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“New year, new me” is a mantra that most of us adopt in order to try and introduce some healthy changes in our lives. But healthy changes that we voluntarily introduce are not the only ones that may come with the new year. Several of your needs, including health insurance, change as time goes by. To help you accommodate your health insurance plans as per the changing needs of the new year, we have curated a list of the top health insurance plans to take in 2022 from some of the top insurance providers in the UAE. Let’s dive in. 

AXA Health Insurance

One of the biggest international insurance companies in the UAE and the Gulf, AXA has been a part of the Gulf insurance sector for over 70 years now. AXA Gulf caters to over 1 million customers across the Gulf region and has 25 branches spread all across the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Out of all the different insurance products that AXA offers, AXA health insurance is one of the most trusted by its customers and that too for all the right reasons. Let’s cover some of the best and latest health insurance plans that AXA plans to offer in 2022 in the UAE and the Gulf. 

Smart Health – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates 

  • Enhanced health insurance plans offered by AXA Gulf Insurance are divided into two categories – Dubai and Northern Emirates health insurance plans and Abu Dhabi health insurance plans. These two categories are further divided into several sub-categories as per the comprehensiveness of the benefits offered in each plan. 
  • Dubai and Northern Emirates health insurance plans from AXA Gulf are available in Global, Regional, Gold, Silver and Bronze options. The Abu Dhabi health insurance plans are available in Global, Regional, Gold and Silver options only. 
  • AXA enhanced health insurance plans provide coverage up to AED 7,500,000 as an assured sum along with several basic and unique health insurance benefits. 
  • The global reach of AXA health insurance plans is spread across all countries except for the USA. Regional health insurance plans offer healthcare benefits not only in the UAE but in all the countries included in the Gulf region. 
  • Maternity cover is offered in all health insurance plans from this segment including the least comprehensive alternatives. 
  • The major benefits policyholders can avail of with AXA Gulf health insurance plans include inpatient services like tests, diagnostic reports, consultations and surgeries, and outpatient services like day-care procedures, maternity cover, dental cover and worldwide emergency medical assistance. 
  • Personal accident cover worth AED 25,000 to 150,000 is also available with all the included insurance plans from these categories. 
  • AXA Gulf also offers AXA360, a teleconsultation service for all its policyholders to facilitate easy doctor consultations from home. 

Essential Benefits Plan

  • The essential benefits plan offered by AXA Gulf is designed to meet all the necessary standards set by the DHA – Dubai Health Authority. 
  • Any UAE resident can opt for the essential benefit health insurance plan from AXA Gulf. 
  • The annual assured sum allotted to policyholders here is set at AED 150,000.
  • All the benefits offered in the plan can be utilised anywhere within the geographical boundaries of the UAE. 
  • All basic in-patient services are covered under the essential benefits plan offered by AXA Gulf. This includes all kinds of lab tests, diagnostic tests, scans and reports, pharmaceuticals, etc. 
  • Maternity in-patient and out-patient benefits are also covered by the essential benefits plan. Prior approval from AXA Gulf is required to avail of this benefit. This also includes a 30-day-long newborn cover for infants. 
  • The plan also includes preventive healthcare services like vaccinations. 

ADNIC – Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance providers in the Middle East as well as the North Africa region. It was established in 1972 as a multi-line insurance provider in the UAE. Headquartered in the UAE, ADNIC has a huge network of branch offices all over the UAE. Both business and individual insurance products are offered by ADNIC, but its health insurance plans take the lead on the consumer-favourite front. Given below are some of the best health insurance plans that ADNIC offers in the UAE:

SHIFA Medical Insurance – Platinum, Gold Silver, Bronze

  • The SHIFA health insurance plans from ADNIC are designed for both individuals and their family members. They are divided into five categories, namely Domestic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 
  • SHIFA health insurance plans offer an assured sum of up to AED 5,000,000. The coverage ranges from domestically within the UAE to worldwide including the USA and Canada. 
  • The SHIFA health insurance plans come with benefits like accommodation rent, pharmaceutical cover, maternity cover – both in-patient and out-patient, medical appliances and equipment cover, kidney dialysis cover, and vaccination and immunisation services for children as basic benefits. 
  • Additional special benefits of the plan include organ transplant, consultation cover for a second opinion, annual routine health check-up, psychiatric treatment and therapy, vision and optical cover and dental cover. 
  • The dental benefits offered by SHIFA health insurance plans from ADNIC are quite extensive and well laid out. In addition to basic benefits like consultation, extractions, x-rays and root canal, the plan also offers coverage for dentures, crown fittings, orthodontics and dental prosthesis.
  • SHIFA health insurance plans cover a wide network of hospitals and clinics with over 2000 providers spread across the UAE.

HALA Health Insurance 

  • ADNIC also offers a special health insurance plan for visitors coming to the UAE – the HALA health insurance plan. HALA health insurance can be bought by anyone who is in the UAE on a visitor’s visa. 
  • The assured sum of the HALA health insurance plan is AED 150,000. 
  • In-patient and emergency health insurance services are covered by this ADNIC health insurance plan. 
  • Visitors can use this plan anywhere in the UAE. 
  • Pre-existing conditions, chronic conditions and day-care treatments are also covered by HALA health insurance. 
  • Additional features of the plan include repatriation of the mortal remains and out-of-network treatment for life-threatening diseases.
  • HALA health insurance plan is to be purchased before the visitor arrives in the UAE. 

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Re-Insurance Company AKA AMAN Health Insurance

As the name suggests, AMAN or Dubai Islamic Insurance and Re-Insurance Company is an Islamic general insurance company that also offers re-insurance services to providers. It was established in the year 2002 and runs on the insurance principles of Sharia law of Islam. AMAN health insurance plans are some of the most trusted health takaful plans in the UAE, making it essential to include them in this list of the best health insurance plans in the UAE. 

Al Shamel, Wiqaya, Himaya, Mo’azara, Sanad Health Insurance Plans

  • AMAN insurance offers five different kinds of individual health insurance plans, all of which are segregated as per the level of coverage they offer. 
  • Al Shamel and Wiqaya health insurance plans offer global coverage excluding the USA and Canada. The only difference between these two plans is that Al Shamel covers treatment at premier hospitals and medical facilities, while Wiqaya offers treatment at standard medical facilities only. 
  • The same applies to Himaya and Mo’azara. These two are regional coverage plans offered by AMAN Insurance. The first offers coverage for treatment at premier facilities and the latter covers treatment at standard medical facilities only. The regional coverage scope includes the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and the Philippines. 
  • Sanad health insurance plan is the UAE-only plan that extends its coverage to local hospitals only. 
  • Common benefits you can find in AMAN health insurance plans include accidental and emergency treatment, in-patient services, intensive care services, hospital room rent, parent accommodation, diagnostic and lab tests, pharmaceuticals and other outpatient benefits, doctor consultations, pre-existing diseases cover, repatriation of mortal remains, accidental emergency dental treatment cover, etc. 
  • Some additional benefits that policyholders can enjoy include maternity cover, optical cover, dental benefits and infant cover. Global and regional health insurance plans from AMAN insurance also offer benefits like home nursing cover, organ transplant, local ambulance cover, alternative medicine cover, and routine dental check-up/treatment. 

Oman Insurance Company 

Owned majorly by Mashreq Bank, the Oman Insurance Company was established in the year 1975. The headquarters of the company is located in Dubai, while the 11 branches are spread across the rest of the emirates as well as Oman, Turkey and Qatar. Oman Insurance Company works in partnership with several international partners for a better range of insurance options. Oman Insurance Company offers a wide range of essential benefits plans, which can be included in the list of the best health insurance plans in the UAE in 2022. 

DHA Essential Benefits Plans – Easy, Family and Family Plus 

  • Oman Insurance Company is one of the participating providers of the DHA ISAHD program that aims to offer affordable health insurance plans for people with a salary below AED 4000. 
  • The essential benefits plans offered by Oman Insurance Company can be bought as individual health insurance plans, domestic help health insurance plans and family health insurance plans. For individuals with a salary of more than AED 4000, a Family Plus plan is recommended that comes with a few added benefits on top of the basic ones. 
  • All the essential benefits plans offered in this segment include benefits like in-patient cover and emergency medical treatment. 
  • The plans are available with full coverage in all the emirates except Abu Dhabi. Only emergency medical treatment is covered in the emirates of Abu Dhabi. 
  • The plan also covers pre-existing diseases and chronic diseases. 
  • In addition to that, emergency medical treatment outside of the network is also covered by all the essential benefits health insurance plans offered by Oman Insurance Company. 

Daman Health Insurance 

Also known as the National Health Insurance Company, Daman Insurance is a government partnered insurance provider in the UAE. It is one of the few providers that offer health insurance plans for UAE residents as well as UAE nationals. Daman is owned by Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company. Daman is all about designing and offering specialised health insurance plans, making it the only health insurance specialist insurance provider in the UAE.

Individual Health Insurance Plans 

  • The individual health insurance plans offered by DAMAN health insurance are divided into five categories as per the geographical scope of coverage and the benefits offered. The different categories are Care Bronze, Care Silver, Care Gold, Care Platinum and Premier DNE. 
  • The maximum assured sum available with individual health insurance plans is set at AED 20,000,000, with over 2100 providers registered as in-network service providers. 
  • Except for Care Bronze and Care Silver, emergency medical treatment is covered by all the plans worldwide including the USA and Canada. 
  • Apart from in-patient benefits, outpatient services, dental cover and optical cover are also included in the individual health insurance plans offered by DAMAN insurance. Dental and optical covers can also be taken as add-on benefits with plans that do not include them as basic benefits. 

Thiqa Health Insurance

  • The Thiqa health insurance plan is an exclusive plan designed for UAE nationals. The plan is available for UAE nationals from Abu Dhabi and other emirates and for people holding a similar status. Residents and expats sponsored by UAE nationals can also opt for this plan. 
  • The plan has no annual assured sum limit, making it one of the most comprehensive plans in the UAE. 
  • Day-care procedures, hospitalisation, doctor consultations, home nursing services, diagnostic tests, medicines, medical equipment, physiotherapy, psychiatric treatment and dietician services are some of the many benefits offered by Thiqa health insurance.
  • Thiqa is one of the very few health insurance plans in the UAE that offer IVF cover for policyholders. 
  • Other benefits you can look forward to include dental cover, rehabilitation, regular health check-ups, etc. 

Essential Benefits Health Insurance Plans

  • The essential benefits plans offered by Daman health insurance are divided into two parts – Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • Each plan can be taken as per the visa that you hold. EBP Abu Dhabi is for Abu Dhabi visa holders and the Dubai variant is for Dubai visa holders. 
  • The maximum annual assured sum offered for Abu Dhabi EBP is AED 250,000, while for Dubai EBP, it’s AED 150,000.
  • Both essential benefits plans offer coverage for in-patient benefits, outpatient benefits and emergency medical services. Emergency medical treatment is fully covered for all policyholders across the UAE. 
  • Both the plans also cover pre-existing conditions, but a waiting period of 6 months is applicable. 

Other amazing health insurance options offered by DAMAN insurance include plans like domestic help health insurance, family health insurance plans, Madeed retirement health insurance plans, and visitor health insurance plans. Basically, there is a plan for every need and individual, ensuring ideal customisation for all. 

In a Nutshell 

The best health insurance plans for you in 2022 will majorly depend on your requirements. While there are some great options available from all the top insurance providers in the UAE, you still need to conduct some research on your own. Be sure to buy a health insurance plan that fulfils your needs but does not come with spare benefits that you will never use. Examine and evaluate your insurance needs in the new year properly and then choose a plan that best fits the description. Take assistance from our financial experts if you hit a bump on the way or require expert insights on health insurance trends.

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