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What is Travel Insurance?

As the term suggests, travel insurance online plans are a kind of general insurance plan that keeps you and your belongings protected while traveling internationally and/or domestically. These cheap travel insurance plans are designed to offer compensation and cover most kinds of personal losses you may face during your trip. This can include flight cancellations, hotel booking cancellations, medical treatment, personal liability, etc.

Travel Insurance Insights

Particulars Specification
Travel insurance Cost Starting at AED 33
Age Range Covered Under the Insurance 30 days to 60-65 years
Covid-19 coverage

Mandatory quarantine stay expenses for 7 to 14 days, including the cost for RT-PCR tests and medicines.

Countries Covered 200+ Countries covered
Duration of Insurance Single trip: A trip of upto 90 days or upto the return date ( which ever is earlier )
Multi trip: Valid up to 1 year with a maximum coverage of up to 90 days per trip
Medical Benefits
  • Accidental Death
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Daily Cash Allowance
  • Loss of Baggage
  • Trip Cancellation Cover
  • Missed Departure or Connection Flights
  • Emergency dental expenses
  • Adventure Sports Cover
  • Luxury Item Loss Cover
  • Pre-Existing Medical Disease
Covers Family Available with most plans
Claim procedure Can Claim both online and offline
Claim Settlement Preiod Varies with insurer


Travel Insurance Online

The United Arab Emirates puts a lot of emphasis on travel plans. This is evident from the fact that all visitors must have proper travel insurance plans. It focuses on ensuring that you have every possible protection cover you may need when travelling to a foreign country. From medical benefits to trip cancellation and personal liability, every important benefit is provided by insurance plans. These plans can be bought via both online and offline platforms. There are over 60 insurance providers you can scout through.

Key Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance 

There are several important benefits of these plans which makes it worth buying them for every traveller. If you are wondering why to get a travel insurance online plans for each trip you take, below are some points explain why is travel insurance important for all:

  • Covid-19 Coverage
  • Baggage Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Trip-related Benefits
  • Portable Plans
  • Mandatory Requirements
  • Personal Liability Cover
  • Flight-Related Benefits

Covid-19 Coverage

Covid-19 coverage is now offered as one of the main benefits of travel insurance online plans offered in the UAE. Most comprehensive plans include Covid-19 coverage as a basic benefit while others may have it as an add-on cover. Covid-19 cover, in most cases, covers the mandatory quarantine stay for 7 to 14 days as well as the cost for RT-PCR tests and medicines, if you need any. This mostly only applies when you get tested positive for Covid-19. 

Baggage Cover

The baggage coverage of Travel insurance for travellers is one of the most sought benefits. Losing your baggage during a flight or having it delayed can cause a lot of problems when you are on a trip. Baggage cover benefits like lost baggage benefit lost personal documents benefit or baggage delay benefit allows you compensation to either help you buy things you need for the trip or to compensate for lost time during the trip. 

Medical Cover

The medical cover of a travel insurance online plan offers much-needed help when you are away from home in a foreign country. From emergency medical coverage to medical evacuation, hospital cash allowance, and repatriation, almost all necessary services are covered in medical cover offered by insurance. 

Trip-related Benefits

You may face a few troubles when you are out on a trip. Trip-related coverage of Travel insurance online for travellers ensures that you are protected in these times of need. Trip-related benefits included in travel policies can be personal liability cover, legal fee cover, missed or delayed flight cover, hijack allowance and more. This range can differ as per the comprehensiveness of the plan.  

Portable Plans

Annual travel insurance online plans can be ported to a different provider if you like. Porting plans is possible during the renewal period of the plan. 

Mandatory Requirements 

Having travel insurance online plan is often a must-have for many places around the world. This is not a mandate for all countries. You can find the mandatory requirements for any particular country.

Personal Liability Cover

Personal liability cover is a rather important travel insurance benefit. It covers any liability you come across while travelling. Personal liability benefit covers third-party liabilities that arise due to an accident. Liabilities coming out of performing illegal activities are not covered, however. 

Flight-Related Benefits

Flights are often subject to change, cancellation and even delay. While flight cancellation is not something that you can control, you can certainly save yourself some costs by getting travel insurance online for travellers. Almost plans offer compensation for cancelled flights, flight delays and other flight-related benefits of best travel flight insurance.

It is quite widespread and there are several divisions and sub-divisions when it comes to the types of plans.

Travel insurance online plans can be divided into three categories depending which are explained as follows:

1.As Per the Type of Travellers

Individual Travel Insurance:

Individual travel insurance online plans, as the name suggests, cover individual travellers only. The benefits included in an individual plan are as comprehensive as any other plan you may come across. Travel health insurance, trip-related and baggage related benefits are included in most Single plans in UAE. It is best suited for people travelling alone or group if groups with friends.

Family Travel Insurance

A family plan covers all included members of the family. Anyone from 30-day old children to 65-year old senior citizens can be included in family plans. The maximum age of members can differ a few years as per the provider you pick for your cheap travel insurance online plan.

Business Travel Insurance

Business plans are bought by companies and business organisations for their employees who travel for work. Any employee of a company who travels internationally can utilise business plans at the company’s discretion. Benefits included in a business plan are quite similar to that of a generic personal plan. A few added covers may be found here though. This can include being benefits like cover for electronic gadgets. Other than that, basic benefits like travel medical insurance and baggage and trip covers are also available.

Student Travel Insurance

Student plans are designed for students who travel abroad for studying. Any student between 16 and 35 years of age can avail of a student insurance in UAE. Apart from the basic travel medical insurance and travel benefits, a student insurance plan may also include benefits like sponsor cover and study interruption cover.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Travel insurance online plans for senior citizens are designed for people older than 65-70 years of age. The minimum, as well as maximum age applicable for these plans, can differ as per the provider. Some providers offer up to the age of 99 years while some only offer it until 80-85 years. Senior citizen plans are more expensive than any other kind of policy. This is due to the increased risk factor that older people bring in for the insurer.

2. As Per Geographical Coverage

Domestic Travel Insurance

Domestic plans offer you coverage when you are traveling to the Gulf countries or the UAE. The range of benefits covered in domestic plans is similar to those covered in international travel insurance plans. This can include, travel medical cover, trip-related coverage, flight-related covers and baggage benefits as well.

International Travel Insurance

As the name suggests, international plans are applicable all across the world. They offer you protection when you are travelling to a foreign country. The included benefits could be travel health insurance, flight curtailment and cancellation benefits, baggage related coverage and more.

Schengen Travel Insurance

Schengen plans are a type of international plans. These plans are applicable within the 26 Schengen countries only. The included benefits are similar to those provided in other kinds of plans. There are some minimum specified requirements that every Schengen plan must meet.

3. As Per Length and Frequency of Trips

Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan

As the name suggests, a single trip travel insurance online plan is designed to cover you only for one trip. The plan coverage begins as soon as you depart for the trip and ends as soon as your trip duration ends. All basic and add-on benefits are available in these plans. Single trip plans can be bought as individual travel plans, family plans or senior citizen plans as well.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan

An annual multi-trip insurance plan comes with a yearly validity. It can be used to cover multiple trips taken within the tenure of the plan. Annual multi-trip plans are perfect for people who travel more than 3 times in one year. Almost all business insurance for travellers are multi-trip plans since travelling employees have to take multiple trips. The benefits included are the same as any other kind of plan from the portfolio.

Best Travel Insurance Online

Here is a comprehensive list of cheap travel insurance online plans:

Plan Name Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
See More Plans >>

What is covered under Travel Insurance online plans?

Travel insurance cover inclusions can be divided into three main categories – travel medical insurance coverage, trip-related coverage and baggage-related coverage. These three categories have several further benefits. Examine the below-given section to find what is covered under it:

1. Travel Medical Insurance Coverage and Benefits

  • Emergency Medical Expenses:As the name suggests, this benefit covers all emergency medical Covers for minor as well as major injuries and illnesses and offers reimbursement as per the assured amount of the plan.This also includes emergency dental cover.
  • Medical Evacuation Cover:The medical evacuation benefit can help you get evacuated to the nearest hospital in times of need. This benefit can also be used to have you evacuated to your home country in case of a medical emergency.
  • Hospital Daily Cash Allowance:If you happen to be hospitalised in a foreign country for an injury or illness, the travel medical insurance plans offer a daily allowance to cover hospitalisation fees, minus the deductible amount. It also covers the room rent of the hospital you are admitted to.
  • Medical & Body Repatriation:This benefit is useful in case one of the covered members meet their demise on the trip. The medical repatriation benefit can be used to transfer their mortal remains back to their home country.
  • Personal Accident Cover:When included in a travel insurance, personal accident cover offers compensation for accidental death, accidental disabilities and accidental medical expenses.
  • Family Compassionate Visit Cover:If you fall ill and have to be admitted to a hospital when on a trip, your insurance for travellers may cover the compassionate visit of one of your family members.

2. Baggage-related Coverage

  • Loss of Baggage:The loss of baggage benefit of a travel plan comes in effect when you lose your baggage while on the trip. This is valid for the entirety of the trip. The lost baggage benefit offers a compensation amount for the lost baggage as per the limit of the plan.
  • Loss of Personal Documents:Losing your personal documents can be quite problematic. Most travel insurance online plans provide coverage to recover your lost documents, especially your passport. Many plans offer compensation for all lost documents while others only offer cover for a lost passport.
  • Loss of checked-in baggage:The baggage that you check in at the airport can also get lost. Checked-in baggage lost at the airport or on a flight is covered under this benefit. The coverage is offered up to the sub-limit of the plan.
  • Delay of checked-in baggage:Since your checked-in baggage is transported separately, there is a chance for it to get delayed. This benefit offers compensation for the duration of the delay.

3. Trip-Related Benefits and Coverage

  • Trip Cancellation Cover:In case your trip gets cancelled due to an unforeseen reason, your Travel insurance for travellers offers compensation to cover the financial loss of travel and accommodation bookings.
  • Trip Curtailment Benefit:If your trip gets delayed due to any unforeseen reason, insurance for travellers would offer compensation for it.
  • Personal Liability Cover: Personal Liability cover of plan offers help in covering for any kind of accidental personal liability you incur during the trip.
  • Financial Assistance:Youronline plan may help you if you are facing any kind of financial troubles while on the trip.
  • Delayed Departures:Delayed departure of your flights can not only be troublesome but may also lead to financial loss. Travel insurance policies compensate you for the delay as per the rate described in the plan.
  • Missed Departure or Connection Flights:You get compensated for the price of the ticket of the flight that you have missed. The compensation amount is limited to the sub-limit of the benefit.
  • Hijack Cover:If your plane happens to get hijacked, the Travel insurance online plan covers compensation for the duration of the hijack.
  • Hotel Booking Cover:In case your trip gets cancelled, the travel online plan also covers the accommodation arrangements you made.

Add-On and Optional Covers

  • Emergency dental expenses: Some plans cover dental expenses as a basic benefit while others require you to add it as an add-on benefit. The expenses covered only include the emergency dental treatments you take during the trip.
  • Adventure Sports Cover: Adventure sports add-on covers bookings, equipment and medical treatment due to sports like skiing and diving.
  • Luxury Item Loss Cover:While luggage loss is covered as a basic benefit of Travel insurance for travellers, losing luxury items like jewellery is not covered. However, an add-on can be used to cover the loss of your luxury items as well.
  • War-Prone Location Cover:War-related damage and injuries can be covered by a genericplan with this add-on.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Disease:Pre-existing conditions are covered by all health insurance plans in the UAE but the same does not apply to travel insurance plans. An add-on can be used to make sure that your plancovers medical treatment for pre-existing diseases as well.
  • Electrical Items and Gadget Cover:Generally electrical items and gadgets like laptops are not covered by generic personal travel insurance online plans. This can be covered by a businessplans though. Add-on can be used to include this cover in your generic plan.

What is not covered under Travel Insurance online plans?

Following are some of the most common travel insurance exclusions:

  • Injuries and illnesses are caused when being a part of illegal or dangerous activities
  • Unless covered by an add-on, treatment and hospitalization for pre-existing diseases are not covered
  • Suicide or self-inflicted injuries are also not covered
  • Injuries or illnesses are caused when under the influence of alcohol
  • Medical trips were taken as per the doctor’s advice
  • Damages caused by substance abuse
  • Damages or losses are retained due to war or war-like situations
  • Radioactivity or radioactive substances cause damages or injuries
  • Any kind of non-medical expenses
  • Cosmetic treatments or medical treatments for obesity
  • Any kind of pregnancy complications

Eligibility Criteria to Buy Travel Insurance Online

The eligibility criteria for buying the cheapest travel insurance planis pretty simple really. You should be older than 18 years of age and have valid ID proofs for your citizenship or residency. However, a few other eligibility criteria may be applicable as per the type of travel plan you need to buy. Given below is the complete list of eligibility:

Plan Eligibility  
Individual Plan

Minimum age limit for individual travel plans is18 years

Family Plan

Must be aged between 60-65 years

Business Plan

Only be bought by the companies

Senior Citizen Plan

Available for seniors aged 60 to 80 Years

Student Plan

Must beaged between 16 to 35 years

Schengen Plan

Available for only26 Schengen countries

General Eligibility Criteria to Buy Travel Insurance Online

  • You should either be a UAE resident or a citizen to buy the cheapest travel insurance.
  • Anyone older than 30 days can be included as an insured member of aplan. The maximum age can differ as per each provider.

Eligibility Criteria to Buy Travel Insurance as per the Type of Plan:

  • Individual Travel Insurance Plans: Any one individual can buy an individual travelplan. Most insurance providers set the minimum age limit for individual travel plans at 18 years.
  • Family Travel Insurance Plans: Most familyplans can cover two adults and two children. Any child older than 30 days can be insured by a familyplan. The maximum age limit here ranges around 60-65 years.
  • Corporate or Business Travel Insurance Plans: Businessplans can generally only be bought by the companies. Some providers also offer business plans to individuals though. A company-owned business can be utilized by employees at per company’s discretion.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans: Most providers allow people older than 60-65 years to buy senior citizen travel insurance online plans. The maximum age limit of senior citizenplans may differ as per the providers.
  • Student Travel Insurance Plans: Any student aged between 16 to 35 years of age can get a student travelplan. You will also need proper documents representing your status as a student.
Travel Insurance by Age Group
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

Does Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease?

With Covid-19 dominating the world as of now, more and more Travel insurance companies, if not all, are introducing coronavirus cover in their insurance plans, not only health but alsoplans as well. The Covid-19 travel guard cover generally covers the insured person for Covid-19 infection while being on the trip or before leaving. If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 before boarding the flight, the insurance will cover the cancellation expenses of the trip. If you come in contact with the infection while being on the trip, the insurance generally covers the treatment expenses and compensated for trip interruption. The coverage benefits may differ as per the insurance company that you choose to make it a point to check out the full list of benefits offered in the Covid-19 cover.

How to Choose Best Travel Insurance Cover?

  • Conduct Proper Research: Avoid picking the first option you come across. Conducting proper research is a must when you set out to choose the best travel insurance cover. Get information about the top providers in your emirates and take hold of their top plans. Compare the benefits of each plan you shortlist along with the cost of the plan. Comparing both things can help in determining the cost-effectiveness of the plan.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Going through the reviews of existing customers can be very helpful to find the best-rated insurance cover. A lot of things may look good in theory but aren’t as good in practical situations. This can be identified from the reviews of other customers who have already bought it. Since everything is digital now, you can easily find the reviews online as well.
  • Compare Quotes:Once you have figured the top 2 or 3 contenders to find your best travel insurance covers, get quotes for them. The actual quote you get for your cheapest travel insurance may differ from the face value shown by the provider. This is because several individual factors can influence the premium amount of your
  • Check Flexibility of the Plans: Flexible travel insurance online plans are the best possible choice since you can cater them as per your individual requirements. Find a plan online that can be customised as you want it to be.
  • Assess Your Needs: Sit back and make a list of benefits you actually need in youronline plans. While all benefits may seem important, they are not of any use to a lot of people. For example, buying a very comprehensive travel planwith an adventure sports cover will not make sense if you have no plans to go play adventure sports. List your requirements and then buy a plan according to them.

How to Calculate Travel Insurance Premium Online?

One sure–shot easy way to calculate travel insurance premium is by using an online travel insurance cost calculator. Several suchpremium calculators are available on the internet for you to utilise. While all these calculators may differ a little, most of them require similar information to give you a result. The information you may need to get results via thecalculator online can include, the type of plans you need, existing medical conditions, personal details, and the expected assured sum of the plan. Just fill in the required information and obtain the results.

Tips to Reduce Your Travel Insurance Premium

Buy Your Plan Early: The later you put off buying a cheap travel insurance online plan, the higherpremium you will get. Purchasing your cheap travel insurance plan early can help you get significantly lower premiums. The ideal time to buy a plan is when you buy your travel tickets and accommodation arrangements.

Compare Your Options: Comparing different options you come across not only gives you a fair idea of the cheapest available plan but also help in determining the market standards. So, always compare your top cheapest travel insurance premium options before you make a final decision.

Steer Clear of Bundle Deals: Many airlines offer bundle deals when you buy your air tickets. These bundle deals often seem like the easy way to get done with plan shopping. But in reality, these bundle plans are not as cost-effective as you would like them to be. The offered benefits are way lesser than what mostproviders offer and the premiums are way too high.

Customise Your Plans: Try and customize your coverage as per your unique needs. Make a list of your requirements and then find a plan that suits them. A plan that is flexible and customizable will save you some cost since you can remove all the unwanted benefits and reduce the price.

Take Your Time: Being hasty is not something you want to be when choosing an insurance plan. Whether it is Travel insurance for travellers or a health insurance plan, taking your time is the key. Invest a few hours in research and only then make the final decision.

Consider Multi-Trip Plans:If you are planning to take multiple trips within one year, it is best if you buy a multi-trip plan. Buying individual plans for each trip will cost you a lot more.

Buy Online:Almost all insurance providers in the UAE offer special discounts for online purchases. Check out if the provider of your choice also offers such a discount and take advantage of it to get lowerpremiums.

What Is the Travel Insurance Online Claim Process?

Claim procedure for your travel insurance online plan may differ a little every time depending on the type of claim you need to submit. The process to file claims is quite simple though. Given below are the steps you will need to follow for any certain kind of insurance claim you need to file:

  • Medical Treatment Claims:If you require emergency medical treatment, call yourprovider and inform them about the situation. Head to any of the network hospitals and let the hospital know about your insurance coverage. The hospital will get approval from the provider and begin your treatment. The treatment costs will be covered by the insurance provider.
  • Theft or Loss of Personal Effects:Contact the police right away and file a report. Call theprovider next and let them know about the loss. Get the police report and make an itemized list of the stolen/lost things. Submit both these things along with a claim form and other required documents. You will receive the claim amount in the form of reimbursement.
  • Flight and Trip Related Claims: Travel insurance online claims like cancelled flights, cancelled or delayed trips or high-jacked flights can be filed as reimbursement claims. Keep all related documents like flight tickets and accommodation booking receipts safe.

Calling and informing the insurance provider is one of the primary steps. Also make sure that you have all the required documents like medical bills, police reports, list of lost items, flight tickets, hotel booking receipts, etc. Other important documents you will need include a passport, policy documents and claim forms.

How to Renew a Travel Insurance Policy?

Renewing your travel insuranceis quite easy given the availability of both online and offline options in our midst. Mind that only annual multi-tripplans can be renewed. Single–trip plans can only be extended up to a few days only. The extension limit may vary as per the provider.

To renew yourplan offline, simply visit the provider branch and set up a renewal request. Your broker will take care of the rest. To renew your planonline, you can either go to the provider website or the aggregator website and follow the given steps:

Locate the renewal portal for insurance at the provider/aggregator website.

Step 1: Log in using your travel insurance online membership number and password provided by the insurer.

Step 2: Go to the renewal form and fill out the requested details.

Step 3: Pick the plan you want to renew with, add or remove add-ons if you wish. If you want to renew with the same plan, simply skip this step and continue.

Step 4:Verify everything and complete your renewal request by paying the premium.

Step 5: Your policy documents will be forwarded to you via email.

6 Tips for Choosing Best Travel Insurance Online

Since there are various travel insurance plans available online, it may become difficult to select the best and most suitable one. To ease this process, we are mentioning here some tips that can help you select the best travel insurance policy:

  • Affordability of the Premium:The premium of any insurance policy, for sure, plays a major role in the selection of a policy. Therefore, check the premium and make sure the coverage that the policy offers justifies it.
  • The Credibility of the Insurance Company:The goodwill and positive reviews of the company play a major role while making a selection.
  • Hassle-Free Buy, Renew, and Claim Settlement Process:Select a insurance company that offers convenient methods to buy, renew, and settle the claim.
  • Travel Destination:Make sure that your travel insurance policy is covering the travel destinations of your choice.
    Moreover, the travel destinations that you want to cover affect the premium as well. Travelling to countries where the medical expenses are high cost more premium.
  • Travel Duration:The duration of the travel affects the premium too. An insured has to pay a higher premium for journeys with a long duration. So, make a selection accordingly.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio:Select an organization that has a good claim settlement ratio. A claim settlement ratio or claim settlement percentage tells a lot about the company and its reputation, so don’t rely on an insurer without checking the claim settlement ratio.

How Helps to Get the Best Travel Insurance Policy Online?

Combining research, comparison, customer reviews and shopping and bringing them to a single platform, eliminates quite a lot of steps of your buying process. is a universal platform where you can find top travel insurance online plans from all the best providers in the UAE. You can compare plans, get quotes, read customer reviews and then buy Travel Insurance plan. We work in a partnership with some of the topproviders in the UAE. Quality customer service and top-tiered financial advice are some of our many seamless services. You can expect to get the following when you shop with

  • Compare and buy Travel Insurance plans on a single unified platform.
  • Get 24x7 customer services with our pro-active customer help department.
  • Access to topproviders in the UAE.
  • Advice from our financial experts to find your perfectplans.
  • Easy renewals and quick coverage every time you need.

Countries That Need International Travel Insurance Policy

Although travel insurance is an optional choice for travellers and tourists generally, there are a few countries that have made it mandatory to have travel itif you want to visit. UAE is one of these countries as well. Following is a complete list of all the countries that require you to have itapart from the UAE:

  • Anguilla
  • Antarctica
  • Aruba
  • The Bahamas
  • Bermuda
  • Brazil
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Cambodia
  • The Cayman Islands
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Curacao
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • French Polynesia
  • Israel
  • Iran
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand
  • Qatar
  • Russia
  • Schengen Countries
  • St. Maarten
  • Tahiti
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Ukraine

Note that the conditions and insurance required for each country are always slightly different. For example, the travel insurance for the Schengen group must be a minimum of €30,000. Make sure that you get familiar with all the terms and condition before you invest in a plan.

How much does a travel insurance policy cost?

The cost of a Plan can differ as per the type and level of coverage you choose. Your choice of provider can also influence the cost of your travel plan.

Why do I need insurance for travellers?

It's offers the required level of protection you need when travelling to a foreign country. In addition to that, many countries have made it a mandatory protection plan for all visitors. UAE is one of these countries as well.

When to purchase Travel insurance for travellers?

You can buy plan whenever you like as long as it is before your trip starts. However, the best time to buy Travel Insurance plan is around the time you buy your travel tickets and bookings. The earlier you buy your plan, the better it is for you.

Can I purchase Travel insurance for travellers after booking?

Yes, you can purchase your plan after you have made your travel bookings as long as it is before you depart for the trip and board your flight. 

Can travel insurance be bought after departure?

No, you cannot buy a plan after you have departed for your trip. 

How to get travel health insurance?

You can buy travel health insurance from insurance providers and aggregators. However, it is best to buy a plan from insurance aggregators like Policybazaar UAE to score additional discounts and better deals.

What does travel insurance not cover?

Insurance for travellers does not cover illness and injuries because of illegal activities or suicidal activities. Exclusions also include substance abuse, war-like situations, non-medical expenses, cosmetic treatment, pregnancy complications, etc.

How to get travel insurance ?

You can buy insurance for travellers from providers, aggregators or airlines in the UAE.

What is covered under travel insurance?

Most plans cover medical expenses, baggage-related benefits and trip-related benefits like trip cancellation, trip delay and personal liability.

Where can I buy travel insurance?

You can now buy Travel plan offline as well as on online platforms. Providers, aggregators as well as airlines have online websites and purchasing portals for customers.

Does Travel insurance for travellers cover pre-existing diseases?

Pre-existing diseases can be covered using an add-on cover with your basic plan.

Does travel insurance cover cancellation?

Trip cancellations are covered when it happens due to an unforeseen reason. Injuries, illnesses, and the death of a family member or travel companion are also generally seen as covered reasons. 

How long does Travel insurance for travellers take to process?

The coverage of your plan for dubai begins as soon as you purchase the plan. This means that benefits like trip cancellation cover will come into effect from the day you purchase the plan.

What is business travel insurance?

Business plans are offered to employees who are travel internationally for work. Business or corporate plans are bought by companies and not their employees. The coverage is offered in ways similar to that of group health insurance plans.

What is the best travel insurance?

The best plan for any individual can differ as per their individual needs. Annual multi-trip policies are the best choice for people who take more than 3-4 trips in a year. Evaluate your requirements to find the best policy for you.

Is there a limit on the covered travel days in travel insurance plans?

Almost every Insurance company has a certain number of insured days in insurance. Although the number can differ as per the provider. The most common coverage is 90 days of traveling.

Will I get to choose a hospital of my liking for treatment in travel insurance in Dubai?

Your company will most likely have a network of the approved hospital that you can get treated in. You are free to choose the hospital of your choice. It is also possible for you to receive treatment by any recognised medical practitioner and get reimbursed for your expenses as the plan allows.

Can business travel insurance be extended to include family?

Yes, business insurance can be extended to any fellow traveller who is travelling for company purposes with you. However, you must get prior approval from the employer and tally with the insurance company.

How does the baggage delay cover work in travel insurance?

If your checked-in baggage is delayed for more than the set limit of hours, the insurance companies offer you a pre-decided amount as compensation within the maximum limit of the baggage delay cover in the insurance. For example, if the limit is 4 hours, and the pre-decided amount is AED 100, you will get a compensation of AED 100 for every four hours your baggage is delayed or on a pro-rata basis after the initial 4 hours delay. Note that the limit on hours can be different for each insurance company.

What should I Do if I am travelling to more than one country in a single trip?

Travel insurance requires you to declare the starting point and destination. Although, if you are planning to travel to more than one destination, have a word with your insurance companies. Depending on the countries you plan to visit, you can get covered under a single insurance plan. 

For example, if you are buying European countries plan, you can travel to any of the included countries in the plan. You can also buy an additional small single-trip plan for each additional country if they are not from the same coverage area. 

Can I get a refund on the remaining trip days from my travel insurance plan?

No, most insurance companies do not offer a refund on any left-over vacation days from the insurance plans. But you can most probably have the remaining of the days carried forward to the next trip if you have a multi-trip plan.

Travel Insurance Reviews & Ratings

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