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While getting a car insurance policy is another ball game altogether, the renewal of the policy can be quite troublesome too. But, when you have the option to renew car insurance online, then things are definitely a lot easier than the usual conventional process.

Now one of the best things about renewing your car insurance in Dubai is the fact that you get a grace period of one month. All the policies are issued for a period of 13 months which gives you enough time to plan out your renewal procedure. It gives you chance to renew car insurance online with your existing insurance provider or switch to a new insurer by exploring various options available in the insurance market.

1. Clear all Outstanding Fines- First thing first, ensure that you are not in possession of any outstanding fines because that will be an issue when you go to renew your car’s registration. For the same, go to the police website of Dubai and simply follow the procedure for paying fine. In case you have any black points which are pending with your particular car, then you may have to pay a visit to the police station to sort out this issue completely.

2. You Would Need to Get your Car Tested- While the new cars do not need to undergo any test for the initial two years, you would need to go for the testing post this period. You can either visit the RTA or the ADNOC testing centers to get your vehicle’s running tested and get a passed certificate which is of utmost importance. This is a step taken by the Dubai government, to ensure that the car is worth driving on the road and would not be a potential harm to you or fellow passengers on the road.

3. Collect all Required Documents- Along with this, an ID proving that you are a citizen of UAE is mandatory. The driving license and a car insurance which is renewed and the details of your old registration would also be required to be presented in order to get your car registration renewed in Dubai. Also, carry a document proving that your car has passed all the required tests.

4. Where Should you Go- When you go to purchase a car, your car dealer will take you to get the car registered. However, from second year onwards, you can simply go for the registration as the procedure is quite effortless. There are plenty of dedicated centers that can to take you through the car registration process. You can find out from the official site which is the best location for you and go there. Moreover, you can renew your car insurance online also.

5. The Procedure of Renewal in Detail- Once you are aware of all the documentation you need, then you can go to the center and opt for either of the two options:

You Can Go in Person -

You can go to the line and wait for your turn to come. You would be given a sticker reflecting the registration once the procedure is done along with an expiry date which is renewed. You can simply place this over the old number plate and then you will be done.

For Online Procedure -

After the test details are sorted, you can simply go to the online portal and register with your car details and submit the relevant documentation and then confirm a method that you prefer for delivery. You can then get it within 5 working days. This is how long it takes for the procedure to complete.

Get Someone Else to Renew Your License

If you feel like this procedure is very time consuming and you cannot invest your time, then you can choose this particular service known as the Personal Appearance Service. All you would need to do is go to the RTA’s service center meant for customers and get a PIN on your registered number. Anybody who is in possession of this pin can go ahead with the licensing work and registration on your behalf for how many ever cars you own. However, the pin is valid only for one particular visit and not after that. For further visits, you would need to get a new pin.

In a nutshell

You need to have the documents that are required for renewal. After which, you can opt for any of the services offered by the RTA or the Dubai authorities to renew the registration of your car.