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Established in 1991, the Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance company is among the first companies listed in the Dubai Financial Market. With a presence of over 30 years in the UAE insurance market, it provides worldwide health insurance plans to fulfil the requirements of individuals residing in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and others. DNIRC has collaborated with top-notch Third Party Administrators to offer excellent medical claim services, and has a wide network of service providers as well as cost-effective plans. more

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Worldwide Coverage
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Covid-19 Covered
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Claim Assistance

Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Co or DNI is one of the very first insurance companies that were listed in the Dubai Financial market. It has been operating since 1991 with a large number of public shareholders from across the nation including some very prominent top businessmen. DNIRC is a public shareholding company that is currently operating in the United Arab Emirates with a rather conservative approach working well within the guidelines of Federal Law 6 of 2007 and maintain an impressive steady growth.

Dubai National Insurance (DNI) is supported by a number of leading names in the world of reinsurers like Swiss Re, Munich Re, and SCOR. With over 26 years of experience, Dubai National Insurance (DNI) is seen as one of the most experienced and trusted insurance providers in the UAE market, regardless of the niche. From property to vehicles, accidents, medical and health, engineering, and life, there are several variants of insurance plans that are offered by DNI on both personal and commercial levels. Keeping customer service at the top of the ladder, DNIRC has become one of the pioneers of the UAE insurance sector offering top-notch healthcare-related and otherwise insurance plans thanks to the unique benefits offered and the state-of-the-art technology.

Features & Benefits of DNI Insurance

Comprehensive Plans: DNI offers a wide range of service coverage for the policyholders to cover not only essential but additional medical expenses.

Freedom of Customisation: Policyholders can freely customize their insurance plans and ensure that it suits their individual needs ideally.  

Exceptional Customer Services: The 24x7 extraordinary customer service network of DNI ensures that customers are always backed with a helping hand.

Medical Network: DNI has thousands of medical network connections ensuring wide coverage of facilities in a large number of medical institutions across the UAE.

Easy Claim Process: Fuss-free claim procedure with access from both inside and outside of UAE makes it easy for customers to avail of the benefits.

Best DNI Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

Here are the top DNI Insurance Insurance Plans in Dubai, UAE:

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Essential 1,50,000 Upto AED 2,500 View Quotes
Silver 1,50,000 Upto Medical Cover View Quotes
Gold 2,50,000 Upto Medical Cover View Quotes
Diamond 7,50,000 Upto Medical Cover View Quotes
Platinum 10,00,000 Upto Medical Cover View Quotes
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Types of Dubai National Insurance (DNI) Health Insurance plans

There are two basic types of health insurance uae plans offered by DNI to the policyholders – personal insurance plans (that may include both individual and family plans) and commercial insurance plans.

Individual and Family Plans

Available in different scopes including Essential, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Platinum Plus. Starting from Essential at AED 150,000, the coverage amount of plans increases till Platinum Plus and reaches a maximum of AED 1,500,000. The coverage of these plans differs as per the medical network connection for each plan, emergency and elective treatment coverage, and a few other factors. Following are the two main kinds of individual and family plans available from DNI.

Regional Plans

  • Includes Gold, Silver, and Diamond plans
  • Covers UAE, Gulf countries or GCC (excluding Silver plans) and South East Asia
  • 100% cost covered from service providers of Network and 80% for outside the Network providers
  • Includes out-patient and in-patient benefits like therapies, ambulance services, consultation, nursing, hospital charges, and alternative medicines.  
  • An enhanced network coverage as per the plan opted for maximum support.

Worldwide Plans

  • Works with Platinum, Family Care Plus and Platinum Plus Plans
  • The plans can be customized by the policyholders as per their individual needs or the combined needs of the family.
  • Emergency worldwide coverage except for the USA and Canada
  • Covers all in-patient and out-patient services like therapies, ambulance services, consultation, nursing, hospital charges, and alternative medicines.  
  • Available with Platinum, Platinum Plus, Gold Premium, Silver Premium, Silver, Classic, Green and Silk Road DNI Network Hospital Lists.
  • Includes coverage for private hospitalization.

Business/Commercial Medical Plans

The commercial medical plans of DNI offer exceptional medical benefits to people looking for essential coverage for their employees regardless of the business type, size and insured sum required. All the commercial plans can be widely categorized into three categories which are as follows

Regional/Local Plans

  • Includes plans like basic, Khaleej Care Plus, Local Care, Local Care Plus, Silk Road Plus, Essential and Essential Plus.
  • Covers both in-patient and out-patient services like hospitalization (private, semi-private and shared), several therapies, ambulance services, nursing and care and consultation
  • Additional coverage includes maternity, dental, optical and annual checkups all of which are optional.
  • Can be easily customized as per the requirement of the employers.

Worldwide Plans

  • Includes Universal Plus, Thuraya Care, Universal, and Euro Care Plus plan applicable worldwide except the USA and Canada (Universal and Euro Care plus)
  • Covers services like private hospitalization, therapies, private nursing, ambulance services, alternate medicines, vaccination for children, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Additional optional benefits include dental, maternity, optical and routine annual checkups.
  • Customizable as per the requirements of the group.

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Dubai National Insurance (DNI) Health Insurance Inclusions

All basic services like private, semi-private, and shared hospitalization, prescription medicines, surgeries and therapies, tests like CT scan, primary consultation, specialist consultation, and diagnostic tests are generally covered in DNI health insurance plans unless specified otherwise.

Plans Coverage
Individual and Family Plans
Regional Plans
  • In-patient and out-patient
  • Emergency Services (except Essential Plan)
  • Prescription Drugs and Consultations
  • Diagnostics, Surgery, Nursing and Hospitalisation
Worldwide Plans
  • In-patient and out-patient
  • Emergency Services (except Essential Plan)
  • Prescription Drugs and Consultations
  • Diagnostics, Surgery, Nursing and Hospitalisation
Commercial Plans
Regional Plans
  • In-patient and out-patient
  • Hospital charges
  • Consultation and Diagnostics
  • Optional coverage for maternity, dental, optical
Worldwide Plans
  • In-patient and out-patient
  • Hospital charges
  • Consultation and Diagnostics
  • Optional coverage for maternity, dental, optical

Dubai National Insurance (DNI) Health Insurance Exclusions

Except for a select few health insurance plans from DNI, most international insurance plans do not cover medical expenses incurred in the USA and Canada. Vaccination for children is also a benefit that is not covered in the majority of health insurance plans along with the elective and emergency treatment that is not covered in basic individual plans. In the end, the exclusions of the medical insurance dubai plans, individual, family, or commercial depend upon the plan that you opt for.

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Why should one Choose DNI?

Easy comparison of insurance plans, comprehensive benefits, wide-coverage, and transparency are just a few of the many reasons that anyone should DNI as their insurance provider. Add these practical reasons to the credibility and goodwill of the company and you will have a fine insurance company that delivers every promise that they make while keeping operations and terms of the plan as transparent as they should be. The freedom of customization and the round-the-clock customer services also adds to the long list of reason why one should choose Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Co as their insurance provider.

DNI Insurance Claims Process

The claim procedure of Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Co is rather simple. All you need is a duly filled Reimbursement form for claim submission attached with all the documents required which include a copy of your health card, original bills and invoices, prescriptions for medicines, copy of diagnostic reports, and medical reports for hospitalisations signed/stamped by the doctor in charge of treating. Missing documents cases are escalated and a 15-day window is given to submit the said documents. The claim submissions can be easily made online now from the official website of DNI.

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