Looking for free things to do in Dubai? Here is your guide


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Dubai as a city conjures up images of wealth and traditions shrouded in a cloak of deserts, far-flung artificial islands, and sky-touching structures. The sophisticated Mideast Sheikdom also finds it difficult to relate to "free stuff" because of its widespread reputation for luxury. However, you'd be surprised to learn that there are many things to do in Dubai for free. From museums to art galleries, Dubai provides a range of locations where you may enjoy an experience without spending any money. 

If you are still pondering the things that can be enjoyed without spending a dime, here is a concise list of free things to do in Dubai that will allow you to experience luxury like nothing else.

What are the things to do in Dubai for free?

1. Experience Dubai’s culture and heritage for free

The opportunity to explore Dubai's history and legacy at Al Shindagha is one of the coolest free things to do in Dubai, thanks to exhibits of artisans, spinners, and performers of various traditional crafts, as well as pearl diving displays.

2. No entry fee for Camel Museum

Another free attraction in Dubai is the Camel Museum in the Al Shindagha area. The museum has many departments devoted to the anatomy of camels, camel racing, and the history of camels in the United Arab Emirates. There is also an auditorium dedicated to presentations.

3. See the human waterfall for free at Dubai Mall

This magnificent sculpture is stunning and incredibly distinctive. One of the Dubai Mall's most striking features is spread across two enormous cylindrical walls that are 30 metres in diameter and 24 metres high, spanning the mall's three floors. Seeing the human waterfall is one of the things to do in Dubai for free.

4. Movie under the stars for free

On a trip to Dubai, no one wants to spend their Sundays in a movie theatre instead of exploring the city. However, if it is a free watch and you can watch it outside under the sky, it makes you think twice. Stargazing and watching a movie will be one of the things to do in Dubai for free to make your trip to the Middle-East memorable.

5. Desert Safari Experience

The desert safari is one of the most realistic things to do in Dubai for under 100 dirhams you can enjoy. Your trip will be rewarding if you experience authentic Arab cuisine and take an exhilarating ride through the dunes towards the centre of the desert, where the camp is located.

6. View Dubai Fountain Show for free

Watching the stunning spectacle of the fountains outside Dubai Mall as they dance to a melody is one of the extraordinary things to do in Dubai mall for free. The view of the waterfall and light show from Dubai Mall provides a stunning panorama.

7. Dubai Dino on display at Dubai Mall

Visit DubaiDino, the 155-million-year-old indigenous dinosaur skeleton of Dubai Mall, at the Souk Dome. The late Jurassic dinosaur, measuring 24 metres long and 7.6 metres high, is 90% made up of its original fossilised bones.  Dubai Dino is one of the things to do in Dubai mall for free if you're seeking something other than shopping.

8. Museum of Illusions

How about some cheap things to do in Dubai under AED 100? When you visit the Museum of Illusions in Dubai, you can have fun and laugh while seeing your transformation into numerous made-up scenarios. You won't get bored here because it is packed with puzzles, riddles, special effects, and antique showpieces.

9. Wander through the old-style gold and spice souks for free

One of Dubai's most frequently visited free attractions is the humming ancient souk in the Deira neighbourhood. The glittering goods of gold merchants, many types of spices, exotic myrrh, and pashmina shawls may be found at the old market. You can stroll through the winding streets for free. Shopping at these souks will be some of the things to do in Dubai for under 100 dirhams.

10. View the World’s tallest building for free

This article will not be complete without the mention of Burj Khalifa, the most iconic building in Dubai. Grab out your selfie sticks and get ready to take some amazing photos with the tallest skyscraper in the world. Views of the famous Burj Khalifa from the Waterfront Promenade are breathtaking.


Now you are aware that Dubai is not all about splendour. There are lots of activities in Dubai that are free. Plan your Dubai vacation and indulge in these activities to ensure your trip is a beautiful blend of enjoying things that need money and cheap things to do in Dubai.

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