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The policy seekers are always on a lookout for the cheapest car insurance in UAE.

There are many insurance companies that claim to provide attractive and feasible options as the best car insurance in UAE in order to provide the residents with a comprehensive choice. However, these claims are not true always. This is why it is best to ensure that you are able to bag in the best policy in UAE that is also super affordable.

Here are some guidelines laid out after carrying out thorough research,  in order to help you find the cheapest car insurance in UAE.

Providers of the Best Car insurance in UAE

There are numerous providers that offer the best car insurance in UAE. Below are some of those providers, not only do they offer the best and the cheapest car insurance in uae but also offer additional perks such as hassle-free commutes with the help of a replacement car, agency repair services, roadside assistance, etc.

Noor Takaful Car Insurance

With the car takaful offered by Noor Takaful, you are not only covered in the best possible manner against any type of damage or loss but you are also offered a quick settlement of claims in an efficient manner to ensure minimum inconvenience.

Oriental Car Insurance

Oriental Car Insurance in the UAE provides a complete and comprehensive care package for your car. From theft and fire to any collision, all the damages caused to your prized possession are covered. Additionally, you are also provided with a shield against any third party liabilities that are ought to occur in case of any road accident.

Union Car Insurance

No matter what car you drive, Union Insurance believes in providing tailor-made coverage solutions for all to meet their personalized requirements and needs. Ranging from just the basic car insurance policy to a host of add-ons, Union has it all for you. 

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How Can You Get The Cheapest Car Insurance in UAE?

To begin with, let’s first clear the idea of how the car insurance cost in Dubai is calculated. For example, if your car’s value is somewhere AED 10,000 and AED 300,000, the starting car insurance premium will be somewhere around 3%. Cars that have a cost below AED 10,000 the average rate comes out to be near 3% and cars that have a cost value above AED 300,000 the average rate comes out to be around 2.75%. There are also few other factors that affect the car insurance premium rate such as age, driver’s license, type of car (SUV, brand new, sports car) and the registered Emirates region.

There are a few tips that you can keep in mind in order to reduce the overall car insurance cost in Dubai and other Emirates.  All of these factors  have their own roles when it comes to lowering the car insurance Dubai price:

  • Making a wise choice for your car
  • Reducing the kilometers
  • Making use of the no claims discount
  • Taking advantage of the bulk discount by insuring multiple cars with the provider
  • Making sure your car is in the best shape
  • Comparing wisely among your options

These are the key factors when we talk about bagging the cheapest car insurance in UAE. There are also a few other techniques that you can use to reduce the rates of your policy, such as:

  • Maximizing the available discount
  • Driving with caution and safety
  • Buying a safe car
  • Keeping a constant check on your credit scores
  • Paying for the policy upfront
  • Getting and comparing quotes online
  • Bundling it with another form of insurance

How To Get  An Affordable Car Insurance Renewal?

There are a number of ways that can help in reducing the car-renewal fees that you will have to pay:

Shopping Around

It is always best to get quotes from different insurance providers. In this manner, you can find a list of providers offering the cheapest car insurance in UAE and then use this information to further bargain to bag the best deal.

Avoiding Unnecessary Add-Ons

Usually, the policies in the market come with numerous add-ons that most buyers don’t end up using. Eliminating any such extras from your policy can help in making a visible difference in your overall premium charges.

Keeping a Low-Value Car

It is simple – the lower the value of your car, the lower will be the premium charged. This can help in getting a good discount on the annual premium payments.

Raising the Deductibles

Raising the excess amount that you are liable to cover in case of accidental damage caused to your insured vehicle can help in significantly reducing the annual premium.

Keeping Your Record Clean

If you are holding a crystal clear driving record, it can help you in getting cheaper premium rates when you plan to renew your car insurance policy. There is also a chance that the provider offers you a no claims discount.

Discount for Multiple Vehicles

There is a possibility to obtain a bulk discount upon insuring multiple vehicles with the same provider.

Is There Any Age To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance in UAE?

The possibility of getting the cheapest car insurance in UAE increases high with age.

For instance, you are a decent driver, so every time that you renew the best car insurance in uae, you can expect the insurance to decrease. This can even happen before you reach the age of 25. However, this decrease in the insurance cost is even more once you cross the age of 25. The reason behind this is that the insurers witness a drop in the number of claims as per the different age groups.

Disclaimer: This drop is largely dependent on the driving record being clean. Which means no traffic violations or accidents!

For the drivers that fall under the young bracket, the rate falls as the driving experience rises. However, any particular situation can lead to certain variations. For example, if you are someone with multiple tickets or you are someone who has been part of numerous accidents, these factors can go against any age-related discounts.

The Bottom Line

There are few other factors that can affect your premium charges, and should be kept in mind in order to find the most affordable yet the best car insurance in UAE:

  • Driving record
  • Discounts by the providers
  • Credit history, gender, and marital status
  • Location
  • Where you usually drive, and the frequency
  • Coverage limits and types
  • The vehicle that is driven

So, the next time you step out to look for the best and most affordable car insurance options, you know the factors that need to be considered and the place where you can look for them!

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