips: If you travel to Kuwait multiple times in a year, then buying a multi-trip travel insurance policy makes perfect sense. You can renew this plan every year and enjoy the coverage.

Besides, travel insurance for Kuwait includes –

International travel insurance Kuwait:

Typically, this insurance policy extends coverage for Kuwait as well as other countries specified in the policy offer. This will comprise usual coverage that you get with any travel insurance plan.

Student travel insurance Kuwait: This travel insurance plan is particularly curated to provide coverage to students who go to Kuwait for studies.

Kuwait Visa Requirements

You will not require a visa to enter Kuwait if you have a valid UAE passport. This will include the individuals born in UAE and those who have acquired citizenship in due time.

Documents required to travel to Kuwait from UAE

  • Emirates ID
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of address
  • Medical certificates, if any

If you are in Kuwait, then you should consider visiting some of the following places –


Kuwait’s capital city, is one of the best towns in the kingdom. Kuwait City has Majlis Al-Umma, the Parliament. Most of Kuwait's government offices, HQs of Kuwaiti corporations and banks are in this city. 

Salmiya Beach:

The coastline of Kuwait is famous all over the world, and the city of Salmiya has a contemporary beach which is flocked by tourists in summers and also in winters. There are several piers overlooking the beach. There is also a small oasis on the Marina Bay shore. It consists of a customary Muslim dome with some palm trees. 

Failaka Island:

Failaka is a small island near Kuwait’s mainland. It’s also popular for its traditional houses dating back to the 1950s. These houses are part of the Heritage Village. Also, visit the Palace of Sheikh Abdullah Al Salim Al Sabah, which has been converted into a museum that shows life back in the 1900s.


Hawally is one of the largest settlements in Kuwait. It is also a commercial centre for computer accessories and electronic goods in Kuwait. 

Al Jahra:

Al Jahra was where the Battle of Jahra was fought between Kuwaiti and Saudi forces in 1920. Now, a national monument commemorating the battle stands at the battlefield site. This site is of historical importance.

Al Khiran:

Al Khiran is situated in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait. It is a prime location on the seafront and has many popular attractions, including Al Khiran Beach Resort. It is worth a visit.

Best time to visit Kuwait

The best time to visit Kuwait is either in spring, between March and May or during autumn, between September and October.

How to Get Travel Insurance Online for Travelling to Kuwait from the UAE?

Anybody can now buy travel insurance for Kuwait online by visiting the insurance provider’s website. But if you want to do a comparative analysis, head over to the 

You can purchase your Gulf Travel Insurance Kuwait from Here are the steps to follow –

Step 1: Click the Travel Insurance option on PolicyBazaar UAE’s site.

Step 2: Press the Proceed tab and select from the trip type as single or multi-trip annual. 

Step 3: Duly fill up the personal details.

Step 4: Click on the View Quotes or Get Quotes tab. You will get the best offers from a host of insurance providers.

Step 5: Select a plan and pay the premium to complete this process.

You will get policy confirmation via registered contact details.

Can I terminate my travel insurance plan if my trip gets cancelled?

Yes, you can terminate the insurance policy if your trip gets cancelled. However, the terms of cancellation and the associated fees will be according to the terms of the policy. Since the policy details vary from company to company, make sure you go through them before buying one.

If I return from my trip early, then can I get a refund on the premium amount?

No, you will not get any refund on the premium amount if you return early from your trip. The reason is that the policy coverage ends as per the final date agreed beforehand, or once you return from your trip, whichever is earlier.

Can I purchase travel insurance for Kuwait after beginning my journey?

No, you cannot purchase travel insurance after commencing your trip.

I am shifting from UAE to Kuwait, so can I get a travel insurance plan till I get local insurance activated?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot purchase travel insurance in a scenario like this. A travel insurance plan is only for those who plan to come back to their country.

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