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Choosing the right health insurance Dubai is quite a serious decision and can never be a one size fits all. As our health is the most important thing at the end of the day when it is holding up good you and your loved ones have much-needed peace of mind. A good health insurance Dubai aims at providing financial security against any ailments that might arise in the future. So, make sure your policy covers all the points needed depending on your health condition in order to ensure maximum benefits while availing the perks it offers.

It is popularly known that more than 80% of the financial crisis starts due to health emergencies and can end up damaging the finances of an individual. Health emergencies not only call for heavy funds for the treatment but also bring the risk of the family being financially impacted if the earning member of the family faces any disablement because of the illness.

With the rise in the medical expenses, it is important for one to get health insurance Dubai as soon as possible because once the policy seeker is diagnosed with any sort of medical problems like diabetes or fluctuating blood pressure, the chances of securing a health insurance policy with a cost-effect rate decreases. There can be nothing better than obtaining peace of mind at an affordable price.

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

health insurance is taken up to ensure that health care expenses are manageable. However, many times, it has been noticed that people fail to maximize the benefits of their health policy which they should be extracting. The end results in such scenarios are them paying a higher price for their healthcare.

Here are some tips one should consider in order to buy a health insurance plan that is worthwhile.

Early Protection

It is ideal to opt for health insurance at an early stage as there are lower chances of the protection being rejected. There are also other perks and benefits offered on health insurance Dubai apart from boosting your financial planning.

Claim Process and Waiting Period

An easy claim procedure along with a faster settlement of claims is always the best option for the insured individual. Many times, health insurance policies often bring along a waiting period, during this period the policyholder does not have access to the claims on the policy even if there is an emergency. Opting for a health insurance policy at a younger age will help you in surpassing this waiting period. It is also ideal to opt for a company that has a minimum waiting period. 

Lifetime Renewal

When one is old there is a higher probability of facing illnesses and diseases as compared to when one might have opted for the health insurance policy. Therefore, it is essential to opt for a health coverage policy that comes with the option of lifetime renewal. 

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Sum Insured and Policy Tenure

It is essential to choose the right amount of sum assured as it will cover all the medical expenses involved during any emergency. Make sure to increase the amount of your health policy every now and then. Also, keep in mind that the sum assured you choose should not fall short in case of any emergency and not choose the one that comes with the lowest premium. 

Maternity Benefits

For women, it is good to opt for health policies that come along with maternity benefits. Make sure to check for the outpatient expenses in the policy and also the exclusions related to the coverage.

Hospitalization and Treatments

Before you go ahead and opt for health insurance Dubai, it is advised to further look into the different expenses that are covered under hospitalization along with in-patient treatment and any other treatments for which the policyholder might have to make a claim. It is ideal to choose a policy that covers both pre and post hospitalization aspects, along with some others such as post-retirement aspects.

Critical Illness Cover and Cancer Cover

The best health insurance plans offer coverage against critical illness, cancer, personal accidents, donor expenses, along with other health boosters.

Network Hospitals

Make sure to check the hospitals that are linked with your health insurance policy to ease it out during any emergencies. It is easy to get treatment in a network hospital by simply showing your health card and availing the desired healthcare as a result of the collaboration between the hospital and your insurance provider.

Family Insurance

It is advised to opt for individual policies along with any employer insurance that you hold as it will provide coverage for your family members unlike the coverage offered by your employer.

Free Medical Checkups and Wellness Programs

It is good to choose a health insurance policy that offers complimentary medical checkups for the policyholder, along with an assessment of medical reports, monetary rewards, and health coaching.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it all comes down to doing the best possible to secure your loved ones. So, take a step closer to building a secure future for your family by keeping in mind the points above while opting for a health insurance Dubai.

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