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BMW 7 Series cars are designed to make rides enjoyable instead of simply emphasising the aspect of comfort. As one of the most popular cars in the luxury segment in the UAE, BMW 7 Series is perfect for the admirers of luxe cars with exceptional performance. 

Owning a BMW 7 Series car comes with the requirement of getting an equally comprehensive BMW 7 Series insurance plan that properly protects your luxury ride. We will cover all the important details you need to know about BMW 7 Series insurance costs, features, and inclusions along with a few key features and specifications of the car itself. 

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW 7 Series 740i 3.0L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW 7 Series 740i 3.0L, 2023 model.

Features of BMW 7 Series

Discussed below are the major features of BMW 7 Series that make it an excellent choice for car admirers in the UAE:

  • Smooth Performance: With the exceptionally smart assistive controls of the car, driving and manoeuvring BMW 7 Series is indeed effortless. The driving-enhancing features of this car include Park Distance Control, Remote Parking, and Driving Assistance (professional). The car is designed to make your journey comfortable as well as enjoyable in every way. 
  • Sturdy Exteriors: The bonnet of this car is elevated and perfectly matches with the 50% larger iconic BMW kidney grille and the redesigned rear and front bumper of the grille. The light alloy wheels of the car, combined with the 3D sculpted rear lights of the car, make for an eye-catching appearance. 
  • Smart Interface: BMW 7 Series cars come with the intuitive operating system 7.0 along with the signature BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA). The operating system and the IPA of the car feature smoother and better-configured voice assistance for the car. Moreover, the smart central display of the car is 12.3” in size, with the cockpit being designed in the standard BMW driver-centric manner. 
  • Luxurious Interiors: Ambient lighting of the car, combined with the Panoramic Sky Lounge, allow users to create any ambience that they desire. The seats are covered with the leather ‘Nappa’ which enhances the luxurious appeal of the car. An ambient highlight is also installed along the B-pillars of the car to make drives more comfortable and enjoyable for rear-seat passengers.

Specifications of BMW 7 Series



ARAI Mileage

39.53 kmpl

Engine Displacement (cc)


Maximum Power 

281.6bhp@5000-6000rpm (bhp@rpm)

Seating Capacity


Boot Space (Litres)


Body Type


Fuel Type


No. of cylinder


Maximum Torque 

450Nm@1380-5000rpm (nm@rpm)

Transmission Type


Fuel Tank Capacity

46 L

Top Speed (mph)


Steering Type 


Front and Rear Brake 


Acceleration (0-100 kmph)

5.3 seconds

Top Car Insurance Plans for BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series Insurance Plans

Details of the Plan 

Al Sgar Comprehensive (Garage) 

  • Third-party damages – up to AED 2 million
  • Emergency medical cover – AED 2,000
  • Windscreen damages – AED2,000 
  • Free natural calamity cover, roadside assistance cover, and personal accident cover for passengers,
  • Add-ons –Oman extension, replacement vehicle cover, and personal accident cover for drivers
  • Coverage scope of third-party damages cover – UAE only

New India Assurance Comprehensive (Garage)

  • Third-party damages cover – AED 2 million 
  • Coverage area for third-party cover – UAE only
  • Own damage cover – Oman and UAE
  • Windscreen damage and ambulance service cover
  • Emergency medical benefit – AED 1,500 
  • Loss of personal belongings – AED 1,500
  • Free personal accident cover, natural calamity cover, ambulance service, and roadside assistance
  • Additional feature – free health tests like blood sugar levels, dental check-ups, BP+BMI, and more
  • Add-ons – replacement vehicle cover

Oriental Comprehensive (Agency)

  • Third-party damages – AED 2 million
  • Own damage coverage – Oman and UAE
  • Riots and strikes cover
  • Emergency medical expenses cover – AED 1,500
  • Windscreen damages cover – AED 3,000
  • Loss of personal belongings cover - AED 2,000
  • Free fire and theft damages, ambulance services cover, valet parking theft, lock replacement, natural calamity, and agency repairs
  • Add-ons available – Oman extension, roadside assistance, replacement of vehicle, and personal accident cover
  • Third-party damages coverage – UAE only

DNI Comprehensive (Premium Agency) 

  • Third-party cover – Up to AED 3 million
  • Coverage area for third-party – UAE only 
  • Coverage area for own damage – Oman and UAE 
  • Loss of personal belongings – AED 5,000
  • Windscreen damages – AED 3,500
  • Emergency medical expenses – AED 5,000
  • Ambulance service cover – AED 6,770
  • No claim discount protection
  • Taxi fare cover – AED 150
  • Riots and strikes damages and agency repairs
  • Other additional covers – Personal accident covers for drivers and passengers, natural calamity cover, and roadside assistance
  • Add-ons – Replacement of vehicle cover 

Alliance Insurance Comprehensive (Agency)

  • Third-party liability cover – AED 2 million
  • Coverage area – UAE only
  • Emergency medical expenses – AED 2,000
  • Free natural calamity cover, roadside assistance cover, and personal accident cover
  • Loss of personal belonging – AED 2,000
  • Other covers - ambulance services cover, agency repairs, windscreen cover, and fire and theft cover
  • Add-ons available – replacement vehicle and Oman extension

Inclusion of BMW 7 Series Insurance Plans

With most BMW 7 Series insurance plans, you can expect coverage for the following

  • Third-party damage cover
  • Roadside assistance
  • Damages caused by strikes and riots 
  • Coverage for loss of personal belongings
  • Coverage for emergency medical expenses 
  • Valet parking theft and damages cover
  • Lock replacement cover
  • Theft and fire damages cover
  • Agency repairs 
  • Own damage cover
  • Coverage for windscreen damages

Exclusion of BMW 7 Series Insurance Plans

On the other side of inclusions, you can find the general exclusions for most BMW 7 Series insurance plans. You won’t be able to make a claim in the following scenarios: 

  • Causing damages to third parties when driving under the influence of drugs or intoxicating substances
  • Driving without a valid licence and causing damages to own vehicle or third-party person/vehicles 
  • Negligence of the owner-driver leading to damages
  • Consequential damages caused due to previous unrepaired damages
  • Damaging a personal car when using it for commercial purposes
  • Normal wear and tear leading to damages

Add-Ons for BMW 7 Series Insurance Plans

To extend the scope of your comprehensive car insurance plan, you can always include a few add-ons. Listed below are the most popular add-ons used in the UAE: 

  • Driver and passenger personal accident cover 
  • Replacement of vehicle cover 
  • Oman extension
  • Natural calamity cover
  • Off-road driving cover 

BMW 7 Series Insurance Costs in the UAE

BMW 7 Series insurance costs can range between AED 1,000 and AED 3,800 depending on the variant of your car and a few other factors. A few key factors that can influence BMW 7 Series insurance costs include the comprehensiveness of the plan, the make, model and manufacturing year of the car, the condition of the car, and your claim history. 

Some other factors can also fluctuate BMW 7 Series insurance costs in the UAE, although the influence is not as significant compared to the ones discussed earlier. Factors like driving history can be included in this category. 

How to Renew Insurance for BMW 7 Series Insurance Plans?

Renewing your BMW 7 Series insurance plans is a simple process and can be done within a few minutes from the comfort of your home. Go to the platform from where you purchased your BMW 7 Series insurance plan - it can be the provider website or the aggregator website. Log in using the customer credentials that you received when you bought your plan. 

Open your profile and locate the plan details, where you will find the option for renewal. After selecting that option, you can fill out the specified details and choose your plan. You can also add or remove add-ons as per your requirements. Finalise everything by verifying the relevant details before making the payment for your BMW 7 Series insurance premium. 

Your plan will be renewed immediately and the policy documents will be delivered via email to your registered email address. You can also contact your insurance agent to renew the plan or visit a nearby branch of the provider. 

How to Claim Insurance for BMW 7 Series Insurance Plans?

The process to send out a claim for your BMW 7 Series insurance plan can differ as per the kind of claim you would like to make. Given below is a guide to successfully filing a claim for BMW 7 Series insurance plans in the UAE:

  • Contact your BMW 7 Series insurance provider and let them know about the claim you wish to make. Explain the situation at hand and request the executive that you are speaking with to initiate a claim on your behalf. 
  • Contact the police department next if you are making claim for accidental damages or theft. Have an official police report filed and obtain a copy for yourself. 
  • Collect the required documents – your UAE driving licence, car registration documents, police report of the incident, and the claim form. 
  • Fill out the form, attach the documents, and submit them using offline or online channels. 
  • While the provider will examine the claim, you will be required to visit a network or agency garage for damage evaluation by an inspector from the insurance company. 
  • Once all the formalities are complete, your vehicle repairs will begin. 


How to Buy BMW 7 Series Insurance Plans?

BMW 7 Series insurance plans can be easily purchased online from Policybazaar UAE. You can visit, our official website, and open the car insurance section either from the drop-down menu or the main menu on the page. Fill out the lead form present here to help us show the most suitable BMW 7 Series insurance options for you. 

After you submit the mentioned form, you will be redirected to the BMW 7 Series quotes page. Here, you can compare all the available BMW 7 Series insurance plans for your car and choose the best one. Once you confirm a plan 

Why Buy from

Given below are a few of the many reasons for buying BMW 7 Series insurance plans from Policybazaar UAE:

  • We partner with the best car insurance providers in the UAE to offer you ideally suited insurance plans for your BMW 7 Series car 
  • The user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform of our website ensures that you are able to access different services within seconds and with maximum ease 
  • You get excess to the best BMW 7 Series quotes with the lowest prices in the UAE 
  • Our 24x7 customer support team is available to help you with any issues or troubles with your insurance plans 
  • Insurance experts of can also guide you through the entire process of finding the perfect car insurance plan for your BMW 7 Series and help you make sound financial decisions 

Check out the following section to find out a few more quick details about BMW 7 Series insurance in the UAE.  


Q1. What is BMW 7 Series insurance cost in the UAE?

Ans: BMW 7 Series insurance cost ranges between AED 1,000 and AED 3,800 depending on the variables related to your car. 

Q2. How can I purchase my BMW 7 Series insurance plan in the UAE?

Ans: You can purchase your BMW 7 Series insurance plan online and offline via, a provider’s website, or from the branch itself. 

Q3. What are the major documents required to submit a BMW 7 Series insurance claim?

Ans: You will need your driving licence, registration documents of the car, and the police report of the incident that caused damages. 

Q4. How can I renew my BMW 7 Series insurance plan?

Ans: You can renew your plan using both online and offline platforms like the website of a provider, via your insurance agent, or a branch of your insurance provider. 

Q5. What is the validity duration of BMW 7 Series insurance?

Ans: BMW 7 Series insurance plans stay valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

Q6. Where can I obtain BMW 7 Series quotes in the emirates?

Ans: You can get your BMW 7 Series quotes from and compare them to find the ideally suitable plan for your car. 

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