Going abroad? Protect your trip with travel insurance

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Going abroad? Protect your trip with travel insurance

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Cover yourself against various unexpected issues while traveling by buying a suitable travel insurance policy.

A travel insurance policy is an insurance policy that covers various risks while one is traveling either within his/her own country or abroad. An insured is covered against different unexpected issues like illness, baggage or passport loss, etc. while traveling.

Whether it is a business travel or a trip with the family, different travel insurance policies have coverage for all.  

Why buy a Travel Insurance Plan?

Traveling, for sure, gives a break from the monotonous lifestyle, but it comes with some risks as well.

Risks of encountering sudden illnesses, the risk of losing valuables, and the risks of trip cancellation due to some emergency are a few of the problems that anyone may face while traveling.

To get cover form such unexpected issues while going on a family vacation or official trip, travel insurance policies are a must.

Features of a Travel Insurance Policy:

  • Emergency medical cover
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Covers flight cancellation, flight delay, trip curtailment, and sudden changes in the plan
  • Covers loss of baggage, passport, or other essential documents
  • Emergency financial help

Travel Insurance Types:

Some of the common types of travel insurance that most of the insurance providers offer are:

Individual/Solo Trip Travel Insurance

This type of travel insurance plan is for those who love to go on solo trips. To cover a solo or individual traveler against various unexpected events while traveling, this plan was launched by many insurance providers.
If you are also an individual traveler who goes on vacations locally or internationally all alone, opting for a suitable travel insurance policy is exactly what you need. You can compare travel insurance policies online and thus, select the most suitable one.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you are not a frequent traveler, then a single trip travel insurance policy is what you should opt for.
You can take a single trip travel insurance policy for your entire family or for yourself only. From trip cancellation to medical expenses, everything that can aid a peaceful trip is included in this policy.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you are one of those who travel abroad at least twice in a year, then taking this travel insurance policy is the best option for you.
Whether you are going on a family vacation to a foreign country or have to travel multiple times in a year due to business/office purposes, buying annual multi-trip travel insurance is essential. It provides cover against a sudden illness, evacuation, trip cancellation, baggage loss, etc.

Corporate Travel

The culture of multinational companies has significantly raised the number of corporate travelers. For obvious reasons, these organizations want to cover their employees who travel abroad for work. Hence, they search for corporate travel insurance policies online.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

If you are a senior citizen and are planning a vacation to a foreign land, then taking a travel insurance plan specifically designed for old people is suggested.
In this type of travel insurance, an insured is covered against issues like sudden medical problems, personal accident, loss of baggage, etc.

Student Travel Insurance

It is a travel insurance policy that protects students who are traveling abroad for studies.
Fears, such as sudden health issues, financial crisis, loss of baggage or other essentials, etc., are some of the issues that always come to the mind of the parents who send their child to a foreign land for studies. Therefore, a student travel policy is a must for students going abroad for studies.

Schengen Travel

This travel insurance type is for those who are traveling to Schengen countries.
The common benefits that a Schengen travel insurance policy provides are: cover for medical expenses and personal accidents in European/Schengen countries, loss of passport or other essential travel documents, baggage loss, etc.

Common Inclusions of a Travel Insurance Policy

The common inclusions an ideal travel insurance policy in UAE covers are:

  1. Emergency Medical Expenses and Benefit of Evacuation:
    • A travel insurance policy in Dubai covers an insured against emergency medical expenses.
    • Covers personal accident expenses.
    • Provides emergency medical evacuation by air, land, or sea from one location to another, depending upon the condition of the patient.
  2. Benefits of trip curtailment/ trip cancellation:
    • If an insured is unable to travel due to a sudden illness, personal accident, or another emergency, he/she can get the hotel and ticket expenses reimbursed.
    • Facility of trip curtailment allowing an insured to claim the hotel and tickets cancellation fees.
  3. Quick and approachable customer service:
    • Provides 24x7 customer service assistance
    • Quick and simple claim process
  4. Baggage Loss/Delay:
    • If the flight of an insured is delayed by more than 4 hours, travel insurance plans make this wait less frustrating by bearing the expenses of food and accommodation for this duration.
    • If the checked-in baggage of the insured does not arrive at the final destination point for an unjustifiable period, then the expense of toiletries and additional clothing is borne by the insurance provider till the baggage arrives.
    • In case of baggage loss, the cost of the baggage (including the items and valuables that it is carrying) is borne by the insurance provider. However, there is a limit on this cost.

Common Exclusions of a Travel Insurance Policy:

The common exclusions of travel insurance policies are:

  • Trains/flights missed due to local civil war/protest.
  • Accident due to local civil unrest/protests
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • If the baggage is delayed for less than 24 hours
  • Partial loss of checked-in baggage

Note: The exclusions generally differ from policy to policy. Therefore, it is the best to compare travel insurance policies online with the help of a good insurance web aggregator. We provide you with the finest travel insurance deal at the best price.

Additional Coverages or Add-Ons:

Various travel insurance policies provide the feature of additional coverage called add-ons. However, to get an add-on or rider, an insured has to pay some extra amount. Some common additional coverages/add-ons that most of the travel insurance companies offer are:

  • Coverage against adventure sports or high-risk activities.
  • Cover for pre-existing diseases.
  • Cover for a trip to war-prone locations.
  • Accidental death or dismemberment (AD&D) cover with increased sum assured.

Eligibility Criteria for Buying a Travel Insurance Policy:

Below-mentioned are the eligibility criteria for buying a travel insurance plan:

  • For Family Travel Insurance Policies: This policy covers 2 adults of age up to 60 years and 2 children of maximum age 21 years. Thus, an insured can enjoy the benefits of a family floater travel policy.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan: Senior citizens up to the age of 85 years do not have to undergo any clinical screening for buying a senior citizen travel insurance plan.
  • Student Travel Insurance Plans: Most of the student travel insurance plans cover students between 16 years to 40 years. However, a student has to enroll him/herself in an institute for higher studies. Existing students who are in foreign universities are eligible to purchase a travel insurance plan.
  • Schengen Travel Insurance Plan: Adults up to the age of 70 years and infants older than 90 days are eligible to get Schengen travel insurance. However, the objective of the travel must be either business or tourism.

Claim Process:

It is always good to take a good travel insurance policy before commencing your travel. However, it is suggested to take a travel insurance policy for the contingencies specific to your travel. It will prevent an insured from the disappointments that may have to be faced while filing a claim.

It is suggested to carry policy documents while traveling. If you are unable to carry the physical copy of the policy, carrying the PDF or softcopy of this document is recommended. To avoid the loss of policy document, carrying the photocopy is a good idea.

  • One should email or call the insurance provider in case of emergency while traveling to understand the claim process and the supporting documents required for the case of the insured.
  • The email address and the toll-free number of the insurer are mentioned in the policy documents. While traveling abroad, the insured or his/her family must contact the international travel partner of the travel insurance provider.
  • Now, one must send all the supporting documents to the insurance provider either through email, fax, or post.
  • Various relevant documents like claim form, passport with immigration stamp, a copy of the policy document, original receipts and bills, police report (in case of theft or loss), etc. must be kept handy.
  • After submitting all the required documents and claim form, a surveyor is appointed by the insurance company to assess the case of the insured and process the claim accordingly.

6 Tips for Choosing Best Travel Insurance Plan

Since there are various travel insurance plans available online, it may become difficult to select the best and most suitable one. To ease this process, we are mentioning here some tips that can help you select the best travel insurance policy:

  • Affordability of the Premium: The premium of any insurance policy, for sure, plays a major role in the selection of a travel insurance policy. Therefore, check the premium and make sure the coverage that the policy offers justifies it.
  • The Credibility of the Insurance Company: The goodwill and positive reviews of the company play a major role while making a selection.
  • Hassle-Free Buy, Renew, and Claim Settlement Process: Select a travel insurance company that offers convenient methods to buy, renew, and settle the claim.
  • Travel Destination: Make sure that your travel insurance policy is covering the travel destinations of your choice.
    Moreover, the travel destinations that you want to cover affect the premium as well. Travelling to countries where the medical expenses are high cost more premium.
  • Travel Duration: The duration of the travel affects the premium too. An insured has to pay a higher premium for journeys with a long duration. So, make a selection accordingly.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: Select an organization that has a good claim settlement ratio. A claim settlement ratio or claim settlement percentage tells a lot about the company and its reputation, so don’t rely on an insurer without checking the claim settlement ratio.   

How PolicyBazaar.ae Helps to Get the Best Travel Insurance Policy Online?

PolicyBazaar.ae provides a platform to compare travel insurance policies of different leading general insurance providers online. Some of the features of PolicyBazaar.ae that help to make the best selection in the travel insurance category are:

  • Comparison of various travel insurance policies.
  • Hassle-free platform to purchase the most-suited travel insurance plan.
  • You can make an informed choice by availing the quotes from different travel insurance providers.
  • Gives you an opportunity to save money and time.
  • Comparison of travel insurance policies, assessing different features, and the benefits of different travel insurance plans side-by-side.