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Fujairah is the seventh-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and this capital city is a popular travel destination that attracts multiple travellers throughout the year. The main emirate lies along the Gulf of Oman, which is at the Eastern end of the UAE, and the other six emirates are along the Arabian Gulf. 

The highest mountain range of the eastern Arabian Peninsula, the Hajar Mountains, separates Fujairah from the rest of the country. There are numerous places in Fujairah that tourists from all across the country often visit. Keep reading to discover some of the best places to visit in Fujairah. 

Top 10 tourist attractions of Fujairah

Pack your bags and get ready to visit some of the most happening places from the list below: 

1. Fujairah Museum

Here, you can walk through 3000 years of history and come across some beautiful artefacts that were discovered in the archaeological digs at Qidfa and Bithnah. Fujairah Museum also stores objects that go back to the Bronze Age. 

Pieces of gold, brass, steel, bronze, silver, silver jewellery, pre-Islamic silver coins, swords, folkloric medicine, pottery, and soapstone vessels are some of the objects you will definitely encounter. Another unique thing to see here is the ostrich egg which dates back to 2200 years, and it is located south of the fort and lies on the opposite side of the Ruler’s Palace. 

2. Fujairah Fort and Village

The Fujairah Fort in UAE is one of the oldest forts, and it is quite a popular tourist attraction because of its stunning mud-brick structure. Other than the vast halls, and round, square-tall towers, it also comprises three primary sections. 

Once upon a time, this fort featured a royal residence and held the rank of a defensive unit. Did you know that this fort was built in 1970? And this fort also underwent severe damage during the early 20th century. It is located on a hill along the edge of date gardens. 

3. Snoopy Island

With time, Snoopy Island became a popular, coveted spot for numerous activities, including water sports and music festivals. It’s called Snoopy Island because of its interestingly shaped rock which is a replica of Snoopy, the cartoon character. Looks like Snoopy is lying on his back. Beautiful reefs, along with shoals of marine life, surround this island. 

Occasionally you might also spot small sharks and turtles here. If you are enthusiastic about diving, then you also get enrolled in their advanced PADI-regulated 4-day classes. It can be one of the places to visit in Fujairah at night if you dream of spending some nights in beautiful villas along the beach and barbequing with your friends. 

4. Ain Al-Madhab Hot Spring

It’s located right outside Fujairah city. Well, the Ain Al-Madhab Hot Spring is not simply a mineral spa but also has a vast park area, where remnants of Heritage Village and Fujairah Fort reside. 

The hot spring produces warm sulphuric water, which is drawn into two idiosyncratic bathing areas, one for females and the other for males. Apart from this, vast open space is an ideal suit for practising outdoor theatre. During the Fujairah holidays, you can also come across some of the grand traditional performances here. Altogether making it one of the best places to visit in Fujairah. 

5. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It is the second largest Mosque in the whole UAE, holding its position after Abu Dhabi. Get a glance at this grand attraction from the outside, as it is strictly restricted only for payer visits. Sixty-four domes and six hundred-metre-high minarets surround the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. 

As a whole, the structure is built on 39000 square metres, which equals three football pitches. Furthermore, its granite marble religious structure can offer a comfortable experience for approximately 28,000 worshippers. 

6. Al-Hayl Castle

It is an ancient structure that was built around 250 years ago. Al-Hayl Castle was the home for the Fujairah ruling family after they spent years significantly defending the area through their regular, consistent surveillance and patrolling. If you love exploring history, then Al-Hayl Castle is one of Fujairah’s best places to visit. 

7. Masafi Town

Masafi town is located along the Hajar Mountains of Fujairah. In Arabic, the term Fujairah means ‘pure water’, and Masafi’s mineral water is the best mineral water maker in the gulf. Masafi is also one of the best places to visit in Fujairah for free for its regular springs. It is a well-known fact that before the recent development of the highways, Masafi was initially the refuelling spot and general post. 

Masafi Town is divided into two parts - the modest part encompasses a place with Ras Al Kaimah’s emirate, and the other bigger part is the place with Fujairah’s emirate. On approaching Masafi road, there is the Friday Market that’s open every seven days of the week. It’s unique for its cheaper collectables, trinkets, and carpets. 

8. Corniche Road

Corniche Road is one of the best places to visit in Fujairah. It stretches out all the way from Kalba to Khor to Fakkan. 

It is a unique thing to see as calm blue waters surround it on one side and mountains on the other. This road is also equally popular for its playgrounds, beaches, parks, and restaurants on every turn. 

9. Fujairah Snorkelling

Apart from this city’s historical presence, it also features as one of the best spots for snorkelling. In fact, Fujairah features the best attraction for adventure enthusiasts as it offers the best snorkelling experience in the country. 

There are around three to four snorkelling spots in Fujairah. The experience can leave you awestruck as you experience how marine life and human life co-exist together. 

10. Century Mall

The Century Mall is Fujairah’s first shopping mall, making it one of the best places to visit. On visiting this mall, you will come across several cinema halls, coffee shops, supermarkets, other entertainment zones, and some popular retail stores.

It’s an ideal attraction if you want to buy gifts for your loved ones back home. Moreover, the mall extends to a vast area and is mostly less crowded all throughout the year. Visiting here can be a great experience if crowds are not your thing and you are not the type of person to ever compromise on shopping. 

So, if you plan to visit Fujairah any time soon, do not miss out on visiting any of the places mentioned in the “places to visit in Fujairah” list above. Happy holiday!

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