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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Imagine a situation where you get stuck in your car while driving for a completely neglected reason like running out of fuel. Since it is a situation that warrants panic, you may just get out of the car leaving the keys inside and locking it up. Your boss is constantly calling you to check up on your whereabouts since an important client is awaiting your presentation and you are just clueless as to where to go for help.

Now imagine, simply calling a resource number mentioned in the windshield sticker in your car that you choose to ignore every time. Maybe calling this number can add all your woes. Well, this is the number given by the car insurance company for emergency dial in. You can call on the helpline number which is given to you when you buy car insurance online in Dubai or even via an agent. With the kind of plan you have chosen, you may be eligible for a 24/7 assistance on road. In such a scenario, the technicians assigned will come to the site and help you open the door along with a fuel can to refuel your vehicle.

In this Article, we are going to Discuss a Checklist of things that you Definitely Should Consider when Applying for Car Insurance Online in Dubai: 

1. Covers Roadside Assistance:

As mentioned above, roadside assistance should be a priority feature that you must consider. When you are scouting for the best car insurance online in Dubai, definitely check for this feature, especially if you are buying a comprehensive insurance plan. The way roadside assistance works is by providing you with help whenever you are stuck in an unfortunate situation.

2. Kind of Coverage it Provides in the GCC Region:

This feature is another important factor to consider when you are applying for car insurance online in Dubai. The GCC region basically stands for Gulf Cooperation Council and the member states for the same are- Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and most recently even Yemen has joined this organization.

Now, if your insurance policy covers GCC region, then you get insurance cover across whole GCC region. So, for instance, tomorrow you feel like taking a road trip to Muscat or Doha, you do not need to get hassled about the insurance of your car. If your insurance covers GCC, then it surely will cover you and provide you with the much-needed help in these regions too.

3. Coverage for Repair by the Agency:

A lot of times while buying car insurance online in Dubai, the consumers do not realize the intricacies of coverage that the policy is entitled to provide you. For instance, you may realize only after the accident that your insurance provider would only pay for the garage repair and does not have a provision for a repair by the agency. In this scenario, you can only get your car repaired from the workshop that is approved by the manufacturer. However, in most insurance policies, if you buy a comprehensive car insurance plan, you get a feature of agency repair for a period of five years starting from the date of manufacture but it differs from provider to provider.  So, check for this feature and its cost before taking a policy.

4. Have a 4X4 Car? See if your Insurance Provider Offers you Off-Road Travel:

Various insurance companies provide you with a feature of off-road travel for cars such as a Land Cruiser, Jeep or Prado. If you are opting for this feature, it is crucial that you check for the terms and conditions of this particular add-on. For example, insurance companies would not cover wadi bashing or a sand dune affecting your car. By off-roading, it would only cover an accident that occurs on a road which is unmarked.

5. Coverage for Damage Caused to your Windscreen:

The Oman Insurance Company offers comprehensive insurance which covers windscreen damage repairs up to DH 3,000 without charging any extra premium at all. However, in the case of AIG Insurance Company charges an extra premium of a meager DH 10 and offers coverage of up to DH 5,000. One of the biggest advantages of having this particular feature is that you do not need to file any police complaint if any damage is caused to the windscreen. Since windscreens are sensitive, any rough use can cause a lot of damage to them.

6. See if your Insurance Provider Gives you the Benefit of a No-claims Bonus:

Almost all insurance providers give customers this benefit. Since no money of the insurance company is used to make up for the losses in the stipulated duration of the policy holding, the consumers are offered competitive prices for not making any claims. You need to find out about the money that you can get rewarded for a no-claim bonus. Additionally, this bonus is also an initiative undertaken by the authorities and insurance companies to promote safe driving by consumers of the insurance policies.

7. Benefit Cover of a Personal Accident for How Many People:

Personal accident cover is a must for insurance holders, especially if they do not have additional personal insurance. It provides coverage to the primary policyholders. While choosing an accident cover, you most definitely should check out the coverage it provides for the primary insurance holder. However, if you always have other passengers accompanying you, then it is preferred that you buy add-on covers for other insurance holders too.

8. Make a Decision Whether Third-Party Liability Insurance or a Comprehensive Policy is More Beneficial:

In Dubai, you have two options for insurance. One is the third party liability cover which is mandatory for car owners and second is a comprehensive cover. Under third-party cover, if you are liable for any damages caused to a third party involved in the accident, the insurance company compensates the third-party for its losses. However, the comprehensive car insurance policy provides coverage for both third-party and your own vehicle’s damage.

9. How Much Mandatory Excess do you Need to Pay?

Most of the car insurers charge a compulsory excess depending on the value and the model of the vehicle. For example- when it comes to a Nissan Sunny, the voluntary excess charged will be around DH 200 and if it’s a brand new model of Honda Accord, then the compulsory excess will be approximately around DH 300. The wise way to save up on paying an unrequired excess is by comparing the car insurance and seeing the different quotes offered depending upon the model you have purchased.

Summing It Up:

The above-mentioned pointers are pretty much the most important constituents of your checklist before buying a car insurance policy. However, there are other pointers that you need to check before buying car insurance too. Check through your requirements, your usage, and see whether the features fit all of those needs or not.  It is also important to see the cost of all the additional benefits, but remember to not to get lured by the ones offered, otherwise, you will end up paying an extra amount without ever using that particular feature.

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