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Enjoying your vacation on a cruise can be an amusing and soothing experience. However, it can often become unpleasant due to various uncertainties involved related to health, cruise safety, and more. Such events, besides negatively impacting your health and your state of mind, can also disturb you financially. 

While other damages may prove difficult to be fixed, you can easily receive compensation for your financial losses with a proper plan for travel insurance in UAE. This is especially the case with cruise ships, which may require additional coverage due to several factors. This article will help you understand the importance of travel insurance for cruise trips.


What is a Cruise Travel Insurance Plan?         

All insurance companies across the world offer insurance policies to financially secure your trips and journeys. Cruise travel insurance is a subcategory of travel insurance. While spending your holidays on a cruise is pleasurable, it is always advisable to purchase travel insurance for cruise trips. This type of plan includes numerous coverages that provide compensations for accidents, medical emergencies, cruise delays or cancellation, loss or delay of luggage, and so on.

Reasons to Buy a Cruise Travel Insurance Plan

Securing your travel experience with the best travel insurance for cruises has multiple merits in terms of finances as well as travel preparation. Read below to find out more about the benefits of purchasing a cruise travel insurance policy.

Medical Emergency Support:

Despite the availability of medical facilities on board, you may require additional assistance in extreme circumstances. While managing such a situation is difficult, having monetary support and access to network hospitals can simplify the entire process to a great extent. With travel insurance for cruise ships, you can easily avail of support whether facing any health issue or other difficulty.

Cover for Cancellation of Cruise Bookings:

With cruise bookings costing a lot, cancellations can often prove burdensome on your finances. In such cases, a travel insurance policy can be of great help as it can provide you with adequate compensation to cover your losses in the event of cancellation of the cruise.

Support if You Miss Your Cruise:

There can be some situations due to which you might not arrive on time and end up missing your cruise. Some of the major reasons included here are traffic blockage, accidents, delays in the arrival of a bus or flight, loss of valuables like passports, baggage, etc. If your reason for missing the cruise is included in the approved list of your provider, you can avail of compensation in such cases.

Loss of Your Luggage Covered:

While missing or lost luggage is more frequent on flights and airports, the possibility of the same happening on a cruise is always present. This could bring significant losses in terms of finances if your luggage consisted of valuable items. Here, a travel insurance policy can reimburse for the same.

Compensation for Loss of Personal Belongings and Identity Proof:

Loss of documents and personal valuables like passports, wallets, ATM cards, and Visa can bring massive trouble. It is particularly the case when you are visiting a place for the first time. With a travel insurance plan, however, you can receive compensation that can help you get back home or make temporary arrangements regarding the documents.

Travel Insurance by Age Group 
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Where to Purchase the Best Travel Insurance for Cruise in the UAE?

Conducting in-depth research related to the travel insurance companies as well as plans is the only way to get the best cruise travel insurance plan for yourself. You can easily check the top travel insurance plans in the UAE at in the ‘travel insurance’ section. 

Shortlist the plans that suit your requirements and verify if their prices are reasonable as per their benefits. You can also customise your selected plan here. Once all these steps are completed, you can apply for the plan by providing the specified details and documents. All these steps can be completed on, although you can also visit the website or a branch of your preferred insurance provider.

Best Cruise Travel Insurance in UAE

Here is a comprehensive list of cheap Cruise travel insurance plans in Dubai, UAE :

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
See More Plans >>

Key Takeaways

If you plan a mini voyage on a cruise, it is crucial to obtain travel insurance for cruise trips. Undertaking thorough research will acquaint you with the best travel insurance for cruises. However, to clarify your questions regarding any of them, you can contact us or your preferred insurance provider to seek assistance. 

Before exiting, check out some key details related to cruise travel insurance below.

Cruise Travel Insurance FAQs

Does a travel insurance policy for cruise trips cover missed cruise expenses?

Yes, if you miss the cruise, you can claim your cruise travel insurance. The reasons behind a missed cruise include accidents, loss of important documents, luggage or valuables, traffic jams, missed flights or buses, and more. You should, however, verify if your reason for the same is covered under the plan.

What is the ideal time to purchase a cruise travel insurance plan?

The moment you complete your cruise booking, you should get a cruise travel insurance policy. As a general rule, you should purchase travel insurance for cruises the earliest to get the best deals.

How much does travel insurance for cruise trips cost?

The cost of a cruise travel insurance policy varies as per the coverage included, tenure, and other factors. You need to visit the official website of an insurance provider and verify the exact price.

How to contact the insurance company to claim a travel insurance policy?

The method of claiming a travel insurance policy depends on the concerned insurance provider. You may be required to either fill up a form on the official website or contact the insurance company via a call through its toll-free number.

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