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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Lets’ imagine-

You are all set with your family to drive to a nice lunch. You see a fast-moving car approaching you. Even after your best defense, the cars run into each other. Fortunately, you and your family are in perfect condition. However, your prized possession is damaged severely.  Worried about how to deal with the legal and third party obligations that come your way?

To avoid any such obligation along with paying a fortune out of your pocket, you would want to know more about third party insurance in UAE.  As per the RTA of UAE, it is compulsory to have car insurance otherwise you would end up being fined heavily. It is important to choose the right TPL car insurance plan, as it covers the liabilities and saves you from paying a fortune. However, buying the right type of cover is what matters a lot in this regard!

Skim through this article to get a closer picture of all the factors you need to consider before choosing the third-party insurer.

What is Third Party Car Insurance?

A third party liability car insurance policy is mandatory by the RTA of UAE. This insurance provides coverage against all the liabilities that you would be legally responsible for paying to the third party. These include:

  • Any damages caused to the third-party vehicle
  • Death or injury to a third-party

It does not include:

  • Any cover for damages to your vehicle
  • Injuries  sustained by you at the time of the accident

As because the policy only covers third party liability, the premium is always at the lower side as compared to the comprehensive cover.

Pros and Cons of TPL Car Insurance in UAE

The advantages of third party car insurance are:

Releases Financial Burden

In case of an accident, you are legally responsible to cover the third party damages. This can lead to high costs, and increase your financial burden. If you are insured by  TPL car insurance, then the insurance provider will cover the accidental damage or loss of life leading to huge liabilities on you.

Easy to Shop Around

In the advent of the internet, it is easy to compare the different providers and the benefits that each provides. This helps in choosing the option that caters best to your requirements. Once decided on the provider, it is easy to purchase online just with one click. You don’t need to be physically present to buy TPL Car Insurance in UAE.

However, there are few downsides to a TPL plan, they are:

Cover Amount is Fixed

The financial cover is pre-decided between the insured and the insurer.  In case of an unfortunate event, the cover amount is paid directly to the third party up to a specific limit.

No Coverage for Insured

A TPL car insurance policy in UAE does not provide any coverage to the damages caused to the insured or the insured’s vehicle.

Extra coverage with Comprehensive Car Insurance

Considering the higher cost of living in countries like Dubai or other emirates, third party insurance cover won’t suffice your needs. Having said that, the comprehensive cover comes in handy which covers own damage expenses as well. Moreover, with this cover, you can boost the basic coverage by adding add-ons such as Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, rental vehicle cover, agency repair, and so on.

Car Insurance Providers in UAE

If you are looking for car insurance at competitive rates, here is the list of insurers to consider:

  • Adamjee Car Insurance
  • Al Sagr Car Insurance
  • New India Assurance Car Insurance
  • Oriental Car Insurance
  • WATANIA Car Insurance
  • Noor Takaful Car Insurance
  • Insurance House Car Insurance
  • Salamic Isalamic Car Insurance
  • Union Car Insurance

The Final Call!

Buying car insurance is an important decision that needs thorough research and guidance. You should not buy insurance randomly, instead analyse your needs and buy. If you own a luxury car that requires high maintenance, going for comprehensive cover it what suggested by the experts. On the other hand, if your vehicle’s age is more than 5 years, then third party liability insurance is sufficient. This will help you save on premium.

It is advisable to do thorough research before opting for any kind of car insurance. It is best to weigh the pros and cons of the types of car insurance. Once you decide on the plan that is suitable for you, you shouldn’t make a decision in haste.  Compare the options first, analyse your needs and buy. This way you can ensure an informed decision to save for the future.

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