Third-Party Car Insurance

Before we discuss the third party car insurance, it is important to understand the situations under which, car insurance is mandatory in UAE. It is necessary to have a car insurance policy before getting your car down the road, but there are various reasons why is it mandatory. One of the reasons for making the car insurance mandatory is  the growing road accidents in the UAE. Even though the traffic rules are strict in the country, perilous driving practices are relatively common, especially on the highways.

This causes a whopping 600 road accidents every year in the UAE. In the beginning, the number doesn’t look alarming; however, while comparing it with the size of the country and population, you get an alarming ratio to take care of. For every 100,000, 24 individuals get killed because of road accidents. The fact that road accidents are the second main cause of death in the country is also disturbing. Therefore, car insurance is important to ensure peace of mind behind the wheels.

What is Third-Party Car Insurance?

Third-party insurance is the most fundamental and obligatory type of car insurance as per the UAE law. The third-party car insurance, also known as liability issuance, is generally economical as compared to the comprehensive car insurance policy and covers all the damages caused to the third party by your vehicle. However, third party liability insurance does not cover any damages to the insured vehicle.

Third-party insurance Dubai is mandated by the law in order to register your vehicle.

Benefits of Third-Party Car Insurance in Dubai

Third party car insurance offers a range of benefits:

  • Insurance Protection against Liability: It ensures complete protection against liability arising from a third-party in case of an accident.
  • Protects Your Savings: It offers a financial safety net and restrains you from dipping into your lifetime savings.
  • Premiums at Affordable Rate: Third-party car insurance can be availed at an affordable rate.
  • Abide by the UAE Law: Third-party car insurance in UAE is mandatory by law, so one can’t deny it.

Inclusions of the Third-Party Car Insurance:

  • Bodily injury or death of the third-party or individual.
  • Damage to third-party’s property caused by the insured car.

Exclusions of the Third-Party Car Insurance:

Third party car insurance does not include the following:

  • No option for car replacement.
  • Injuries/damages caused to the insured vehicle during a mishap.
  • Contractual liability is excluded.
  • Any damage caused due to an ongoing war, war-like situation, nuclear risk etc. is not covered.
  • Any injury or death of the owner-driver of the insured vehicle.
  • If someone drives before the required driving age in the UAE or is driving without a valid DL.
  • Intentional injury or damage.

Third-Party Car Insurance Premium in the UAE

Third party car insurance premium in the UAE is regulated by the UAE Insurance Authority. However, it has been noticed that car insurance cost in UAE has drastically been increased over the period. As comprehensive insurance comes with a higher cost, most of the people in the UAE prefer third party car insurance.

How to Buy Cheap Third-Party Car Insurance in the UAE

Car insurance comes handy in the hour of need. Apart from the coverage part, it is mandatory by the law. Hence, when you can’t do anything much in this part, you can do better when it comes to choosing the right third party insurance. Here’s how:

  • Explore the Market: Shop around, explore the various available options and buy the one that suits you. The best one might not be suited to you. Make an informed decision by considering the plan as per your requirement.
  • Car Mileage Counts: Insurers consider the more you drive, the more are the chances of meeting with accidents. Reducing your car mileage will lead to the lower insurance premium.
  • Bundle the Insurance Policies from One Insurer: It’s true that you can’t do much in case of third party car insurance premium, as it is decided by the UAE Insurance Authority. But, by buying multiple insurances from one insurance provider, you can ensure competitive premium rates.

Third-Party Car Insurance Renewal Process

To enjoy the policy benefits uninterruptedly, renewing car insurance policy on time is essential. You can renew the policy online or offline. To renew it online:

  • Visit the official website of the insurance provider in UAE
  • Mention the policy details such as policy number, type of policy etc.
  • Get the suggested premium
  • Pay the premiums online through credit/debit card, net banking
  • Get the instant renewal notification through SMS or mail

If you wish to renew the policy offline, you can visit the branch of the insurer, pay the premium by cheque or cash and get it renewed.

Compare Third-Party Car Insurance

Online comparison is the only mantra to ensure the right insurance policy for your prized possession. Comparison of car insurance enables you to find the policy that perfectly suits your needs. There are various comparison platforms that compare the plans for you on the basis of their offerings, premium, claim settlement ratio and finally suggest the best option for you.

How to Compare Third-Party Car Insurance?

In order to compare third party car insurance, you can approach any of the online aggregator websites like, provide the required details such as car make and model, manufacturing year, cubic capacity, personal information etc. The website will compare the plans and suggest the best option based on your requirement.

Wrapping it Up!

As it is mandatory to have car insurance in UAE, you just can’t afford to miss out on the necessary details. Third party insurance being one of the essential insurance coverage, a little more information in this regard will help you in the long run!

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