Noor Takaful Health Insurance

Noor Takaful Health Insurance


From the time of its incorporation, Noor Takaful has made tangible progress in the UAE market. It is committed on remaining at the top amongst the Takaful sector of the Middle East. This brand has been built for providing top quality protection using flexible, modern, and state-of-the-art channels. Integrity, responsibility, innovation, customer centricity, and determination are certain values of Noor Takaful.

With expertise in health insurance, it offers Noor Takaful Health Insurance with comprehensive tailor-made healthcare plans. Noor Takaful provides basic to enhanced insurance solutions that provide coverage for the health care needs of the policyholder, their family and domestic workers.

Features and Benefits of Noor Takaful Health Insurance

Listed below are a few features and benefits of Noor Takaful Medical Insurance:

Second Medical Opinion

The policyholder can avail the option of taking second medical advice or opinion from authorized professionals in case of their health.

DHA Participating Insurance Provider

Noor Takaful Health Insurance is accredited as a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) participating insurance provider.

Accidental Cover for Death

The policyholder gets coverage for accidental death under this insurance policy.

Care Centers

The company offers a variety of plans with various networks with more than 1,600 care centers.

Treatment at Home Country

The policyholder can avail an option for availing treatment in their home country under this Noor Takaful medical insurance.

Competitive Price for Females

The females at the age of childbearing can enjoy options that are competitively priced.

Noor Takaful Health Insurance Inclusions

Listed below are the inclusions on this Noor Takaful Medical Insurance.

Cover Dependant Basic Domestic Staff Medical Dependant Enhanced 1 Dependant Enhanced 2 Dependant Enhanced 3
Female or Male (18-64 years) 615 AED 525 AED 720 AED 1299 AED 1699 AED
Females (maternity coverage included) (18-64 years) 1875 AED 525 AED 1999 AED 2350 AED 2599 AED
Elderly Female or male (above 64 years) 3000 AED 525 AED N/A N/A N/A
Female or male (less than 18 years) 615 AED N/A 720 AED 1299 AED 1699 AED
In-patient co-payment 20 percent 20 percent 20 percent 10 percent NIL
Examination services Co-payment 20 percent 20 percent 20 percent (25 AED maximum) 20 percent (25 AED maximum) 20 percent (25 AED maximum)
Laboratory Services Co-payment 20 percent 20 percent 20 percent 10 percent NIL
Prescription Drugs Co-payment 30 percent (1,500 AED annual limit) 30 percent (1,500 AED annual limit) 30 percent (1,500 AED annual limit) 10 percent (1,500 AED annual limit) 10 percent (1,500 AED annual limit)
Maternity Ante-natal out-patient and In-patient maternity services are covered with 10 percent co-payment
Network Coverage The UAE (except Al Ain and Abu Dhabi), extended to the Indian sub-continent on each plan except for Dependents Enhanced 1

Noor Takaful Health Insurance Exclusions

Listed below are the exclusions on this Noor Takaful Health Insurance Coverage:

  1. Services related to healthcare that aren’t medically important
  2. All the charges related to a dental prosthesis, orthodontic treatment, and dental treatment
  3. All services related to healthcare for locally and/or internationally recognized epidemics
  4. Any treatment or investigation that is not prescribed by any doctor
  5. Injuries from a suicide attempt or self-inflicted injuries
  6. All the cases that result from the use of controlled substances, alcoholic drinks, hallucinating and drugs substances.
  7. Services and treatment that arise due to hazardous activities that include but not limited to-
  8. Any kind of aerial flight
  9. Horse riding
  10. Any type of power-vehicle race
  11. Water sports
  12. Martial arts like boxing, judo, and wrestling
  13. Mountaineering activities
  14. Bungee jumping
  15. Other professional sports activities

Frequently Asked Questions on Noor Takaful Health Insurance

Q1. What are the available networks under this health insurance?

Ans: The networks available under this health insurance are AAFIYA (APN) and NEXTCARE (RN3 & PCP).

Q2. What is the network coverage on this Noor Takaful Health Insurance?

Ans: The network coverage involves the UAE (except Al Ain and Abu Dhabi) and extended to the Indian sub-continent on each plan except for Dependents Enhanced 1.

Q3. Do I get a cover for accidental death on this medical insurance?

Ans: Yes. You get an accidental death coverage on this medical insurance by Noor Takaful.

Q4. What is the duration of this Noor Takaful Medical Insurance Coverage?

Ans: Noor Takaful Medical Insurance Coverage is valid for one year.

Q5. What is the meaning of the term network on this health insurance?

Ans: The term network in case of this health insurance refers to the list of healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other clinical centers). You can visit these providers through direct billing.

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