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Established in 1991, Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Co. (DNIRC) is a leading insurance provider in the UAE. With a market experience of over 30 years, the insurance company is reputed to offer motor, marine, health, travel, group, life, and personal accident insurance plans for personal and commercial purposes. 

DNIRC’s health insurance plans offer extensive healthcare coverage through more than 1,000 healthcare providers in its network of hospitals. If you already possess a health insurance plan from DNIRC, it is advised to renew it on time to continue availing of the benefits associated with the plan. This article offers you insights into how you can renew your DNIRC health insurance plan and more.

How to Renew DNI Health Insurance Online?

It is essential to renew your DNI (DNIRC) health insurance plan on time to continue availing of the policy benefits without any hiccups. If you secured your DNI health insurance plan via Policybazaar UAE, you can easily renew the same online using the third-party aggregator website. Here, you get the option to make a choice between continuing with the same plan or switching the plan.  To initiate the renewal process via, you can perform the following steps -

Step 1: Visit the official website of Policybazaar and log in to your account.

Step 2: You will be directed to your user dashboard where you can find all the existing policies.

Step 3: On the dashboard, you will find a reminder/notification about renewing your DNI health insurance policy. For this, fill in the lead form and declare any new critical illness or recent diagnosis.

Step 4: Once you fill in the form, you will be navigated to our Quotes Page. Here, if you are satisfied with the existing DNI health insurance policy, you can click on the Premium Amount tab against the same. However, if you plan on switching the plan, you can compare the features of the plans offered by the leading provider on the Quotes Page.

Step 5: Once you have made the decision, click on the premium amount tab. You will be directed to the policy application form where you need to provide all the relevant information about your existing diseases and health condition. Here, you can also opt for riders that will help you make your plan more comprehensive.

Step 6: Post this, make the required payment using your debit/credit card or net banking platform. 
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What Happens When You Do Not Renew Your DNI Health Insurance Plan on Time?

In the UAE, it is mandatory to renew your health insurance plan within the grace period to avoid policy lapse. It is because if the policy lapses, you will end up losing all the benefits you were receiving when your DNI health insurance policy was active. This includes benefits like cumulative bonuses and waiting period benefits. Besides this, the other consequences could be -

  • Interruption in the Coverage - If you do not renew your DNI health insurance plan timely in the grace period, the policy lapses. It implies that if you file any claim between the policy expiration and renewal duration will get rejected. To restart the coverage, you would need to purchase a new policy.
  • More Waiting Period - Once the current policy lapses, so does the waiting period from the previous policy. This implies you would not be covered for pre-existing medical conditions or maternity benefits instantly when you purchase a new health insurance plan. In other words, you would need to complete the waiting period once again.
  • Higher Premium - If you fail to renew your policy within the grace period, you would need to buy a new policy. Not only does it mean that you would need to go through the waiting period all over again but also your premium will also be calculated from the scratch. Every factor including a new illness will be taken into account when estimating the premium. This will increase the premium. 
  • Loss of Cumulated No-Claim Bonus - If you miss renewing your DNI health insurance plan on time, you will lose the accumulated no-claim bonus discount benefit. This loss of benefit can result in paying a higher premium.  
  • Requirement to Undergo Detailed Medical Check-ups - Had you renewed your DNI health insurance plan on time, you would not need to go through an elaborated health checkup at the time of policy renewal. However, once the policy lapses, to avail new health insurance plan, you would need to undergo a detailed medical examination. This can delay the purchase which can result in you remaining uncovered in case a medical emergency occurs.

What is an Insurance Continuity Certificate?

If you change jobs in the UAE, your previous organisation must provide you with an Insurance Continuity Certificate before you hand over your current insurance card. All insurance providers have a legal obligation to provide CoC without charge. The CoC is valid for 30 days from its issuance and assures your new employer that you enjoy insurance coverage and will not make insurance claims as soon as you join the firm.

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The Importance of An Insurance Continuity Certificate

The Insurance Continuity Certificate is essential because it provides proof that you have continuous insurance coverage. It's necessary to prove your credibility when dealing with creditors, lenders, and third parties who need assurance that the policyholder has ample coverage before the new firm provides you with insurance. The certificate also safeguards you against any lawsuits or legal proceedings.

Things to Consider When Renewing Your DNIRC Health Insurance Plan Online

Your responsibility as an insured does not end with purchasing a health insurance plan for yourself. It extends to timely renewal and ensuring that you take several factors into account during the process. The following are some factors you should consider at the time of your DNIRC health insurance policy renewal online -

  • You should renew your policy before the deadline: You should renew your health insurance policy before it expires. If you do not renew your health insurance policy before its deadline, you are still entitled to a grace period of up to 15 days, depending on the plan.
  • Review the requirements for your health insurance: When you are ready to renew your health policy, review the contract carefully and make any changes as needed. It includes adding family members who may need coverage.
  • Disclose any new medical condition - Since your health insurance plan is an annual contract, its terms get revised every year owing to the changes in existing health conditions. Thus, at the time of policy renewal, you should remain indiscreet about all the new developments in your medical condition since the previous policy tenure. 
  • Compare Your Options - While most of you would find it more feasible to continue with the same policy provider, it is always advised to compare the options available to you. On third-party aggregators like, you can compare the features of several plans provided by the leading providers in the UAE before renewing your policy.   You can opt for portability where you can switch your provider while keeping the benefits and features of the existing policy intact.
  • Consider Including Riders - If you find the benefits provided in the current health insurance plan are not enough, you can opt to include riders at the time of policy renewal and make the plan more comprehensive.

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It is essential to renew your DNIRC health insurance online on time to avoid policy lapse and the loss of cumulative benefits. The process to renew your health insurance plan online is simple and requires minimum paperwork. One of the most convenient ways to renew your DNIRC health insurance plan online is via Policybazaar. We provide timely reminders about renewal during the grace period, preventing you from lapsing your policy. You have the option to continue with the same plan or switch the provider at your convenience when you renew your plan through

To know more about renewing your DNIRC health insurance online, read the following FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the grace period in health insurance?

The grace period is the extended policy tenure within which you need to renew your plan. In the UAE, the grace period is of 15 days. 

What happens if you do not renew your DNIRC health insurance online on time?

If you fail to renew your health insurance plan on time, you end up losing your uninterrupted coverage and accumulated benefits like no-claim bonus benefits and waiting period. 

Can you opt for riders when renewing your DNIRC health insurance plan online?

You can opt for add-on coverages to make your existing health insurance plan more comprehensive. However, this can increase the cost of the premium to be paid. 

Can you renew your health insurance once it lapses?

You would need to purchase a new health insurance plan at higher rates if your health insurance plan expires. Furthermore, you would not be able to enjoy the cumulated benefits of the previous policy.

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