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Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance P.S.C is a publicly traded company, adhering to the regulations set forth in Federal Law 6 of 2007 in the UAE. DNIRC's inception dates back to 1991 when it earned the distinction of being among the pioneer insurance companies listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). With substantial backing and trust from a considerable number of national shareholders, including accomplished local entrepreneurs, the company embarked on its operations. ...read more

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When it comes to customer support, Dubai National Insurance (DNI) believes in providing timely assistance, addressing your concerns, whether they are complaints or suggestions, with utmost seriousness. The provider is committed to attending to your needs as promptly as possible. To make the process as convenient as can be, they have established various channels for customers to reach out. Here, we discuss how to get in touch with the DNIRC health insurance customer care to raise our related queries and concerns.

Contacting DNIRC Health Insurance Customer Care Support Team

Here, we discuss how to get in touch with the DNIRC health insurance customer care to raise our related queries and concerns.

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DNIRC's Multichannel Approach

To ensure that customers can easily access support, DNI has created a range of channels to cater to their diverse needs to reach their team. They are as follows:

Phone Support:

  • Telephone Number: 600 5 80000
  • Operating Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday to Friday

Online Support:

To communicate with one of the provider’s representatives, individuals can reach out to the DNIRC health insurance customer care via it’s official website, (https://www.dni.ae/ ).

The steps include:

  • Go to https://www.dni.ae/customer-care/complaints/
  • Fill in the details like complaint about, user type, name, mobile, email, policy number, etc.
  • Input the security code.
  • Click on submit.

Social Media:

For those who prefer written communication, DNI can be reached via social media via:

  • Linkedin - DNIUAE
  • Instagram - DNIUAE
  • Facebook - DNIUAE
  • Twitter - DNIUAE

List of DNIRC Offices:

You can visit any of the following offices in person to contact DNIRC Health Insurance Customer Care:

Address Details:

  • Dubai Office: Located in Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai, UAE, DNI's Dubai National Insurance Building is easily accessible and offers customer convenience. The postal address for this office is P.O. Box 1806.
  • Abu Dhabi Office: In Abu Dhabi, you can find DNI in the ADCP Building, Tower C, offering its services to the capital of the UAE. The postal address for this office is P.O. Box 129111. This strategic location ensures accessibility for residents in the region.

Dubai Office

Dubai National Insurance Building, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai, UAE, P.O. Box: 1806

Abu Dhabi Office

ADCP Building, Tower C, Abu Dhabi, UAE, P.O Box: 129111

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Complaints Handling Procedure of DNIRC Health Insurance Customer Care

DNI recognizes that different customers have different needs, and they have structured their approach to meet these needs effectively. They categorize insurance as 'Personal,' 'Commercial,' or 'Others,' and ask users to specify their area of interest.

Efficient Handling of Complaints

DNI understands that there might be occasions where customers are not entirely satisfied with their products or services. To address this, they have put in place a comprehensive complaints handling process.

  • Logging a Complaint: Customers who are not satisfied with DNI's products and services can log a complaint through various channels, including the DNI website, contact center, social media, or DNI branches and will be replied to within one working day.
  • Complaint Registration: Upon logging a complaint, DNI registers the complaint and provides the customer with a unique reference ID via SMS or email.
  • Complaint Investigation: DNI's team conducts a thorough investigation of the complaint, and they commit to contacting the customer with a resolution within five working days, adhering to policy terms and conditions.
  • Complaint Resolution: Following the investigation, DNI health insurance customer care team contacts the policyholder to gather feedback and ensure satisfaction with the complaint resolution.
  • Escalation Process: If the customer remains unsatisfied with the resolution, DNI provides an escalation process to address further concerns.

Seeking Regulatory Assistance

Should customers remain dissatisfied with DNI's resolution, they have the option to escalate their concerns to regulatory authorities. DNI provides contact information for authorities such as the Insurance Central Bank (CB), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi (DOH). Here's a guide to understanding how you can escalate your concerns to regulatory authorities in case you find yourself seeking additional support.

For All Insurance-Related Complaints: The Insurance Central Bank (CB)

If your complaint is related to insurance matters, the Insurance Central Bank (CB) of the UAE is the first point of contact. Here's how you can reach out to them:

  • Online Complaint Form: The CB offers an online complaint submission form, making it convenient for you to detail your concerns. You can access this form at CB Online Complaint Form.
  • Telephone Contact: You can also reach the CB via telephone at 800 (CBUAE) 22823.

For Health Insurance-Related Complaints: Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

In the case of health insurance-related complaints, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is your go-to authority. Here's how you can get in touch with them:

  • Online Enquiry Form: DHA provides an online platform for you to submit your health insurance-related concerns. You can access this form at DHA Online Enquiry Form.
  • Email Contact: You can email your health insurance complaints to DHA at ISAHD@DHA.gov.ae.
  • Toll-Free Assistance: DHA offers 24/7 toll-free support at 800342 (800 DHA) for your convenience.

For Health Insurance Complaints in Abu Dhabi: Department of Health (DOH)

If you're in Abu Dhabi and have health insurance concerns, the Department of Health (DOH) is the regulatory body to contact. Here's how you can reach out to them:

  • Online Complaint Form: DOH provides an online platform for submitting health insurance complaints. You can access this form at DOH Online Complaint Form.
  • Telephone Contact: You can also get in touch with DOH by calling +971 2 449 3333.

For Feedback

For any feedback you can reach out to DNIRC health insurance customer care at:

  • Email: contactcenter@dni.ae 
  • Website: www.dni.ae 
  • Phone: 600 5 80000

In a Nutshell

DNI's commitment to prompt and effective customer care is reflected in their multichannel approach and their systematic handling of complaints. The DNIRC customer care team promises their policyholders to take their concerns seriously and strives to address them efficiently, maintaining transparency and fairness throughout the process.

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