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BMW is now coming out with an excellent four-door coupe SUV – X8. The foundations of this car are inspired by X7 and emphasise its radical structure and sporty design with its large grills, sleek headlights, and taillights. BMW X8 is indeed a combination of practicality and elegance, with the car featuring a 4.4-litre Twin-Turbo V8 Plug-in Hybrid engine and eight cylinders. more

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If you plan to book your BMW X8 in advance in the UAE, don’t forget to insure it! With a proper insurance plan in place, you can drive your car without worrying about the financial consequences in case of any damage or loss related to your car.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Features of BMW X8 Car

Find below the most notable features of BMW X8 cars:

  • BMW X8 has a Live Cockpit Professional infotainment system that is smartphone and navigation-compatible. Moreover, the seats of this new BMW car are padded in fine leather to give a smooth touch to the car interior.
  • The car is a product of a crossover culture and consists of the latest patent of BMW – an intelligent Personal Assistant that enables you to make calls, do searches, and responds quickly the moment you say “Hey BMW!”.
  • BMW X8 is a car with excellent performance owing to its 4.4-litre V8 engine operating on petrol. The engine is strong and produces 200hp and about 737 Nm torque, offering you a world-class driving experience. The car is both sporty and comfortable with its large cabin and cargo space.
  • The car features the latest Clar Modular BMW platform, which is the same as X7. This platform integrates both rear and all-wheel-drive systems. It has a switchable system of the M8 and M5 models.

Specifications for BMW X8 Car

Body Type SUV
Top Speed Approx. 204 kmph
Gear Box 8-speed M Steptronic
Engine Type 4.4 Litre Twin-Turbo V8 Plug-in Hybrid
Steering Type Power
Steering Gear Type Rack Pinion
Acceleration 0 to 100 kmph in 3.4 seconds
Seating Capacity 5-seater
Fuel Type  Hybrid
Brake System  4-Wheel ABS

Buy Car Insurance & Avoid Fine

Types of BMW X8 Insurance Plans in the UAE

As per the UAE RTA law, car insurance in the UAE is mandatory. For your BMW X8, you can secure comprehensive or third-party insurance, with both the types of car insurance discussed below -

  • Comprehensive auto insurance is developed to provide you cover in case of third-party responsibility lawsuits as well as any damage to your vehicle. These plans, besides covering third-party liabilities, also cover your car against damages or loss due to accidents, theft, natural disasters, fire, man-made disasters, and so on.

  • Third-party insurance, also referred to as third-party liability insurance, is only meant to provide cover for third-party claims if you were at fault for a car accident. Your car, however, is not covered by any accident-related damages under this type of insurance.

In the UAE, third-party insurance is mandatory for every car. However, you can opt for comprehensive car insurance for enhanced coverage and various other benefits.

Compare Car Insurance Plans

Purchasing BMW X8 Insurance on Policybazaar UAE

If you have pre-ordered your BMW X8, you should insure it on time to enjoy a penalty-free and safe drive in the UAE. You can consider purchasing a suitable BMW X8 insurance plan from, with our website offering you a pool of car insurance plans to choose from in the UAE.

When you opt to buy a BMW X8 insurance policy from, you will get easy access to –

  • Affordable insurance policies with plenty of options
  • 24-by-7 customer support in case of any doubts regarding the right policy for you
  • Assistance from a team of insurance advisors via phone and e-mail
  • After-sales service
  • Offers on car insurance plans

You can always check out the BMW car insurance quotes page of our website to figure out the plan that suits you the best. For this, you will simply need to fill out the form present in the ‘car insurance’ section of

If you feel stuck during the insurance purchasing process, you can connect with our customer care via phone or even WhatsApp.

Note: While purchasing BMW X8 insurance, you may be asked to provide the following documents –

  • Car registration details
  • Engine number and chassis number
  • Driving licence
  • Emirates ID
  • Valid Passport copy
  • A resident Visa copy

How to Renew Your BMW X8 Insurance?

When your BMW X8 insurance expires, make sure to renew it within the grace period of a month as provided by insurance companies to continue having your car secured. The following factors should be taken into account while renewing your BMW X8 insurance in the UAE -

1. Continuing with the same provider - It may often appear simple to renew the current policy. However, there is a possibility that you may not be obtaining the greatest policy that could satisfy your needs. In order to compare the best plans, it is crucial to browse insurance plans, with websites like being ideal for the same.

2. Documents required - The following is the common list of documents that the policy providers in the UAE expect you to have when renewing your BMW X8 insurance –

  • Car registration number and certificate
  • A copy of your passport
  • UAE visa copy
  • No claim discount certificate
  • Valid UAE driving licence

It must be kept in mind that you would not need to present the aforementioned paperwork if you renew your car insurace for  BMW X8 with the current insurer. To have the renewal done, you can simply give your providers the credentials for your current coverage.

renew car insurance

3. Continuing the policy with same features - You should review the characteristics of the insurance plan you intend to buy when renewing your BMW X8 insurance coverage. Additionally, you ought to consider adding a few extra components that might make your policy more comprehensive. For this, you can pick a few add-ons that could satisfy your requirements.

4. Renew the car insurance on time - You should renew the current BMW X8 insurance plan in the 13th month of the car insurance, as it is crucial to renew the insurance on time to be able to renew the vehicle registration.

5. Calculating the premium - The BMW X8 insurance premium calculation requires details like –

  • The manufacturer, model, and price of the car
  • The driving history of the policyholder
  • Driver’s age
  • History of traffic violation
  • Insurance claim history

The premium that you would need to pay depends on the aforementioned factors.

Depending on your convenience, you may renew your BMW X8 insurance online or offline. You can visit the website of your insurance provider to submit an online renewal request. To avoid the AED 500 fine, 4 black points on your licence, or possible confiscation of your vehicle for seven days or more for driving without insurance, make sure to renew your insurance on time. 

How to File BMW X8 Insurance Claim?

You can file a claim for BMW X8 insurance in case –

  • Somebody is injured during the accident - If any of the parties involved in an accident have been injured physically, you should notify your insurance company as third-party liability or personal accident cover may apply here. Analyse the overall damage suffered and both the inclusions as well as exclusions of your policy before filing an insurance claim for your BMW X8.
  • The car is damaged in the accident - You could have third-party liabilities covered with third-party insurance if you cause any damage to a third party. However, you would need to purchase comprehensive auto insurance to get reimbursed for your own vehicle. The damages may be a result of a natural disaster, a man-made disaster, theft, an accident on the road, or an unintentional collision.

To make a claim in such cases, you would need to obtain a copy of police report regarding the incident and submit it along with the required documents to your insurance provider. Your insurance provider would then examine the claim documents as well as your vehicle, with the repair work starting as soon as the claim is approved.

Documents Required for Filing BMW X8 Insurance Claim

  • A police report
  • Car modifying certificate (if any)
  • Driving licence of all the involved drivers
  • A duly filled insurance claim form by all the involved parties
  • Car registration certificate and number

You should carefully examine the insurance policy's terms and conditions as it enables you to obtain the necessary compensation from the insurance provider and negotiate in the manner you like.

Note: For a speedy and hassle-free claim settlement, make sure that you immediately notify the insurance and the police about the event.

How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE


Q1. What factors can impact the BMW X8 insurance premium?

Ans: The following factors could impact your car insurance premium –

  • Vehicle’s age
  • Driver’s residence location
  • Car’s value
  • Type of vehicle
  • Insurance claim history
  • Driving experience
Q2. Will you be covered for the off road damages caused by your BMW X8?

Ans: If you purchase off-road cover as a rider/add-on, you will be covered for all the damages that happen to the car while engaging in off road driving.

Q3. What things should you take into consideration before renewing your BMW X8 insurance in the UAE?

Ans: Take the following things into account if you are planning to renew your car insurance –

  • Reviewing the policy requirements
  • Comparing different car insurance quotes from several insurance providers
  • Examining necessary riders
  • Emirate-specific research
Q4. What is the overall tenure of BMW X8 insurance policy in the UAE?

Ans: A car insurance plan in the UAE has a validity of 13 months. This includes a tenure of 12 months as well as a grace month to renew the insurance plan in the UAE.

Q5. What is roadside assistance?

Ans: Roadside assistance is a car insurance add-on that provides cover in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road. The insurer, in such cases, can send concerned personnel to the location to help you get the car repaired at an authorised garage.

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