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Al Sagr National Insurance Company, or ASNIC, provides world-class general, life and medical insurance services for individuals, SMEs and MNCs. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Dubai. With over four decades of experience, ASNIC offers comprehensive and cost-effective services with its crew of professional and dedicated staff. 

Al Sagr is also popular for its customer-centric approach. Amongst various services, Al Sagr is well-known for its smooth and rapid health insurance claim process in UAE. If you are a policyholder with Al Sagr health insurance, it is crucial to comprehend its claim process as it will help you to receive reimbursement for medical expenses covered under your policy.

In this article, we have explained the Al Sagr health insurance claim process in detail, including the steps involved in the claim process, the documents required and more. The information will help you to understand how to make a claim, the types of claims, what to expect during the claim process, what documents should be ready while making a claim, how long it takes to receive a reimbursement and more.  

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Al Sagr Medical Insurance - An Overview

With over 30 years of experience in medical insurance, Al Sagr Insurance provides its clients with best-in-class medical insurance with comprehensive coverage. It caters to the medical insurance needs of UAE residents with many options and benefits. Licenced by all health regulators of the UAE, its insurance policies are a top-notch choice for UAE residents. From Basic Protection to Elite Platinum coverage., Al Sagr provides high flexibility when opting for a health insurance plan.

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Al Sagr Health Insurance Claims 

Al Sagr provides three types of medical claim services - Emergency, Non-Emergency and Reimbursement Claims. 

Given below is detailed information on each type of Al Sagr health insurance claim in the UAE - 

1. Non-Emergency (Empanelled Hospitals) -

Non-emergency or empanelled hospital claim refers to a claim submitted by the policyholders for medical treatment received at a hospital that is part of a network of healthcare providers with which the Al Sagr has a tie-up. These types of claims also include scheduled healthcare visits.

Follow the given steps to initiate the Al Sagr non-emergency and empanelled hospital claim in the UAE - 

  • Call the Al Sagr claim centre for the required aid. 
  • The concerned customer care team will connect you with the claim centre doctors, who will assist you in selecting and arranging an appropriate medical facility based on your health insurance policy.
  • You can check the empanelled hospitals list and verify the same.
  • Visit the said medical facility with your valid insurance card.
  • If you face any trouble during your treatment, you can dial the round-the-clock customer care number on the back of your insurance card.
  • For outside UAE treatments, you can follow the same procedure, and direct billing shall be arranged for the same.
  • Getting medicine invoices and other relevant healthcare documents signed by your concerned healthcare provider for future purposes (if required) is advisable.

2. Emergency Claims (Both Network and Non-Network Hospitals)

  • If you go to the empanelled hospital in an emergency, you are just required to present your Al Sagr health insurance card to the concerned medical facility. The hospital authorities shall contact TPA and provide all the necessary information. Meanwhile, Al Sagr will arrange the settlement of expenses for the covered treatment and pay the funds directly to the hospital authorities.
  • If you go to the empanelled hospital for emergency care, you must pay the medical expenses out of your pocket, and then you can submit the reimbursement claim request.
  • You can contact TPA through our 24/7 claims centre for outside UAE emergency treatment. The required contact number is given on the backside of your insurance card. Per the policy terms and provisions, the bill shall be settled directly with the hospital.

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3. Reimbursement Claim (Non-Network Hospital)

If the medically insured person seeks treatment outside the network of empanelled hospitals, the insured person initially bears the cost of treatment. Afterwards, they can submit the reimbursement claim request. 

Follow the given steps to initiate the Al Sagr reimbursement claim process- 

Collect the following documents and send them to the Human Resources Department or Al Sagr at It is to be noted that the documents should be submitted within 90 days of service - 

  • A duly filled, signed and stamped claim form from your treating doctor. 
  • Receipts or invoices of all individual treatments and medication prescriptions.
  • Diagnostic test reports (if any).
  • Medical reports, including surgical reports, discharge summaries, lab results, and radiologic reports (if any).
  • Your Al Sagr health insurance card number
  • Once you have uploaded or submitted the documents, the insurer will assess your claim application and settle the claim within 21 working days of submission of documents per your health insurance policy terms and conditions.

Things to Consider While Submitting Al Sagr Heath Insurance Claim in UAE

Keep the following things in mind while submitting the Al Sagr health insurance claim-

  • Remember to include all the necessary information on the reimbursement form to avoid unnecessary delays in processing. 
  • Ensure that the details are accurate and up-to-date. Any discrepancies shall reject your claim right away.
  • Include comprehensive information about your hospitalisation or outpatient therapy treatment.
  • Give the appropriate bank contact information for fast settlement of reimbursement claims.
  • Fill out separate forms when submitting multiple claims at once to avoid confusion at a later point.

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To Wrap Up

Al Sagr Health Insurance provides various health insurance plans for individuals, families, and businesses. With a wide range of coverage options, It offers the coverage you need to protect you and your family from catastrophic healthcare costs. 

Apart from the comprehensive coverage of its health insurance plans, Al Sagr's simple medical insurance claim process is a testament to its dedication to providing excellent customer service and evolving needs of policyholders. By providing a user-friendly online platform, quick turnaround time, and efficient customer service, Al Sagr has made the process of filing a claim as easy as possible. With Al Sagr's commitment to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience, you can rest assured that your medical expenses shall be taken care of promptly and efficiently.

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