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BMW X2 is among the most popular SUV models of the brand, given the exceptional performance and smart manoeuvring features that it brings to the table. The car offers optimum off-road and on-road driving performance, all while maintaining the luxury aspect of a BMW car. 

BMW X2 insurance plans in the UAE are ideally designed to cover all the various driving modes that one can perform with this SUV crossover. This piece will cover some key features and specifications of the BMW X2 and some of the best BMW X2 insurance plans that you can get in the UAE. 

Let’s start with the features of the car. 

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW X2 Sdrive20I 2.0L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW X2 Sdrive20I 2.0L, 2023 model.

Features of BMW X2

  • Performance: Exceptional efficiency and ideal sporting dynamics are achieved by the cutting-edge engines and the sturdy chassis of this car. With this, you can expect a smooth experience for both off-road and on-road driving instances. If agile and dynamic performance is what you are looking for, BMW X2 can be your go-to option. 
  • Sleek Exteriors: The large three-part air inlets of the car are designed to ensure proper cooling for the engine and the bake. The car is endowed with a stylish sporty look with a Frozen Grey wheel arch, a signature from the M Sport package of the brand. Moreover, the Tailgate handle of the car has been designed to subtly merge with the brand’s emblem for a sleek appearance. 
  • Smart Interiors: The driver-oriented cockpit of the car is all about making your experience as a driver a memorable one. All the internal functions and commands are within easy reach of the driver as seen in all BMW X models, with the voice and touch control of the car ensuring easy navigation of the functions from the driver's seat. Other than that, you can find armrests, central console, and instrument panels that make the ride enjoyable for passengers as well. 
  • Driving Aids: The all-wheel-drive system of the car distributes the power equally between the rear and front wheels, while its adaptive suspensions allow you to safely manoeuvre speed breakers. The multiple driving modes are designed to help you switch between Sports and normal modes effortlessly. 

Specifications of BMW X2



Engine Displacement (cc)


Max Power (bhp @ rpm)

178-192 bhp @ 5000-6000 rpm

Seating Capacity


Boot Space (Litres)


Body Type


Fuel Type


Number of Cylinders


Max Torque (nm @ rpm)

220 nm @ 1500-4100 rpm

Transmission Type


Fuel Tank Capacity

65 L

Top Speed (

130 mph

Steering Type 


Front and Rear Brake 


Acceleration (0 to 60 mph)

7.4 seconds 


Top Car Insurance Plans for BMW X2

BMW X2 Insurance Plans

Details of the Plan 

Salama Insurance Comprehensive (Agency)

  • Third-party coverage – AED 3.5 million 
  • Coverage area – UAE and Oman 
  • Loss of personal belongings cover – AED 5,000
  • Windscreen damage cover – AED 4,000
  • Emergency medical expenses cover – AED 5,000
  • Child seat replacement cover – AED 2,000
  • Off-road driving for 4x4 vehicles covered
  • Other included benefits – ambulance services, new car replacement, lock replacement, valet parking accidental damages, fire and theft cover, agency repairs, and car registration services 
  • Additional free benefits – Personal accident cover for both drivers and passengers, natural calamity cover, roadside assistance cover, replacement of the vehicle, and Oman coverage for one year

Al Sgar Comprehensive (Garage) 

  • Third-party damages cover – up to AED 2 million
  • Coverage – UAE only
  • Emergency medical cover and windscreen damages – AED 2,000 each
  • Free natural calamity cover, personal accident cover for passengers, and roadside assistance cover
  • Add-ons – personal accident cover for drivers, Oman extension, and replacement vehicle cover

New India Assurance Comprehensive (Garage)

  • Third-party damages cover – AED 2 million (only within the UAE)
  • Emergency medical benefits and loss of personal belongings cover – AED 1,500 each
  • Windscreen damage and ambulance service cover
  • Free natural calamity cover, personal accident cover, and roadside assistance
  • Add-ons – replacement vehicle cover
  • Additional feature – free health tests like blood sugar levels, dental check-ups, BP (blood pressure) +BMI, and so on
  • Own damage cover – Oman and UAE

Oriental Comprehensive (Agency)

  • Third-party damages cover – AED 2 million
  • Own damage coverage – UAE and Oman
  • Windscreen damages cover – AED 3,000 
  • Riots and strikes cover
  • Loss of personal belongings cover - AED 2,000
  • Emergency medical expenses cover – AED 1.500
  • Off-road driving cover
  • Fire and theft damages, valet parking theft, ambulance services cover, natural calamity, lock replacement, and agency repairs cover
  • Add-ons available – Oman extension, personal accident cover, roadside assistance, and replacement of vehicle
  • Coverage scope – within the UAE for third-party damages

Alliance Insurance Comprehensive (Agency)

  • Third-party liability cover – AED 2 million
  • Loss of personal belongings cover – AED 2,000
  • Emergency medical expenses cover – AED 2,000
  • Free natural calamity cover, roadside assistance cover, and personal accident cover
  • Other covers: Windscreen cover, ambulance services cover, fire and theft cover, and agency repairs 
  • Add-ons available – replacement vehicle and Oman extension
  • Coverage area – UAE only

Inclusion of BMW X2 Insurance Plans

  • Third-party person or vehicle damage cover
  • Own vehicle damage cover 
  • Loss of personal belongings benefits 
  • Emergency medical expenses cover for the owner-driver
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Lock replacement cover
  • Valet parking theft cover
  • Fire and theft damages cover
  • Windscreen damage cover
  • Agency repairs 
  • Own damage cover

Exclusion of BMW X2 Insurance Plans 

  • Accidental damages caused to a third-party person or third-party vehicle when driving without a valid driving licence
  • Own damages caused when driving without a licence
  • Third-party or own damages caused when driving the under influence of intoxicating substances
  • Damages caused due to voluntary negligence of the owner-driver 
  • Consequential damages caused by previously unrepaired covered damages
  • Any damages caused by the regular wear and tear of the car
  • Damages caused when a personal car is being used for business or commercial purposes

Add-ons for BMW X2 Insurance Plans

  • Driver and passenger personal accident cover
  • Off-road driving cover for 4x4 drives 
  • Natural calamity cover
  • Oman extension
  • Replacement of vehicle cover 

How to renew insurance for BMW X2?

You can easily renew your BMW X2 insurance plans in just a few simple steps. Open the website of your insurance provider or aggregator and login by using your credentials. Head to your profile and open the plan details, where you will also find the renewal button. Click on this button to initiate the process. 

Choose the plan, the add-ons that you want, and verify all the details. Once confirmed, upload the required documents and pay the premium. Your BMW X2 insurance will be renewed instantly and the new policy documents will be delivered via email. 

You can also renew your car insurance UAE at the branch office of the provider or with the help of your insurance agent. The documents for policies renewed offline are generally delivered via courier. 

How to claim insurance for BMW X2?

Submitting a claim for your BMW X2 insurance can involve slightly different steps as per the type of claim and the type of damages involved. The following is a standardised list of steps that you can follow to successfully submit a BMW X2 insurance claim:

  • Contact your insurance provider as soon as you find yourself in a situation where you may need to make a claim. Explain all the aspects of the scenario to the provider and initiate a claim. 
  • If the damages are accidental and/or involve a third-party person/vehicle, call the police and have an official report filed for the same. 
  • Obtain a copy of the report for the claim. Get a claim form from your provider’s website and fill it out properly. 
  • Add all the required documents – your driving licence, car registration, police report, and third-party details (if available). 
  • Once your claim is processed and approved, you can get the car repaired at a network garage or agency garage. 
  • The repairs will begin once the necessary deductible amount is paid by you. 


How to Buy BMW X2 Insurance?

When you set out to purchase your BMW X2 insurance plan, you will find various online methods for the same. Applying online for car insurance in UAE is highly convenient, and this is especially the case if you apply for your BMW X2 insurance from 

Applying via Policybazaar UAE is easy. You can simply visit our website, i.e.,, and fill out the lead form in the car insurance section with details about your BMW car, your income, and more. This will enable you to view all the top available plans in an easily accessible list. From here on, you can compare the plans and apply for one of them in just a couple of clicks.

Why Buy from

  • Our smart integrated platform allows you to navigate through the best customised BMW X2 insurance plans for your car, compare the pros and pitfalls of each option, pick the right one instantly, and complete the purchase. 

No more switching multiple tabs to choose your ideal BMW X2 insurance! 

  • Our team of experts is just a call or tap away from guiding you to make sound financial decisions 
  • Our swift customer support cell is available to solve all your plan-related and other issues in real-time 
  • You can seamlessly renew your BMW X2 insurance every year well before it expires and avoid all different types of fines and fees  
  • Tracking your plans and details is easy with our customer log-in portal 
  • You get excess to the best BMW X2 quotes in the market along with several exclusive discounts and deals 

Before checking out the best BMW X2 car insurance in UAE on our website, have a look at some frequently asked questions regarding the same. 


Q1. What is the BMW X2 insurance cost in the UAE?

Ans: The basic BMW X2 insurance cost can fall anywhere between AED 900 and 2,600 as per your car variant. Nevertheless, one should remember that several other factors like your driving history, car’s condition, etc., can also influence BMW X2 insurance costs in the UAE.

Q2. What factors can influence the BMW X2 insurance cost for my car?

Ans: Factors like the car variant, condition of the car, manufacturing year, your driving history and experience, claim history and the add-ons you have chosen can influence BMW X2 insurance cost. 

Q3. Where can I obtain BMW X2 quotes from in the UAE?

Ans: You can use BMW X2 quotes portal to get a realistic idea of BMW X2 insurance cost for your particular car. We offer customised BMW X2 quotes for each individual vehicle. 

Q4. How can I buy BMW X2 insurance in UAE?

Ans: Use the official portal of Policybazaar UAE to purchase your BMW X2 insurance plans from the comfort of your home. With us, you can get the best deals at affordable rates without stepping anywhere outside.

Q5. Is off-road driving included in BMW X2 insurance plans in the UAE?

Ans: Yes, several insurance providers offer off-road driving cover as a part of basic coverage for BMW X2 insurance plans, although others may offer it as an add-on benefit. 

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