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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
If you are involved in an unfortunate car accident in the UAE, you may want to follow the claim procedure laid down by your car insurance provider. For the same, you should be aware of the insurance requirements and the procedure to claim the insurance as well. However, if there is a serious injury, you should call 999 for an ambulance. Moreover, you should inform the police and the insurance company in any case of an accident.

Steps to Claim the Car Insurance Policy

The Following Steps Should Be Implemented to Claim the Insurance Policy From an Auto Insurance Company:

  • Inform the Police: The information about the accident should be conveyed to the police as soon as possible. It is the first and most important thing that you should accomplish so that you can make a car insurance claim without any issue.As per the procedure, the police will visit the accident spot. They will assess the damage of the vehicle and injury or death of a person. The drivers of both vehicles will get either red or green paper. The contact details of both drivers will be mentioned in the paper given by the police.
  • Inform the Insurance Company: After informing the police, you should inform the insurance company. You should share complete information about the accident with your insurance provider so that the claim can be processed in a very efficient manner. If you disclose the information clearly with the insurer, the claim can be settled quickly.
  • Video Recording of the Accident Zone: You can take steps to record the accident zone. The live images and videos captured by your smartphone or camera will help in recording the event accurately. You can submit solid proof to the insurance company so that the claim will be supported in an effective way. The bodily injury or damage of the car can be noticed very easily from live recordings as well as the car number will also be easily visible.  
  • Acquaint With the Car Insurance Terms: You should be aware of the policy terms and conditions. You will be able to claim the most appropriate amount by knowing the terms and conditions of your insurance provider. As you go through the documents, you will understand the coverage as well as the exclusions applied by the insurer.

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Filing a Claim for a Bodily Injury

It is possible to file a bodily injury claim if it is covered by your insurance policy. Hence, you should figure out whether you are eligible to file the bodily injury claim. You can contact the insurance company to find out your eligibility. If you are covered by collision or accidental injury, you can submit the claim to the insurance company.

Filing Claim Due to Damage of your Car

If there is damage to your car due to the involvement of another car, you will get compensation through the third-party liability cover. If the accident takes place due to your negligence, then you should be covered by the comprehensive insurance policy to get the car repaired or restored.

Claim Registration

To Register your Claim with the Insurance Company, You Should Follow the Steps Given Below:

  • Submit the original copy of the policy report to the insurance company
  • Provide a copy of the valid driving license
  • The driving license of both drivers should be submitted to the insurance company
  • You should submit the vehicle registration certificate
  • Submit the filled-in claim registration form along with the above-mentioned documents
  • If you had modified the car, you should provide the car modification certificate as well

Registration of an Accidental Claim

Follow the Below Steps to Register an Accidental Claim:

  • Move your vehicle to a safe place to avoid traffic congestion
  • Contact the police immediately (even for minor accidents)
  • You may call the emergency assistance number of the insurance company to get the vehicle towing facility
  • You can switch on the warning signals on the vehicle to alert other vehicles
  • You should collect the evidence to prove your claim

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Claiming Repairs of the Car

Follow the Below Steps to Claim the Repair of your Car:

  • The vehicle should be dropped at the garage recommended by the insurance company
  • You will get towing assistance from the insurance company if the vehicle is immovable
  • The vehicle will be inspected by the surveyor of your insurance provider
  • The approval for repairs will be given within 2 working days

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Before filing the car insurance claim, you should appraise the damage of the vehicle. You should inform the police as well as the insurance company immediately so that there will be a quick and seamless settlement of your claim. It is suggested to avoid an argument with the other driver. Last but not least follow the guidelines mentioned by your insurance company in order to claim the policy easily.  

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