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Many people assume that getting a travel insurance plan will provide them protection from any mishaps that can happen during their tour. However, they may get disappointed later as they do not focus on reading the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy document. When you carefully read the clauses mentioned in the policy, you will realize that every travel insurance plan has some loopholes and you need to be careful about these while buying the policy for your tour. It is almost impossible to get a travel insurance cover that will provide unconditional coverage for your travel needs. Each policy has its own advantages and disadvantages and you need to consider carefully before purchasing travel insurance online or offline. In this article, we will tell you about some of the popular loopholes you can encounter in most of the travel insurance plans.

Read the Exclusions Carefully

After buying travel insurance online, you should make it a point to go through the exclusions carefully as this will indicate all the events and circumstances under which the coverage will not be given by the insurance provider. Many people ignore the sections mentioned in this column and tend to assume that they can get coverage for various aspects during their tour. For example, most of the travel insurance plans deny coverage when you get injured while taking part in adventure sports. Being unaware of this aspect, you may get excited when there is an opportunity to play some sports during your vacation. However, you should be extra cautious as many sports activities are not included and you may have to bear all the expenses for the treatment if you get injured due to any such activity.

Improper Documentation while Making Claims

It is very important to make claims in the proper way as there is a chance that it can get rejected when incorrect details or improper documents are submitted to the insurance company. You should also understand that there is a need for supporting documents to make successful claims with your insurance provider. The company will ask for proofs so that it can verify them accurately in order to clear the claims. Apart from that, you should also make sure to provide the correct details about the incident and mention the details properly in the claims form. You can choose the assistance of your insurance provider’s travel insurance online support team when you are filing claims.

Be Careful About Pre-Existing Conditions

You should not hesitate to mention the details about your previous/existing health condition as this may impact on your claims later. Many people who hide important details about their health conditions face rejection of claims by the insurance company. It is recommended to be clear about your pre-existing conditions and mention them correctly while taking travel insurance online or offline from any reputed insurance company. In this way, even when you take treatment for such conditions during your vacation due to an emergency, you can get some waiver in the treatment cost. Note that this waiver option for pre-existing conditions may not be available with every insurance policy available in the market. For this reason, you should always check with the details of the policy and ensure that such options are available if you have any pre-existing illness.

Coverage Not Given To War-Prone Regions

The insurance companies reserve all the rights to cancel the coverage to certain regions if there are chances of a war situation happening in the near future. This is usually mentioned in the terms of the policy and you need to understand these carefully before choosing one. Many tourist hubs across the world suffer from this problem once in a while and there can be civil conflicts or threats of terrorist attacks at some point. During that situation, the insurance companies temporarily avoid providing cover for such regions. If you happen to travel to such places during the tense situation, you will be taking a lot of risks and hence your insurance company may not offer protection. However, if you had already taken the coverage before the situation began, then you are likely to get coverage for any mishap during your travel. The best thing you can do when you buy travel insurance online is to check for the regions covered under the policy.

Getting Treatment Outside Of The Network Hospitals

This is one simple aspect which many people forget while using their travel insurance plan. They assume that coverage will be given when there is a genuine medical emergency during their tour and they get treatment at the nearest hospitals. While this sounds normal and coverage is usually given in most cases, it can also be denied if the treatment is taken out of the network hospitals. Please be very careful while choosing the travel insurance plans and compare travel insurance online so that you can get the best one that does not have such exclusions. Yet another thing you can do is to get the list of registered hospitals in the area you are visiting.

When you are aware of all these loopholes in your travel insurance policy, you can be more careful during your tour and avoid troubles in the future. Most people assume that coverage will be given for various things and they do not focus much on the exclusions section of the policy. You can consider buying travel insurance online from reputed sources so that you can be aware of all the terms of the policy.

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