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Al Sagr National Insurance Company or ASNIC works towards offering the most cost-effective services to their customers. It involves the benefit of professional management of the services it offers.

With expertise in the field of health insurance, the ASNIC has carefully designed a host of Al Sagr Health Insurance plans. These ASNIC health insurance products are suitable for groups as well as individuals.

The family and individual plans provide a variety of compliant products that include enhancing comprehensive, basic coverage. This coverage depends upon the visa type of the member. These insurance plans offer unique benefits that suit all the needs of the policyholder.

Top Al Sagr Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

Here are the best Al Sagr Health Insurance Plans in Dubai, UAE:

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Steel 1,50,000 Upto AED 1,500
Bronze 1,50,000 Upto AED 2,000
Silver  1,50,000 Upto Medical Cover
Gold 2,50,000 Upto Medical Cover
Diamond  5,00,000 Upto Medical Cover
Platinum  10,00,000 Upto Medical Cover
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Features and Benefits of Al Sagr Health Insurance

Following are the benefits and features of Al Sagr Health Insurance.

High Standards

The Al Sagr provides personalized attention towards offering high standard services to the policyholder.

Value-added Services

The policyholder can enjoy various effective as well as efficient value-added services on this Al Sagr medical insurance.

Product Design

This health insurance has a flexible and convenient product design which can be suitable for the policyholder.

Comprehensive Covers

The medical insurance policy includes a variety of covers for the benefit of the policyholder.

Easy Claim Settlement

The policyholder can avail quick processing of their claims and easy claim settlement on this Al Sagr Health Insurance UAE.

Online Portals

There is a facility of online portals for the quotation services on this policy.

Adequate Health Care

One of the main purposes of this medical product by Al Sagr is providing sufficient and adequate coverage of health care to the policyholder.

Types of Al Sagr Health Insurance

Following are the types of Al Sagr Health Insurance Plans.

  1. Abu Dhabi Health Plans (for those members who are based in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi)
  2. Dubai Health Plans (for Visa holders of Dubai, based in the Emirate of Dubai)
  3. North Emirates Health Plans (for the Visa holders of North Emirates)

Al Sagr Health Insurance Inclusions

Following are some of the inclusions on this Al Sagr Medical Insurance as classified under the benefits they offer.

Category Inclusions
Out-Patient Benefits
  • Consultation charges for specialists as well as general practitioners
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cost of radiology services and prescribed laboratory
  • Expenses on prescribed medications through licensed pharmacies
In-Patient Benefits
  • Charges incurred on hospitalization (accommodation & other services in the hospital)
  • Fees charged by the doctor
  • Medications (prescribed)
  • Other medical costs including the Operation Theater
Additional Benefits
  • Optical Benefits
  • Dental Benefits
  • Many more additional benefits
Free of Cost Built-in Benefits
  • Second Medical Consultation or Opinion
  • International Assistance

Note: The Al Sagr Health Insurance Policy includes a variety of comprehensive covers. The covers not included in this policy are the exclusions of the policy.

Network Hospital

Al Sagr Insurance Network Hospital List is primarily managed by two networks, NEXTCARE RN and NEXTCARE GN. The Gold plan is managed by NEXTCARE RN list of the provider network, the Silver and Bronze plans are managed by NEXTCARE RN2, and the Platinum and Diamond plans are managed by NEXTCARE GN.

Al Sagr Health Insurance FAQ's

Q1. Which Emirates of the UAE does this health insurance operate in?

Ans: Al Sagr National Insurance Company has licenses for operating in all the Emirates of the UAE.

Q2: What all health authorities are involved in this Al Sagr Medical Insurance?

Ans: The following health authorities are involved in this medical insurance.

  1. DOH (Abu Dhabi Department of Health) gives the license to provide health insurance for the Visa holders of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.
  2. DHA (Dubai Health Authority) HIP (Health Insurance Permit) for operating in Dubai for the Visa holders of Dubai.

Q3. Which medical providers are involved in this health insurance policy?

Ans: The ASNIC has contracted with NAS and Next Care for administrating their policies. These health providers are equipped in providing you with efficient and required health care.

Q4. What all additional covers are offered in this Al Sagr Health Insurance?

Ans:: You can avail optical benefits, dental benefits, and various other additional benefits on this health insurance.

Q5. Are there any free of cost benefits included in this policy?

Ans: Yes. You can avail international assistance as well as a second medical opinion under the free of cost built-in benefits.

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