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Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of medical treatment. It offers financial security in case of medical emergencies, critical illnesses, and more, reducing the out-of-the-pocket expenses. Medical plans can help to pay for a wide range of medical services, including hospital stays, surgeries, doctor's visits, and medications. Some health insurance Dubai, UAE plans also cover preventive care, such as regular check-ups and immunizations. In general, the main function of insurance is to protect individuals and families from the high cost of medical care, ensuring that they can access the care they need without financial hardship. more

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What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance can be considered a safety net that helps you navigate through unexpected medical expenses. Apart from being a mandatory requirement, health insurance Dubai protects you from the high costs of medical bills and treatments. This helps in reducing the financial burden of paying for expensive medical treatments out of pocket and protects you and your family against financial loss due to unexpected health issues. From routine check-ups to major surgeries, an appropriate insurance plan will cover all your medical needs under one roof!

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Key Features of Health Insurance

Here are the prominent features of health insurance UAE -

Insurance Features


Geographical Coverage

Worldwide/ Worldwide excluding the USA and Canada/ UAE + Home Country/ UAE

Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

Covered (subject to co-payment at times)



Physiotherapy Treatment


Alternative Medicine


Cancer Treatment

Covered as per the terms, conditions, and exclusions mentioned in the program by DHA

Vaccination for Children


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Covered - subject to a waiting period of 6 months if you purchase a new health insurance plan

Undeclared medical conditions are not covered;

Maternity Cover

Covered - undeclared pregnancy is not covered during the policy period

Hearing and Visual Aids

Covered (can be subject to coinsurance)



Emergency Ambulance Services


Daycare Treatment


Outpatient Benefits


Neonatal Care


Medical Expenses for Injuries Related to Road Accidents




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Types of Health Insurance in UAE

In the UAE, health insurance plans can be differentiated based on various factors such as the type of coverage provided by the insurer, network of healthcare providers, premium amount, deductible amount, maximum coverage limit, and more. You can choose the health plans as per your requirements and budget after considering all the factors.

Depending on the coverage, we can classify the UAE health insurance plans as follows:

1. Individual Insurance

Individual health insurance plan is specially designed for individuals and offers financial coverage against treatment expenses and emergency medical bills.

2. Family Insurance

This type of plan is designed to provide coverage for multiple members of the family, generally including you, your spouse, and your dependent children.

3. Group/Employee Insurance

Group health insurance coverage is offered to a group of individuals, generally employees of a company or organisation. This type of insurance covers a wide range of medical expenses including doctor visits, prescription medicines, and more.

4. Senior Citizen Insurance

Senior citizen health insurance Dubai provides medical coverage to individuals who are over the age of 65 in case of an illness or injury.

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Benefits of Health Insurance Dubai, UAE

The main purpose of insurance is to safeguard your finances in case of medical emergencies. It helps you protect your and your family's health from unforeseen situations and prepares you for potential health risks.

The following are the main benefits of health insurance in UAE -

Medical Expenses Coverage

Health insurance in the UAE pays a portion of covered medical costs either directly to the facility or as reimbursement, depending on your chosen plan and coverage level. The following are the types of medical expenses covered -

Expenses Description

In-patient Hospitalisation Expenses

These expenses pertain to extended hospital stays for severe medical conditions, such as chronic illnesses, surgeries, injuries, and more. They encompass hospital room and meal charges, medical procedures, medications, and other related costs, which can be substantial.

Pre-Hospitalisation Expenses

Pre-hospitalisation expenses cover medical costs like doctor visits, diagnostic tests, and prescription drugs prior to planned or unplanned in-patient hospital stays, which are associated with the illness leading to hospitalisation.

Post Hospitalisation Expenses

Post-hospitalisation coverage extends to medical expenses such as follow-up visits and treatments after discharge, typically lasting up to 60 days.

Daycare Expenses

Such expenses, typically for non-overnight medical procedures like ear or cataract surgery, may be partially covered by your insurance. Check your policy for daycare procedure coverage."

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Cashless Claim Benefit 

This is an effortless claim settlement method where the insured can be medically treated without having to make an upfront payment. This claim benefit is available only when the insured gets treated at the network hospital.

Critical Illness Cover

Health insurance offers financial assistance if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, heart attack, major organ failure, or stroke, so that they can solely focus on treatment and recovery.

Free Health Examination

Free health check-ups provided under health insurance UAE include various tests and screenings, like blood tests, cardiovascular checks, and evaluations for conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions 

Many Dubai health insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions after a waiting period, typically 6 months. It's essential to disclose pre-existing conditions during application to avoid claim denial.

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Eligibility to Buy UAE Health Insurance Plans

The eligibility criteria to buy health insurance Dubai, UAE plans may vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific plan. However, some common eligibility criteria include the following:

Eligibility Criteria


Age Criteria for Adults

18 Years - 60+ Years

Age Criteria for Dependent Children

Birth - 17 Years

Pre-Existing Health Condition Waiting Period

Minimum 6 Months

Criteria for Age

In the UAE, adults between the age of 18 and 99 years can apply for health insurance. On the other hand, children can get covered from birth.

Pre-Existing Disease Waiting Period

In the UAE, there is a minimum of 6 months waiting period for pre-existing diseases for health insurance plans. However, the tenure may vary for each health insurance company, plan, health condition, and more.

Top Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Dubai & UAE

Apart from the legal requirement, there are several other reasons why buying health insurance Dubai is important for you - 

  • Health insurance plans cover major medical expenses such as those related to doctor visits, diagnostic tests, hospitalisation, and more
  • Offers financial security to the insured individual and their family by covering the medical treatment costs
  • Ensures peace of mind and security
  • Provides free medical check-ups at regular intervals
  • Covers pre-existing medical conditions
  • Provides funds for emergency medical cases

List of Health/Medical Plans in UAE

Medical Plans Coverage Pharmacy Limit TPA Network Hospitals
DIC - Silver Premium AED 1,000,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 MEDNET 30+
DIC - Silver Classic AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 MEDNET 30+
DIC - Silk Road AED 1,000,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 MEDNET 30+
DIC - Gold AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 MEDNET 30+
DIC - Emerald AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 MEDNET 30+
DIC - Pearl AED 1,000,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 MEDNET 30+
DIC - Dubai Care N1 AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 Dubai Care 30+
Sukoon - Prime AED 5,000,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 Sukoon 50+
Sukoon - Pro AED 3,000,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 Sukoon 50+
Sukoon - Max AED 500,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 Sukoon 50+
Sukoon - Home AED 250,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 Sukoon 50+
Sukoon - Home Lite AED 250,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 Sukoon 50+
Sukoon - Safe AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,000,000 Sukoon 50+
Orient - I-Med AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,500 Nextcare 50+
Orient - E-Med AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,500 Nextcare 50+
Orient - D-Med AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,500 Nextcare 50+
Orient - NE-Med AED 150,000 Upto AED 1,500 Nextcare 50+


Health Insurance UAE Plans Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Inclusion

  • Exclusions

While the benefits and coverage options of health insurance policy vary as per the policy and the insurance provider, here are some standard coverage options that you can find in health insurance UAE:

  • In-patient care: This covers the cost of hospitalisation including room and board, medical treatment, surgeries, and emergency care.
  • Outpatient care: This covers the costs of medical consultations, diagnostic tests, laboratory fees, and prescription medications that do not require hospitalisation.
  • Maternity care: This covers the cost of prenatal care, delivery, and postnatal care.
  • Dental care: Some health insurance plans offer optional dental coverage including routine dental exams, fillings, and other dental procedures.
  • Vision care: Some health insurance policies offer optional vision coverage that includes eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.
  • Prescription medications: This covers the cost of prescription medications prescribed by a doctor.
  • Emergency care: This covers the cost of emergency medical care, including ambulance services and emergency room visits.
  • Specialist consultations: This covers the cost of consultations with specialists, such as cardiologists, neurologists, and paediatricians.

It's worth noting that not all policies cover all of these benefits and that coverage options may vary depending on the insurance provider and the policy you choose.

Similar to the inclusions, the specific details of what is not covered in health insurance plans in the UAE vary depending on the provider and the particular plan. However, the standard exclusions for the plans are as follows -

  • Undeclared pre-existing medical condition
  • Waiting period
  • Injuries due to the following -
    1. Suicide attempt
    2. Illegal acts
    3. Professional sports
    4. Hazardous activities
    5. Natural disasters
    6. Terrorism and war
    7. Military activities and training
  • Terminal illnesses like AIDS
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Fertility treatments
  • Experimental treatments
  • Non-allopathic treatment
  • Non-emergency medical services received outside the UAE

Know All About the In-Patient VS Out-Patient in Health Insurance

Documents Required for Health Insurance Dubai, UAE

If you are applying for a UAE health insurance policy online, the requirement for documents is minimal. Given below is the list of documents required for the health insurance Dubai, UAE application process

  • Sponsor Passport Copy (Front Page)
  • Sponsor Visa Page
  • Sponsor Emirates ID
  • Applicant (Dependent) Passport Copy (Front Page)
  • Applicant (Dependent) Visa Page
  • Applicant (Dependent) Emirates ID
  • Medical Application Form (MAF)
  • BOR (if insured from another broker)
  • Previous Proof of Insurer Needed

Factors Affecting Premium of Health Insurance Dubai, UAE

The following are the factors that affect your health insurance cost in the UAE -

Note - People with existing diseases have serious health concerns and are likely to face even more serious issues later, due to which the health insurance premium tends to increase in their case.

  • Lifestyle Habits Like Smoking
  • Profession
  • Riders

Average Cost of Health Insurance UAE

The premiums of UAE health insurance vary as per various factors such as the level of coverage, age, medical history, and the type of insurance plan chosen. However, you can check the average health insurance UAE premium below – 

  • For Individual Health Insurance Dubai: Average health insurance cost in Dubai for individual health plans is around AED 10,000 per annum.
  • For Family Floater Plan in Dubai: The family health insurance UAE cost of a basic cover for four members is approximately AED 17,000 per annum. 
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Dubai & Abu Dhabi: The premium for comprehensive health insurance Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all other major cities of the UAE can fall in the range of AED 5,500 annually for expatriates to AED 33,500 for a family of four members.
  • Joint medical insurance: The average annual premium for a couple opting for a joint medical insurance policy is around AED 46,324 per annum.

Note: The prices and premiums of health policies are subject to change and can vary as per the age, medical history, coverage level, and other factors. It is advisable to seek professional advice to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the costs and coverage of medical insurance policies before making any decisions or purchases.

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Choose Best & Cheapest Health Insurance Dubai & UAE 2023

Dubai's thriving healthcare industry offers a wide range of medical insurance options from various providers. These insurance companies provide insurance policies designed to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of individuals and families in Dubai.

Some of the best health insurance companies in Dubai are listed below

Health Insurance Companies


Sukoon Insurance

  • Provides a wide array of insurance policies for you, your family, and domestic help
  • Covers a wide network of more than 500 hospitals or clinics and about 1,500 pharmacies 
  • Direct billing
  • Coverage for pre-existing and chronic medical conditions - no waiting period for previously insured members
  • Full coverage across all the Emirates except Abu Dhabi
  • Premium starts at AED 560 per year with unparalleled coverage and benefits
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Dubai Insurance

  • Covers basic services like -
    1. Medical examination, treatment, and diagnostic services
    2. Radiology diagnostic services
    3. Cancer screening and treatment
    4. Laboratory tests
    5. Vaccines and immunisations
  • Geographical coverage - Covered in Dubai and Northern Emirates
  • Covers maternity benefits - both inpatient and outpatient
  • Direct billing within the network
  • Emergency and life-threatening cases covered outside the network
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Takaful Emarat Insurance

  • Prescribed drugs covered for up to AED 15,000
  • Up to 20 physiotherapy sessions covered per annum
  • Dental benefits with direct billings at network providers for up to AED 3,000
  • Optical coverage of up to AED 1,500 (optional)
  • Geographical Coverage - Worldwide or UAE (inpatient only in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia excluding Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore)
    Check Plans Details

Orient Insurance

  • Provides multiple health plans with a wide range of networks
  • Provides inpatient cover, worldwide cover, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation cover, outpatient cover, regional cover, and repatriation cost cover
  • Customisable plans to meet your requirements
    Check Plans Details

Cigna Insurance

  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions up to the medical annual limit
  • Clinical case management to help the insured find the right healthcare path
  • Round-the-clock expert multilingual support
  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital treatment and accommodation
  • Covers dental care, eye check-ups, preventive tests, counselling sessions, and more
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Hayah Insurance

  • Offers 6 comprehensive health plans under three categories of geographical coverage - Regional, Worldwide, and International
  • Monitored by Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • Inpatient and outpatient benefits
  • Coverage for pre-existing and chronic conditions
  • Hospital accommodation and services, treatment, radiology, surgery, anaesthesia, and more
  • Maternity and newborn cover, alternate medicine, dental and optical, physiotherapy, and more
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Salama Insurance

  • Direct billing network - Offers direct billing network from more than 900 insurance providers within the UAE
  • International emergency medical assistance, including ambulance charges - covered within all emirates in the UAE
  • Quick, convenient, and seamless medi-claim settlement procedure.
  • The company offers flexible and affordable healthcare plans for individuals and domestic help with exclusive benefits
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Watania Takaful Insurance

  • Comprehensive health plans that protect you and your family
  • Professional team that guides you through the application process
  • Benefits include treatment in the home country, coverage in case of personal accident, accidental death, maternity and childbirth and more 
  • The plans are DHA accredited 
  • The network covers more than 1,600 medical care centres.
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Daman Insurance

  • Comprehensive health insurance plans for you, your family, and domestic help
  • The plans offer access to over 3,000 network hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.
  • Flexibility to include riders
  • The plans offer inpatient, maternity, outpatient, and emergency services.
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ADNIC Insurance

  • Offers a wide array of comprehensive insurance plans with domestic and international coverage. 
  • Plans include - SHIFA, EBP, and HALA
  • The insurance provider has an extensive medical network of over 3,000 hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Easy access to the top medical professionals for diagnosis and treatment
  • Coverage for medical emergencies while travelling
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RAK Insurance

  • Offers comprehensive health plans that offer extensive medical coverage both internationally and locally
  • Covers inpatient, outpatient, and emergency medical situations
  • Coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation
  • The company has partnered with Assist America and TruDoc
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Health Insurance TPA - Third Party Administrator in UAE

What are Health Insurance Riders in UAE?

Health insurance riders are optional benefits that can be added to your insurance policy to customise coverage for specific healthcare needs or situations. Health insurance companies typically offer them as a way for you to tailor your health insurance policies to better meet your unique healthcare requirements.

The common UAE health insurance riders include the following – 

  • Maternity Coverage:  As per the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulations, maternity coverage is mandatory in all health insuracne plans. However, you can opt for this rider and extend the benefits already provided in your policy.
  • Dental or Vision Coverage: As some health insurance Dubai policies do not include dental or vision coverage, a rider can be added to provide coverage for these services.
  • Geographical Coverage Extension: With the help of this rider, you can increase the geographical coverage area of your policy. Some popular geographical coverage extensions include worldwide cover, gulf region extension cover, and more. 

You can contact the concerned insurer or our customer representative team to get the required add-ons on your health insurance policy. 

Health Insurance Calculator


How to Calculate Health Insurance Premiums?

Calculating health insurance cost in the UAE generally involves several factors that are considered by insurance providers. Here are some of the key factors that can affect the insurance premium in the UAE:

  • Age: In general, older individuals have higher premiums than younger individuals as the former may be more likely to require healthcare services. Thus, buying UAE medical insurance at a young age is recommended.
  • Health Status: An individual's health status can impact the cost of health insurance premiums. Individuals with pre-existing conditions or a history of health issues may be charged higher premiums. 
  • Medical History: Another key factor affecting health insurance premiums in UAE is your medical history. This can include lifestyle-related health risks, your family's medical history, and more. If your medical record indicates that you are more likely to fall sick and can catch disease easily, your insurance premium would be high.
  • Gender: In some cases, insurance companies may charge different premiums based on gender due to differences in healthcare usage and risk factors.
  • Type of Plan: The type of health insurance plan selected can impact the cost of premiums. For instance, a plan with a higher deductible may have lower premiums than a plan with a lower deductible.
  • Policy Tenure: The policy tenure, or the length of time that a health insurance plan is in effect, also impacts the health insurance plan premiums. If you select a policy with a longer duration, the health insurance premium will be low on average and vice-versa.
  • Coverage limits: The amount of coverage provided by a medical insurance plan can impact the cost of premiums. Plans with higher coverage limits usually have higher premiums than plans with lower coverage limits.
  • Geographical Location of Policyholder: Your geographical location is another factor affecting your health insurance premiums in the UAE. For some specific geographical locations, the health insurance premium is high due to a deficiency of healthy food options, health, climate issues, and more. 
  • Lifestyle: In case you regularly drink or smoke, the probability of paying an extra premium on your medical insurance is substantially high. 

To calculate UAE health insurance premiums, it is best to compare the quotes from several health insurance providers. On, you can compare health insurance plans online based on your specific needs and circumstances from different providers in one place. 

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Health Insurance Claim

There are two types of health insurance claims in the UAE – Cashless Claims and Reimbursement Claims. The former allows you to receive medical treatment or facility without paying out of pocket, as the concerned health insurance provider will pay directly for the healthcare or medical facility. On the other hand, the latter type of claim requires you to pay for the medical treatment or services upfront and submit a claim to the insurance provider for reimbursement later.

How to File a Health Insurance Claim?

Let’s discuss in detail how you can file a health insurance Dubai claim - 

Cashless Claim or Claim Made Within The Hospital Network

  • If your insurance provider has a network of hospitals, choose a hospital from the network where you can go for your treatment.
  • Inform the insurance company that you need to make a cashless medical claim so that they verify the claim and other details.
  • Once you reach the hospital, show your medical card and fill out the specified forms such as the pre-authorisation form, third-party authorisation form, and more.
  • The concerned medical facility will forward the forms to your insurer for cashless claim approval.
  • Meanwhile, provide the required documents to the hospital like your identity proof and KYC documents at the third-party admission counter in the hospital. Keep in mind that you may require submitting additional documents if required. 
  • The insurance provider will review the forms and determine whether the treatment requested is covered by your UAE medical insurance policy.
  • If the request is approved, the insurance provider will issue an authorisation letter to the hospital. You can then receive the treatment at the hospital without paying upfront.
  • If any expenses are not covered by your policy, such as deductibles or copayments, you will need to settle these directly with the hospital.

Reimbursement Claim or Claim Made Outside the Hospital Network

  • First, you receive medical treatment from a healthcare provider or hospital of your choice. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the treatment out of your own pocket.
  • Generally, you would be required to file a reimbursement medical insurance claim within 30-120 days of discharge from the hospital. You must contact your insurance provider and get the exact same details.
  • The next step is to collect the required documents like medical reports, medical bills, and receipts of the treatment received. The insurance provider may have specific requirements for the required documents.
  • Once you have collected all the required documents, go to the official website of the concerned insurer and navigate to the claim form section. Fill out the claim form and upload the documents. 
  • The insurance provider will start its investigation and review process of your medical claim submission.
  • Once the claim is approved, the insurance provider will reimburse you for the covered amount.

Documents Required for Health Insurance Claim Reimbursement

Keep the following documents ready while filing a health policy claim reimbursement – 

  • Duly filled and signed medical claim form
  • Hard copy of your medical insurance policy and other details of insured
  • Consultation papers provided by the medical facility
  • All diagnostic tests’ reports like CT scans, blood reports, X-Ray, and more
  • Invoices of the medical bills along with the prescription report
  • Discharge papers
  • Banking details of  the policyholder
  • All other required documents asked by the insurance company
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Medical Insurance VS Health Insurance - Explained!

Medical insurance, often referred to as health-specific or critical illness insurance, plays a vital role in the broader landscape of healthcare coverage. While health insurance policies are designed to cover a wide array of medical expenses, such as routine check-ups, preventive care, and prescription drugs, medical insurance has a more specialized focus.

Medical insurance comes into play when individuals face the daunting prospect of a serious illness or injury. It serves as a financial safeguard against the often exorbitant costs associated with treatments, hospital stays, surgeries, and medications necessary to combat these critical health conditions. This form of insurance is particularly valuable for individuals and families facing chronic illnesses, cancer diagnoses, or other severe health challenges.


Health Insurance

Medical Insurance

Coverage Scope

Broad, encompassing various health-related expenses.

Specific, targeting particular medical expenses and illnesses.

Typical Purchasers

Individuals, often provided by employers as a workplace benefit.

Usually added to a health insurance policy as an additional coverage.

Covered Expenses

Preventive care, routine doctor visits, prescription drugs, etc.

Expenses related to surgeries, hospitalization, rehabilitation, etc.

Financial Structure

May involve co-payments or deductibles for certain services.

May offer a lump-sum payment to cover extra expenses and income loss during recovery.

Common UAE Health Insurance Terms

Given below is some health protection jargon that you should be aware of – 


Deductibles is the amount that a policyholder is required to pay at a medical facility before the insurer starts covering the costs of healthcare services.


Co-payment is a cost-sharing arrangement between the policyholder and the insurance company where the policyholder agrees to pay a percentage of the medical expenses out of their own pocket while the insurance company covers the remaining percentage of the cost.

In-Network and Out-of-Network Hospitals

In-network hospitals refer to medical facilities that have a tie-up or agreement with the insurance company to provide medical treatment to the policyholders under the insurance plan.

Out-of–network hospitals, on the other hand, do not have a tie-up with the concerned insurance provider. When a policyholder gets the treatment in a non-network hospital, the insurer shall not pay the treatment amount upfront. However, the policyholder can apply for reimbursement after the treatment.

Waiting Period

The waiting period refers to the duration for which the policyholder must wait before they can avail of the benefits of the policy. Some health policies may have waiting periods for pre-existing diseases and more.

Sum Insured

The sum insured refers to the maximum amount of money that an insurance company will pay out for medical expenses for a policyholder under the terms of the policy.

Pharmacy Limit

It is a predetermined amount set by the insurance company to limit the coverage for prescription drugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • General
  • Coverage
  • Premium
  • Claim
  • Covid 19
Q : Why is it so important to declare pre-existing conditions in medical insurance policies?
Ans: It is crucial to disclose pre-existing conditions when applying for a health insurance policy as it helps the health insurance company make an informed decision about your health and its risk. Note that if you fail to declare pre-existing conditions, the health insurance provider has the right to cancel your policy anytime and that the risk of denial of claims is very high.
Q: Can I cancel my health insurance policy without any charges?
Ans: Most health insurance UAE companies offer a grace period in which you can cancel the policy without any charges. Policyholders can receive their medical insurance premiums back in full in this case.
Q: What is the right age to buy health insurance online dubai, UAE?
Ans: The right age to buy a health policy depends on various factors such as individual needs, health status, and financial situation. However, buying a health policy as early as possible is generally advisable. Younger individuals are generally healthier and have a lower risk of developing medical conditions, which means that they can get insurance at a lower premium.
Q: When can I include my children in my health plan?
Ans: You can include your children in your health insurance plan from day 1. Generally, insurance companies provide the new baby born cover for 30 days in line with Dubai Health Authority guidelines. Afterwards, you can add your dependents to group insurance or a family floater medical plan.
Q: Can I have more than one health insurance policy in UAE?
Ans: Yes, you can have more than one health insurance in UAE. For instance, if you are covered under employee group insurance, you can easily buy a separate health plan for better coverage.
Q: How can I quickly apply for an online health insurance plan in UAE?
Ans: You can apply for health plans online in UAE via the platform. All you need to do is visit, head to the insurance section, compare the available plans, and apply for one.
Q: Is it necessary to have health insurance Dubai?
Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to have health insurance Dubai as per the Dubai Health Authority.
Q: How can I get discounts and benefits while renewing my health insurance policy in Dubai?
Ans: Most health insurance UAE companies provide lucrative benefits and rewards during health insurance renewal. You can visit the official website of Policybazaar UAE and know about the current discounts and offers.
Q: How do I decide how much coverage I need in my health insurance in UAE?
Ans: Deciding how much coverage you need for your health insurance can depend on several factors, such as your age, health status, family history, and lifestyle. You should also consider the potential health risks you may face in the future and the likelihood of needing medical treatment. Finally, think about your budget and how much you can afford to pay for premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.
Q: Does UAE health insurance cover all diseases?
Ans: Generally, health insurance covers all diseases. However, you should review your health policy to know about the exact coverages, exclusions, and more.
Q: How to choose the best coverage for your health insurance Dubai plan?
Ans: Choosing the best coverage for your health insurance requires careful consideration of your individual needs and budget. You should evaluate your medical history, pre-existing diseases, deductibles, co-payments, provider network, preferred doctors and hospitals, and ensure you are getting the coverage you need. In case you are stuck and unable to choose the best coverage, you can contact our in-house insurance expert team and get the required aid.
Q: How can I add more coverage to my basic standard health insurance plan?
Ans: You can add riders or add-ons to enhance coverage offered by the base policy and avail greater protection against specific risks or medical needs.
Q: Do I need to pay the extra premium for adding riders to the health insurance policy?
Ans: Yes, you will need to pay an extra premium to add riders to your health insurance policy. The cost of the additional premium will depend on the type of rider you choose and the level of coverage it provides.
Q: How can I see the inclusions and exclusions of my UAE health insurance policy?
Ans: You can go through your health insurance UAE policy document and see the inclusions, exclusions, add-ons, and other relevant information related to your insurance policy.
Q: Can I extend the coverage of my health insurance Dubai plan at the time of renewal?
Ans: Yes, you can extend the coverage of your insurance of health plan by adding riders to your policy or switch to the other plan providing better coverage at an affordable rate.
Q: What are the common riders' in the health insurance Dubai plan?
Ans: Some common riders in the health insurance plan include optic and dental coverage, maternity coverage, geographical coverage extension, and more.
Q: What is a health insurance Dubai premium?
Ans: Health insurance premium is the amount of money that an individual or employer pays to an insurance company for health insurance coverage. In exchange for the premium, the insurance company agrees to pay for a portion or all of the insured individual's healthcare expenses as outlined in the policy.
Q: What is the cost of a health insurance Dubai?
Ans: The average cost of an individual health insurance Dubai is around AED 5,500 per year, while the average medical insurance cost for a family is around AED 17,000.
Q: Is a family floater medical insurance plan less expensive than an individual plan?
Ans: Family floater medical insurance plans can often be less expensive than getting individual plans for each member, especially for families with multiple members. In a family floater plan, a single policy covers all family members, whereas, in an individual plan, each family member requires a separate policy, making it more expensive.
Q: What happens if I fail to pay my health insurance premiums on time?
Ans: If you fail to pay your insurance premiums, you will no longer have the coverage provided by your UAE health insurance policy.
Q: How do the insurance providers calculate the premiums on health insurance?
Ans: Insurance providers decide the premium on your health insurance after evaluating and assessing your health, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors that affect the premium. In order to get more clarity on your health insurance premium, you can contact the concerned insurance provider and ask for the same.
Q: How age impacts insurance premiums?
Ans: Age is an important determinant affecting health insurance premiums. Older individuals are generally more likely to have health issues and require more medical care, which can lead to higher premiums.
Q: How can I plan my health insurance premiums well in advance?
Ans: Planning your health insurance premiums in advance involves several steps, including understanding your current health insurance plan, assessing your future healthcare needs, and more. The next step is to explore the health insurance plans on, compare the costs of different plans, and choose one that fits your budget. Finally, review your plan annually to ensure that it still meets your requirements and adjust your budget accordingly.
Q: Can I renew my health insurance Dubai policy before its expiry date?
Ans: Yes, you can renew your health insurance before it expires. As a customer of, all you need to do is to visit the official website of Policybazaar UAE, sign into your account, go to your dashboard, tap on the link adjacent to your plan, and choose the plan suiting your budget.
Q: Can I get a refund for my UAE health policy?
Ans: Most health insurance UAE providers provide a free lookup period of approximately 30 days in which you can cancel your health insurance policy and get a refund. However, it is advisable to reach out to the concerned insurance provider and know the details.
Q: How can I get my insurance premium refunded?
Ans: You can get the refund of your health policy premium to the same source through which you have paid the refund.
Q: How can I get a discount on my health insurance Dubai plans?
Ans: We, at Policybazaar UAE, offer lucrative offers and rewards on various health insurance policies. You can visit and check out the offers currently available on health insurance plans.
Q: How many claims are allowed during the health insurance Dubai plan period?
Ans: There are no limits in terms of health insurance claims. However, it is to be noted that the sum insured is the highest limit under the insurance policy.
Q: How long does it take to settle health insurance claims in UAE?
Ans: Generally, Health insurance companies take at least 20 days after submitting documents. However, you must contact your concerned insurance company and verify the same.
Q: What are the types of health insurance claims in the UAE?
Ans: In UAE, there are two types of health insurance claims - Cashless claims or claims made within the hospital network, reimbursement claims or claims made outside the hospital network
Q: What is a cashless health insurance claim in Dubai?
Ans: Cashless claim is a type of health insurance claim where the insured person can receive medical treatment at a network hospital without having to pay for the treatment out of their own pocket. In this case, the medical expenses are directly settled between the insurance company and the hospital.
Q: What is a reimbursement health insurance claim in the UAE?
Ans: A reimbursement insurance claim is a type of health insurance claim where the insured person pays for their medical expenses upfront and seeks reimbursement from their insurance company later.
Q: What documents are required while submitting a reimbursement health insurance claim?
Ans: To make a reimbursement insurance claim, you should provide the health insurance company with the original medical bills and receipts along with a claim form that includes details of the treatment and the expenses incurred. The insurance company will then review the claim and determine whether the expenses are covered under the health insurance policy.
Q: Does Your UAE Health Insurance Policy Cover Coronavirus - COVID-19 Treatment?
Ans: Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE government has mandated that all health insurance UAE providers have to cover the cost of COVID-19 testing and treatment. With that said, it is important to note that some insurance policies may have certain exclusions or limitations related to COVID-19 coverage. For instance, some policies may exclude coverage for COVID-19 treatment received outside the UAE.  Generally, most of the UAE health policies cover COVID-19 medical expenses including hospitalisation, diagnostic tests, and treatment, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

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