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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company is also known as AMAN. It is a public shareholders company which entered the insurance market UAE in mid-2002. The insurance company is backed by the Investment Office and Dubai Islamic Bank, its key investors and founding members. With its elaborate and innovative policies, the company continues to be a promising name in the market. Aman Insurance Company is one of the most trusted and best third-party car insurance plan providers in UAE.

Dubai Islamic Car Insurance is one of the popular names in the UAE motor insurance market. It aims to provide financial support during emergencies without undermining other basic responsibilities, such as saving money for investments or future needs. Aman car insurance manages risk well to offer protection when needed. The Shari'ah board supervising Aman ensures that all business activities comply with Shari’ah law principles, especially those involving trade or interest income generated from finance operations or investments handled by Aman.

AMAN Third Party Car Insurance vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

Aman Insurance Company offers two types of coverage - Third-Party Insurance Cover and Comprehensive Coverage. Detailed information is shown in the table below.

  Third-party Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance
Customisation There are no customisation options available for Aman third party car insurance plans. Depending on your specific needs, you can customise the insurance policy with some add-ons.
Coverage Aman third party car insurance provides protection from damage or loss caused only to other people's vehicles or property. Comprehensive car insurance protects from damage or loss to your vehicle and damage or loss caused to others' vehicles or property.
Premium Aman third party car insurance premium prices are lower as they don't cover any damage done to your vehicle.  Comprehensive car insurance rates are comparatively high.

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List of Aman Third Party Car Insurance Plans in Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for the best third-party car insurance plans? Stop your search here! Aman insurance company offers both types of plans - Comprehensive and Third-Party. Here, we will focus on the most popular type of plan, the third-party car insurance plan from Aman.

  Aman Third Party Car Insurance Features
  • With Aman third party car insurance plan, you get registration and car-renewal facilities at a low cost.
  • Aman third party car insurance provides features like professional, dedicated staff who are available at all times. Whether it's an emergency or just assistance with filing claims. It will provide you with immediate coverage after being notified.

Benefits of Buying Third Party Car Insurance from AMAN in UAE, Dubai

If you are looking for the best third party car insurance plan provider in the UAE, look no further than Aman insurance company. Some of the most important benefits if you buy Aman third party insurance for your vehicle are listed below:

  • Aman third party car insurance ensures complete protection against liability arising from a third party in case of an accident, as per the court judgement.
  • With Aman third party car insurance, you get a financial safety net, which prevents you from dipping into your life savings.
  • You can buy Aman third-party insurance at an affordable price with a low-cost premium.
  • This insurance cover provides complete peace of mind by offering legal cover & financial assistance in case of third-party damage.
  • Aman is considered the best third-party car insurance plan provider, covering vehicle damage, theft and death, and bodily injury.

AMAN Third Party Car Insurance - Inclusions

Here are some of the inclusions for Aman third party car insurance plans in UAE:

  • The cover includes bodily injury or death to a third party.
  • Damage to third-party's property caused by the policyholder.

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Aman Third Party Car Insurance - Exclusions

Aman third party car insurance does not provide coverage for the following:

  • Car replacement and contractual liability; 
  • Accidental death or any injury to the owner of the policyholder;
  • Injuries or damages caused to the policyholder's vehicle during a mishap; 
  • Driving and accident caused when under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 
  • Any damage caused due to an ongoing war, war-like situation, or nuclear risk;
  • Your involvement in an accident while driving without a valid licence. 
  • Damage to Own Vehicle

DISCLAIMER: Please check your official documentation for additional information about what this plan includes and doesn't offer before making your purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What advantages do I get if I buy Aman third party insurance?

Ans: With so many benefits, here's a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • Aman insurance company is quite responsive in the Emirates throughout the UAE, making it accessible even when you are abroad.
  • If you're looking for motor insurance or any other type of coverage, there are plenty of experts at your disposal who can help make things right. 
  • You get pretty great roadside assistance services too.
Q2: What documents are required to apply for Aman third party car insurance?

Ans: Different circumstances may necessitate various documents to file for car insurance reimbursement. These are

  • Police Report
  • Registration Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport copy (for age proof)
  • Tow Invoice
  • Initial Police Report (if the vehicle was stolen)
  • Vehicle Keys (in case of theft)
  • Final Police Report
Q3: Are there provisions for car replacement in the event of an emergency or accident?

Ans: Aman Insurance company offers you a free replacement car service in case of road emergencies. The rates and coverage periods are as follows:

  • 180 dirhams if you avail of this for five days
  • 350 dirhams when opting for ten days
  • 450 dirhams when choosing fifteen

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