Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers your vehicle as well as a third party’s vehicle or property in case there is an accident. Most of the comprehensive car insurance plans financially cover your vehicle against damages due to extreme weather conditions, theft, fire, civil disturbance, and more. You are also offered a no-claim bonus, roadside, and off-road assistance whenever required. Most comprehensive car insurance plans also offer add-ons like breakdown assistance coverage, tyre protect cover, and more. more

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Comprehensive car insurance is meant to cover third-party claims after an incident as well as damage caused to the policyholder’s vehicle. These mishaps can be a result of accidents, fire, theft, natural disasters, etc. The best thing about comprehensive car insurance is its customizability that can be used to roll out bespoke offers to customers depending on what they need from auto insurance. Buyers also get an option to upgrade their insurance plans using different add-ons like breakdown coverage, depreciation coverage, tyre protection coverage etc for enhanced protection. For a vehicle like Audi Q7 (2021 model) 3.0 L (333 HP), your comprehensive car insurance can cost you anything between AED 3500 to AED 8000.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Here we'll walk you through everything you need to know about comprehensive car insurance. Here, you will also learn about the features, benefits, claim and renewal process of comprehensive car insurance that'll assist you in making a right choice when you buy a plan for yourself.

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai

Here is a list of benefits of buying a comprehensive car insurance policy for your car when you are in Dubai.

  1. Coverage for your car:Comprehensive car insurance gives you complete coverage against your car damages. The best part is that it has some add-ons to customize a car insurance according to a buyer’s needs.
  2. Cost-Effective: Comprehensive car insurance is a cost effective option as it provides wider coverage and ensures protection for both third-party and the policyholder.
  3. Opt for Add-ons:With comprehensive car insurance plans you get enhanced coverage by opting for add-ons like tyre protection cover, passenger cover, breakdown assistance cover etc.
  4. Legal Coverage:It offers a wider legal coverage by protecting you against your own and third-party damages.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

  • Inculsions

  • Exculsions

Here is a list of Comprehensive Car Insurance inclusions.

  • Damage caused by Natural disasters like a wind storm, hail storm, etc.
  • Damage due to severe weather
  • Theft or Vandalism
  • Damage caused due to fire
  • Damage caused due to flood
  • Glass damage
  • Self-Ignition or Explosion
  • Damage caused by an act of civil disturbance
  • Damage to the third party

Here is a list of Comprehensive Car Insurance exclusions for you to consider before opting for comprehensive car insurance.

  • Mechanical or Electrical breakdown
  • Wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Damage incurred while using the car for illegal activities
  • Damage caused due to driving under the influence of drugs
  • Damage due when driving without a license
  • Damage caused due to driving in an inebriated state
  • Damage caused due to nuclear risk, war, or mutiny
  • Damage due to fraudulent accidents
  • Any kind of wilful damages caused to the vehicle
  • Damage caused by oil leakage
  • Cost of coolants, nuts, bolts and petrol
  • Contractual liabilities towards the vehicle

What are the Add-Ons in Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Add-ons are extras that help you craft the right insurance plans for your car. These are to customize a comprehensive car insurance policy beyond what’s given in the basic cover.

  1. Return to invoice: When a vehicle is damaged beyond repair, this kind of add-on helps you get a claim value that’s equal to the value mentioned on the invoice. The insurance company will refund you all the money that’s mentioned on the invoice.
  2. Tyre Protect Cover: Tyre damages occur when you least expect it. With this kind of add-on, the tyres are protected against all kinds of damages, including non-accidental events.
  3. Consumable Cover: This add-on keeps all the car consumables like bolts, engine oil, washers, coolant, nuts, etc. covered under your policy.
  4. Zero Depreciation Cover: With this kind of add-on, you can avoid paying car depreciation value at the time of claim settlement.
  5. Breakdown Assistance Cover: This cover offers roadside assistance in case you get stuck on the road due to a car breakdown, an empty fuel tank, or a flat tyre.
  6. Conveyance Benefit: This add-on helps you get a conveyance allowance from your insurance provider until your car gets repaired.
  7. Key Replacement Cover: Get a fresh set of keys without paying any extra charges if you’ve lost the original ones.
  8. Passenger Cover: This one is to ensure protection for your family and your loved ones. In case of a mishap, this kind of coverage takes care of a co-passenger’s financial needs till they recuperate.

Best Comprehensive Car Insurance Companies in UAE

Following is a list of the best comprehensive car insurance companies that are available in UAE along with a brief intro to the kinds of comprehensive car insurance plans offered by them:

Comprehensive Car Insurance Companies Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans
AXA Insurance
  • Motor Prestige Plan
  • Motor Perfect Plan
Watania Watania Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
Adamjee Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance
DNIRC DNIR Auto Care Scheme
RSA Insurance
  • Motor Executive
  • Motor Smart
Noor Takaful Noor Takaful Comprehensive Car Insurance
Tokio Marine
  • Tokio Must
  • Tokio Smart Plus
  • Tokio Million Privilege
Salama Insurance Salama Auto Takaful
Abu Dhabi National Takaful Car Insurance Comprehensive Motor Takaful Cover
Oriental Insurance Comprehensive Insurance Plan

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Best Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans in UAE

Following is a list of the best comprehensive car insurance plans available in UAE from the top car insurance companies:

Best Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans

Third-Party Property Damage Limit

Emergency Medical Expenses

Off-Road Cover

New Car Replacement

Roadside Assistance

AXA Motor Prestige AED 5 million Yes (AED 6,000) Yes 24 months Yes
Tokio Marine Tokio Million Privilege AED 5 million Yes (AED 10,000) Yes 13 months Yes
AXA Motor Perfect AED 3.5 million Yes (AED 3,500) Yes 6 months Yes
Noor Takaful Comprehensive Cover AED 2 million Yes (AED 4,000) Yes 6 months Yes
RSA Motor Executive AED 5 million Yes (AED 6,000) Yes 12 months Yes
Salama Auto Takaful AED 3.5 million Yes (AED 5,000) Yes - Yes
Tokio Marine Tokio Smart Plus AED 3.5 million Yes (AED 4,000) Yes 6 months Yes
RSA Motor Smart AED 3.5 million Yes (AED 3.500) Yes 6 months Yes
DNIR Auto Care Scheme AED 2 million Yes (AED 30,000) Yes - Yes
Adamjee Comprehensive Car Insurance AED 2 million Yes (AED 5,000) Yes - Yes

Comprehensive Car Insurance VS Third-Party Car Insurance

Covers Comprehensive Third-Party
Damage to Own Car due to an Accident Yes No
Damage to Own Car due to Fire Yes No
Damage to Own Car due to Natural Disaster Yes No
Damage to Third-Party Vehicle Yes Yes
Damage to Third-Party Property Yes Yes
Death/Injuries to a Third-Party person Yes Yes
Personal Accident Cover Yes Yes
Car Theft Yes No
Policy Customization Yes No

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How to Buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Online?

Here are a few simple steps that can help you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy online.

  1. Visit the Portal: You can visit the insurance provider’s websites individually or go to a marketplace like to get all the plans listed in one place.
  2. Enter Your Details: Enter a few simple details like manufacturing date, make and model number, fuel variant, your name, email, ID and contact number, etc to get all the suitable plans listed on your screen.
  3. Choose the plan: Go through different car insurance plans and pick one that best fits your needs.
  4. Customize Your Plan: Check the list of add-ons and add your preferred ones to enhance coverage by customizing your insurance plan.
  5. Pay the Premium: Once your done buying the plan, customize it according to your needs and pay the premium to buy the policy.

Documents Required to Buy Comprehensive Car Insurance in Dubai

Here is the list of documents required to buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy in the UAE.

  • Passport with Visa Page
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration
  • Age Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Driving License copy
  • Emirates ID

How to Compare Comprehensive Motor Insurance Plans Online?

You must compare different comprehensive car insurance policies to find one that best fits your needs. Here is a list of things to keep in mind before choosing comprehensive car insurance plan in the UAE.

  • Coverage offered
  • Premium amount
  • Claim/Renewal process
  • Current claim settlement ratio

To find the best car insurance plans, all in one place, you can visit and bypass the need to visit insurance providers’ offices individually. Here, you get quick access to all the plans in just a few simple clicks. All you have to do is just provide a few vehicle details like car manufacturing year, registration date, make and model, cubic capacity, etc. The website will compare all the plans and list the ones that are best suited to your needs.

Documents Required for Car Insurance in UAE

insurer your car

How to Claim Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Follow these simple steps to file a claim.

  1. Get in Touch with the Insurer: Whether online or offline, get in touch with your car insurance provider to report a claim against your comprehensive car insurance policy.
  2. Submit the Required Documents: Once you have reported the claim, submit all the essential documents including FIR, photo and video evidence the damage, other documents including your ID, driving license, etc. You must also submit the details of the garage that you have sent your car for repair.
  3. Wait for Approval: Once you have submitted the required documents, wait for the approval. The time for approval varies for cashless claims and reimbursement. Get in touch with your insurer to check the same.
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

How to Renew Comprehensive Car Insurance in the UAE?

To keep enjoying the insurance benefits, you must renew your car insurance policy on time. You can follow these simple steps to renew your comprehensive car insurance policy.

  1. Visit the Online Portal: Visit the official website of your comprehensive car insurance provider in the UAE
  2. Provide Your Policy Details: To renew your policy, provide the details like policy number, type of policy, etc.
  3. Check the New Add-One: Check if you want to add some add-ons to your policy and make it more suitable to your insurance needs.
  4. Pay Your Premium: Once done, pay your premium to renew the policy. You can pay your premium using your online banking or a credit/debit card.
  5. Check the Policy Status: Check if your policy has been renewed. Many insurers provide instant renewal benefits based on the type of policy you purchase.

You can also visit the insurance providers office; pay the premium if you want to get an offline policy renewal done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why purchase Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Ans. Comprehensive car insurance is an ideal choice of insurance in many different ways. It provides you coverage against third-party damages along with providing for damages done to you and your vehicle.

Q2. Why Comprehensive Car Insurance costs higher than Third-Party Car Insurance?

Ans. Comprehensive car insurance plans cover both your own vehicle and third-party damage. These plans are customizable according to a buyer’s need and you can add multiple add-ons for enhanced coverage that is why they attract a higher premium. On the other hand, third-party car insurance is the bare minimum that a driver must have before hitting the road. It covers only third-party damages.

Q3. How to convert a third-party car insurance plan into a comprehensive car insurance plan?

Ans. You can convert your third-party car insurance plan into a comprehensive car insurance plan at the time of policy renewal. You can simply pay an additional premium for the comprehensive car insurance policy instead of renewing the third-party car insurance policy again.


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