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Why do you think you night need a third party car insurance in the UAE? The major reason behind this is a whooping rise in road accidents, in spite of strict traffic rules in place. The mishaps can be attributed to perilous driving practices that are relatively common, especially on highways. But what do you do when a third party asks you to pay for the damage repairs after a harrowing accident? In such cases, third party car insurance is your only way to mitigate through this financial burden

Third-party car insurance works a little differently from a regular car insurance. So, basically, it is to cover for damages done to a third party. Let us move ahead and learn more about how a third-party car insurance works.

What is Third Party Car Insurance?

Third-party insurance in the UAE is basic and obligatory auto insurance, mandated by the law. The third-party car insurance, also known as third-party liability insurance (TPL), is generally economical in comparison to a comprehensive car insurance policy. It covers all the damages, accidentally caused to a third party vehicle by you. However, third-party liability insurance does not cover any damages incurred by your vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Having Third-Party Liability Insurance in the UAE?

The most significant benefits of buying third party car insurance for your vehicle are listed below:

  1. Insurance Protection against Liability: It ensures complete protection against liability arising from a third party in case of an accident.
  2. Protects Your Savings: The third party car insurance offers a financial safety net and restrains you from dipping into your lifetime savings.
  3. Premiums at Affordable Rate: Third-party insurance can be availed at an affordable rate.
  4. Abide by the UAE Law: Third-party car insurance in the UAE is mandatory by the RTA law, so one can’t deny it.
  5. Provides Absolute Peace of Mind: This insurance cover provides the insured a complete peace of mind by offering legal cover & financial assistance in case of a third party damage.

What are the Inclusions of aThird-Party Car Insurance?

Here is the list of inclusions for third-party car insurance in the UAE.

  • Bodily injury or death to a third party
  • Damage to third-party’s property caused by the insured

What are the Exclusions of the Third-Party Car Insurance?

Here is the list of exclusions for third-party insurance in the UAE.

  • Car replacement
  • Injuries/damages caused to the insured vehicle during a mishap
  • Contractual liability is excluded
  • Any damage caused due to an ongoing war, war-like situation, nuclear risk, etc.
  • Accidental death or any injury to the owner of the insured
  • When driving without a valid driving license
  • Intentional injury or damage

How to Buy Third-Party Car Insurance in the UAE?

Third-party insurance in Dubai comes in handy in the hour of need. It is mandated by law, so you don’t have a choice there, however, you can do great by choosing the right third-party insurance.

Here is an easy way to help you find the best third-party car insurance in UAE:

  1. Explore the Market: Shop around, explore various options available and bag one that suits you. Make an informed decision by carefully considering your requirement from a plan.
  2. Car Mileage Counts: Insurers consider the more you drive, the more are the chances of meeting with accidents. Reducing your car mileage will lead to a lower auto insurance premium.
  3. Bundle the Insurance Policies from One Insurer: It’s true that you can’t do a lot about TPL premium, as it is decided by the UAE Insurance but, by buying multiple insurances from one insurance provider; you can get competitive premium rates.

Third-party insurance premium in the UAE is regulated by the UAE Insurance Authority. However, it has been noticed that car insurance premium in the country has drastically been increased over the period.

As comprehensive insurance comes with a higher cost, most of the people in the UAE prefer third-party liability insurance because it is quite affordable & cheaper than any other policy.

How to Renew Third-Party Liability Insurance in the UAE?

Renewing a car insurance policy on time is important for every policy holder to keep on enjoying the benefits of the plan uninterruptedly. You can renew the policy online or offline. To renew it online:

  1. Visit the official website of the insurance provider in the UAE.
  2. Mention the policy details such as policy number, type of policy, etc.
  3. Get the suggested premium.
  4. Pay the premiums online through credit/debit card or net banking.
  5. Get the instant renewal notification through SMS or mail.

If you wish to renew the policy offline, you can visit the branch of the insurer, pay the premium and get it renewed.

What is the difference between Comprehensive and Third Party Car Insurance?


Comprehensive Car Insurance

Third-Party Car Insurance


Cover for your own damages and third-party damages as well, based on your car insurance policy terms

Covers you only against third-party damages and losses


Protects your pocket from the cost of both damages to your own car and third-party damages as well

Protects your pocket from traffic fines if you accidentally hurt someone on the road


Comprehensive car insurance is quite expensive when compared to a third-party car insurance plan

Third-party insurance price is comparatively lower as it doesn't cover any damages to your own vehicle


Can be customized by adding some specific add-ons based on your needs

No customizations can be done in this type of insurance plan

How to Compare Third-Party Insurance Online?

Online comparison is one of the most reliable ways to make sure that you end with a right insurance plan in your hands. A comparison enables you to find a policy that perfectly suits your insurance needs.

Here is the list of things you must compare to while choosing a third-party car insurance plan for yourself.

  • Offerings
  • Premium
  • Claim settlement ratio

You can visit, to compare third party car insurance plans. Here, you’ll find all the details like - car make and model, manufacturing year, cubic capacity, personal information, etc. The website compares the plans based on your needs and comes up with the best available options.

Wrapping it up!

As it is mandatory to have car insurance in the UAE, you just can’t afford to miss out on the necessary details. Third-party insurance is one of the essential insurance coverages, so, keeping yourself abreast with the latest plans will certainly help you bag affordable premium rates. All you have to do is visit, compare plans by various insurance providers and get one that’s best suited to your insurance needs.