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BMW iX is an electric car that is all about elegance and comfort. The vehicle is popular for its minimal flat surface and sleek body with features like twin headlights and rear lights. Easy to drive, BMW iX has dual electric motors combined with a fifth-generation eDrive technology and a recent electric all-wheel drive system. more

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If you own a BMW iX in the UAE, it is mandatory for you to avail yourself of BMW iX insurance in the UAE. Read further to find out more details about how to purchase, renew, and reclaim the BMW iX insurance.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW IX X DRIVE 40I SUV 0.00 L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW IX X DRIVE 40I SUV 0.00 L, 2023 model.

Features of BMW iX Car

  • BMW iX has the latest ‘Shy Tech’ controls that allow you to access hidden functions. The new technical features also include a frameless head-up display projector that is invisible to the front of the car owing to the roundel that works as a lid for the windscreen.
  • With BMW iX, you get an opportunity to step into future owing to the car’s sophisticated and technology-driven elements. The seats are now converted into new lounge seats in the rear with a diagonal designer seam. Other remarkable elements of this car are a transparent and smart centre console that serves as an apt replacement for buttons with sensors, and the iDrive Touch Controller in a high-end glass optic.
  • Due to the patent Apple CarPlay Preparation, you can easily connect your phone wirelessly to your BMW iX. You can explore content via the Central Information Display, the optional projector, and the instrument cluster.

Specifications for BMW iX Car

Specifications xDrive40 xDrive50
Luggage Compartment Volume  500 l 500 l
System Torque  630 Nm 765 Nm
Battery Capacity 71 kWh 105.2 kWh
Top Speed 200 km/h 200 km/h
Electric Range 425-372 km 630-549 km
Charging Time (AC 0-100%) 7.25 h 10.75 h
System Output 240/ (326) hp 385/ (523) hp

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Types of BMW iX Insurance Plans in UAE

In the UAE, you can avail of either comprehensive BMX iX insurance or third-party BMW iX insurance. Comprehensive car insurance offers cover for both your and the third party’s car. The third-party plan, on the other hand, covers only the damages done by you to the other person’s car.

Check out further details of these plans to get a better understanding of the two types -

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance - This type of plan is created to cover you against third-party liability claims as well as the damages incurred by you and your car. With comprehensive car insurance, you can expect coverage for damages arising due to accidents, theft, natural disasters, fire, man-made disasters, and more.
  • Third Party Insurance - Also known as third-party liability insurance, this category of car insurance is developed to cover third-party claims if the accident is your fault. Under this insurance type, your vehicle is not protected against any damages incurred during the accident.

Note: All vehicles in the UAE need to have at least third-party insurance.

Purchasing BMW iX Insurance via Policybazaar UAE

If you wish to secure BMW iX insurance online with minimal hassle, you can do this (and much more) with Policybazaar UAE allows users to check out the most suitable car insurance plans available at the best prices – all in just one place and a few clicks!

You can apply for all models BMW car insurance from by checking our BMW iX quotes page and selecting the most appropriate plan. For this, you can head to the car insurance category on our website and provide a few details (about you and your car) in the brief lead form.

When you buy your car insurance from, you can avail of the following benefits –

  • Various offers and discounts available
  • Access to the most affordable BMW iX insurance plans
  • Customer-centric after-sales service
  • 24-by-7 customer care for resolving insurance-related queries at any time
  • Ease of comparison
  • Consultation with insurance experts in the UAE

How to Renew Your BMW iX Insurance?

You should consider the following aspects when renewing your BMW iX insurance in the UAE -

1. Continuing with the same provider - Renewing your existing Car Insurance policy with the same provider is often convenient. However, there are chances you can miss out on securing the best policy that could meet your requirements. For this reason, it is essential to check out the top car insurance plans; this can be done on

2. Documents required - The following is the general list of documents required by insurance providers in the UAE when renewing your BMW iX insurance –

  • Car registration number and certificate
  • A copy of your Passport
  • UAE Visa copy
  • No-claim discount certificate (if any)
  • Valid UAE driving licence

Keep in mind that if you renew your BMW iX insurance with the current provider, you would not need to provide the above-mentioned documents. In such cases, the credentials of your existing policy would be sufficient for the renewal.

renew car insurance

3. Continuing the policy with same features - At the time of renewing your BMW iX insurance policy, you should verify the features of your preferred insurance plan. Here, you can also consider including some extra features that could strengthen your policy in the form of add-ons or riders.

4. Renew the car insurance on time - It is necessary to renew your current BMW iX insurance plan in the 13th month of the car insurance tenure for renewing the vehicle registration as well as continue to have adequate financial security

5. Calculating the premium - While comparing the available plans, you can calculate the BMW iX insurance premium of the plans for a better understanding of the nuances of the plan. The calculation would require the following details –

  • The manufacturer, model, and price of the car
  • Driving history of the applicant
  • Applicant’s age
  • History of traffic violation
  • Insurance claim history

You can renew your BMW iX insurance either online or offline as per your convenience. For the online mode, you can visit the provider’s website and apply for renewal.

Note: Make sure that you renew the insurance on time. Driving without insurance might incur the following

  • Fine of AED 500
  • 4 black points on driving licence
  • Seizure of the car for at least 7 days

How to File BMW iX Insurance Claim?

You can file a claim for BMW iX insurance if –

  1. There are injuries due to the accident - You should inform your insurance provider in case there has been any physical harm to the parties involved in an accident. When filing for the BMW iX insurance claim, you should examine the overall damage incurred and verify whether it can be covered by your policy.
  2. The car is damaged - If you have third-party insurance, you would be able to get the required cover to compensate for the third-party damages caused by you. To receive compensation for your own vehicle, however, you should have comprehensive car insurance. Damages resulting from natural disasters, man-made disasters, theft, accidental collisions, road accidents, and others are covered.

Documents Required for Filing BMW iX Insurance Claim

  • A police report
  • Car modification certificate (if any)
  • Driving licence for both drivers
  • Duly filled insurance claim form by all the involved parties 
  • Car registration certificate and numbe
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE


Q1. What documents are necessary to purchase the BMW iX insurance in the UAE?

Ans: You will need the following documents when purchasing car insurance in the UAE –

  • Vehicle registration details – number and copy of certificate
  • Valid driving licence
  • Passport copy
  • Resident Visa copy
  • Original and copy of Emirates ID
  • Engine number, chassis number, and other car details
Q2. What factors can affect the BMW iX insurance premium?

Ans: Some factors that can affect the insurance premium are the condition of the car, driver’s age, driving record, road accident history, insurance claim history, type of plan purchased, and deductibles (if any).

Q3. What is the BMW iX insurance tenure?

Ans: A car insurance term is of 12 months in the UAE. However, insurance firms in the UAE offer a grace period of a month to renew car insurance in the UAE.

Q4. What is the eligibility standard for purchasing the BMW iX car insurance in the UAE?

Ans: UAE residents or nationals within the age group of 25 to 65 years can purchase car insurance. It must be noted that the applicants must have a valid driving licence as well as car registration documents to be considered eligible for the purchase.

Q5. Can a BMW iX insurance’s claim application be cancelled?

Ans: Yes, you can cancel your insurance claim application if you have changed your mind about the same. For this, you can simply connect with your insurance provider and ask them to initiate the cancellation process.

Q6. How does car theft device affect your insurance premium in the UAE?

Ans: If you have an anti-theft device installed in your car, it reduces the chances of your car getting stolen. With respect to the insurance premium, the premium rate of the policy usually gets reduced with the installation of an anti-theft device.

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