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BMW M5, soon after its launch, swiftly entered the inner circle of sports car enthusiasts of the UAE. BMW M5 showcases the most powerful engine that the brand has designed for its series of production cars, with the car itself being one of the top products in the luxury car series of BMW. 

However, this also makes finding an ideal BMW M5 insurance plan for your beloved sports car necessary to ensure adequate financial assistance in case the vehicle faces any damage. 

Several providers in the UAE offer BMW M5 insurance plans that we will cover in this piece along with several other key aspects regarding the car. Let’s begin with discussing a few key features of the BMW M5 sports car. 

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW M5 4.4TC V8 RWD, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for BMW M5 4.4TC V8 RWD, 2023 model.

Features of BMW M5

  • Powerful Performance: Featuring the BMW M TwinPower Turbo engine with an 8-cylinder set-up, BMW M5 becomes the most powerful series production car designed by BMW so far. This reflects in its performance, with this car taking just 3.3 seconds to accelerate to the speed of 100 kmph from 0. The exceptionally powerful performance of this car makes BMW M5 one of the most popular sports cars in the emirates. 
  • Sleek Sporty Exterior: The adaptive LED Shadow Line headlights combined with the remodelled apron of the car create an exterior that complements the powerful performance of the car. One central inlet and two large side inlets are also added to the design, while its lower centre of gravity enhances the driving experience and safety further and ensures easy handling. 
  • Luxurious Interiors: The signature driver-oriented cockpit of the car is covered with deluxe Full Merino leather, with the Signature M detailing also spotted all over the car. The M Sport seats of this car are excellent for having added comfort and bolstering for both the driver and the passengers. 
  • Tech-Smart Functions: The signature BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant program has been added to the car for the convenience of the users. Moreover, its new Central Information Display is easy to operate, with both gesture control and touchscreen control systems being present for the same. 

Specifications of BMW M5



Mileage (ARAI)

9.12 kmpl

Engine Displacement (cc)


Maximum Power 

616.87bhp@6000rpm (bhp@rpm)

Seating Capacity


Boot Space (Litres)


Body Type


Fuel Type


No. of cylinders


Maximum Torque 

750nm@1800-5860rpm (nm@rpm)

Transmission Type


Fuel Tank Capacity

68 L

Top Speed (KMPH)


Steering Type 


Front and Rear Brake 

Ventilated Disk


3.3 seconds

Top Car Insurance Plans for BMW M5

BMW M5 Insurance Plans

Details of the Plan 

Adamjee Comprehensive (Agency)

  • Third-party damages cover – AED 2 million
  • Coverage scope – within the UAE
  • Loss of personal belongings cover – AED 2,000
  • Emergency medical expenses cover – AED 2,000
  • Includes cover for ambulance services, riots and strike damages, and agency repairs
  • Free fire and theft cover
  • Free roadside assistance cover, natural calamity cover, and personal accident coverage for passengers
  • Add-ons – replacement vehicle cover and personal accident cover for drivers 

Noor Watania Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

  • Third-party damages coverage – AED 2 million 
  • Loss of belongings cover – AED 2,000 
  • Riots and strikes coverage
  • Medical emergency cover – AED 2,000
  • Windscreen damages cover – AED 3,000 
  • Free roadside assistance, valet parking theft, agency repairs, personal accident covers, and ambulance services
  • Lock replacement – AED 5,000  
  • New car replacement cover
  • Add-ons - third-party Oman cover 
  • Coverage area – within the UAE

Al Sgar Comprehensive (Garage)

  • Third-party coverage – up to AED 2 million
  • Coverage area – only within the UAE
  • Emergency medical expenses – AED 2,000
  • Windscreen damage cover – AED 2,000
  • Free personal accident coverage for passengers, natural calamity cover, and roadside assistance
  • Add-ons – Oman extension, replacement of the vehicle, and personal accident cover for drivers

Aman Insurance Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

  • Coverage scope – UAE only
  • Third-party liability –  up to AED 2 million
  • Free Oman extension for own damages, roadside assistance cover, and personal accident cover for passengers
  • Other included covers – windscreen damages, agency repairs, and lock replacement cover
  • Add-on covers – personal accident cover for drivers and vehicle replacement cover

Oriental Comprehensive (Agency)

  • Third-party damages – AED 2 million
  • Own damage coverage – UAE and Oman
  • Third-party coverage – UAE only 
  • Loss of personal belongings cover - AED 2,000
  • Riots and strikes cover
  • Windscreen damages cover – AED 3,000 
  • Emergency medical expenses cover – AED 1,500
  • Additional benefits – fire and theft damages, lock replacement, ambulance services cover, natural calamity, valet parking theft, and agency repairs
  • Free personal accident covers and natural calamity cover
  • Add-ons available – roadside assistance and replacement of vehicle

Inclusion of BMW M5 Insurance Plans

  • Third-party vehicular damages and injuries cover
  • Own damage cover 
  • Roadside assistance cover
  • Windshield protection cover
  • Loss of personal effects or belongings cover
  • Valet parking theft or accidental damages cover 
  • Damages caused by strikes and riots cover
  • Agency repairs
  • Lock replacement cover
  • Emergency medical expenses cover for the driver-owner

Exclusion of BMW M5 Insurance Plans

  • Causing damages when driving under the influence of drugs or other intoxicating substances
  • Causing damages  (third party and/or own damages) when driving without a valid licence
  • Any damages incurred by the vehicle due to voluntary negligence of the driver-owner
  • Normal wear and tear leading to damages
  • Using personal cars for commercial or business purposes and incurring damages

Add-ons for BMW M5 Insurance Plans

  • Replacement vehicle cover
  • Passenger and driver personal accident cover
  • Natural calamity cover
  • Oman extension cover

BMW M5 Insurance Cost?

BMW insurance costs can range somewhere between AED 2,000 to AED 12,500 as per the condition, manufacturing year, and the variant of the car. Other factors like your driving history, claim history, and so on can also affect the price of your insurance plan. You can use BMW M5 quotes from to determine how much will BMW M5 insurance cost for your car. 

How to Renew Insurance BMW M5?

Renewing your BMW M5 insurance plans is quite easy and can be completed in a few simple steps. You can use the website of your provider to renew your BMW M5 insurance plan. Simply log in using your customer credentials and head to your profile. Locate the plan details and click on the renewal option. 

Choose the plan that you want to renew along with the necessary add-on. Another aspect to note here is that you can also renew your old plan or take a new one if you like at this point. After verifying all the details, pay the premium to complete the process. Your new policy documents will be delivered via email to your official email address. 

You can also renew the plan offline by visiting one of the branch offices of your insurance provider or contacting your insurance agent for the same.

How to Claim Insurance for BMW M5?

The process of submitting a claim for your BMW M5 insurance plans can slightly differ each time as per the type of claim involved and the circumstance. Given below are some common steps involved in the claim submission process for BMW M5 insurance plans:

  • Contact your insurance provider, intimate a claim, and let them know about the situation at hand 
  • If the claim is related to accidental damages or theft, contact the police, and register an official report. As you will need a copy of this report for claim submission, make sure to obtain one here. 
  • Get a claim form, fill it out, and submit it with all the required documents. Some documents that you will require here are your driving licence, car registration documents, and police report. 
  • Once the provider examines the claim, an inspector at your agency or network garage will examine the damages of your BMW M5 
  • A repair schedule will be made and expenses will be finalised after the inspection. Once you pay off the applicable deductible, the repairs will begin. 


How to Buy BMW M5 Insurance?

With the easy availability of online application modes, you can now choose to buy your BMW M5 insurance plan from the comfort of your home. This is further simplified with Policybazaar UAE, where you can check out the best plans for your vehicle and get one for you at the best prices. 

Applying from our website is fairly easy. You can visit and go straight to the car insurance page. After you fill out the lead form located here, you will be redirected to the BMW M5 quotes page where you will find all the top BMW M5 insurance plans that match your requirements and profile. You can navigate and choose the plan that suits your current requirements the best, and complete the application process without much hassle. 

Why Buy from

There are several benefits of purchasing BMW M5 car insurance in the uae from Discussed below are the major ones in detail: 

  • You get access to the best BMW M5 quotes in the emirates when you purchase your BMW M5 insurance plans with us. Additionally, several exclusive discounts, exciting offers, and value-added benefits will also be available at your disposal. 
  • You can seamlessly complete all steps involved in purchasing a BMW M5 insurance plan on our customer-friendly platform. You can obtain the BMW M5 quotes, compare the top options, and make the purchase – all without switching tabs even once. 
  • Our team of business experts is always available to guide you through your BMW M5 insurance purchasing process. 
  • You can reach out to our 24x7 customer support cell and get due assistance with any issues that you are facing with your BMW M5 insurance plans. 
  • Find BMW M5 insurance plans from all the top insurance providers in the UAE in one place 

To help you further grasp the nuances of BMW M5 car insurance in the UAE, given below are the queries frequently raised with respect to this insurance. 


Q1. How much does BMW M5 insurance cost in the UAE?

Ans: BMW M5 insurance cost can fall somewhere between AED 2,000 and AED 12,500 as per the factors related to your customer profile and your car. 

Q2. Where can I purchase my BMW M5 car insurance plans from?

Ans: You can purchase your BMW M5 insurance plan online from Policybazaar UAE. Making a purchase from our website is an excellent option if you wish to comfortably explore and compare the plans before buying a plan of your choice.

Q3. Which factors can affect my BMW M5 insurance cost?

Ans: Factors like your driving history, claim history, condition of the car, variant and model, and others can affect the insurance cost of your BMW M5. 

Q4. Where can I get BMW M5 quotes in the UAE?

Ans: You can get the best BMW M5 quotes from, our official website. Our BMW M5 quotes are ideally customised as per your customer profile, meaning that you will get the most relevant and suitable quotes for you on our website. 

Q5. How can I buy my BMW M5 car insurance plans in the UAE?

Ans: You can purchase your BMW M5 insurance plans using, where you can check the best plans for your car before making a purchase – all done in a matter of a few clicks! 

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