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A 5-seater hatchback, Ford Figo is all about function and style. Specially designed for UAE roads, Figo is vouched for its comfortable seating arrangement, luggage capacity, in-built entertainment system, and enhanced Kinetic design. If you own this popular hatchback, you can rest assured about safety and performance. more

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To drive the car with peace of mind, nevertheless, it is important to secure a Ford Figo car insurance plan in the UAE. A car insurance plan, besides being a mandatory requirement for driving in the Emirates, will financially secure you in case of any vehicular damage or physical injury.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Ford Figo 1.6L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Ford Figo 1.6L, 2023 model.

Features of Ford Figo Car

Let’s first go through the major features of Ford Figo -

  • Ford Figo features a 1.4 L manual transmission gasoline engine that produces a maximum power of 83 HP at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque that measures 127 Nm at 4,000 rpm.
  • The safety system of this hatchback includes an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), dual front airbags, and a 3-point safety belt outboard seating system.
  • The interiors include features a like classic entertainment system, a 5-place seating arrangement, a tilted steering column, and a boot space of 284 L,
  • Figo has revamped its front fascia with a hexagonal grille and headlights, with the fog lights ensuring a clear view of the path ahead even in the dark.

Specifications of Ford Figo Car

Tabled below are the general specifications of Ford Figo -

Specifications Quantity
Wheels 14-in. Alloy Wheels
Engine 1.4L Manual Transmission Gasoline Engine
Maximum Power 83 HP at 6,000 rpm
Boot Space 284 L
Mileage  ~20 kmpl
Maximum Torque 127 Nm at 4,000 rpm

Top Ford Figo Car Insurance Plans

In the UAE, you can opt for either a comprehensive or a third-party liability Ford Figo car insurance plan.

These two types are explained below -

  • Third-Party Car Insurance Plan - This is a mandatory car insurance plan in UAE. In a third-party car insurance plan, the third party compensates you if your car is damaged due to their fault. However, if the accident or collision is caused by your faulty driving, your provider would compensate the third party for the damages they incurred - you, as the policyholder, won’t be financially covered in such a situation.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan - This plan offers comprehensive vehicle coverage not just for the third-party vehicle but also for your own vehicle in case you are at fault. Comprehensive car insurance offers financial coverages like protection in case of accident, theft, fire, extreme weather conditions, and more.

Given below are the top Ford Figo car insurance plans in the UAE:

Policy Name Excess Amount*
Insurance House Comprehensive (Agency) AED 1,000
GIG Gulf Comprehensive (Agency) AED 500
Alliance Insurance Comprehensive (Garage) AED 500
Noor Takaful - Watania Comprehensive (Mumtaz Agency) AED 200
Salama Insurance Third Party Only N/A
Tokio Marine Third Party Only N/A

*The mentioned amount is for reference purposes only. Actual prices may vary

Purchase Ford Figo Car Insurance Plan from

To ensure your peace of mind while driving on the road or when your car is parked in a valet parking lot, it is necessary to secure a car insurance plan. To apply for a Ford Figo car insurance plan the most conveniently, you can simply continue on, a third-party aggregator (TPA) website. With us, you can find a wide selection of both comprehensive and third-party car insurance plans for all Ford Cars from the leading providers in the country.

When you buy car insurance from Policybazaar UAE, you unlock access to features and services like -

  • 24/7 customer care
  • Best car insurance plans at the best rates
  • Advice from industry experts in case you get stuck
  • Opportunity to explore plans from the top insurance companies in the UAE
  • Facility to instantly connect with the professional team via phone, WhatsApp, and email if you are stuck when making a decision.

To purchase a Ford Figo car insurance plan from, tap the “car insurance” tab on the homepage of the portal. Fill in the lead form and submit the same. You will be directed to the Ford Figo car insurance quotes page, where you can review your options and make an informed decision.

The following are the documents required to apply for a car insurance plan -

  • Driving licence
  • Car Registration Certificate (Mulkiya Card)
  • Address proof
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • A copy of your Passport and Residence visa (if you are an expat)
  • Driving History

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How to Renew Your Ford Figo Car Insurance Plan?

Once your Ford Figo car insurance plan expires in 12 months, you should renew the same within the grace period. You can renew your car insurance plan from the website of your insurance or When you purchase your Ford Figo car insurance via, you can renew your plan from our portal itself.

For a seamless and timely renewal, Policybazaar UAE sends timely reminders to you to renew your car insurance plan. To renew the plan, you can simply visit your user dashboard and follow the prompted instructions. Keep in mind that you can either renew your Ford Figo insurance with the same provider or look for a new insurance provider.

When renewing your Ford Figo car insurance plan, make sure you consider the following factors -

  • Insurance Provider - Keeping the same insurance company is the easiest way to renew your Ford Figo car insurance. It is, however, advisable to explore other insurance companies, evaluate their characteristics, and pick the best insurance plan for yourself - whether from the same provider or a different one.
  • No-Claim Bonus - Every year, the No-Claim Bonus discount increases as the number of years without a claim rises. When renewing the policy, this benefit is given as a discount. The UAE Insurance Authority states that the policyholder is eligible for a discount of between 10% and 20% if they do not file a car insurance claim within the first one to three years.
  • The Claim Process - Understanding this stage is crucial because you need to understand who to call in an emergency to get your Ford Figo insurance claims resolved. While the best insurance companies have straightforward claim procedures, a solid understanding of the claim process can be helpful in emergencies. You can get more information regarding the claim procedure by speaking with the insurance company.
  • Insured Declared Value (IDV) - A minimum sum is set by the provider that will be given to you in the event that your car is stolen or completely destroyed. This is dependent on the car's current market value. Understanding the risks and advantages of the insurance when your automobile insurance is renewed depends heavily on knowing the insured declared value.

renew car insurance

Here are the documents required to renew your car insurance -

  • A copy of your Passport
  • Car registration certificate (Mulkiya)
  • No-Claim Bonus (if applicable)
  • Valid UAE driving licence
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • A copy of your UAE Residence Visa

How to File Your Ford Figo Car Insurance Claim in Dubai, UAE?

You can file for a Ford Figo car insurance claim under any of the following conditions -

  • In Case of Physical Injury - If you end up incurring physical injuries in the accident or collision, you should inform the police and your insurance provider instantly. You should evaluate the total damage you incurred when filing the insurance claim. You can file this claim only if your Ford Figo car insurance covers collisions.
  • In Case of Car Damage - You will be compensated by the concerned third party under the third-party liability cover in case they caused the accident. However, if you cause a collision and end up damaging a third-party vehicle or property, your insurance provider will compensate the third party on your behalf. If you have a third-party plan in the latter situation, your car will not be covered for the damages incurred. You should, thus, secure a comprehensive Ford Figo insurance plan to get your vehicle covered in such a situation.
  • In Case of Theft - You can file for a claim in case your car gets stolen or in case the personal belongings in the car get stolen. However, for this, you should ensure that theft and the loss of personal belongings are covered in the basic plan or the coverage is brought as an add-on.

Compare Car Insurance Plans

When filing a Ford Figo car insurance claim, you would be required to present the following documents as per the relevant case -

1. An Accident

  • A copy of the police report
  • Car modification certificate (if applicable)
  • A duly filled-in insurance form
  • Car registration certificate (Mulkiya)
  • Driving licence of the drivers involved in the accident

2. A Theft or Loss of Personal Belongings

  • A copy of driving licence or permit
  • Insurance documents’ copy
  • Copy of car registration certificate
  • Duly filled-in car theft claim form
  • A record of where all the keys for the car were at the time of the theft
  • Details of people who could access the car
  • Items stolen from the car (if applicable)

renew car insurance

You can effortlessly file a Ford Figo car insurance claim by following these steps -

1. In Case of an Accident 

  • Inform the police about the accident in detail even if the incident was minor. Collect a copy of the police report and inform the insurance company about the accident.
  • Fill in the insurance claim form and affix all the necessary proofs including the police report, car registration certificate, and driving licence.
  • The insurance company will review the documents and give you a go-ahead for repairs. Here, you would have to take the car to the authorised agency/dealer/garage.
  • The dealer/garage/agency will evaluate the damage incurred and prepare a report of the expenses to send to the insurance company.
  • Once your provider approves the costs, the repair work will begin.

2. In Case of Theft 

  • Connect with the police and have a report filed for your stolen Ford Figo as soon as you detect the theft. If the car was parked in a parking space, you can connect with the concerned security to know the entire situation. If you had installed an anti-theft device in the car, start tracking your Ford Figo.
  • Once you have the police report copy, contact your insurance provider and inform them about the theft. Fill in the claim form and submit it with all the required documents within the timeframe.
  • The insurance company will settle the claim only after your car is declared unrecoverable or untraceable by the police.

When filing a Ford Figo car insurance claim, make sure you take the following things into consideration -

  • Know your policy coverage well in advance.
  • Inform the insurance provider right after the incident takes place.
  • Collect visual evidence like videos and photographs if possible.
  • Get the contact information of the parties involved (in case of a collision or accident).
  • Keep multiple copies of each document related to the accident before submitting them to the insurance provider.
  • Don’t file your Ford Figo car insurance claim after a long time - stick to the claim window set by the insurer.
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE


Q1. What is the time limit to file a Ford Figo car insurance claim in the UAE?

Ans: While there is no stringent deadline to file a car insurance claim, it is suggested that you file the claim within 30 to 60 days from the date when the incident took place. The sooner you file the claim, the faster the settlement process.

Q2. What is the grace period for renewing your Ford Figo car insurance plan?

Ans: A grace period of 30 days is provided in the UAE to renew your car insurance. It is one of the 13 months provided as policy tenure by the car insurance providers.

Q3. What is No-Claim Bonus Retention Cover?

Ans: This is a rider/add-on that you can include in your comprehensive car insurance plan to protect your No-Claim Bonus that you have accrued over the period. This cover enables you to claim one or two damage-to-own vehicle claims while still preserving your no-claim bonus discount.

Q4. Can you file claims for dents?

Ans: You can file claims for car dents. However, it is suggested to cover minor dents out of your own pocket and file a claim only in case your Ford Figo incurs major damage.

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