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Ford has been a well-known automotive brand providing high-quality vehicles to its customers around the world for over a century. In UAE, it has become a top-notch choice for car buyers due to its range of reliable, stylish, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance vehicles designed to meet the diverse needs of different market segments. From sports to SUV cars, Ford has a model for each type of driver as per their needs. more

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With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Ford has recently launched a compact SUV popular for its versatile and reliable performance - Ford Escape. It is renowned for its smooth and comfortable ride, making it an excellent choice for families. Whether you are looking for a car that can keep up with your busy lifestyle or a vehicle that helps you take an adventure, Ford Escape is certainly an outstanding option in the UAE.

To keep your car protected from all adversities, Ford Escape car insurance is essential. By purchasing car insurance, you can protect yourself and your vehicle from financial losses that may arise from car accidents, theft, fire, natural disasters, and other covered events.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Ford Escape S 2.5L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Ford Escape S 2.5L, 2023 model.

Features of Ford Escape Car

Ford Escape car is a popular model in the UAE due to its combination of affordability, versatility and affordability. Here are some of its striking features -

  • Available Variants: Ford Escape 2023 is available in 2 variants – Ford Trend and Ford Titanium.
  • Exterior Features: Ford Escape is an SUV with exquisite exteriors. With a bold and sporty design, the car has angular headlamps, a prominent grille, sharp lines, and more. Its alloy wheels have raised the vehicle's height, providing a commanding presence on the road.
  • Panoramic Vista Roof: Ford Escape panoramic roof provides a large, open-air view of the sky and surrounding landscape. It extends from the front to the rear of the vehicle and can be opened, allowing fresh air and nature to enter the cabin. A remarkable feature of the open roof is that it enhances the feeling of openness and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Exclusive Bang & Olufsen Sound System:  Bang and Olufsen sound system is a premium audio system available in the Ford Escape car. Generally, the system includes high-end components such as an amplifier, 10 speakers, and subwoofers to produce rich and powerful sound. It also features advanced sound processing technology, which improves sound quality and clarity, regardless of the volume level or the type of music being played.
  • Cabin Space: Ford Escape offers a spacious and comfortable interior for its size. It provides ample legroom and headroom for passengers and cargo. The new model of the Ford Escape comes with 60/40 split-fold seats for the second row with an all-new sliding feature. To provide more convenience to the driver, the driving seat can be adjusted in 10 different ways. Apart from the passenger and driver space, the cargo area can carry various items - from groceries to sports equipment - and can be further expanded by folding down the car seats.
  • Available in Different Engines: Depending on the variant, Ford Escape offers you a choice of two different engines - 1.5L Dragon l3 DI TC Gas standard and 2.0L Ecoboost TI VCT GTDI T/C Standard. Moreover, the car has an 8-speed select shift transmission with a rotary gear shift dial, all-wheel drive disconnect, and standard selectable drive modes to enhance the user experience.
  • 8-Speed Automatic Transmission: It is a type of transmission that automatically selects the appropriate ratio based on the vehicle's speed. This modern and advanced transmission replaces conventional gear and provides a smooth and efficient driving experience. The 8-speed automatic transmission offers a wide range of gear ratios, allowing the vehicle to respond quickly to changes in road conditions or driving styles and maintain a comfortable and stable speed.
  • Driver Impairment Monitor: It is a safety feature designed to alert the driver if it detects signs of fatigue or impairment. This system uses a combination of cameras, sensors, and algorithms to monitor drivers' behaviour and actions such as their steering, acceleration, and braking patterns. This feature is handy for long-distance drivers who need to remain alert and focused on the road for extended periods.
  • Wireless Charging: Another notable feature of Ford Escape is the wireless changing facility. You can now charge your device chord-free with the available wireless charging pad which is located at the centre of the console.
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Specifications of Ford Escape Car

Tabled below are the general specifications of the Ford Escape car in UAE –

Parameters Specifications in Ford Escape Trend Specifications in Ford Escape Titanium
Powertrain and Transmission 1.5L Gasoline FWD 8-speed Automatic transmission; Horsepower – 175HP (130kW), Torque – 230 Nm 2.0L Gasoline AWD 8-speed Automatic transmission; Horsepower – 240HP (179kW), Torque – 366 Nm
Body Style 5-door 5-door
Wheels 17" Alloy, Mini Spare Tire 19" Alloy, Mini Spare Tire
Mechanical Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – 4 wheels Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – 4 wheels
In-Car Entertainment 8" touchscreen, 6.5" digital cluster, 6 speakers, Navigation and SYNC®3 8" touchscreen, 12.3" digital cluster, 10 speakers, Navigation and SYNC®3

Top Ford Escape Car Insurance Plans

Comprehensive Ford Escape Car Insurance Plans with Features & Benefits in UAE

Comprehensive Ford Escape Car Insurance Plans
Al Sagr Comprehensive (Garage)
  • Third-party damage limit – Up to AED 2 Million
  • Geographic location – only the UAE
  • Emergency medical expenses – Up to AED 2,000 (any one accident)
  • Windscreen damage – Up to AED 2,000
  • Agency repair not included 
  • Road Side assistance benefits are as follows (not available for pickup) – 
    • Mechanical assistance
    • Battery service
    • Lockout service
    • Flat tyre service
  • Towing service add-ons -
    • Personal accident cover for the driver – Up to AED 2000,000 for AED 100
    • Personal accident cover for passengers – Up to AED 2000,000 at no cost
    • Free natural calamity cover
    • Free roadside assistance, including mechanical assistance, battery service, lockout service, towing service, and flat tyre service
    • Replacement of vehicle for 7 days at AED 100
    • Oman cover with the inclusion of own damages at AED 400
Alliance Insurance Comprehensive (Agency)
  • Maximum third-party damage limit – AED 2 Million
  • Third-party liability – UAE only
  • Loss of personal belongings covers – Up to AED 2,000
  • Emergency medical expenses cover – Up to AED 2,000
  • Fire and theft cover included
  • Agency repair cover
  • Covers windscreen damage
  • Ambulance service included
  • Add-ons as follows –
    • Personal cover for driver and passenger - Up to AED 200,000 each
    • Natural calamity cover
    • Oman cover for own damage at AED 300
    • Replacement of vehicle for 10 days at AED 125
    • Free roadside assistance including mechanical assistance and battery, lockout, fuel delivery, towing & flat tyre service
Tokio Marine Comprehensive (Agency)
  • Third-party damage limit – Up to AED 3,500,000
  • Unlimited third-party liability for bodily injury is covered
  • Loss of personal belongings cover up to AED 3,500
  • Windscreen excess waiver - shall be waived once
  • Emergency medical expenses - Max AED 4,000
  • National ambulance service cover up to AED 6,770
  • Coverage for taxi fares – Up to AED 350
  • New car replacement for brand new vehicles for up to 6 months
  • Personal injury cover for up to AED 15,000
  • Off-road cover for up to 4WD vehicles
  • Coverage for accident and breakdown recovery
  • Car hire cash benefit is covered as follows – 
    • If the insured or driver is at fault – Add-On
    • If  the insured or driver is not at fault – Up to 10 days
  • Loss of benefit allowance is covered
  • Self-authorisation repair coverage of up to AED 2000
  • Add-ons details – 
    • Personal accident cover for the driver – Up to AED 200,000
    • Personal accident cover for passengers – AED 200,000 per seat
    • Natural calamity cover including flood and storm
    • Oman cover included
  • Roadside assistance includes flat tyres, towing, battery, and more
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Third Party Ford Escape Car Insurance Plans with Features & Benefits in UAE

Third-Party Ford Escape Car Insurance Plans
Oriental Insurance Third Party Only
  • Third-party damage limit – Up to AED 2 million
  • Geographical location – UAE
  • Add-ons are as follows – 
    • Free personal accident cover for drivers up to AED 200,000
    • Free personal accident cover for passengers up to AED 200,000
RAK Insurance Third Party Only
  • Third-party damage limit – Up to AED 3.5 Million
  • Geographical location – UAE
  • Add-ons - 
    • Personal accident cover for driver and passenger – Free
    • Free roadside assistance
Al Sagr Third Party Only
  • Third-party damage limit – Up to AED 2 Million
  • Limited to UAE only
  • Add-ons as follows – 
    • Personal accident cover for drivers of up to AED 200,000 at AED 120
    • Personal accident cover for the passenger of up to AED 200,000 at AED 120
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Ford Escape Car Insurance Cost in the UAE

Ford Escape car insurance costs between AED 630 to AED 7,780 per annum. The cost depends on several factors such as –

  • Make and model of the car
  • Driving record
  • Driving experience
  • Location
  • Type of coverage and limits
  • Use of vehicle
  • Deductible amount
  • Age of the driver

Buy Car Insurance & Avoid Fine

How to Buy Ford Escape Car Insurance Plan in the UAE?

Getting a Ford Escape car insurance plan is a fairly straightforward process. You can use the Policybazaar UAE platform to explore, compare, and apply for the appropriate car plan. We have tied up with the famous car insurance policies of UAE, offering the best plans at affordable premiums.

There are many other reasons why you should choose Policybazaar UAE for a flexible car insurance solution –

  • We have partnered with the top-notch insurers of the UAE, providing you with the plans with the best coverage and budget-friendly premiums.
  • We are well-known for our affordable car insurance plans with competitive pricing. This is a good option for all those seeking a cost-effective way to protect their Ford Escape car.
  • We help you choose the coverage that fits your needs so that you only pay for what you need.
  • With us, you can get round-the-clock support to have your queries or doubts resolved at any time.
  • You can expect discounts and rewards on select plans with us.
  • Our website is easy to navigate without needing to juggle tabs repeatedly. You can explore, compare, and apply for a plan in one platform.

How to Renew Ford Escape Car Insurance Plan in the UAE?

You can easily renew your Ford car insurance policy in UAE via Policybazaar UAE. However, it is essential to keep the following pointers in mind before going ahead with the renewal process:

  • In UAE, the Ford Escape car insurance policy is valid for 12 months. Nevertheless, a grace period of one month is given to the vehicle owner to carry out the car insurance renewal process. During the grace period, you would not be liable to pay any fines and charges.
  • Before renewing the policy, make sure to review your coverage options and choose the one that suits your requirement and budget. Some facts that need special consideration include the amount of coverage, the type of coverage, and the deductible.
  • Make sure to renew your policy before the due date to avoid any lapse in coverage. Our existing customers will get regular reminders starting before 30 days of the policy's expiration date.
  • One of the key factors affecting your car insurance premium is your driving record. It is important to maintain a good driving record to keep insurance premiums as low as possible.
  • Always compare different insurance policies from various providers to find the best deal for your Ford Escape car. You can compare them on the basis of features, coverage, premium costs, customer service, and more. Policybazaar UAE is an ideal platform on which you can compare the policies hassle-free.
  • Read the policy terms and conditions carefully before signing up for a new plan. Make sure that you understand the coverage options, exclusions, and limitations.

renew car insurance

Documents Required at the Time of Ford Escape Car Insurance Renewal Process

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of UAE residence visa
  • A duly completed and signed renewal form
  • Car registration certificate or Mulkiya and number
  •  No-claim bonus certificate (if applicable)

Renewing Ford Escape Car Insurance Policy via Policybazaar UAE

If you are an existing Policybazaar UAE customer, you can simply follow these steps to renew your Ford Escape car insurance policy – 

  • On, sign into your account and go to your dashboard.
  • The policies that need to be renewed are placed at the top of the dashboard with the required link.
  • Click on the link to be redirected to the ‘Car Insurance’ quotes page, where you can discover, compare, and select a plan suiting your needs.
  • While renewing your Ford Escape car insurance policy, you have two options – either continue the coverage with the same car insurance provider or switch to a different insurance provider.
  • Once you have selected the plan, click on the 'Apply' button, make the payment, and renew your car and your insurance policy.

In case you are new to policybazaar. ae, you can follow the steps listed below:

  • On the official website of Policybazaar UAE, head to the ‘Car Insurance’ section and fill out the lead form.
  • Once the lead form is submitted, you will be directed to the car insurance quotes page.
  • Select the plan and make the payment to complete the transaction.

How to Claim Insurance for Ford Escape?

Before filing a Ford Escape car insurance claim, it is essential to understand the process of making a claim as well as the types.

Some major types of Ford Escape car insurance claims are listed below:

  • Third-Party Liability Claim: This type of claim is made when an accident damages another person's vehicle or injures another person. In such cases, the concerned insurer will cover the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged car and the injured person's medical expenses.
  • Fire and Theft Claim: This type of claim is made when your vehicle is damaged due to fire or theft.
  • Personal Accident Insurance Claim: This claim is made when the policyholder or passenger is injured in an accident.
  • Accidental Damage Claim: It is a type of car insurance claim made when the vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident. This type of claim typically covers damages of the policyholder's own vehicle including damages caused by collisions, overturns, and accidents involving other vehicles or objects.

Compare Car Insurance Plans

How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

Here are the steps to be followed while filing Ford Escape accidental damage car insurance claim in the UAE -

  • Notify the insurance company about the incident and create a car insurance claim request.
  • Simultaneously, inform the police and obtain a copy of the police report of the incident. Make sure you provide accurate details of the incident to avoid any denials.
  • If you have road-assistance coverage, call the insurance company to provide the required aid.
  • In case you don't have road-assistance coverage, take your vehicle to the nearest network garage and agency.
  • Visit the official website of your insurance provider and fill out the claim form. Alternatively, you can initiate a claim request offline at a garage or agency.
  • To strengthen your car insurance claim, submit evidence such as relevant photos and videos.
  • Once you submit the claim with the relevant documents, the insurance company will assess your request.
  • If your claim request is approved, the concerned insurance company will send the approval to the garage or agency.
  • After receiving approval, the damage inspector will make the expense report and send it to the insurer. Once you submit the excess amount, your vehicle’s repair work will be initiated and the concerned insurance company will take care of the expenses.


Q1. I am unable to select the appropriate car insurance policy for my Ford Escape car. How can I select the policy that suits my needs?

Ans: You can visit the Policybazaar UAE website and compare the popular plans to choose the plan fitting your requirements and budget. In case you are unable to select the best plan, you can reach out to our in-house insurance expert team on 04 247 2904 or and get the required aid.

Q2. What documents are required during the Ford Escape car insurance claim process?

Ans: The following documents are required for the Ford Escape car insurance claim process in the UAE -  

  1. Filled-out claim form
  2. Copy of the resident visa
  3. Copy of the police report stating all relevant details associated with the incident
  4. Car registration certificate or Mulkiya
  5. Car modification certificate (if required)

Depending on your Ford Escape car insurance claim type, the insurer might ask for additional documents if required.

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