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Watania Health Insurance is one of the leading insurance providers based in the UAE. The company was incorporated in the year 2011 in order to provide comprehensive, locally compliant medical insurance policies to qualified individuals across the UAE. Watania Insurance has expertise in a wide range of health insurance products including the Shariah-Compliant & Takaful medical insurance products.

Watania Health Insurance Company was established by ALDAR Properties PJSC, Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, and Abu Dhabi National Energy Company. Using the knowledge & expertise gathered by all these well-known companies, Watania has served the United Arab Emirates for years and taken its business to all-new levels in no time. The company ensures that quality health insurance dubai products are offered to the locals & foreigners living throughout the UAE.

Watania Health Insurance Plan

Here are the 5 health insurance plans that Watania offers:

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Applicable Network Price
Gold 10,00,000 GOLD
Silver Premium 10,00,000 SILVER PREMIUM
Silver 10,00,000 SILVER CLASSIC
Green 10,00,000 GREEN
Silk Road 10,00,000 SILK ROAD
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Features and Benefits of Watania Health Insurance

  • Territorial policies covered throughout the world
  • Diagnostics, lab tests, and emergency services covered
  • Cost of post-medical procedures covered
  • Room and boarding facilities coverage based on hospitalization plans
  • In the event of death, repatriation costs covered
  • Maternity and new-born baby coverage
  • Basic to International Organizational coverage with the flexibility of custom selection
  • Accidental loss or damage to the covered commercial /industrial property
  • Annual and single-contract policies for the contractor
  • Import, distribute, or export merchandise covered
  • Watania network hospital list available
  • Cover for all insured movable goods including raw, semi-finished, and finished products

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Watania Health Insurance Inclusions

Here is the list of medical services that are included in Watania Insurance coverage: 

  • A yearly limit of AED 1,000,000 for all the plans
  • Maternity Coverage
  • Coronary artery disease treatment
  • Intensive care unit
  • Physician Consultation
  • Hospitalization Class and Accommodation
  • Ambulance Services
  • Recipient Organ transplantation
  • Daycare treatment
  • Emergency mental health treatments
  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • New-Born baby coverage
  • Emergency mental health treatment
  • Out-patient surgery
  • Work-related injuries
  • Consultant’s and surgeon’s fees
  • Dental Coverage – Consultation, Tooth Extraction, Tooth Filing
  • Root canal treatment

Watania Health Insurance Exclusions

Here is the list of medical services that these plans do not cover:

  • Orthodontics
  • G. Anaesthesia
  • Preventive treatment
  • Research treatments
  • Sexual treatments
  • Prosthetics
  • Non-functional cosmetic procedures
  • Injuries caused by flying, adventure sports, martial arts, etc.
  • Gender reassignment surgery
  • Growth hormone procedures
  • Acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy treatment

Why Choose Watania Health Insurance?

  • Variety of Policies
  • Accountability for commitments
  • Extended Insurance Services
  • Reduced Risk Factor
  • Ease of Understanding

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Watania Health Insurance Claims Process

Follow an easy 3-step process to file a health insurance claim:

  1. Report a Claim: Inform the company about the claim via Phone, Email, or WhatsApp.
  2. Upload the Required Documents: Describe your issue in detail, find the list of documents required and upload them on the portal.
  3. Wait for the Claim to be approved: Wait for the claim settlement to get processed. The standard time is 72 hours.

Watania Health Insurance Renewal Process  

Here’s how you can renew your health insurance policy:

  1. Provide Your Details: Log on to the website and provide all the details like your policy number, expiry date, etc.
  2. Make the Payment: Pay the required amount using your debit or credit card and get the digitally signed copy of your policy issued.
  3. Check your Details: Login to the portal with your username and password and check the status of your policy.

Watania Health Insurance FAQ's

Q1. Who is the Administer of the ‘Family Care Plan’ by Watania Health Insurance?

Ans. MedNet administers the ‘Family Care Plan’ offered by Watania Health Insurance.

Q2. Who is eligible for Watania Health Insurance?

Ans.  All the residents of the UAE are eligible to apply for the ‘Family care Plan’ offered by Watania Medical Insurance. The dependents including spouse & children of the principal applicant who is a UAE resident are also covered under this scheme automatically.

Q3. What is Watania Medical Takaful?

Ans. Watania Medical Takaful provides you coverage for the cost of private medical treatment, surgical procedures, and healthcare treatment if you’re diagnosed with certain critical illnesses/diseases.

Q4. What factors affect the Health Insurance Premium?

Ans.  1. One of the major factors that affect the health insurance premium is the individual’s age. The older you are, the cost of health insurance premiums will be higher since you’re more prone to illnesses.
2. Previous medical history is another major factor that affects the health insurance premium cost. If no prior medical history exists, the health insurance premiums will be lower automatically.
3. Claims-free years can also be a factor in determining the cost of premiums as you get a certain discount for filing no claim. All these factors help in reducing the rate of health insurance premiums.

Q5. What is Coinsurance and how is it different from deductible?

Ans. Coinsurance is the amount that the insured person has to pay for every healthcare treatment, prescription, consultation, medication, & tests availed by him/her.
On the other hand, a deductible is an amount that the insured person needs to pay before the medical insurance plan begins to pay for your healthcare. Once you pay the deductible amount, the health insurance company starts to pay for services & facilities you avail of.

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