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What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial coverage for surgical and medical expenses when the insured is hospitalized. Appropriate medical insurance Dubai covers the policyholder with several benefits like day-care hospitalization and pre as well as post-hospitalization. In fact, some of the leading health insurers provide coverage for cashless hospitalization facilities at network hospitals during the tenure of the policy. 

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Health Insurance Offers

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Best Health Insurance Partners in UAE

adamjee-health-insurance allianz-health-insurance daman-health-insurance cigna-health-insurance alliance-health-insurance
dubai-national-insurance metlife-health-insurance atena-emarat-health-insurance takful-emarat-health-insurance watania-health-insurance
oman-health-insurance salama-health-insurance noor-takaful-health-insurance union-health-insurance aman-health-insurance
rakbank-health-insurance orient-health-insurance adnic-health-insurance axa-health-insurance al-sagr-national-health-insurance

Average Health Insurance UAE Prices

Having health insurance in UAE is mandatory. In case your employer does not provide a healthcare cover, you will have to buy one privately both for yourself as well as your family. Medical insurance uae prices are exorbitant but the care provided is the best in the world. The family insurance cost in Dubai especially is quite expensive in comparison to the other Emirates.

  • The average medical insurance cost in Dubai is around AED 10,000 per annum.
  • The premiums for comprehensive health insurance Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other major cities can fall in the range of AED 5,500 annually for ex-pats to AED 33,500 for a family of four members.
  • The family medical insurance dubai cost of a basic cover for four members will cost around AED 17,000 per annum.
  • The average annual cost of medical insurance in Dubai for a couple having a joint policy is around AED 36,324 per annum.

Even though the medical insurance UAE prices make it the 7th most costly nation in the world but there is a reason why it ranks as the top medical tourism centre in the world.

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Features & Benefits of Cheapest Health Insurance Dubai

The different features and benefits of health/medical insurance in Dubai and across the UAE are listed as follows:

  • Cashless Treatment: If the insured or any of the covered family members are admitted to a network hospital, he/she can avail the benefit of a cashless treatment facility for the medical treatment. The policyholder needs to provide the policy number and the rest of the things will be taken care of by the hospital and the health insurers.
  • Coverage for Pre & Post Hospitalization: Some of the effective medical insurance uae policies provide coverage for pre & post-hospitalization expenses for a specific number of days before and after a policyholder is hospitalized.
  • Medical Check-Up: An Appropriate insurance plan entitles the policyholder to receive frequent medical check-ups. 
  • Transportation Expenses: If the insured gets hospitalized, the medical insurance policy will cover the expenses incurred for an ambulance to transport the policyholder from home to the hospital or vice versa. 
  • Room Rent: If in case the insured is hospitalized, he/she will have to pay room rent. Having medical insurance dubai will ensure that all such expenses are covered to a specific extent.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB): No Claim Bonus is provided either as a discount in the premium or as an increment in the sum assured when there is no claim made within the effective policy period of one year.

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Dubai Health Authority - Why is it Important?

Dubai Health Authority or DHA, one of the government healthcare entities in the UAE, overseas the healthcare projects and operations to ensure the delivery of quality medical services. All the health insurance providers in the UAE are recommended to strictly adhere to the inclusions list provided by the authority and set them forth depending upon the extent of medical cover that a policyholder is eligible for.

Best Health Insurance Plans

Here is a comprehensive list of best plans in Dubai, UAE:

Plan Name Medical Cover (AED) Pharmacy Limit Price
Adamjee - Silk Road 1,000,000 Upto Medical Cover
DNIRC - Silk Road 1,000,000 Upto Medical Cover
Orient Insurance - Silk Road - Family Care 1,000,000 Upto Medical Cover
Takaful Emarat - Silver 1,000,000 Upto AED 5,000
Orient UNB Takaful 1,000,000 Upto AED 5,000
Al Sagr - Bronze 150,000 Upto AED 2,000
Alliance - Limited Plan 150,000 Upto AED 3,000
Watania - Silk Road - Family Care 1,000,000 Upto Medical Cover
Daman - Care Bronze DNE Without Dental 500,000 Upto AED 10,000
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Types: Best Health Insurance in UAE

Following are the different types of medical insurance plans that one can opt for in order to meet their specific insurance needs:

  1. Individual Health Insurance Plans

    As its name suggests, Individual health insurance dubai plans are offered by insurance companies in the UAE to a single policyholder. It offers financial coverage against certain illnesses and offering several benefits such as cashless hospitalization, pre, and post-hospitalization, etc. The entire sum assured is provided to only a single person.

  2. Family Health Insurance Plans

    When it comes to the cost of the best insurance in Dubai, family health insurance plans are the perfect blend of affordability and wider coverage. Instead of purchasing separate medical insurance uae policies for each family member, one can opt for the family plans in order to cover the entire family under one single cover. These types of insurance plans usually restrict the number of policyholders to one spouse and a fixed number of children. Under family medical insurance plans, the sum assured is shared by all the family members that are included in the policy.

  3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

    Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans are specifically designed for anyone who is 60 years old & above. Senior citizen medical insurance plans typically come with discounted premium costs. Although only a few insurance companies in UAE offer such types of plans, they might ask for a medical check-up before selling out the plan. In addition to this, such policies may slightly higher in comparison to the health plans for young individuals because senior citizens are more prone to illnesses and health diseases.

  4. Group/Employee Health Insurance Plans

    Group Health Insurance Plans are typically provided by employers. Plus, they are created to include & exclude employees as they join & leave the organization. Group insurance plans are usually low in premium because of the low risks involved.

  5. Critical illness Online Health Insurance Plans

    A critical illness insurance plan is designed to offer coverage for critical, life-threatening diseases and conditions that are generally not covered in a common Dubai healthcare plan. These conditions may require the plan holder to take treatment for a long period, have multiple hospital visits, and invest in a lot of pre and post-hospitalization services which makes them unique. Critical illness plans generally arrange a payout in a lump sum amount for the services and treatments covered in it, that are not covered by your normal healthcare plan.

Top Network Hospital List

Watania Insurance Network hospital Sehteq Insurance Network hospital
Orient Insurance Network hospital Al-Sagr Insurance Network hospital
Takaful-Emarat Insurance Network hospital DNIRC Insurance Network hospital
Metlife Insurance Network hospital Alliance Insurance Network hospital
Daman Insurance Network hospital Union Network hospital
Noor Takaful Network hospital AXA Network Hospital

Which Health Insurance Policy is Right for Me?

Requirements Medical Insurance Plans
Wide coverage in terms of hospital bills and surgical treatments Insurance plans with a wide network of hospitals and clinics and cashless claim facility
A fixed daily reimbursement amount for as long as you are hospitalized Hospital Cash Plan
Pre-existing or critical illness and conditions Long term insurance plans and critical illness plans
Accidental injuries and treatment coverage Accidental Coverage Plans
Coverage for normal and cesarean delivery and further care Maternity special plans or long-term/short-term plans with maternity add-on
Wide coverage for every member of your family Family health insurance plans
Special cover catered to senior citizens Senior citizen health insurance plans

Best Medical Insurance Companies in Dubai, UAE

Providing you with the best health insurance companies in Dubai & UAE, PolicyBazaar UAE is here to help you in making sound, well-researched decisions in choosing your medical insurance plans. From maternity to dental, optical pre-existing conditions and a wide array of emergency services are covered in comprehensive insurance plans offered by insurance companies in the UAE.

Top Health Insurance Companies in UAE:

Providers Network Quotes
DNIRC Clinics: 8000+
Hospitals: 900+
Pharmacies: 7000+
Dental: 150+
Sehteq Clinics: 1000+
Hospitals: 60+
Pharmacies: 2300+
Orient Insurance Clinics: 5400+ 
Hospitals: 600+
Pharmacies: 8600+
Alliance Clinics: 3000+ 
Hospitals: 200+
Dental: 100+
Al Sagr Clinics: 3500+ 
Hospitals: 200+
Dental: 80+
Watania Clinics: 3900+ 
Hospitals: 400+
Pharmacies: 7300+
Takaful Emarat Clinics: 4000+ 
Hospitals: 300+
Dental: 190+
Noor Takaful Clinics: 400+ 
Hospitals: 50+
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(Information is subject to change as per the medical insurance provider’s discretion.)

What Factors Affect Health Insurance Premiums in the UAE?

There are several factors that affect the cost of insurance in Dubai. Some of them are as follows:

  • Age: Insurance premiums can be a maximum of three times higher for older people than younger people.
  • Geographic Location:  Health premiums are significantly affected by the location where the policyholder lives. For some specific geographic locations, the cost of health premiums is high due to deficiency of healthy food options, health, and climate issues, etc.  
  • Individual Vs Family Enrolment: Insurance companies may charge more for insurance plans which also cover a spouse, children, and/or dependants.
  • Policy Tenure: The duration of medical insurance policy has a major impact on medical insurance dubai cost. If an individual selects a policy with a longer duration, the health premium will be less. However, the premium will be high for a shorter duration.
  • Occupation: Individual’s nature of work & the amount of risk that he/she is exposed to at work significantly affect the cost of best health insurance in Dubai.
  • Tobacco Usage: Insurance companies charge a maximum of 50% higher health premiums than those people who don’t use tobacco.
  • Body Mass Index: An individual with a higher body mass may suffer from more medical issues thereby requiring more visits to doctors as compared to those who are fit. Thus, the insurance premiums cost increases or decreases based on an individual's body mass.
  • Medical History: Individuals with a family medical history are likely to pay higher rates of medical insurance dubai premiums than others since they might need more medical care in the future for the same.
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition: Policy buyers need to reveal their pre-existing medical condition (if any) at the time of buying a insurance policy. While few policies cover pre-existing medical conditions, others may not & thus increases the cost. This ultimately affects or increases the cost of best medical insurance in Dubai.

Why Should We Compare Health Insurance Plans?

The insurance market in the UAE is extremely diverse and full of options in terms of plans and providers. Very often this abundance and variety in options lead to confusion while choosing the best medical insurance in dubai for the buyer and his/her family. As a customer, the best way is to compare health insurance UAE to find a plan that fits into the budget and fulfils all the needs amongst the ocean of choices. This approach is analytical and allows users to filter plans that offer features and benefits needed by them and at the same time do not burns a hole in their wallet.

How to Compare Health Insurance Plans in UAE?

The buyers can follow a simple process to compare online medical insurance Dubai or UAE. Here’s a quick rundown-

Step #1: Look for plans offering the coverage needed by them within the right price bracket.

Step #2: Shortlist plans from the list based on medical insurance price comparison and unique features and benefits offered by the plan.

Step #3: Lay emphasis on the inclusions, exclusions, and customer reviews of the plan.

Step #4: Take a look at the claim settlement ratio of the provider while comparing different online health insurance plans.

Top 10 Medical Insurance Companies in UAE
AXA Gulf Insurance
Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company(ADNIC) 
Daman Health Insurance
Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance
Dubai Islamic Insurance
Orient Insurance
Alliance Insurance 

Benefits of Buying Online Health Insurance in Dubai

Here are a few major benefits of buying online medical insurance in Dubai -

  • Simple and Easy: Comparing insurance policies online is an easy process, willing buyers can simply do it by surfing the internet or by using web aggregators.
  • Save Time and Money: Comparing health insurance policies online not only saves time but also loads of capital. You don’t have to fill forms, talk to agents as happens in the case of offline purchases. Moreover, comparing and buying medical insurance online provides a plethora of offers and discounts that would help you save money.
  • Variety: When a buyer purchases health insurance online there are numerous choices and options that allow buyers to explore and choose the right plan that fits that budget and fulfils their needs.
  • Free Quotes: Almost every web aggregator online offers free quotes calculated via a premium calculator that provides an assessment of the coverage you need. It is free of cost and crucial in your journey to purchasing medical insurance.
  • Customer Service: Insurance companies offer online customer service to their customers that has a better reach and response in comparison to conventional methods of customer assistance and service which turns out to be an add on advantage.

How to Buy Health Insurance Online via

  • Enter Your Details: Enter your basic details in the online form. Tell us who you’d like to buy health insurance online for and click ‘continue’ to proceed.
  • Compare Health Insurance UAE: Get customized quotes according to your details and choose an insurance plan after you compare medical insurance plans.
  • Pay Online: Select a preferred tenure of your chosen plan and buy insurance online by filling in your payment details. Click pay and you are insured!

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What is covered under health insurance UAE?

Medical insurance policies in the UAE strictly adhere to an inclusions list, which sets forth the exact extent of medical cover that a policyholder is eligible for. While inclusions vary from one medical insurance Company in Dubai to the next, the services listed below can be found even in the cheapest health insurance Dubai

  • Pre-existing diseases and health illnesses
  • Pre & post hospitalization
  • In-patient hospitalization costs
  • Ambulance fees
  • Health check-ups
  • Day care procedures
  • Hospital room cost
  • Vaccinations & inoculations
  • Newborn or maternity
  • Medication
  • Donor expenses in case of organ transplantation

What is not covered under health insurance?

An exclusions list is a collection of the various medical services and treatments that are not offered as part of a health insurance plan in the UAE. Following are some of the most common insurance exclusions:

  • Dental & optical care
  • AIDS, terminal illnesses, and some other diseases of a similar nature
  • Non-allopathic treatment
  • Plastic/cosmetic surgery, sex change, hormone replacement, etc
  • Injuries caused by terrorism/war/suicide attempt/nuclear activity
  • Coverage of pre-existing diseases or critical illnesses is subject to a waiting period of around 2-4 years
  • Straightforward exclusion of expenses incurred for maternity unless a maternity rider has been added in the online health insurance policy
  • Diagnostic tests/treatment as well as post-medical care procedures
  • Medical treatments for obesity

Contact Details

Oman Health Insurance Contact Number
Sehteq Health Insurance Contact Number
SALAMA Health Insurance Contact Number
Daman Health Insurance Contact Number
MetLife Health Insurance Contact Number
Union Health Insurance Contact Number

Health Insurance Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for medical insurance UAE may vary depending upon the plan opted for. However, as a thumb rule, every national and UAE resident is eligible to have best health insurance Dubai. There are plans that are offered to a specific group of people as dedicated demographic for example senior citizen insurance plans, family medical insurance in Dubai, group medical insurance plans for employees, medical insurance plans for nationals and ex-pats, etc. Any resident or national is eligible for basic online health insurance UAE if they are able to submit all the required documents and meet the individual criteria set by the insurance firms.

Here is a list of general eligibility criteria to get best health insurance in Dubai:

  • Applicant must be between 18 and 75
  • Must be a resident of the UAE
  • Children are covered from birth as dependents.

Documents Required for Health Insurance Claim Reimbursement

Claim reimbursement is a rather easy and smooth-flowing process. You will require to prepare a set of documents and follow through with the submission process to get approval. Following are the documents that are required for insurance claim reimbursement process:

  • The claim reimbursement form from your medical insurance provider – duly filled and stamped with signatures
  • Original copy of the medical invoices and bills that are to be reimbursed. This includes all kinds of pharmacy receipts, ambulance bills, and any other expense that is being filed for reimbursement.
  • Diagnostics and lab test reports
  • Hardcopy of the insurance UAE or policy details of the insured
  • Banking details of the insured

Additional Documents that you may require:

  • Referral letter from your doctor
  • Any other document asked by the insurer specifically

Health Insurance Claim Process

The term “network hospitals” makes a very frequent appearance when it comes to insurance plans that the top insurance companies in UAE offer. This term specifies a group of hospitals and medical facilities with which your insurance company has a tie-up. These hospitals and health agencies/labs play an important role when it comes to the claim-settlement of medical insurance UAE. There are two basic ways that you can make insurance claim in the UAE which are explained as follows:

Claim Made within the Hospital Network

This particular criterion specifies the claim that have been made for the services and treatments availed from the hospitals and clinics that have a tie-up with your insurance company and hence are a part of the “network”. The policyholders are free to avail of health treatments, tests, and services specified in their insurance plan free of cost as long as they are from this network of hospitals and the specified limit of the policy. The treatment in these hospitals is eligible for cashless claims.

Outside the Hospital Network

The hospitals that do not have a direct tie-up with your insurance provider will be categorized as the “outside of hospital network”. Policyholders have to pay for all the treatments, consultation, tests, and other services that they avail from this group of hospitals and clinics. However, they can make a reimbursement claim for these services and treatment later using the claim reimbursement form. Please keep in mind that reimbursement claims are subject to various conditions and terms as well as the eligibility criteria of the policy.

Health Insurance Claim Form

AXA Health Insurance Claim Form oriental health insurance Claim Form Noor Takaful Health Insurance Claim Form
ADNIC Health Insurance Claim Form Daman Health Insurance Claim Form RAK Health Insurance Claim Form

Health Insurance FAQ's

Why is it so important to declare my pre-existing conditions?

Just like patients are advised to share every detail of their medical history honestly with their doctor for the most accurate diagnosis, so too are health insurance policyholders requested to accurately share details of their pre-existing conditions for the most ideal coverage. Moreover, discrepancies in the insurance policy can result in the plan being voided by the insurance provider.

Is there a period of time during which I can cancel my medical insurance plan without charge?

Yes. Many medical insurance companies in the UAE offer a grace period, during which customers may cancel their policy and receive their medical insurance premium back in full. Full reimbursements are only valid for policyholders that have not made any claims.

What is the scope of coverage for health insurance in the UAE?

The scope of coverage is the geographical boundary within which the benefits of a insurance policy are applicable. For example, medical insurance in the UAE with a scope defined as ‘Within the UAE’ will only reimburse policyholders for medical treatments in the UAE.

Are family plans the cheapest health insurance in UAE?

Undeniably, family plans offer some of the best benefits and at the most affordable rates, making them one of the cheapest health insurance in UAE. However, even family medical insurance plans come with their own restrictions, such as a maximum number of dependents and other such conditions. It is recommended that applicants spend some time going over the various inclusions and exclusions when comparing insurance in the UAE.

Why do I need Health Insurance?

As medical care advances and treatments increase, the cost of health insurance in Dubai also increases. The purpose of insurance is to protect you and your family financially in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury that could be very expensive.
You need insurance because you cannot predict what your medical bills will be. In some years, your costs may be low. In other years, you may have very high medical expenses. If you have insurance, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you are protected from most of these costs.

What does health insurance cover?

Health insurance generally covers the cost of doctors or emergency room visits, medicines, laboratory & other diagnostic tests for medical conditions other than specific exclusions.
Depending on the type of insurance coverage you have, you may need to pay a portion of the expenses in addition to the premium you pay for general coverage. You can also purchase extra coverage that includes services that are generally not provided such as services for dental treatments/optical care/vaccinations/ international cover etc.

Is there any assistance provided for medical emergencies arising while insured members are travelling abroad?

Yes, they are options available depending on the plan you select. But not on the basic medical insurance plans in Dubai.

How is the deductible applied?

A deductible is the amount the insured has to pay the deductible is a fixed amount or percentage of expenses that must be paid by the insured before an insurer will pay any medical expenses.
The higher the deductible, the lower the premium you pay. This is an advantage for employers to provide insurance to their employees in a cost-efficient way.
The insurer would pay the amount over and above the deductible. So you should check the possibilities of deductibles if it is within your budget to pay for minor ailments out of your pocket as it could substantially lower your annual premium.

On the quote, it is mentioned 20% co-insurance/Co-payment on all outpatient services. What does this mean?

The coinsurance/co-pay is any amount specified that should be paid by the insured directly to the health care provider on all covered /eligible medical services rendered.
In this case, 20% of the total expenses rendered have to be borne by the insured. Coinsurance helps reduce the policy premium to be paid.

Will I be covered for any pre-existing and chronic conditions?

For individual policies, if it is a first-time applicant (new to Dubai), there is a cooling (no claim allowed) period of the first 6 months of the policy. After 6 months, the customer is allowed to claim for pre-existing & chronic conditions treatment.

“HOWEVER, the customers need to declare the condition before policy issuance to be eligible”. The premium is affected based on the conditions.

For individual policies, if it is a renewal applicant (new to Dubai), there is no cooling period, the customer is allowed to claim for pre-existing & chronic conditions treatment.

“HOWEVER, the customers need to declare the condition during policy issuance renewal to be eligible”. The premium is affected based on the conditions.

What should be done if an insurer does not carry his medical card to avail a medical service at a health care provider?

All basic health insurance policies in Dubai (Orient / Sehteq / Takaful Emarat) nowadays are linked to your emirates ID. Just show your Emirates ID at the participating provider.
If that does not work, the expenses incurred in this case shall be on a reimbursement basis subject to policy terms & conditions. The member shall pay cash for medical treatment /services and medications and submit the original invoices and completed reimbursements claim form from the treating doctor with supplementary documents.

Is NEXTCARE / Mednet / NAS / Neuron Insurance Company?

No, they are leading Third Party Administrators in the UAE who works closely with insurance companies and provide administrative, network and claims management support.

Can I visit a non-network provider?

It depends on the scope of your policy. You have to pay the charges in full and file a reimbursement claim for eligible expenses. Check your contract if it allows for reimbursement.

The basic does not allow on reimbursement basis but makes few exceptions on a case to case basis.

Is maternity covered?

Maternity cover is available for all married females for Dubai residents. Pre-natal visits up to 8 times are available and child delivery is offered with a minimum benefit of 7,000 AED. As such, you can expect to pay more if you are a married female as this benefit will be included in the policy. However, do check your policy for the cooling period before you can avail of this benefit.

Is optical & dental covered?

Optical and Dental care is not available in the minimum insurance policy unless it’s for immediate treatment for emergency cases. If you get a more comprehensive cover, then you can expect more coverage such as routine services and tooth fillings.

How many claims are allowed during the health insurance plan period?

Well, you can make any number of claims during the policy period but note that the sum insured is the highest limit under the insurance policy.

Will I receive a discount on the renewal of the medical insurance dubai policy with the same insurer?

Well, the majority of the health insurance companies in UAE provide loyalty benefits under which they tend to provide discounts upon the renewal of the policy from the same insurer.

What are the exclusions of 2nd year or 4th year?

The exclusions of the 2nd & 4th year are ailments or diseases that have a waiting period.

What is the cost of health insurance in Dubai?

Health insurance companies in Dubai offer medical insurance plans for individuals and families. The average cost of individual health insurance plans in Dubai is around AED 5,500 per year. However, the average medical cost for a family of four is around AED 17,000.

Which insurance is best for health in Dubai?

Most health insurance companies in the UAE offer customised health insurance plans based on the needs of their customers. Make sure you analyse all your medical needs first and opt for a health insurance plan that’s in line with your needs and budgets. Following are some of the best health insurance companies in Dubai:

  • AXA Health Insurance
  • Daman Health Insurance
  • Dubai Islamic Insurance
  • Orient Health Insurance
  • Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Company
  • Sehteq Health Insurance
How can I get health insurance in the UAE?

You can buy health insurance using online and offline means in the UAE. Here are a few simple steps to purchase your chosen health insurance plan:

  1. Contact the Insurer: Get quotes from your chosen insurance provider either via their website or by visiting the nearest branch. Alternatively, you can visit our health insurance section to get quotes.
  2. Provide the Required Details: Next, you need to fill out the application form by providing your basic details such as your name, address, age, current medical condition, monthly income, and more, as stated in the form. You also need to provide some essential documents such as identity proof, address proof, income proof, and required medical documents for verification purposes.
  3. Pay the Fees: Check with the insurance company the mode of payment for insurance premium and pay the same to complete the purchase. Once done, you will get your insurance documents at your registered email address.
How does health insurance work in Dubai?

As per the Health Insurance Law of Dubai, it is mandatory for all the residents to have a basic coverage health insurance plan meeting the minimum insurance benefits stated by the Dubai Health Authority. All the employers in Dubai are obliged to provide a basic health insurance plan to their employees. The same is applicable to individual earning members, they are to provide insurance to their dependant family members.
Health insurance companies in Dubai offer two types of health insurance claims – cashless and reimbursement. With cashless claims, you can simply visit one of the network hospitals and show your insurance card for quick and hassle-free bill payments. On the other hand, if you are visiting a non-network hospital, you need to make the payments first and get it reimbursed later.

Is medical insurance mandatory in Dubai?

Yes, based on the terms stated by the Health Insurance Law of Dubai, it is mandatory for all the residents to at least have a basic health insurance coverage plan meeting the minimum insurance benefits stated by the Dubai Health Authority. All the employers in Dubai are bound to provide a basic health insurance plan to their employees and so are earning individuals to their dependant family members.

Which hospital is free in Dubai?

Dubai has one of the leading healthcare systems with a vast network of advanced medical care facilities. Most public government hospitals, including Dubai Hospital, Rashid Hospital, and Al Kuwait Hospital in Dubai, offer free emergency treatment for everyone provided they have a health card. If not, the hospital creates one for the patient.

Which is the best insurance in UAE?

Here is a list of insurance companies providing the best insurance plans in Dubai:

  • Orient Health Insurance
  • AXA Health Insurance
  • Daman Health Insurance
  • Dubai Islamic Insurance
  • Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Company
  • Sehteq Health Insurance
What is Essential Benefits Plan?
Is medical care free in Dubai?

Government and Public Hospitals in Dubai offer free emergency medical care for all UAE residents.

Is emergency medical care free in Dubai?

Yes, emergency medical care is free in all the government hospitals in Dubai.

Is medical insurance compulsory in the UAE?

Yes, as per the Health Insurance Law of Dubai, basic coverage insurance meeting the minimum insurance benefits stated by the Dubai Health Authority is mandatory for all UAE residents.

What does basic insurance cover in the UAE?

Basic medical insurance plans are insurance plans with minimal health insurance coverage that meets the coverage requirements stated by the Dubai Health Authority. These plans cover check-ups, doctors’ appointments, regular illness, emergency treatment, and other routine health requirements.